NewmarketTrainers.com is keen to support both the local community and, indeed, those people who make the racing industry tick, the stable staff!

As a result, we would be very pleased, given the many options available to you, if you were able to support those businesses listed in our very own Newmarket Trade Directory

In addition, we are extremely pleased and, indeed very proud, to announce our support of, and association with:

Racing Welfare
- the sport's very own charity,

There is little doubt that the people that make this sport tick are those in the industry who rarely make the spotlight and, to this end, one of the pleasures in creating this valuable resource, is the opportunity to re-direct some of the proceeds form the enterprise to the worthy causes in and around the town that are devoted to the stable staff in the various yards.

As a direct result of the efforts of the publishing Trainers, Racing Welfare will benefitand we are extremely proud, to support the sport's very own charity who do so much good work around the country and most importantly, here at our, and their, home in Newmarket.

You can find more about the charity and its most valuable work by following this link here

Trainers who have contributed, to the benefit of Racing Welfare through this site, will be featured here:


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