Newmarket Trainers Federation
Chairman; Mark Tompkins   -   Vice Chairman; William Jarvis
I am pleased to be involved with the Newmarket Trainers Website, and hope it will be a good source of information for Mark Tompkins, ChairmanInternet users all over the world.  Whether you are interested in finding out more about Newmarket or how to pick a horse, we’re sure you will find what you need here.  Newmarket, is, after all, the Head Quarters of British Racing - some would say world racing, and no wonder.  The place is steeped in a rich racing history, and the facilities remain unrivalled.

Potential owners have so many trainers to choose from here, in just about every price bracket, and all have use of the outstanding gallops, which continue to be so superbly maintained by Mr.Nick Patton, the Managing Director at Jockey Club Estates, and his Heath men.

There is no doubt that Newmarket is the Number One place to train racehorses, and I am proud to chair the Newmarket Trainers Federation, which represents so many people with so much talent. Just look how many races we have won this year here.
Please enjoy the many other features we have on the site, notably, our extensive Trainers Directory. You can find further additional information upon Newmarket Fixtures, Gallops maps and links to the The Jockey Club, the Newmarket Heritage Centre and other excellent Newmarket assets here.
Additionally, I am pleased to introduce Simon Bailey's new column. National chaplain to the racing industry, Simon will bring you a regular column on the subjects that matter in the industry. Find 'Bailey's Vision' here.

Mark Tompkins


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