Newmarket Trainers have broken many records over the years, landing almost all of the world's most prestigious races but we're proud of ALL the winners trained at HQ and we're pleased to present them to you here...

So far this year they have won Calculating... races and £ Calculating... in Win prize money!


Date   Course Time   Horse Jockey Trainer Prize S.P.
18th Oct  Newcastle6:35  Onassis (IRE)Hayley TurnerC Fellowes£446415/8F
18th Oct  Newcastle7:05  Futuristic (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£34292/1F
18th Oct  Wolverhampton5:55  Chasing DreamsW BuickCharlie Appleby£45282/9F
18th Oct  Wolverhampton6:25  Power Link (USA)James DoyleJ Tate£77636/4F
18th Oct  Wolverhampton8:25  SelinoDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£543415/8
17th Oct  Brighton1:25  Wild Flower (IRE)K T O'NeillL McJannet£278214/1
17th Oct  Brighton1:55  Silver SamuraiDaniel MuscuttM Botti£3429EvensF
17th Oct  Brighton4:40  Michaels ChoiceDavid ProbertW Jarvis£342910/1
17th Oct  Chelmsford City5:30  Good ReasonOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£51759/2
17th Oct  Chelmsford City8:30  JewellerJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£31051/6F
17th Oct  Wolverhampton5:10  GuroorStefano CherchiM Botti£278213/8F
16th Oct  Kempton6:40  Khuzaam (USA)Jim CrowleyR Varian£933810/11F
16th Oct  Kempton8:10  Maisie MooJosephine GordonS L Keightley£3105100/30F
16th Oct  Nottingham1:55  Zegalo (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£38818/13F
16th Oct  Southwell5:55  Escalade (IRE)Ryan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£342933/1
15th Oct  Kempton6:30  Highfaluting (IRE)G MosseJ M P Eustace£375210/11F
15th Oct  Kempton7:30  AlrajaaJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£155626/4F
14th Oct  Musselburgh4:00  Battle Of Marathon (USA)B A CurtisJ Ryan£52083/1
14th Oct  Wolverhampton6:25  Red Secret (CAN)S De SousaE A L Dunlop£27823/1F
14th Oct  Yarmouth2:10  Parikarma (IRE)R HavlinE A L Dunlop£342911/2
14th Oct  Yarmouth2:45  Donnybrook (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£44644/11F
14th Oct  Yarmouth3:15  Society LionR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£49166/4F
14th Oct  Yarmouth3:50  Cheng GongDavid EganTom Clover£27825/1
14th Oct  Yarmouth5:30  Stallone (IRE)S B KirraneRichard Spencer£278210/11F
12th Oct  Newmarket2:55  Military MarchOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£340264/1
12th Oct  Newmarket3:30  Pinatubo (IRE)W BuickCharlie Appleby£3026901/3F
12th Oct  Wolverhampton7:30  EmissaryJack MitchellH Palmer£34294/1
12th Oct  Woodbine (CAN)10:42  Desert Encounter (IRE)Andrea AtzeniD M Simcock£2758626/4
12th Oct  York4:25  Al Rufaa (FR)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£970411/2
12th Oct  York5:35  Dubai IconJosephine GordonS bin Suroor£97043/1F
11th Oct  Newcastle6:00  Paths Of GloryJack MitchellH Palmer£520811/8F
11th Oct  Newmarket3:00  MustashryJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£680522/1
11th Oct  Newmarket4:45  Spring Of LoveW BuickCharlie Appleby£64695/1
11th Oct  Newmarket5:20  Fanny Logan (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£340264/5F
11th Oct  York3:50  HamishD TudhopeW J Haggas£6225013/8F
10th Oct  Kempton5:00  Broughtons GoldHayley TurnerTom Clover£38819/4
10th Oct  Kempton6:00  Premier PowerS De SousaR Varian£38811/3F
10th Oct  Kempton7:00  Via SerendipityA KirbyS C Williams£1867516/1
10th Oct  Kempton7:30  Busby (IRE)Sebastian WoodsC Allen£37525/4F
10th Oct  Southwell5:45  Daily TimesR HavlinJ H M Gosden£34295/6F
10th Oct  Southwell6:45  Bill The Butcher (IRE)S DonohoeRichard Spencer£342911/4
9th Oct  Kempton4:35  Desert Peace (USA)W BuickCharlie Appleby£38817/4F
9th Oct  Kempton5:40  Maximum EffectN MackayJ H M Gosden£38815/2
9th Oct  Kempton7:10  Intuitive (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£933813/8F
9th Oct  Newcastle5:25  Trouble Shooter (IRE)Josephine GordonS L Keightley£27829/2
9th Oct  Newcastle5:55  Good Tidings (FR)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£342930/100F
9th Oct  Newcastle6:25  Tiempo VuelaR HavlinJ H M Gosden£34295/1
9th Oct  Nottingham1:25  Moosmee (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£38819/4F
9th Oct  Nottingham2:25  King CarneyR KingscoteC Fellowes£103505/1
9th Oct  Nottingham2:55  Dubai Souq (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£161727/2
9th Oct  Nottingham3:30  Al Moataz (IRE)Stefano CherchiM Botti£38817/1
8th Oct  Chelmsford City4:40  Dragon CommandHarry BentleyGeorge Scott£420413/8F
8th Oct  Chelmsford City5:10  Taste The Nectar (USA)S M LeveyR M H Cowell£60816/1
8th Oct  Chelmsford City5:40  Prince Imperial (USA)Jim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£42045/1
8th Oct  Chelmsford City6:40  JewellerJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£310511/8F
8th Oct  Chelmsford City7:10  To The MoonR HavlinJ H M Gosden£49486/5F
8th Oct  Chelmsford City8:10  Dreamboat Dave (IRE)E J WalshSarah Humphrey£31057/1
8th Oct  Leicester2:55  Archer's Dream (IRE)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£126025/2
8th Oct  Leicester5:05  Stallone (IRE)S B KirraneRichard Spencer£36875/2F
7th Oct  Newcastle6:00  Live Your Dream (IRE)Hector CrouchS bin Suroor£34931/6F
7th Oct  Newcastle6:30  High Accolade (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£349311/10F
7th Oct  Stratford4:20  The AccountantJack QuinlanMiss Amy Murphy£415911/2
7th Oct  Windsor4:10  Leader Writer (FR)S M LeveyD R C Elsworth£520811/1
6th Oct  Longchamp (FR)5:05  One MasterPierre-Charles BoudotW J Haggas£18017117/5
5th Oct  Ascot3:40  Cape ByronAndrea AtzeniR Varian£3969713/8F
5th Oct  Longchamp (FR)3:25  AnapurnaFrankie DettoriJ H M Gosden£15443217/5
5th Oct  Newmarket2:15  Under The Stars (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Tate£811655/4F
5th Oct  Newmarket2:50  White Moonlight (USA)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£64695/1
5th Oct  Newmarket4:35  SpecialiseDavid EganR Varian£311259/2
5th Oct  Redcar4:45  Olympic Conqueror (IRE)Barry McHughJ R Fanshawe£569311/4F
5th Oct  Wolverhampton7:00  Kahala Queen (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£34294/5F
5th Oct  Wolverhampton8:30  Monsieur LambraysJack MitchellTom Clover£34294/1
4th Oct  Ascot4:20  Caravan Of Hope (IRE)R L MooreH Palmer£97045/6F
4th Oct  SAINT-CLOUD (FR)3:06  King's CommandMickael BarzalonaC Appleby£3603693/10
4th Oct  Southwell8:30  Makambe (IRE)Joey HaynesChelsea Banham£34295/1
3rd Oct  Chelmsford City5:30  TadreejJim CrowleyS bin Suroor£60815/2
3rd Oct  Chelmsford City6:30  Baptism (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£60814/1
3rd Oct  Chelmsford City7:00  Lucky Turn (IRE)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£511125/1
3rd Oct  Chelmsford City7:30  AlrajaaJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£55317/4F
3rd Oct  Chelmsford City8:00  Kingsley Klarion (IRE)Darragh KeenanJ Butler£51757/1
3rd Oct  Chelmsford City8:30  CatapultJosephine GordonS L Keightley£29117/1
3rd Oct  Lingfield1:40  Bobby Biscuit (USA)J F EganR Varian£34299/4F
3rd Oct  Lingfield2:10  Qaaddim (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£446411/1
3rd Oct  Lingfield2:45  Reine De Vitesse (FR)J F EganJane Chapple-Hyam£34295/2
3rd Oct  Lingfield3:15  Rovaniemi (IRE)J P SpencerD M Simcock£3429EvensF
3rd Oct  Lingfield4:55  Road To Paris (IRE)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£34295/1
3rd Oct  Wolverhampton5:45  Spirited GuestT P QueallyG G Margarson£34295/4F
3rd Oct  Wolverhampton7:15  Capla HuntressJack MitchellC F Wall£27822/1F
3rd Oct  Wolverhampton7:45  CanastaJack MitchellJ R Fanshawe£27825/2F
2nd Oct  Huntingdon5:15  Lovely Lou LouMax KendrickJ Ryan£227422/1
2nd Oct  Kempton6:10  First View (IRE)Hector CrouchS bin Suroor£58227/1
2nd Oct  Kempton7:40  Sandy SteveOisin MurphyS C Williams£31052/1F
2nd Oct  Newcastle6:55  TsarR HavlinJ H M Gosden£34292/7F
2nd Oct  Newcastle7:25  New AngelR HavlinJ H M Gosden£34292/1
2nd Oct  Nottingham2:25  Dubai LoveOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£58225/2
29th Sep  Epsom Downs2:30  Grand Rock (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£124505/4F
29th Sep  Epsom Downs3:35  Marronnier (IRE)S M LeveyS C Williams£93384/1
29th Sep  Epsom Downs5:15  Zeyzoun (FR)George WoodC F Wall£64699/4F
29th Sep  Musselburgh2:10  JohanD TudhopeW J Haggas£45938/13F
28th Sep  Chelmsford City5:20  Sonnet Rose (IRE)William CarverC Allen£51754/1
28th Sep  Chelmsford City6:20  Bin BattutaHector CrouchS bin Suroor£124504/1
28th Sep  Chelmsford City6:50  Royal BirthP J McDonaldS C Williams£1617210/1
28th Sep  Chelmsford City7:20  The Pinto Kid (FR)Tom MarquandJ R Fanshawe£103505/1
28th Sep  Chelmsford City7:50  Holy Kingdom (IRE)Cieren FallonTom Clover£97048/13F
28th Sep  Newmarket3:40  Lord North (IRE)L DettoriJohn Gosden£996009/2F
28th Sep  Newmarket5:25  Dubai Legacy (USA)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£129389/4F
28th Sep  Ripon4:10  TammoozJack MitchellR Varian£66637/2
28th Sep  San Siro (ITY)4:45  Festive StarFabio BrancaS Crisford£175684/5F
27th Sep  Newcastle7:00  Jalaad (IRE)T P QueallyS bin Suroor£52085/1J
27th Sep  Newmarket3:00  DaahyehW BuickR Varian£5671011/8F
27th Sep  Newmarket3:35  BenbatlOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£567104/1
27th Sep  Newmarket4:45  Mountain Hunter (USA)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£2268411/2
26th Sep  Chelmsford City6:00  Cobber KainR HavlinJ H M Gosden£42041/3F
26th Sep  Chelmsford City6:30  Broughton ExcelsS DonohoeS C Williams£291111/1
26th Sep  Chelmsford City7:00  With Caution (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£55317/2
26th Sep  Chelmsford City8:30  Mayfair Spirit (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£55315/1
26th Sep  Newmarket2:25  DoggedTom MarquandD R C Elsworth£1164414/1
26th Sep  Newmarket4:45  Dramatic DeviceP CosgraveC F Wall£129383/1J
26th Sep  Newmarket5:20  Top Rank (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£905710/11F
26th Sep  Newmarket5:50  FelixR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£19/2
26th Sep  Southwell5:15  Sophar Sogood (IRE)J F EganP W D'Arcy£27825/1
26th Sep  Southwell6:45  Blowing DixieJ F EganJane Chapple-Hyam£34297/2
25th Sep  Goodwood2:30  Alemaratalyoum (IRE)S M LeveyS C Williams£189035/2F
25th Sep  Goodwood4:10  Monica SheriffTom MarquandW J Haggas£280127/2
25th Sep  Kempton6:30  The Gill BrothersS M LeveyS C Williams£582233/1
25th Sep  Kempton7:30  FaylaqJim CrowleyW J Haggas£93385/4F
25th Sep  Newcastle6:15  Anastarsia (IRE)P J McDonaldJ H M Gosden£37523/1
25th Sep  Newcastle6:45  JovialR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£37522/5F
25th Sep  Newcastle8:15  Critical TimeD TudhopeW J Haggas£342911/4F
25th Sep  Redcar1:15  ConvictD TudhopeW J Haggas£103506/4F
24th Sep  Beverley4:40  Junooh (IRE)Dane O'NeillSir Michael Stoute£54344/7F
24th Sep  Chelmsford City5:25  Belle AnglaiseMarco GhianiS C Williams£60815/2F
24th Sep  Chelmsford City6:00  OsloJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£51753/1
24th Sep  Chelmsford City6:30  Masai SpiritK ShoemarkP J McBride£31056/1
24th Sep  Lingfield2:20  Revestar (IRE)Jack MitchellS Crisford£34299/4F
24th Sep  Lingfield4:30  Good Tidings (FR)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£342910/11F
23rd Sep  Kempton6:00  Rosardo SenoritaP CosgraveRae Guest£38815/1
23rd Sep  Kempton7:30  AlignakOisin MurphySir Michael Stoute£64696/4F
23rd Sep  Kempton8:00  Jabalaly (IRE)Jim CrowleyE A L Dunlop£37528/1
23rd Sep  Kempton8:30  Percy's PrinceL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£310511/2
23rd Sep  Leicester1:50  Highest Ground (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£64693/1
23rd Sep  Leicester2:20  Clever CandyHarry BentleyM L W Bell£349316/1
23rd Sep  Leicester3:25  Shamshon (IRE)Marco GhianiS C Williams£78766/1
23rd Sep  Leicester4:00  Look CloselyAndrea AtzeniR Varian£54344/1
21st Sep  Ayr1:25  Tell Me AllC T KeaneSir Mark Prescott Bt£124509/4F
21st Sep  Chelmsford City2:50  Amor KethleyS B KirraneMiss Amy Murphy£34938/1
21st Sep  Chelmsford City4:35  Waterfront (IRE)Jack MitchellS Crisford£31052/1
21st Sep  Chelmsford City5:05  LenyaK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£672815/8
21st Sep  Newbury1:10  Cherokee Trail (USA)R L MooreJ H M Gosden£52088/13F
21st Sep  Newbury2:20  Desert Encounter (IRE)J P SpencerD M Simcock£340269/4
21st Sep  Newbury2:55  Pierre Lapin (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£425329/4J
21st Sep  Newmarket2:10  Queen Daenerys (IRE)W BuickR Varian£51755/4F
21st Sep  Newmarket3:20  NazeefDane O'NeillJ H M Gosden£90576/4F
21st Sep  Newmarket3:55  Land Of OzL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£3112511/10F
21st Sep  Wolverhampton7:20  RedemptiveL MorrisJ Butler£278212/1
21st Sep  Wolverhampton7:50  ShandozDavid EganR Varian£48529/4
21st Sep  Wolverhampton8:20  Gold ArchS W KellyD R Lanigan£27823/1F
20th Sep  Newbury5:05  EntrustingR L MooreJ R Fanshawe£52089/2
20th Sep  Newcastle6:50  Lucky CharmGeorge WoodC F Wall£34297/2
20th Sep  Newcastle7:50  NajmL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£342916/1
19th Sep  Ayr3:00  Bardo Contiguo (IRE)David EganR Varian£44646/1C
19th Sep  Chelmsford City6:00  Resurrected (IRE)Danny BrockP J McBride£310510/1
19th Sep  Chelmsford City7:00  Dubai IconOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£60816/4F
19th Sep  Chelmsford City7:30  Parknacilla (IRE)Cieren FallonH Spiller£31055/2F
19th Sep  Chelmsford City8:30  Fair Power (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Butler£310511/8F
19th Sep  Pontefract3:40  Lady Of Aran (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£186758/1
19th Sep  Southwell8:15  Land Of Winter (FR)Paul MulrennanRae Guest£27827/2
19th Sep  Yarmouth2:20  Ursa Minor (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£485211/10F
19th Sep  Yarmouth3:50  Oh It's SaucepotJack MitchellC F Wall£892715/8F
19th Sep  Yarmouth4:20  HarrovianR HavlinJ H M Gosden£78762/1F
18th Sep  Beverley4:10  Magical Journey (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£41405/1
18th Sep  Sandown1:50  EnthaarJason WatsonS C Williams£452810/1
18th Sep  Sandown2:55  Palace PierL DettoriJ H M Gosden£77631/8F
18th Sep  Sandown4:00  Magical Rhythms (USA)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£64695/2F
18th Sep  Sandown4:35  SucellusL DettoriJ H M Gosden£6469100/30
18th Sep  Sandown5:35  Mina VaganteCieren FallonH Palmer£45289/4J
18th Sep  Yarmouth1:40  Restless RoseMarco GhianiS C Williams£34297/4F
18th Sep  Yarmouth2:10  Maqtal (USA)Jim CrowleyR Varian£48526/4F
18th Sep  Yarmouth2:45  Fanny Logan (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£281106/5F
18th Sep  Yarmouth3:15  DaschasMarco GhianiS C Williams£126027/2J
18th Sep  Yarmouth3:45  ScentasiaR HavlinJ H M Gosden£78767/4F
18th Sep  Yarmouth4:20  Rock The Cradle (IRE)J P SpencerEd Vaughan£52087/2
18th Sep  Yarmouth4:50  Majaalis (FR)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£520811/4F
17th Sep  Chepstow2:20  Paths Of GloryOisin MurphyH Palmer£52082/1F
17th Sep  Chepstow3:20  Music Therapist (IRE)Harry BentleyGeorge Scott£342911/8F
17th Sep  Newcastle6:00  Deal A DollarJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£80865/4F
17th Sep  Redcar5:00  The FiddlerP HanaganC F Wall£35007/4F
17th Sep  Yarmouth2:10  Blausee (IRE)Tom MarquandP J McBride£34297/2
17th Sep  Yarmouth2:40  Tiger Crusade (FR)J P SpencerD M Simcock£672811/8F
17th Sep  Yarmouth3:10  Universal OrderJ P SpencerD M Simcock£124505/2
17th Sep  Yarmouth3:40  MinnelliTom MarquandP J McBride£278212/1
17th Sep  Yarmouth4:10  Futuristic (IRE)Callum ShepherdJ Tate£34299/2
17th Sep  Yarmouth4:40  Global Hope (IRE)S W KellyMiss Gay Kelleway£34293/1
17th Sep  Yarmouth5:10  Han Solo Berger (IRE)T P QueallyC F Wall£520813/8F
16th Sep  Brighton2:40  RamatuelleGavin AshtonSir Mark Prescott Bt£27825/2F
16th Sep  Kempton8:00  Ubla (IRE)L MorrisMiss Gay Kelleway£310514/1
16th Sep  Thirsk2:30  CraigburnB A CurtisTom Clover£373811/1
15th Sep  Bath2:45  New ArrangementF NortonJ Tate£38171/6F
15th Sep  The Curragh (IRE)3:35  Pinatubo (IRE)W BuickCharlie Appleby£2280001/3F
15th Sep  The Curragh (IRE)5:25  Stone Circle (IRE)Andrea AtzeniM L W Bell£14750012/1
15th Sep  DORTMUND (GER)3:50  IspoliniJames DoyleC Appleby£288297/10F
15th Sep  FFOS LAS2:35  Night Colours (IRE)Dane O'NeillS Crisford£34297/1
15th Sep  Longchamp (FR)2:50  Star CatcherFrankie DettoriJ H M Gosden£30886511/10F
14th Sep  Chelmsford City2:10  Intuitive (IRE)Tom MarquandJ Tate£9704100/30
14th Sep  Chelmsford City3:55  Perfect NumberP CosgraveS bin Suroor£646915/8
14th Sep  Chelmsford City4:30  AttainmentA KirbyJ Tate£60817/4F
14th Sep  Chester2:05  SextantLouis StewardSir Michael Stoute£221177/2
14th Sep  Doncaster2:25  Sir Dancealot (IRE)G MosseD R C Elsworth£6133211/4
14th Sep  Doncaster3:35  LogicianL DettoriJohn Gosden£3969705/6F
14th Sep  Doncaster5:55  KitaabaatAndrea AtzeniD M Simcock£124506/4
14th Sep  Lingfield3:25  NarakHollie DoyleGeorge Scott£34294/1
14th Sep  Lingfield4:00  KachumbaHollie DoyleRae Guest£52087/1
14th Sep  Musselburgh6:45  Cape Victory (IRE)P MulrennanJ Tate£69877/2F
14th Sep  Woodbine (CAN)11:17  Old PersianJames DoyleCharlie Appleby£10344813/20F
13th Sep  Chester2:25  Powertrain (IRE)Ben CurtisH Palmer£60815/4F
13th Sep  Chester4:05  Invictus SpiritF NortonSir Michael Stoute£58523/1
13th Sep  Doncaster2:10  Breathtaking LookJim CrowleyS C Williams£3402620/1
13th Sep  Doncaster2:40  Sleeping Lion (USA)J P SpencerJ R Fanshawe£258764/1
13th Sep  Doncaster3:10  Stradivarius (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£567101/9F
13th Sep  Doncaster3:45  A'Ali (IRE)L DettoriS Crisford£396976/4
13th Sep  Doncaster4:20  MolathamJim CrowleyR Varian£17013EvensF
13th Sep  Doncaster4:55  Raaeb (IRE)Jim CrowleyS bin Suroor£970411/10F
13th Sep  Salisbury6:40  WeekenderR HavlinJ H M Gosden£124502/1
13th Sep  Sandown3:20  Miss Yoda (GER)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£478713/8F
13th Sep  Sandown3:55  CasanovaR HavlinJ H M Gosden£93385/2F
12th Sep  Chelmsford City5:20  Last Surprise (IRE)P CosgraveS Crisford£60817/4F
12th Sep  Chelmsford City6:20  Across The SeaP J McDonaldJ Tate£51119/4F
12th Sep  Chelmsford City6:50  Maamora (IRE)David EganS Crisford£129385/1
12th Sep  Chelmsford City7:20  Royal BirthMarco GhianiS C Williams£97048/1
12th Sep  Chelmsford City7:50  Australis (IRE)David EganR Varian£57573/1
12th Sep  Chepstow4:05  Severnaya (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£34291/2F
12th Sep  Doncaster2:40  Enbihaar (IRE)Jim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£567106/5F
12th Sep  Doncaster3:45  Powerful BreezeJames DoyleH Palmer£396976/1
12th Sep  Doncaster4:55  DavydenkoR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£1556211/10F
12th Sep  Doncaster5:30  MutamaasikJim CrowleyR Varian£124505/6F
12th Sep  Epsom Downs2:50  KnowingGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£452811/4
11th Sep  Doncaster1:50  Lazuli (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£112054/11F
11th Sep  Doncaster4:10  Maybe TodayW BuickS Crisford£186754/1
11th Sep  Kempton7:30  Trouble Shooter (IRE)Josephine GordonS L Keightley£64697/1
11th Sep  Kempton8:30  PurgatoryP CosgraveC F Wall£31055/2F
10th Sep  Catterick5:10  Fiery BreathDarragh KeenanR Eddery£31054/1F
10th Sep  Leicester2:20  Amber Island (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£60812/1
10th Sep  Leicester2:50  AmaanDane O'NeillS Crisford£646920/1
10th Sep  Leicester3:50  Fantastic BlueP CosgraveIsmail Mohammed£57902/5F
10th Sep  Leicester4:20  Wise WordsP J McDonaldJ Tate£94527/4
9th Sep  Brighton1:45  Lethal AngelP CosgraveS C Williams£34293/1
9th Sep  Brighton2:45  Joyful Dream (IRE)Darragh KeenanJ Butler£278211/2
9th Sep  Brighton4:20  Kennocha (IRE)Tom MarquandMiss Amy Murphy£278212/1
9th Sep  Wolverhampton6:30  GladiceCieren FallonM Botti£342915/8
9th Sep  Wolverhampton8:00  Hooflepuff (IRE)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£27829/4
9th Sep  Wolverhampton8:30  InteldreamStefano CherchiM Botti£278266/1
8th Sep  York1:50  Clan RoyaleAndrea AtzeniR Varian£97047/2
8th Sep  York4:00  Platform Nineteen (IRE)C LeeM L W Bell£99622/1F
7th Sep  Ascot1:35  Cherokee Trail (USA)K T O'NeillJohn Gosden£67287/2
7th Sep  Ascot3:20  She's Got YouK T O'NeillJohn Gosden£1940711/4J
7th Sep  Ascot3:55  ApparateRossa RyanR Varian£622508/1
7th Sep  Ascot5:05  TextingSeamus CroninMohamed Moubarak£970411/4F
7th Sep  Belmont Park (USA)10:47  Spanish Mission (USA)Jamie SpencerD M Simcock£42126021/10F
7th Sep  Kempton2:05  Royal LineR HavlinJohn Gosden£396976/1
7th Sep  Kempton5:00  Sendeed (IRE)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£6469100/30
7th Sep  Kempton5:35  Delilah ParkJack MitchellC F Wall£64699/2F
7th Sep  Wolverhampton7:30  Cantiniere (USA)Gabriele MaluneS bin Suroor£72464/1
6th Sep  Ascot2:30  EnemyOisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£10350100/30
6th Sep  Ascot4:10  Bless Him (IRE)J P SpencerD M Simcock£186754/1
6th Sep  Ascot4:40  EquitationMarco GhianiS C Williams£67287/1
6th Sep  Haydock2:55  AlaadelG MosseS C Williams£194077/1
6th Sep  Kempton6:10  Acquitted (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£582210/1
6th Sep  Kempton6:40  Riot (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£58225/6F
6th Sep  Kempton7:10  White Moonlight (USA)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£122919/4F
6th Sep  Kempton7:40  Land Of OzRyan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£93382/5F
6th Sep  Kempton8:10  Revolutionise (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£375211/2
6th Sep  Kempton8:40  Alma LindaRyan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£37529/4
6th Sep  Musselburgh5:00  Battle Of Marathon (USA)Ben CurtisJ Ryan£342912/1
6th Sep  Newcastle2:05  SkerryvoreHollie DoyleJ R Fanshawe£34293/1F
6th Sep  Newcastle2:40  Shauyra (IRE)P HanaganW J Haggas£34291/3F
6th Sep  Newcastle3:50  AscensionJack MitchellR Varian£47872/7F
5th Sep  Chelmsford City6:10  Luna WishJ QuinnG G Margarson£31057/4F
5th Sep  Chelmsford City6:40  Parknacilla (IRE)Poppy BridgwaterH Spiller£31056/1
5th Sep  Chelmsford City7:40  Battle of Paradise (USA)Ryan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£60814/6F
5th Sep  Haydock1:50  ArabistL DettoriJ H M Gosden£64698/15F
5th Sep  Haydock3:20  Illumined (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£186754/5F
5th Sep  Lingfield4:15  Hi Ho SilverSebastian WoodsC F Wall£27825/1F
5th Sep  Lingfield5:20  Poets DanceP CosgraveRae Guest£34295/4F
5th Sep  Lingfield6:50  NearoozDavid EganR Varian£72469/4
5th Sep  Salisbury3:10  Snow ShowerJames DoyleSir Michael Stoute£1245016/1
4th Sep  Bath3:30  Hope Is HighMegan NichollsJohn Berry£60805/1
4th Sep  Chelmsford City5:45  Cobber KainL DettoriJ H M Gosden£543411/4
4th Sep  Chelmsford City6:15  FuriousOisin MurphyD M Simcock£97044/7F
4th Sep  Chelmsford City6:45  Fair Power (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Butler£31057/4F
4th Sep  Chelmsford City7:15  Desert Fire (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£129387/2
4th Sep  Chelmsford City7:45  NazeefJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£64691/4F
3rd Sep  Goodwood2:45  Dutch PaintingJason WatsonM L W Bell£54998/1
3rd Sep  Goodwood5:35  Cape Cavalli (IRE)James DoyleS Crisford£54995/2
3rd Sep  Kempton6:15  Mubakker (USA)Dane O'NeillSir Michael Stoute£38818/15F
3rd Sep  Kempton6:45  Makambe (IRE)Joey HaynesChelsea Banham£37527/1
3rd Sep  Kempton8:15  El MiskR HavlinJohn Gosden£646915/8
3rd Sep  Salisbury5:25  Lost In TimeHector CrouchS bin Suroor£48526/4F
2nd Sep  Brighton2:30  Belle AnglaiseR KingscoteS C Williams£34299/2
2nd Sep  Brighton4:00  KirtlingJack MitchellAndi Brown£27825/1
2nd Sep  Chepstow3:15  AlrajaaJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£34292/13F
2nd Sep  Windsor5:30  IncineratorJames DoyleH Palmer£34296/4F
1st Sep  BADEN-BADEN (GER)2:55  VintagerWilliam BuickCharlie Appleby£360364/5F
1st Sep  BADEN-BADEN (GER)4:10  Ghaiyyath (IRE)William BuickCharlie Appleby£3603623/10
1st Sep  Longchamp (FR)1:00  Moonlight Spirit (IRE)James DoyleCharlie Appleby£360367/10F
31st Aug  Beverley5:00  MontathamDane O'NeillW J Haggas£543430/100F
31st Aug  Chelmsford City5:40  Blessed To Empress (IRE)S B KirraneMiss Amy Murphy£310510/1
31st Aug  Chelmsford City8:15  VindicateR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£64699/4F
31st Aug  CHANTILLY (FR)1:52  Al RayaPierre-Charles BoudotS Crisford£3603639/10
31st Aug  Lingfield6:30  Dubai Blue (USA)Josephine GordonS bin Suroor£124508/1
31st Aug  Lingfield7:00  Sea Battle (FR)Darragh KeenanJane Chapple-Hyam£342912/1
31st Aug  Sandown4:10  Imperial EmpireW BuickCharlie Appleby£64695/2F
31st Aug  Sandown4:45  Siglo SixK ShoemarkH Palmer£646914/1
31st Aug  Wolverhampton2:55  CasanovaR HavlinJ H M Gosden£45285/4F
31st Aug  Wolverhampton3:30  Ruby Gates (IRE)D E HoganJ Butler£43995/1
31st Aug  Wolverhampton4:40  Rocket ActionHayley TurnerR M H Cowell£142327/2
30th Aug  Hamilton5:25  Grand Rock (IRE)Ben CurtisW J Haggas£41407/2
30th Aug  Newcastle6:15  Monica SheriffD TudhopeW J Haggas£52081/2F
30th Aug  Newcastle6:45  Wise RulerJack MitchellS Crisford£34297/4
30th Aug  Newcastle7:45  Cape PalaceR HavlinJ H M Gosden£90574/11F
30th Aug  Sandown3:15  Palace PierL DettoriJ H M Gosden£478711/8F
30th Aug  Sandown3:50  Lyndon B (IRE)James DoyleGeorge Scott£93382/1F
30th Aug  Sandown5:00  Geetanjali (IRE)Cameron NobleM L W Bell£51754/1
30th Aug  Wolverhampton7:35  Monsieur LambraysTom MarquandTom Clover£34295/2
29th Aug  Chelmsford City2:00  Solar Heights (IRE)James DoyleJ Tate£55311/2F
29th Aug  Chelmsford City3:00  Surf Dancer (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£124504/7F
29th Aug  Chelmsford City3:30  Fly The FlagR HavlinJ H M Gosden£97047/4
29th Aug  Chelmsford City4:30  Warning LightJosephine GordonS L Keightley£31053/1
29th Aug  Chelmsford City5:00  Petite Malle (USA)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£31053/1F
28th Aug  Kempton5:55  Run Wild (GER)Oisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£38819/2
28th Aug  Kempton6:25  Image Of The MoonCieren FallonS L Keightley£64694/1
28th Aug  Kempton7:55  Emirates Knight (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£64692/1F
28th Aug  Kempton8:25  Blame It On Sally (IRE)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£646911/4
28th Aug  Lingfield5:00  NappingS B KirraneMiss Amy Murphy£27825/1
28th Aug  Musselburgh4:10  Catch My BreathD AllanJ Ryan£31056/4F
27th Aug  Bath4:45  Cotton Club (IRE)Marco GhianiGeorge Boughey£3429100/30
27th Aug  Bath5:20  Aryaaf (IRE)Jim CrowleyS Crisford£34296/4F
27th Aug  Bath7:50  AwsaafF NortonM Wigham£34295/1
27th Aug  Epsom Downs5:25  Sirius SlewCieren FallonA Bailey£38819/2
26th Aug  Epsom Downs4:15  Setting SailW BuickC Appleby£93384/6F
26th Aug  Ripon3:55  Platinum Star (IRE)Callum ShepherdS bin Suroor£170136/4F
26th Aug  Ripon4:30  IbrazJim CrowleyR Varian£155629/5F
26th Aug  Southwell4:10  Blowing DixieJ F EganJane Chapple-Hyam£278211/4
25th Aug  Beverley3:15  Bushtucker Trial (IRE)C LeeM L W Bell£63014/1
25th Aug  Goodwood4:45  AlemagnaH BentleyDavid Simcock£1260210/11F
25th Aug  Yarmouth2:20  Geetanjali (IRE)Joe BradnamM L W Bell£375211/2
25th Aug  Yarmouth2:50  Protected GuestT P QueallyG G Margarson£1369516/1
25th Aug  Yarmouth3:25  JovialR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£478710/11F
25th Aug  Yarmouth4:35  Bless Him (IRE)J P SpencerDavid Simcock£976711/4
25th Aug  Yarmouth5:10  Spanish CityJack MitchellR Varian£97677/4
24th Aug  Chelmsford City2:00  Luna WishJ QuinnG G Margarson£34297/4F
24th Aug  Chelmsford City3:10  CalculationLouis StewardSir Michael Stoute£103504/5F
24th Aug  Chelmsford City3:45  InferenceN MackayJ H M Gosden£6501100/30
24th Aug  Chelmsford City4:20  Perfecimperfection (IRE)Stefano CherchiM Botti£54348/1
24th Aug  Chelmsford City4:50  AttainmentJoey HaynesJ Tate£60162/1F
24th Aug  Newmarket2:10  HaribouxJack MitchellH Palmer£90575/1
24th Aug  Newmarket3:20  SaroogW BuickS Crisford£2801211/8F
24th Aug  Newmarket3:55  RaucousW BuickR M H Cowell£2098310/1
24th Aug  Newmarket5:05  Han Solo Berger (IRE)T P QueallyC F Wall£58226/1
24th Aug  Redcar6:00  Nirodha (IRE)S P DavisMiss Amy Murphy£42055/1
24th Aug  Redcar6:30  SelinoDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£6081100/30
24th Aug  Windsor4:40  Fantastic BlueP CosgraveIsmail Mohammed£34296/4F
24th Aug  Windsor5:15  Golden Dragon (IRE)P CosgraveS C Williams£34294/1
24th Aug  Windsor6:20  Raakib Alhawa (IRE)J P SpencerD M Simcock£209837/2
24th Aug  Windsor6:50  Desert Encounter (IRE)J P SpencerD M Simcock£340264/1
24th Aug  York1:50  ZaakiR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£567107/2
24th Aug  York2:25  HamishJames DoyleW J Haggas£778127/1
24th Aug  York4:45  Forest Of DeanL DettoriJ H M Gosden£435756/4F
23rd Aug  Chelmsford City5:45  Champagne Supanova (IRE)R WinstonRichard Spencer£32678/1
23rd Aug  Chelmsford City6:15  AljariL MorrisM Botti£49482/7F
23rd Aug  Chelmsford City6:45  Sharp Talk (IRE)Josephine GordonS L Keightley£326725/1
23rd Aug  Chelmsford City8:15  Manton Warrior (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£51755/1
23rd Aug  Chelmsford City8:45  The Dancing PoetHollie DoyleEd Vaughan£51758/1
23rd Aug  FFOS LAS2:50  Bernardo O'ReillyM DwyerRichard Spencer£72467/2
23rd Aug  FFOS LAS4:00  Last Look (IRE)Gabriele MaluneS bin Suroor£94524/9F
23rd Aug  Goodwood5:35  Volkan Star (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£64041/3F
23rd Aug  Goodwood7:05  Blame It On Sally (IRE)Ryan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£47877/4
23rd Aug  Goodwood7:35  Audarya (FR)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£9452100/30
23rd Aug  Newmarket2:05  Powerful BreezeDavid EganH Palmer£517520/1
23rd Aug  Newmarket3:15  Royal CrusadeW BuickC Appleby£51755/6F
23rd Aug  Newmarket3:50  RomolaDavid EganSir Michael Stoute£64695/4F
23rd Aug  Newmarket4:25  Dramatic DeviceP CosgraveC F Wall£64699/2
23rd Aug  Salisbury5:50  Hamish MacbethJack MitchellH Palmer£48521/2F
23rd Aug  Salisbury6:50  Mohican Heights (IRE)J P SpencerD M Simcock£170136/1
23rd Aug  York2:25  Stradivarius (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£1275984/9F
23rd Aug  York4:15  MolathamJim CrowleyR Varian£435752/1F
22nd Aug  Chepstow5:05  Trouble Shooter (IRE)Josephine GordonS L Keightley£27822/1F
22nd Aug  Leicester6:30  Pinnata (IRE)S M LeveyS C Williams£52087/4F
22nd Aug  Stratford3:15  Fern OwlMiss Alice HaynesJ Butler£305720/1
22nd Aug  York3:35  EnableL DettoriJ H M Gosden£2410181/4F
21st Aug  Bath4:05  Road To Paris (IRE)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£34294/7F
21st Aug  Kempton6:45  Turn 'n Twirl (USA)P CosgraveS Crisford£64695/1
21st Aug  Kempton7:45  Distant Chimes (GER)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£64694/9F
21st Aug  Kempton8:15  Deal A DollarP J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£93387/2
21st Aug  Worcester6:00  Really SuperJack QuinlanMiss Amy Murphy£59134/1
21st Aug  Worcester7:00  The AccountantJack QuinlanMiss Amy Murphy£279410/1
21st Aug  York3:00  LogicianL DettoriJ H M Gosden£9640710/11F
20th Aug  Brighton3:40  EsspeegeeDarragh KeenanA Bailey£27829/2
20th Aug  Brighton4:10  Lady MascaraTom MarquandJ R Fanshawe£34292/1F
20th Aug  Kempton3:00  Albadr (USA)Jim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£38814/1
20th Aug  Kempton3:30  Magical Rhythms (USA)David EganJ H M Gosden£38813/1
20th Aug  Kempton4:00  Highfaluting (IRE)G MosseJ M P Eustace£375212/1
20th Aug  Kempton5:05  Power Link (USA)Oisin MurphyJ Tate£646916/1
20th Aug  Yarmouth5:25  Festive StarS De SousaS Crisford£34297/2
20th Aug  Yarmouth5:55  Potters Lady JaneJ P SpencerMrs L Wadham£34298/1
20th Aug  Yarmouth6:55  Society Prince (IRE)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£278211/4
19th Aug  Lingfield2:45  Cantiniere (USA)Hayley TurnerS bin Suroor£52087/4F
19th Aug  Lingfield3:45  Shawaaheq (IRE)Jim CrowleyE A L Dunlop£52085/2
19th Aug  Lingfield4:15  Lady BowthorpeK ShoemarkW Jarvis£342911/8F
19th Aug  Windsor6:00  Winning StreakMarco GhianiS C Williams£446428/1
19th Aug  Windsor7:00  Black LotusGeorge WoodC F Wall£52083/1F
19th Aug  Windsor7:30  Passion And Glory (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£34298/11F
19th Aug  Windsor8:00  TammoozDavid EganR Varian£52085/2
18th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)1:35  Dame MalliotL DettoriEd Vaughan£667567/5F
18th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)3:25  CoronetL DettoriJ H M Gosden£12869317/10F
17th Aug  Bath6:20  Miss Latin (IRE)D E HoganDavid Simcock£342913/2
17th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)3:25  Terebellum (IRE)M BarzalonaJ H M Gosden£6675669/10
17th Aug  Doncaster1:40  Alpen Rose (IRE)B DoyleC Appleby£34298/11F
17th Aug  Doncaster2:15  MutafawwigHector CrouchS bin Suroor£34295/4F
17th Aug  Doncaster4:00  Moll Davis (IRE)Hayley TurnerGeorge Scott£52084/5F
17th Aug  Newbury3:35  Glorious JourneyJames DoyleC Appleby£56710100/30
17th Aug  Newbury4:10  Rhythmic Intent (IRE)James DoyleS C Williams£97044/1
17th Aug  Newbury5:20  Gas MonkeyMiss S L BowenMiss J Feilden£55535/2F
17th Aug  Newmarket2:10  Powertrain (IRE)Jack MitchellH Palmer£51757/2
17th Aug  Newmarket3:20  Lady Red MoonStefano CherchiM Botti£1164412/1
17th Aug  Newmarket5:05  Oh It's SaucepotJack MitchellC F Wall£58223/1
17th Aug  Newmarket5:35  MutamaasikDane O'NeillR Varian£58226/4F
16th Aug  Chelmsford City5:40  Banmi (IRE)Oisin MurphyMohamed Moubarak£31694/1
16th Aug  Chelmsford City6:10  ReassureGeorgia CoxW J Haggas£58225/1
16th Aug  Chelmsford City6:40  FuriousOisin MurphyD M Simcock£97043/1F
16th Aug  Chelmsford City7:10  Blue De Vega (GER)P J McDonaldR M H Cowell£129386/1
16th Aug  Chelmsford City7:45  Yattwee (USA)Callum ShepherdS bin Suroor£129388/1
16th Aug  Chelmsford City8:45  Sandy SteveP J McDonaldS C Williams£31056/4F
16th Aug  Newbury4:00  Bushtucker Trial (IRE)C LeeM L W Bell£52083/1F
16th Aug  Newmarket7:20  Allegiant (USA)J P SpencerS C Williams£45285/2F
16th Aug  Nottingham3:05  GhalyP CosgraveS bin Suroor£38814/6F
16th Aug  Nottingham3:40  RomolaD TudhopeSir Michael Stoute£646910/1
16th Aug  Nottingham4:10  Laafy (USA)Jim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£217882/1F
16th Aug  Thirsk6:30  MontathamP HanaganW J Haggas£64691/3F
16th Aug  Wolverhampton3:50  Dubai Souq (IRE)Cieren FallonS bin Suroor£478715/8
16th Aug  Wolverhampton4:20  ShrewdnessTom MarquandW J Haggas£342911/4
16th Aug  Wolverhampton4:50  Sweet PromiseTom MarquandJ R Fanshawe£342915/8
15th Aug  Beverley4:00  Platform Nineteen (IRE)J P SullivanM L W Bell£64742/7F
15th Aug  Lingfield2:10  VisionaraHollie DoyleS Crisford£342911/4
15th Aug  Lingfield3:40  Ambling (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£34298/13F
15th Aug  Lingfield4:10  Mon Frere (IRE)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£27826/4
15th Aug  Lingfield4:40  MochalovDarragh KeenanJane Chapple-Hyam£27823/1J
15th Aug  Salisbury2:20  Aluqair (IRE)James DoyleS Crisford£45287/4
15th Aug  Salisbury3:20  Clem AOisin MurphyA Bailey£305910/1
15th Aug  Salisbury3:50  Kick OnOisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£411159/2
15th Aug  Salisbury4:55  Sea Of Faith (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£186753/1
15th Aug  Salisbury5:30  Land Of OzRyan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£89274/7F
15th Aug  Unk6:40  Amazing Red (IRE)Jose Luis MartinezE A L Dunlop£3603627/10
15th Aug  Yarmouth4:45  Simba SambaR L MooreP J McBride£278213/8F
15th Aug  Yarmouth5:20  Al SuhailW BuickC Appleby£48521/6F
15th Aug  Yarmouth5:55  Robert Fitzroy (IRE)C LeeM L W Bell£27827/1
15th Aug  Yarmouth6:25  The Corporal (IRE)W BuickC F Wall£52085/2F
15th Aug  Yarmouth6:55  PurgatoryP CosgraveC F Wall£278211/1
15th Aug  Yarmouth8:00  Great Shout (IRE)George WoodMiss Amy Murphy£34297/1
14th Aug  Kempton7:10  FarzeenJack MitchellR Varian£49168/15F
14th Aug  Kempton7:40  Image Of The MoonCieren FallonS L Keightley£375214/1
14th Aug  Kempton8:10  JaleelJack MitchellR Varian£646910/1
14th Aug  Salisbury1:50  AscensionJack MitchellR Varian£485213/8F
14th Aug  Salisbury3:50  Fanny Logan (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£283551/2F
13th Aug  FFOS LAS2:15  SincerityTom MarquandJ R Fanshawe£342911/4F
13th Aug  FFOS LAS4:15  Monica SheriffTom MarquandW J Haggas£342911/8
13th Aug  Lingfield5:30  Cool Sphere (USA)David ProbertR M H Cowell£34294/6F
13th Aug  Lingfield6:30  Voice Of A Leader (IRE)Joey HaynesChelsea Banham£25235/1
13th Aug  Lingfield7:30  Three C's (IRE)P CosgraveGeorge Boughey£252313/2
13th Aug  Nottingham2:30  Cloud DriftJames DoyleM L W Bell£45282/5F
13th Aug  Nottingham3:30  Kyllang Rock (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Tate£99602/1
12th Aug  Catterick3:15  Delachance (FR)Ben CurtisD M Simcock£310530/100F
12th Aug  Windsor6:30  Arthur's Court (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£44647/2
12th Aug  Windsor8:00  BhangraOisin MurphyR M H Cowell£34297/2
12th Aug  Wolverhampton7:50  Melodic Charm (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£34292/1F
11th Aug  Leicester2:10  Surf Dancer (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£54994/7F
11th Aug  Leicester3:50  Aplomb (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£129382/1F
11th Aug  Windsor3:05  Show StealerR KingscoteRae Guest£52087/4F
11th Aug  Windsor3:35  Grandfather TomAngus VilliersR M H Cowell£34293/1
10th Aug  Ascot4:00  Victory Day (IRE)J P SpencerW J Haggas£295087/4F
10th Aug  Chelmsford City1:35  Moolhim (FR)Jack MitchellS Crisford£42043/1
10th Aug  Chelmsford City2:10  Universal EffectS W KellyD R Lanigan£517511/1
10th Aug  Chelmsford City2:45  Unabated (IRE)Jason WatsonJane Chapple-Hyam£1940714/1
10th Aug  Chelmsford City3:20  Starczewski (USA)Hollie DoyleD M Simcock£280129/2
10th Aug  Chelmsford City3:55  Lady Lawyer (USA)K T O'NeillJohn Gosden£311255/2F
10th Aug  Haydock2:30  Miss O Connor (IRE)Oisin MurphyW J Haggas£2665411/10F
10th Aug  Haydock3:05  Addeybb (IRE)R KingscoteW J Haggas£3572711/10F
10th Aug  Lingfield6:15  JohanTom MarquandW J Haggas£342910/11F
10th Aug  Lingfield6:45  Break Of DayTom MarquandW J Haggas£278213/2
10th Aug  Lingfield7:15  FoadJim CrowleyE A L Dunlop£27827/2J
10th Aug  Lingfield7:45  Magical RideS B KirraneRichard Spencer£34296/5F
10th Aug  Newmarket2:00  Leafhopper (IRE)R HavlinJohn Gosden£51759/4
10th Aug  Newmarket3:10  DavydenkoLouis StewardSir Michael Stoute£129385/1
10th Aug  Newmarket4:55  WaldsternR HavlinJohn Gosden£1293811/2
10th Aug  Newmarket5:30  Graceful LadyDarragh KeenanR Eddery£970414/1
10th Aug  Redcar1:45  Lady Dauphin (IRE)Aled BeechC Fellowes£42055/1
10th Aug  Redcar4:05  CountryLiam JonesW J Haggas£77636/4F
10th Aug  Redcar4:35  The FiddlerP HanaganC F Wall£32297/2
9th Aug  Chelmsford City5:50  Lady Red MoonStefano CherchiM Botti£342911/8F
9th Aug  Chelmsford City7:00  Dream Shot (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£67271/5F
9th Aug  Chelmsford City7:30  Harry's BarGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£1423211/10F
9th Aug  Newmarket7:40  MubtasimahJames DoyleW J Haggas£97044/5F
9th Aug  Newmarket8:15  Good Effort (IRE)S M LeveyIsmail Mohammed£90575/2F
9th Aug  Thirsk3:20  Trouble Shooter (IRE)Josephine GordonS L Keightley£40754/1
9th Aug  Thirsk4:20  Society StarCam HardieR M H Cowell£48528/11F
8th Aug  Brighton5:10  EnthaarJason WatsonS C Williams£34297/2
8th Aug  Haydock4:00  AtheebDane O'NeillSir Michael Stoute£646913/8F
8th Aug  Newcastle7:35  Soloist (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£3429100/30
8th Aug  Sandown5:40  My Boy SepoyMiss S BrothertonS C Williams£62396/1
8th Aug  Sandown6:45  Native TribeW BuickC Appleby£47878/15F
8th Aug  Sandown7:45  Swift Approval (IRE)Jim CrowleyS C Williams£64696/1
8th Aug  Sandown8:15  Rock The Cradle (IRE)Oisin MurphyEd Vaughan£45285/2F
8th Aug  Yarmouth2:20  Global Hope (IRE)Toby EleyMiss Gay Kelleway£27824/6F
8th Aug  Yarmouth2:50  Mr Kiki (IRE)Callum ShepherdM L W Bell£48524/6F
8th Aug  Yarmouth5:20  Envisaging (IRE)Lorenzo AtzoriJ R Fanshawe£34294/1
7th Aug  Bath2:40  Modern British Art (IRE)Jason WatsonM L W Bell£34295/4F
7th Aug  Bath4:10  Lucky NumberGeorgia CoxW J Haggas£27825/1
7th Aug  Brighton2:30  HaribouxJack MitchellH Palmer£34297/2
7th Aug  Brighton4:30  KachumbaStefano CherchiRae Guest£520811/2
7th Aug  Brighton5:00  Joyful Dream (IRE)Joshua BryanJ Butler£27825/1
7th Aug  Kempton6:00  Dubai WarriorR HavlinJ H M Gosden£64694/11F
7th Aug  Kempton6:30  EshaasyJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£582213/8F
7th Aug  Kempton7:00  Expressionism (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£93387/1
7th Aug  Kempton8:00  Land Of OzL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£64694/6F
7th Aug  Kempton8:30  DubravaAndrea AtzeniR Varian£37524/1
7th Aug  Yarmouth5:15  Haveoneyerself (IRE)David EganJ Butler£27827/1
7th Aug  Yarmouth5:45  With PromiseDaniel MuscuttD R Lanigan£905714/1
7th Aug  Yarmouth6:45  Road To Paris (IRE)David EganSir Mark Prescott Bt£34298/11F
7th Aug  Yarmouth7:15  Invincible Larne (IRE)P CosgraveMick Quinn£342915/8
7th Aug  Yarmouth7:45  ScentasiaN MackayJ H M Gosden£520810/11F
7th Aug  Yarmouth8:15  Spanish Mane (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£342933/1
6th Aug  Newbury2:15  Wejdan (FR)James DoyleW J Haggas£446413/2
6th Aug  Nottingham7:00  Last Look (IRE)Gabriele MaluneS bin Suroor£38814/7F
5th Aug  Kempton2:15  Mutasaamy (IRE)Jim CrowleyR Varian£37526/4F
5th Aug  Kempton3:15  Miss Yoda (GER)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£582211/4
5th Aug  Kempton3:45  MelnikovaJames DoyleSir Michael Stoute£58228/1
5th Aug  Kempton4:45  HameemJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£933811/10F
5th Aug  Windsor7:30  Whispering Beauty (USA)J F EganW J Haggas£34295/6F
3rd Aug  Chelmsford City1:40  Dear Power (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£64696/1
3rd Aug  Chelmsford City2:10  ThegreatestshowmanJack MitchellMiss Amy Murphy£71485/2F
3rd Aug  Chelmsford City2:45  Mon Frere (IRE)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£34295/2F
3rd Aug  Chelmsford City3:55  MutamaasikJack MitchellR Varian£64698/13F
3rd Aug  Chelmsford City4:30  Alma LindaL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£54347/4F
3rd Aug  Chelmsford City5:05  Warning LightJosephine GordonS L Keightley£34294/1
3rd Aug  Doncaster3:30  First In LineK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£34298/11F
3rd Aug  Doncaster4:05  Spanish Archer (FR)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£1245010/1
3rd Aug  Goodwood3:00  Enbihaar (IRE)Jim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£1769357/2C
3rd Aug  Goodwood4:50  Land Of Legends (IRE)Callum ShepherdS bin Suroor£189039/2
3rd Aug  Goodwood5:25  Gifts Of Gold (IRE)Cieren FallonS bin Suroor£157529/4F
3rd Aug  Lingfield6:05  Magical RideS B KirraneRichard Spencer£342913/8F
3rd Aug  Lingfield7:05  Contingency FeeGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£27828/1
3rd Aug  Lingfield8:05  Al RayaAndrea AtzeniS Crisford£34291/16F
3rd Aug  Newmarket2:05  Love So Deep (JPN)J F EganJane Chapple-Hyam£226846/1
3rd Aug  Newmarket3:15  Angel Of Delight (IRE)Josephine GordonH Palmer£517512/1
3rd Aug  Newmarket4:25  Stamford RafflesTim ClarkJane Chapple-Hyam£970411/1
3rd Aug  Newmarket5:00  ClarionC O'DonoghueSir Michael Stoute£97047/1
3rd Aug  Newmarket5:35  AlnaseemOisin MurphyL McJannet£64694/1
2nd Aug  Bath5:05  No ThanksDavid ProbertW Jarvis£2782100/30
2nd Aug  Bath7:20  Universal OrderS DonohoeD M Simcock£52082/1F
2nd Aug  Goodwood4:40  Desert Encounter (IRE)J P SpencerD M Simcock£5671015/2
2nd Aug  Goodwood5:15  AktauAndrea AtzeniR Varian£157525/2F
2nd Aug  Newmarket6:25  Lazuli (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£517511/10F
2nd Aug  Newmarket8:00  Subaana (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£556310/1
2nd Aug  Newmarket8:30  Colonel FrankJack MitchellMick Quinn£90578/1
2nd Aug  Wolverhampton1:30  Daring Guest (IRE)L MorrisTom Clover£278215/2
2nd Aug  Wolverhampton2:35  Distant Chimes (GER)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£34298/15F
2nd Aug  Wolverhampton3:45  Enzo (IRE)Joey HaynesJ Butler£27824/1F
1st Aug  Epsom Downs6:55  Bodyline (IRE)Ryan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£478716/1
1st Aug  FFOS LAS6:40  Paths Of GloryJack MitchellH Palmer£34291/6F
1st Aug  Goodwood1:50  Forest Of DeanHarry BentleyJ H M Gosden£466884/1J
1st Aug  Goodwood5:20  Celsius (IRE)P J McDonaldTom Clover£1575211/2
1st Aug  Nottingham1:40  IshvaraR KingscoteR M H Cowell£38818/1
1st Aug  Nottingham2:50  Miss O Connor (IRE)Georgia CoxW J Haggas£32342/5F
1st Aug  Nottingham5:10  Platform Nineteen (IRE)C LeeM L W Bell£32344/5F
31st Jul  Goodwood1:50  TimoshenkoL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£311259/1
31st Jul  Goodwood3:35  Too Darn HotL DettoriJ H M Gosden£593392EvensF
31st Jul  Goodwood4:45  Mannaal (IRE)Megan NichollsS Crisford£1890312/1
31st Jul  Redcar2:45  FarzeenJack MitchellR Varian£45287/4F
31st Jul  Redcar4:30  EdaraatJack MitchellR Varian£63405/2F
31st Jul  Sandown6:35  TammaniJames DoyleW J Haggas£47879/2
31st Jul  Sandown7:10  Maamora (IRE)Oisin MurphyS Crisford£93384/1
31st Jul  Sandown7:45  NormaGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£45286/1
30th Jul  Beverley2:05  Tell Me AllL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£41405/4F
30th Jul  Goodwood2:25  Pinatubo (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£1134206/4F
30th Jul  Goodwood3:00  Sir Dancealot (IRE)G MosseD R C Elsworth£1769356/1
30th Jul  Goodwood3:35  Stradivarius (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£2835504/5F
30th Jul  Goodwood5:15  Maid For LifeP J McDonaldC Fellowes£1575212/1
30th Jul  Yarmouth2:15  IkigaiB DoyleMrs I G-Leveque£278266/1
30th Jul  Yarmouth3:25  KnowingGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£34292/1F
30th Jul  Yarmouth4:00  Royal ResidenceCallum ShepherdJ Tate£74395/2
30th Jul  Yarmouth4:30  MitigatorB DoyleMrs L Pearce£27826/1
29th Jul  Ayr3:00  Land Of OzL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£67284/5F
29th Jul  CLAIREFONTAINE (FR)2:00  Birch Grove (IRE)M BarzalonaD M Simcock£2162117/1
29th Jul  Windsor5:35  Golden Dragon (IRE)Jim CrowleyS C Williams£34297/2
29th Jul  Windsor7:50  Show StealerS De SousaRae Guest£4619220/1
28th Jul  Pontefract5:05  Joyful Mission (USA)D TudhopeSir Michael Stoute£38814/5F
27th Jul  Ascot1:50  Under The Stars (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£2835525/1
27th Jul  Ascot3:40  EnableL DettoriJ H M Gosden£7088758/15F
27th Jul  Ascot4:15  Al DabaranJames DoyleC Appleby£1701311/4
27th Jul  Chester3:50  LitigiousN MackayJ H M Gosden£93384/6F
27th Jul  Newcastle4:30  DerevoLouis StewardSir Michael Stoute£77635/6F
27th Jul  Newmarket2:15  Military MarchHector CrouchS bin Suroor£51755/1
27th Jul  Newmarket3:25  Breathtaking LookA KirbyS C Williams£129387/4
27th Jul  Newmarket5:10  Shamshon (IRE)Marco GhianiS C Williams£646913/8F
27th Jul  Salisbury5:45  EthicTom MarquandW J Haggas£48524/6F
27th Jul  Salisbury6:15  Monsieur NoirAndrea AtzeniR Varian£45284/11F
27th Jul  Salisbury7:45  Global Hunter (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£45284/6F
27th Jul  York2:05  Bedouin's StoryGabriele MaluneS bin Suroor£1245011/2
26th Jul  Ascot3:35  Duneflower (IRE)K T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£3402611/1
26th Jul  Ascot4:10  SextantR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£186755/4F
26th Jul  Ascot5:15  TextingG MosseMohamed Moubarak£672813/8F
26th Jul  DEAUVILLE (FR)0:07  Sparkle In His EyeC SoumillonW J Haggas£103608/5F
26th Jul  Newmarket6:10  Hamish MacbethJames DoyleH Palmer£51757/4F
26th Jul  Newmarket6:40  Path Of Thunder (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£646911/8F
26th Jul  Newmarket7:10  ArigatoJosephine GordonW Jarvis£905711/2
26th Jul  Newmarket7:40  Away He Goes (IRE)S M LeveyIsmail Mohammed£970411/8F
26th Jul  Newmarket8:10  Hydroplane (IRE)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£45288/13F
26th Jul  York6:00  ChanceMegan NichollsS Crisford£89849/4F
26th Jul  York7:00  Boosala (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£97041/6F
26th Jul  York7:30  Fanny Logan (IRE)P J McDonaldJ H M Gosden£283556/1
25th Jul  Doncaster7:55  Debbonair (IRE)Ben CurtisH Palmer£34295/1
25th Jul  Doncaster8:55  Siglo SixBen CurtisH Palmer£34294/5F
25th Jul  Newbury6:00  Knight Shield (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£44641/2F
25th Jul  Yarmouth2:05  Sweet Forgetme Not (IRE)Josephine GordonP S McEntee£27826/1
25th Jul  Yarmouth2:35  Nirodha (IRE)S P DavisMiss Amy Murphy£44643/1
25th Jul  Yarmouth3:10  Go FoxJack MitchellTom Clover£27824/1
25th Jul  Yarmouth3:40  Starczewski (USA)J P SpencerD M Simcock£342911/8F
25th Jul  Yarmouth4:15  ThegreatestshowmanJack MitchellMiss Amy Murphy£5208100/30
25th Jul  Yarmouth4:45  Mrs DiscombeP CosgraveMick Quinn£34297/2
25th Jul  Yarmouth5:20  Rita's FollyDarragh KeenanA Carson£34299/1
24th Jul  Bath2:00  The Game Is OnRyan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£2782EvensF
24th Jul  Bath4:00  Miss Celestial (IRE)Ryan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£76985/1
24th Jul  Catterick2:10  IncineratorBen CurtisH Palmer£414010/11F
24th Jul  Leicester7:15  Volcanic SkyCallum ShepherdS bin Suroor£52087/4F
24th Jul  Lingfield3:20  Distant Chimes (GER)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£3429EvensF
24th Jul  Sandown7:05  Indian RajOisin MurphyS C Williams£614613/8F
24th Jul  Sandown7:35  MoraawedJim CrowleyR Varian£93386/4F
24th Jul  Sandown8:10  MotawajAndrea AtzeniR Varian£6469EvensF
23rd Jul  Chelmsford City6:20  Alkaraama (USA)Jim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£1293811/8F
23rd Jul  Chelmsford City6:50  AttainmentP J McDonaldJ Tate£56937/2F
23rd Jul  Chelmsford City7:20  Lady Lawyer (USA)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£553111/4
23rd Jul  Chelmsford City7:50  GhaziyahJames DoyleW J Haggas£553110/11F
23rd Jul  Chelmsford City8:20  Battle Of Waterloo (IRE)Cieren FallonJ Ryan£56938/1
23rd Jul  Wolverhampton4:45  Toro DoradoOisin MurphyE A L Dunlop£27826/5F
23rd Jul  Wolverhampton5:15  Fern OwlJoey HaynesJ Butler£27828/1
22nd Jul  Beverley5:55  Platform Nineteen (IRE)C LeeM L W Bell£310511/8F
22nd Jul  Windsor5:45  Mukha MagicHollie DoyleMiss Gay Kelleway£27827/1
22nd Jul  Windsor7:20  DaschasMarco GhianiS C Williams£72464/1
22nd Jul  Windsor7:50  Birdcage WalkJames DoyleH Palmer£67283/1
22nd Jul  Windsor8:20  Dubai FutureOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£34293/1
21st Jul  DEAUVILLE (FR)1:35  Twist 'N' ShakeL DettoriJ H M Gosden£247741/2F
21st Jul  DEAUVILLE (FR)2:50  A'Ali (IRE)L DettoriS Crisford£667563/5F
20th Jul  The Curragh (IRE)5:10  Star CatcherL DettoriJ H M Gosden£2280007/2
20th Jul  Doncaster7:15  Stone Circle (IRE)D TudhopeM L W Bell£446411/2
20th Jul  Haydock6:00  Mayfair Spirit (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£48529/4F
20th Jul  Haydock7:30  Follow Intello (IRE)Jack MitchellC F Wall£71164/1
20th Jul  Haydock8:30  AperitifCameron NobleM L W Bell£48529/4F
20th Jul  Newmarket2:05  AnanyaB DoyleP W Chapple-Hyam£51758/1
20th Jul  Newmarket2:40  Dame MalliotHollie DoyleEd Vaughan£2268411/2
20th Jul  Newmarket5:00  IroncladP CosgraveH Palmer£90579/2
20th Jul  Ripon4:40  Battle Of Wills (IRE)D TudhopeJ Tate£536913/8F
19th Jul  Hamilton8:10  Sameem (IRE)D AllanJ Tate£243857/2
19th Jul  Haydock3:50  CalculationR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£1035011/10F
19th Jul  Haydock4:20  MubtasimahD TudhopeW J Haggas£485210/11F
19th Jul  Newbury2:00  EncipherOisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£64046/5F
19th Jul  Newbury2:30  Nasaiym (USA)R L MooreJ Tate£64046/4F
19th Jul  Newmarket6:15  Wasaayef (IRE)Jim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£51757/4
19th Jul  Newmarket7:20  Whispering Beauty (USA)J F EganW J Haggas£556311/8F
19th Jul  Nottingham1:45  Visible Charm (IRE)A KirbyC Appleby£388111/8F
19th Jul  Nottingham4:00  Great ExampleJason WatsonS bin Suroor£970411/8F
19th Jul  Nottingham4:30  Silver Line (IRE)Josephine GordonS bin Suroor£97047/2
18th Jul  Epsom Downs6:35  AlpinistaL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£47879/4
18th Jul  Hamilton4:10  New ArrangementP J McDonaldJ Tate£41401/4F
18th Jul  Leicester2:20  Making History (IRE)Hector CrouchS bin Suroor£34295/4F
18th Jul  Leicester3:20  Dramatic DeviceJames DoyleC F Wall£494810/11F
18th Jul  Leicester3:50  Lyndon B (IRE)James DoyleGeorge Scott£46908/1
18th Jul  Leicester4:20  Gentlewoman (IRE)N MackayJ H M Gosden£55314/1
18th Jul  Leicester4:50  Affluence (IRE)E J WalshMartin Smith£31706/1
17th Jul  Lingfield3:10  Come On Dave (IRE)Darragh KeenanJ Butler£27823/1F
17th Jul  Lingfield4:10  MaktabbaDane O'NeillW J Haggas£342911/4
17th Jul  Lingfield4:40  Whimsical DreamK T O'NeillM L W Bell£27827/1
17th Jul  Wolverhampton6:25  HaribouxJack MitchellH Palmer£342914/1
17th Jul  Wolverhampton7:25  Hydroplane (IRE)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£27826/5F
17th Jul  Wolverhampton7:55  Distant Chimes (GER)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£52087/4F
17th Jul  Wolverhampton8:55  AljariL MorrisM Botti£342914/1
17th Jul  Yarmouth5:30  Hart StopperHayley TurnerS C Williams£67289/4F
17th Jul  Yarmouth6:05  Verboten (IRE)N MackayJ H M Gosden£446411/2
17th Jul  Yarmouth6:40  The Corporal (IRE)Hollie DoyleC F Wall£342911/2
17th Jul  Yarmouth7:40  Five DiamondsJim CrowleyW J Haggas£27821/2F
17th Jul  Yarmouth8:40  Tone The BaroneJim CrowleyS C Williams£34292/1F
16th Jul  Nottingham6:40  Grandfather TomCieren FallonR M H Cowell£388111/2
15th Jul  Ripon4:50  CountryD TudhopeW J Haggas£388130/100F
15th Jul  Windsor7:30  Royal BirthOisin MurphyS C Williams£724613/2
15th Jul  Windsor8:00  Mannaal (IRE)Megan NichollsS Crisford£52086/1
15th Jul  Wolverhampton7:10  Genuine Approval (IRE)Aaron JonesJ Butler£278240/1
15th Jul  Wolverhampton8:40  Al Daayen (FR)J MitchellC Allen£27829/2
14th Jul  Longchamp (FR)5:00  Well Of WisdomM BarzalonaC Appleby£2702711/2
13th Jul  Ascot2:50  UmmalnarTom MarquandW J Haggas£129387/2
13th Jul  Ascot3:25  SaroogK McEvoyS Crisford£97049/4F
13th Jul  Chester3:10  Beauty FillyR KingscoteW J Haggas£221175/2J
13th Jul  Chester4:20  Medalla De OroJack MitchellTom Clover£63406/1
13th Jul  Hamilton7:05  Moll Davis (IRE)Connor BeasleyGeorge Scott£80227/2J
13th Jul  Maisons-Laffitte (FR)6:30  Lloyd (IRE)M GuyonH Spiller£1036093/10
13th Jul  Newmarket1:50  Light Blush (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£77635/2F
13th Jul  Newmarket4:05  California LoveS DonohoeRichard Spencer£155628/1
13th Jul  Newmarket5:15  Dubai Tradition (USA)Hector CrouchS bin Suroor£1293813/8F
13th Jul  Salisbury8:50  Hydroplane (IRE)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£319411/4F
13th Jul  York2:40  Red Verdon (USA)D AllanE A L Dunlop£3686220/1
12th Jul  Newmarket3:35  VeraciousOisin MurphySir Michael Stoute£1134206/1
12th Jul  Newmarket4:45  Light And DarkCallum ShepherdS bin Suroor£161726/1
11th Jul  Carlisle3:10  Alabama WhitmanP MulrennanRichard Spencer£38814/7F
11th Jul  Doncaster1:40  Perla Blanca (USA)Miss Sophie SmithE A L Dunlop£33077/2
11th Jul  Doncaster2:10  St IvesLiam JonesW J Haggas£342915/8F
11th Jul  Doncaster2:45  Majaalis (FR)Dane O'NeillW J Haggas£34297/2
11th Jul  Doncaster3:20  Duneflower (IRE)K T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£52089/5F
11th Jul  Doncaster3:55  Celsius (IRE)Ben CurtisTom Clover£34297/5F
11th Jul  Epsom Downs7:05  Blame It On Sally (IRE)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£38817/1
11th Jul  Epsom Downs8:40  Grey Spirit (IRE)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£71163/1
11th Jul  Newbury6:40  Odyssey Girl (IRE)Jason WatsonRichard Spencer£342914/1
11th Jul  Newbury7:15  Match Maker (IRE)James DoyleS Crisford£64049/2
11th Jul  Newbury7:45  Away He Goes (IRE)S M LeveyIsmail Mohammed£34298/1
11th Jul  Newbury8:20  Highland Sky (IRE)S DonohoeD M Simcock£342910/1
11th Jul  Newmarket1:50  Spanish Mission (USA)J P SpencerD M Simcock£9924213/2
11th Jul  Newmarket3:00  Pass The Vino (IRE)David EganP W D'Arcy£6225025/1
11th Jul  Newmarket5:10  Wings Of TimeJames DoyleC Appleby£129386/1
10th Jul  Bath7:30  Desert LionT E WhelanD M Simcock£342930/100F
10th Jul  Kempton5:15  Soar AboveMorgan ColeJ Butler£6469100/30
10th Jul  Kempton6:15  MotawajDavid EganR Varian£37529/4F
10th Jul  Kempton6:45  EdaraatJim CrowleyR Varian£37523/1
10th Jul  Kempton7:15  Hot TouchJack MitchellH Palmer£582211/4
10th Jul  Kempton7:45  Encryption (IRE)J P SpencerD M Simcock£37527/1
10th Jul  Lingfield5:10  Attorney GeneralS W KellyEd Vaughan£27827/4
10th Jul  Yarmouth2:50  Intimate MomentRob HornbyP J McBride£342933/1
10th Jul  Yarmouth3:20  Land Of OzL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£34299/2
10th Jul  Yarmouth3:50  Fearlessly (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£34295/4F
10th Jul  Yarmouth4:20  RaucousCieren FallonR M H Cowell£19407100/30
10th Jul  Yarmouth4:50  New Jazz (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£342913/8
10th Jul  Yarmouth5:20  Sonnet Rose (IRE)Sebastian WoodsC Allen£27827/4F
9th Jul  Brighton6:40  KachumbaA KirbyRae Guest£34295/2F
9th Jul  Pontefract2:45  Major BlueHollie DoyleJ M P Eustace£35582/1
9th Jul  Pontefract4:15  HarrovianR HavlinJ H M Gosden£42054/5F
9th Jul  Wolverhampton4:30  IncredulousTom MarquandW J Haggas£34296/4F
9th Jul  Wolverhampton5:00  Gold ArchDaniel MuscuttD R Lanigan£34294/1
8th Jul  Ripon6:40  Under The Stars (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£38817/4F
8th Jul  Ripon8:10  Sameem (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£93387/4F
8th Jul  Windsor8:20  Global Hunter (IRE)Josephine GordonS bin Suroor£34297/2
7th Jul  DEAUVILLE (FR)1:35  Far Above (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£2477432/5
7th Jul  DEAUVILLE (FR)2:52  Too Darn HotL DettoriJ H M Gosden£2059094/5F
6th Jul  Beverley3:45  BigheartedCameron NobleM L W Bell£161722/1
6th Jul  Chelmsford City2:15  Alkaraama (USA)C O'DonoghueSir Michael Stoute£97047/2
6th Jul  Chelmsford City2:50  Dalaalaat (IRE)Cieren FallonW J Haggas£97045/2F
6th Jul  Chelmsford City3:25  Naqaawa (IRE)P J McDonaldW J Haggas£97046/1
6th Jul  Chelmsford City4:00  Last Look (IRE)George WoodS bin Suroor£58225/1
6th Jul  Chelmsford City5:10  Astonished (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£56939/2J
6th Jul  Haydock2:40  Enbihaar (IRE)Dane O'NeillJ H M Gosden£527405/2
6th Jul  Leicester5:25  Cape Cyclone (IRE)Marco GhianiS C Williams£349311/1
6th Jul  Nottingham7:40  ChanceJack MitchellS Crisford£614611/10F
6th Jul  Nottingham8:40  MaqaadeerKieran ShoemarkE A L Dunlop£35583/1
6th Jul  Sandown2:25  Mojito (IRE)L DettoriW J Haggas£461924/1F
6th Jul  Sandown3:00  Hidden Message (USA)Oisin MurphyW J Haggas£226849/4F
6th Jul  Sandown3:35  EnableL DettoriJ H M Gosden£4253254/6F
6th Jul  Sandown4:10  Make A Wish (IRE)K McEvoyS Crisford£93387/2
6th Jul  Sandown5:20  Marronnier (IRE)A KirbyS C Williams£64699/1
5th Jul  Chelmsford City6:00  BrigandOisin MurphyJ Butler£34939/4F
5th Jul  Chelmsford City7:05  Nahaarr (IRE)Georgia CoxW J Haggas£51751/10F
5th Jul  Chelmsford City7:35  JadeerahJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£76972/1
5th Jul  Doncaster3:35  InsurgenceDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£77637/1
5th Jul  Doncaster4:10  Arctic Ocean (IRE)J QuinnSir Michael Stoute£60815/2
5th Jul  Doncaster4:45  Promissory (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£52081/3F
5th Jul  Doncaster5:15  Gas MonkeyS B KirraneMiss J Feilden£34298/13F
5th Jul  Haydock6:55  Celsius (IRE)L MorrisTom Clover£71167/2
5th Jul  LES LANDES (JER)6:30  Swiss CrossS Twiston-DaviesP S McEntee£178011/8F
5th Jul  Sandown1:50  Jumira BridgeK McEvoyR M H Cowell£1058214/1
5th Jul  Sandown2:55  Laser Show (IRE)T P QueallyS bin Suroor£659814/1
4th Jul  Epsom Downs7:45  Revich (IRE)L MorrisRichard Spencer£54999/2
4th Jul  Haydock3:00  Path Of Thunder (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£64695/4F
4th Jul  Haydock4:00  Dal HorrisgleJames DoyleW J Haggas£10997EvensF
4th Jul  Newbury5:45  Jack The Truth (IRE)Seamus CroninGeorge Scott£342911/8F
4th Jul  Newbury7:25  LogicianL DettoriJ H M Gosden£80861/5F
4th Jul  Tipperary (IRE)6:45  Strive For Glory (USA)W J LeeR M H Cowell£280259/4F
4th Jul  Yarmouth3:20  Akwaan (IRE)Dane O'NeillS Crisford£520811/4
4th Jul  Yarmouth3:50  Coastline (IRE)J P SpencerJ Tate£34298/1
4th Jul  Yarmouth4:20  Magical RideS B KirraneRichard Spencer£27828/13F
4th Jul  Yarmouth4:50  Affluence (IRE)E J WalshMartin Smith£27826/1
3rd Jul  Kempton5:50  Soar AboveDarragh KeenanJ Butler£37525/2F
3rd Jul  Kempton6:20  CressidaR HavlinJ H M Gosden£38819/2
3rd Jul  Kempton6:50  Illumined (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£97044/6F
3rd Jul  Kempton7:20  Deja (FR)Andrea AtzeniP W Chapple-Hyam£93385/1
3rd Jul  Kempton7:50  Artarmon (IRE)S DonohoeM L W Bell£933828/1
3rd Jul  Kempton8:50  Mendoza (IRE)Ryan TateJ M P Eustace£375233/1
3rd Jul  Musselburgh2:30  Bill NeighCam HardieJ Ryan£355813/8
3rd Jul  Musselburgh3:30  Tribal WarriorD AllanJ Tate£80923/1
3rd Jul  Thirsk4:10  GhaziyahD TudhopeW J Haggas£48525/4F
2nd Jul  Brighton4:00  Crystal Tribe (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£27826/5F
2nd Jul  Brighton4:30  Princess Florence (IRE)Cieren FallonJ Ryan£278211/2
2nd Jul  Chepstow8:30  Narina (IRE)Liam JonesW J Haggas£278210/1
2nd Jul  Hamilton2:15  Dragon CommandBen CurtisGeorge Scott£54345/1
1st Jul  Catterick8:00  New Show (IRE)P J McDonaldM L W Bell£66635/2F
1st Jul  Windsor7:15  Stealth Fighter (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£75617/2
1st Jul  Windsor8:15  Rum BabaR KingscoteC Fellowes£34296/5F
1st Jul  Wolverhampton4:15  Harry's BarGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£52087/4F
1st Jul  Wolverhampton4:45  Moment Of Hope (IRE)Jim CrowleyD M Simcock£27828/1
30th Jun  SAINT-CLOUD (FR)1:00  Art Du ValJames DoyleC Appleby£24774EvensF
30th Jun  SAINT-CLOUD (FR)3:25  MehdaayihL DettoriJ H M Gosden£667564/5F
30th Jun  SAINT-CLOUD (FR)4:00  CoronetL DettoriJ H M Gosden£20590911/5
29th Jun  Chester3:45  Lincoln BlueJ F EganJane Chapple-Hyam£61637/2
29th Jun  Doncaster6:30  Ejtilaab (IRE)Charlie BennettR Varian£37526/4F
29th Jun  Doncaster8:00  Trailboss (IRE)S DonohoeEd Vaughan£37524/1
29th Jun  Lingfield6:15  RaahyP CosgraveGeorge Scott£37525/6F
29th Jun  Newcastle2:25  Invincible Army (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£3969710/11F
29th Jun  Newcastle3:00  Carnwennan (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£466887/2F
29th Jun  Newcastle5:15  Mubhij (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£161722/1F
29th Jun  Newmarket2:05  Summer Romance (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£170135/6F
29th Jun  Newmarket2:40  Al DabaranJames DoyleC Appleby£51759/4J
29th Jun  Newmarket4:25  Lady Of ShalottHarry BentleyD M Simcock£97049/4
29th Jun  Windsor2:15  SextantLouis StewardSir Michael Stoute£124506/4F
29th Jun  Windsor2:50  KhafooqP J DobbsR M H Cowell£37524/1
29th Jun  York2:10  Al Aakif (IRE)C O'DonoghueW J Haggas£970411/8F
29th Jun  York4:30  MubtasimahC O'DonoghueW J Haggas£97044/6F
28th Jun  Chester5:50  SezimNicola CurrieR Varian£64043/1
28th Jun  Chester8:40  MokammalC O'DonoghueSir Michael Stoute£64049/2
28th Jun  Doncaster3:50  Global Gift (FR)G MosseE A L Dunlop£776310/1
28th Jun  Doncaster4:25  Sweet PromiseGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£375225/1
28th Jun  Doncaster5:00  CalculationK McEvoySir Michael Stoute£55315/1
28th Jun  Doncaster5:35  Victory RoseA ElliottMrs L Pearce£310510/1
28th Jun  Newcastle7:05  Sun MaidenJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£3402611/8F
28th Jun  Newcastle8:15  Turjomaan (USA)Jim CrowleyR Varian£37521/3F
28th Jun  Newmarket5:40  Angel's Whisper (IRE)David ProbertMiss Amy Murphy£45285/1
28th Jun  Newmarket6:10  Ultra VioletKieran ShoemarkEd Vaughan£517510/1
28th Jun  Newmarket6:45  Nahaarr (IRE)Georgia CoxW J Haggas£64694/6F
28th Jun  Newmarket7:20  GlutnforpunishmentThore Hammer HansenNick Littmoden£97047/1
28th Jun  Newmarket7:55  Emily GoldfinchS De SousaP S McEntee£970415/2
28th Jun  Newmarket8:30  FabulistR HavlinJ H M Gosden£58229/4F
28th Jun  Newmarket9:00  Setting SailK McEvoyC Appleby£12938100/30
28th Jun  Yarmouth2:00  TextingSeamus CroninMohamed Moubarak£37529/4F
28th Jun  Yarmouth2:30  OtagoTom MarquandM L W Bell£51759/4
28th Jun  Yarmouth3:05  Funny ManLiam JonesW J Haggas£31057/2J
28th Jun  Yarmouth3:40  Elsie Violet (IRE)Aled BeechR Eddery£31057/1
28th Jun  Yarmouth4:45  Marhaba Milliar (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£72466/4F
28th Jun  Yarmouth5:20  Magical RideA KirbyRichard Spencer£31056/4F
27th Jun  Hamilton7:35  Sendeed (IRE)Kevin StottS bin Suroor£41401/6F
27th Jun  Newcastle3:30  Samba Saravah (USA)S DonohoeC Fellowes£381716/1
27th Jun  Newcastle4:05  Military LawN MackayJ H M Gosden£1992011/1
27th Jun  Newmarket2:45  FaylaqJim CrowleyW J Haggas£45281/3F
27th Jun  Newmarket3:20  The Night WatchR L MooreW J Haggas£64697/2
27th Jun  Newmarket3:50  NazeefJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£58224/6F
27th Jun  Newmarket4:25  Land Of Legends (IRE)Callum ShepherdS bin Suroor£129385/2F
27th Jun  Newmarket5:30  Jack The Truth (IRE)Harry BentleyGeorge Scott£64697/1
27th Jun  Nottingham2:00  Be PreparedK McEvoyS Crisford£38811/2F
27th Jun  Nottingham3:40  Honest AlbertR HavlinJ H M Gosden£64694/1
26th Jun  Bath7:40  RaheeqJim CrowleyR Varian£466311/8F
26th Jun  Carlisle4:30  TapisserieP HanaganW J Haggas£226845/1
26th Jun  Kempton6:50  Delilah ParkJack MitchellC F Wall£37524/1
26th Jun  Kempton8:20  The Pinto Kid (FR)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£64699/2
26th Jun  Salisbury4:20  Desert Icon (FR)R L MooreW J Haggas£1400611/4F
26th Jun  Salisbury5:20  Gifts Of Gold (IRE)Thomas GreatrexS bin Suroor£566011/4
25th Jun  Brighton2:45  Bredenbury (IRE)S DonohoeD M Simcock£37528/11F
25th Jun  Brighton4:45  Global Destination (IRE)G MosseE A L Dunlop£375211/10F
25th Jun  Newbury4:55  Gas MonkeyS B KirraneMiss J Feilden£375211/2
25th Jun  Newbury6:35  Picture FrameHarry BentleyS bin Suroor£47872/1F
25th Jun  Newbury8:15  Swift Approval (IRE)Jason WatsonS C Williams£37527/1
25th Jun  Newbury8:45  Rasheeq (IRE)Seamus CroninMohamed Moubarak£41409/1
24th Jun  Chepstow2:00  El Picador (IRE)Kieran ShoemarkSir Michael Stoute£37528/1
24th Jun  Chepstow2:30  Saffran (IRE)Dane O'NeillS Crisford£3752EvensF
24th Jun  Windsor6:10  Knight Shield (IRE)P J DobbsW J Haggas£37525/1
24th Jun  Windsor6:40  Revolutionise (IRE)David EganR Varian£37526/5F
24th Jun  Windsor8:45  AssembledP CosgraveH Palmer£37523/1
24th Jun  Wolverhampton7:00  Superseded (IRE)R WinstonJ Butler£37525/2J
24th Jun  Wolverhampton9:05  MutamaasikJack MitchellR Varian£37524/5F
23rd Jun  Pontefract2:20  Soffika (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£45285/1
23rd Jun  Pontefract2:55  Dubai Tradition (USA)Hector CrouchS bin Suroor£9704EvensF
23rd Jun  Pontefract3:25  DerevoR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£923811/10F
23rd Jun  Pontefract5:05  BigheartedCameron NobleM L W Bell£93387/4F
23rd Jun  San Siro (ITY)5:10  MalotruA AtzeniM Botti£31531282/10
22nd Jun  Ascot2:30  Pinatubo (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£510393/1
22nd Jun  Ascot3:40  Defoe (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£12759811/4F
22nd Jun  Ascot4:20  Blue Point (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£3402606/4F
22nd Jun  Ascot5:00  Cape ByronAndrea AtzeniR Varian£1089387/2F
22nd Jun  Haydock6:30  Space WalkS DonohoeW J Haggas£51756/5J
22nd Jun  Haydock8:00  Mayfair Spirit (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£74399/4F
22nd Jun  Lingfield5:45  SpecialiseCharlie BennettR Varian£37523/1
22nd Jun  Newmarket1:40  Saqqara King (USA)K McEvoyC Appleby£51754/6F
22nd Jun  Newmarket2:45  She's Got YouK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£776315/8
22nd Jun  Newmarket4:00  MoqtarrebDane O'NeillR Varian£58227/2
22nd Jun  Newmarket5:15  Suzi's ConnoisseurJ F EganJane Chapple-Hyam£77638/1
22nd Jun  Newmarket5:50  JaleelJack MitchellR Varian£776315/2
22nd Jun  Redcar3:50  Fashionesque (IRE)Connor BeasleyRae Guest£45285/1
21st Jun  Ascot2:30  DaahyehDavid EganR Varian£510394/1F
21st Jun  Ascot5:00  Thanks BeHayley TurnerC Fellowes£5602533/1
21st Jun  Ayr6:30  Match Maker (IRE)G LeeS Crisford£37526/4F
21st Jun  Goodwood7:30  Wannie Mae (IRE)Nicola CurrieW J Haggas£86687/2
21st Jun  Goodwood8:35  Make My Day (IRE)K T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£58227/2
21st Jun  Newmarket5:40  American Graffiti (FR)K McEvoyC Appleby£77639/2
21st Jun  Newmarket6:10  King's CommandK McEvoyC Appleby£51752/1
21st Jun  Newmarket7:15  Akwaan (IRE)Dane O'NeillS Crisford£452810/1
21st Jun  Newmarket7:50  Breathtaking LookK McEvoyS C Williams£97045/1
21st Jun  Newmarket8:25  LogicianR HavlinJ H M Gosden£58222/9F
21st Jun  Newmarket8:55  Princess Keira (IRE)P CosgraveMick Quinn£45285/1
21st Jun  Redcar2:10  Audarya (FR)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£45281/2F
21st Jun  Redcar3:55  On The Line (IRE)Ben CurtisH Palmer£77637/1
21st Jun  Redcar4:35  Leo Davinci (USA)Ben CurtisGeorge Scott£4075100/30F
20th Jun  Ascot2:30  A'Ali (IRE)L DettoriS Crisford£567105/1
20th Jun  Ascot3:05  SangariusL DettoriSir Michael Stoute£5103913/2
20th Jun  Ascot3:40  Star CatcherL DettoriJ H M Gosden£1219264/1
20th Jun  Ascot4:20  Stradivarius (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£283550EvensF
20th Jun  Chelmsford City2:20  Jumping CatsJack MitchellC F Wall£54995/2J
20th Jun  Chelmsford City2:55  Via SerendipityDaniel MuscuttS C Williams£103506/1
20th Jun  Chelmsford City4:05  KirstenboschDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£61465/4F
20th Jun  Chelmsford City4:45  Shimmering Dawn (IRE)T EavesJ Tate£103505/1
20th Jun  Chelmsford City5:20  Manton Warrior (IRE)Hayley TurnerC Fellowes£89927/2
20th Jun  Lingfield6:25  Green Door (IRE)L MorrisR M H Cowell£31051/3F
20th Jun  Lingfield8:00  MitigatorB DoyleMrs L Pearce£31058/1
20th Jun  Lingfield8:30  Will To Win (GER)S De SousaS Crisford£375210/11F
20th Jun  Ripon3:20  FaylaqD TudhopeW J Haggas£56938/15F
19th Jun  Ascot3:40  Crystal OceanL DettoriSir Michael Stoute£4253253/1
19th Jun  Ascot4:20  Move SwiftlyD TudhopeW J Haggas£992429/1
19th Jun  Chelmsford City6:40  Ambassadorial (USA)David EganJane Chapple-Hyam£97048/1
19th Jun  Ripon7:20  Pink Sands (IRE)Liam JonesW J Haggas£38814/9F
18th Jun  Ascot3:40  Blue Point (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£2835505/2
18th Jun  Ascot5:35  Addeybb (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£567105/1
18th Jun  Beverley6:30  Arctic Ocean (IRE)J QuinnSir Michael Stoute£39706/1
18th Jun  Beverley8:00  IroncladJack MitchellH Palmer£46004/5F
18th Jun  Brighton5:50  King CrimsonDarragh KeenanJ Butler£31053/1J
18th Jun  Brighton8:50  Wilson (IRE)Joshua BryanMiss J Feilden£37527/1
18th Jun  Thirsk3:55  Current Option (IRE)P HanaganW J Haggas£48525/4
18th Jun  Thirsk4:35  Buckland Boy (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£73107/2
18th Jun  Thirsk5:10  Loolwah (IRE)Dane O'NeillSir Michael Stoute£48527/4F
17th Jun  Nottingham6:20  Aplomb (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£64696/4F
17th Jun  Windsor6:40  Boosala (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£31059/2
17th Jun  Windsor8:10  HamishJames DoyleW J Haggas£37522/5F
16th Jun  CHANTILLY (FR)1:45  AzanoR HavlinJ H M Gosden£3603669/10
16th Jun  CHANTILLY (FR)2:20  Al HilaleeJames DoyleC Appleby£6675611/5F
16th Jun  CHANTILLY (FR)5:35  VintagerJames DoyleC Appleby£360369/2
16th Jun  Doncaster2:45  Sacred DanceK McEvoyC Appleby£37521/2F
16th Jun  Doncaster3:20  Sea Of Faith (IRE)P HanaganW J Haggas£37521/10F
16th Jun  Doncaster4:30  Celtic Manor (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£375213/8F
16th Jun  Salisbury4:10  Archer's Dream (IRE)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£283552/1F
15th Jun  Bath2:55  Good AnswerP J DobbsR M H Cowell£37526/1
15th Jun  Chester2:40  DurstonNicola CurrieD M Simcock£180524/1
15th Jun  Sandown4:25  New KingOisin MurphyJohn Gosden£933815/8F
14th Jun  Goodwood8:15  AperitifJ P SpencerM L W Bell£640412/1
14th Jun  York4:40  Philipine CobraL MorrisP S McEntee£186758/1
13th Jun  Newbury2:00  Mottrib (IRE)David EganR Varian£47874/1
13th Jun  Newbury2:30  QamkaDavid EganR Varian£55316/4F
13th Jun  Newbury4:10  Global Destination (IRE)G MosseE A L Dunlop£37528/1
13th Jun  Newbury5:15  Dutch UncleMr Charles CloverTom Clover£361925/1
13th Jun  Nottingham1:40  Big CityA KirbyS bin Suroor£38815/1
13th Jun  Nottingham3:45  Stallone (IRE)A KirbyRichard Spencer£32345/1
13th Jun  Nottingham4:55  Birdcage WalkTom MarquandH Palmer£38815/2
13th Jun  Yarmouth2:50  Summer Romance (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£37528/13F
13th Jun  Yarmouth3:55  Imperial Court (IRE)J P SpencerD M Simcock£37524/1
13th Jun  Yarmouth4:30  Wiretap (FR)J P SpencerD M Simcock£55318/1
13th Jun  Yarmouth5:05  Pushmi Pullyu (IRE)Paddy BradleyJane Chapple-Hyam£31056/1
12th Jun  Haydock4:20  Global Gift (FR)G MosseE A L Dunlop£109973/1
12th Jun  Yarmouth2:00  NappingGabriele MaluneMiss Amy Murphy£310512/1
12th Jun  Yarmouth3:30  Trouble Shooter (IRE)Raul Da SilvaS L Keightley£310511/1
12th Jun  Yarmouth4:00  Camachess (IRE)Phil DennisP J McBride£37523/1
12th Jun  Yarmouth4:30  Oud Metha Bridge (IRE)S B KirraneMiss J Feilden£55313/1F
11th Jun  Lingfield2:00  Billie BeaneJoshua BryanDr J D Scargill£310511/2
11th Jun  Salisbury2:45  TapisserieR L MooreW J Haggas£47871/2F
11th Jun  Salisbury4:15  Mankayan (IRE)Kieran ShoemarkC Fellowes£970425/1
10th Jun  Leicester4:30  Keep Me Company (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£60817/1
10th Jun  Windsor6:45  Far Above (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£37528/13F
10th Jun  Windsor7:15  Tawny PortP J McDonaldS C Williams£72467/2
9th Jun  Goodwood2:00  Beauty FillyJames DoyleW J Haggas£94527/1
9th Jun  Goodwood4:45  LitigiousR HavlinJohn Gosden£64697/1
8th Jun  Beverley2:35  Shawaaheq (IRE)Edward GreatrexE A L Dunlop£48526/5F
8th Jun  Chelmsford City3:05  Solar Heights (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£54996/1
8th Jun  Chelmsford City4:50  Neon Sea (FR)Oisin MurphySir Michael Stoute£194078/11F
8th Jun  Chelmsford City5:25  DurrellDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£527211/4
8th Jun  Haydock2:25  KlassiqueD TudhopeW J Haggas£357277/2
8th Jun  Lingfield5:40  Mime DanceMr M S JohnsonJ Butler£299516/1
8th Jun  Lingfield6:15  Highway RobberySophie RalstonMiss J Feilden£310512/1
8th Jun  Lingfield6:45  Crystal Tribe (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£310511/4F
8th Jun  Newmarket2:10  AweTom MarquandW J Haggas£311253/1F
8th Jun  Newmarket2:45  Red GalileoA KirbyS bin Suroor£311258/1
8th Jun  Newmarket3:55  Flavius TitusAndrea AtzeniR Varian£129384/1F
8th Jun  Newmarket4:30  NonchalanceR L MooreJ H M Gosden£58224/5F
7th Jun  Bath6:10  Lock Seventeen (USA)S DonohoeC Fellowes£31058/1
7th Jun  Bath7:45  Foxy Forever (IRE)J F EganM Wigham£538710/1
7th Jun  Bath8:20  Philipine CobraJosephine GordonP S McEntee£37527/2
7th Jun  Brighton5:10  Canford's Joy (IRE)Daniel MuscuttMiss Amy Murphy£31059/1
7th Jun  Haydock9:00  Monica SheriffP J McDonaldW J Haggas£97047/1
6th Jun  Chelmsford City7:05  Victory Wave (USA)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£129382/1J
6th Jun  Chelmsford City7:35  Whimbrel (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£97049/2
6th Jun  Haydock3:40  Celsius (IRE)M DwyerTom Clover£485225/1
6th Jun  Ripon4:50  Maamora (IRE)J FanningS Crisford£38814/5F
5th Jun  Kempton6:45  Land Of Legends (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£64694/11F
5th Jun  Kempton7:15  MawakibAndrea AtzeniR Varian£64699/4F
5th Jun  Kempton7:45  Desert Wind (IRE)S DonohoeEd Vaughan£93389/2J
5th Jun  Nottingham1:30  Circus Couture (IRE)J F EganJane Chapple-Hyam£161727/1
4th Jun  Lingfield6:10  Last Surprise (IRE)Jack MitchellS Crisford£37522/1
4th Jun  Lingfield6:40  Kennocha (IRE)S De SousaMiss Amy Murphy£31058/1
4th Jun  Lingfield7:10  Harry's BarOisin MurphyJ R Fanshawe£55315/4F
4th Jun  Lingfield7:40  ColwoodDarragh KeenanR Eddery£31053/1F
4th Jun  Lingfield8:10  First In LineL DettoriJ H M Gosden£37524/6F
4th Jun  Lingfield8:40  GlutnforpunishmentS De SousaNick Littmoden£37527/1
3rd Jun  Thirsk2:45  DavydenkoLouis StewardSir Michael Stoute£51751/6F
3rd Jun  Windsor6:30  Night Secret (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£375210/11F
3rd Jun  Wolverhampton5:45  AwsaafT HamiltonM Wigham£310510/11F
3rd Jun  Wolverhampton6:45  FuriousOisin MurphyD M Simcock£55319/4F
3rd Jun  Wolverhampton8:45  Ascended (IRE)S De SousaW J Haggas£3752100/30
2nd Jun  Nottingham2:10  Al Aakif (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£388113/8F
2nd Jun  Nottingham2:45  Dal HorrisgleS De SousaW J Haggas£38813/1
2nd Jun  Nottingham3:20  Battle Of Wills (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£38819/2
2nd Jun  Nottingham3:55  Sun MaidenJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£226844/5F
1st Jun  Doncaster1:55  Full Verse (IRE)A KirbyC Appleby£47874/6F
1st Jun  Doncaster2:30  VivionnP J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£75616/5F
1st Jun  Doncaster3:05  DurstonP HanaganD M Simcock£373506/1
1st Jun  Epsom Downs3:10  ZaakiR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£5103911/8F
1st Jun  Lingfield7:15  Nahaarr (IRE)Georgia CoxW J Haggas£375213/8
1st Jun  Musselburgh1:40  Bill NeighCieren FallonJ Ryan£124507/1
1st Jun  Musselburgh3:25  Just BenjaminD TudhopeW J Haggas£155629/2
31st May  Epsom Downs2:00  Pinatubo (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£37350EvensF
31st May  Epsom Downs3:10  Defoe (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£25236011/1
31st May  Epsom Downs3:45  Mountain Angel (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£3735011/4F
31st May  Epsom Downs4:30  AnapurnaL DettoriJ H M Gosden£2977288/1
31st May  Epsom Downs5:15  Space Blues (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£283556/5F
31st May  Wolverhampton2:25  AwsaafT HamiltonM Wigham£31059/2
31st May  Wolverhampton4:10  Maid For LifeGeorge WoodC Fellowes£55318/1
31st May  Wolverhampton4:55  Cristal Breeze (IRE)A KirbyW J Haggas£37526/4F
30th May  Carlisle5:40  CoaseBen CurtisH Palmer£42059/2
30th May  Carlisle7:50  Global Gift (FR)T EavesE A L Dunlop£420514/1
30th May  Lingfield3:30  Enzemble (IRE)S De SousaJ R Fanshawe£553111/8J
30th May  Lingfield4:00  Act Of Magic (IRE)K T O'NeillMohamed Moubarak£31057/2
30th May  Lingfield5:00  King's GirlOisin MurphySir Michael Stoute£375211/10
30th May  Longchamp (FR)4:55  Hey GamanP J McDonaldJ Tate£3603619/5
30th May  Sandown8:10  PondusOisin MurphyJ R Fanshawe£48527/4F
30th May  Wetherby2:40  MokammalDane O'NeillSir Michael Stoute£42052/5F
30th May  Yarmouth2:20  Strawberry JackJames DoyleGeorge Scott£37527/2
30th May  Yarmouth2:50  Boccaccio (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£37525/4F
30th May  Yarmouth4:20  Velorum (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£37521/6F
30th May  Yarmouth4:50  Listen To The Wind (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£55313/1
30th May  Yarmouth5:20  Club TropicanaS M LeveyRichard Spencer£31055/1
29th May  Beverley4:40  Kodiac PrideTom MarquandW J Haggas£46009/4
28th May  Ayr5:45  Perla Blanca (USA)Miss Sophie SmithE A L Dunlop£29955/1
28th May  Brighton2:00  Your Mothers' EyesDarragh KeenanA Bailey£310511/4
28th May  Brighton3:00  Franz Kafka (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£37528/15F
28th May  Brighton5:00  King CrimsonOisin MurphyJ Butler£37528/1
28th May  Leicester4:10  Mulan (IRE)David EganSir Michael Stoute£62493/1F
28th May  Leicester4:40  Platinum Star (IRE)Harry BentleyS bin Suroor£51115/6F
27th May  Chelmsford City1:25  MalotruHarry BentleyM Botti£4528EvensF
27th May  Chelmsford City2:00  Casey BanterS B KirraneMiss J Feilden£29117/1
27th May  Chelmsford City3:45  Carnwennan (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£601611/8F
27th May  Leicester3:30  Dubai Falcon (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£970415/8
27th May  Redcar3:35  Wise WordsD AllanJ Tate£407511/2
27th May  Redcar4:10  Al Muffrih (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£280126/4F
27th May  Windsor3:05  Street ParadeJason WatsonS C Williams£124507/1
27th May  Windsor3:40  Celtic Manor (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£3752EvensF
27th May  Windsor4:50  Birch Grove (IRE)Oisin MurphyD M Simcock£55639/4
26th May  Longchamp (FR)4:03  Zabeel Prince (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£1286943/1
25th May  The Curragh (IRE)4:10  BeshaayirFrankie DettoriW J Haggas£637848/1
25th May  Goodwood3:10  Silent WaveOisin MurphyC Appleby£679210/11F
25th May  Goodwood3:40  Mirage DancerP J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£283554/6F
25th May  Goodwood5:30  Neon Sea (FR)Oisin MurphySir Michael Stoute£6792EvensF
25th May  Haydock2:50  Beatboxer (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£4980020/1
25th May  York3:05  Dramatic Queen (USA)D TudhopeW J Haggas£510397/1
24th May  Bath2:30  Applecross (IRE)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£47875/2
24th May  Bath3:40  Universal OrderS DonohoeD M Simcock£37524/6F
24th May  Bath4:15  Pocket WarriorTom MarquandP W D'Arcy£31055/2
24th May  Goodwood1:50  Dream Shot (IRE)J P SpencerJ Tate£67927/2
24th May  Goodwood3:30  Private SecretaryL DettoriJ H M Gosden£2552011/10F
24th May  Haydock2:45  Pierre Lapin (IRE)David EganR Varian£6469EvensF
24th May  Haydock4:30  NonchalanceR HavlinJ H M Gosden£48526/4F
23rd May  Chelmsford City7:55  Star Of BengalN MackayJ H M Gosden£16172EvensF
23rd May  Chelmsford City9:00  Rock In Society (IRE)Darragh KeenanJ Butler£34298/1
23rd May  Chepstow2:25  ChanceJack MitchellS Crisford£31055/6F
23rd May  Goodwood4:55  Terebellum (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£67922/1F
23rd May  Lingfield2:15  Oasis Fantasy (IRE)D E HoganD M Simcock£55316/1
23rd May  Lingfield4:35  TundraDarragh KeenanA Carson£310513/2
23rd May  Longchamp (FR)6:00  Barney RoyJames DoyleC Appleby£234234/5F
23rd May  Sandown6:00  My Boy SepoyD TudhopeS C Williams£45285/1
23rd May  Sandown7:35  Regal RealityR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£396979/4
23rd May  Sandown8:10  King Of Comedy (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£226849/4F
22nd May  Ayr4:05  Shenanigans (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£2835511/10F
22nd May  Kempton7:55  Harbour Breeze (IRE)Jason WatsonMrs L Wadham£93387/1
22nd May  Kempton8:55  Coverham (IRE)Ryan TateJ M P Eustace£37525/2
22nd May  Warwick3:55  Mystic SkyMaxime TissierMrs L Wadham£1564016/1
22nd May  Yarmouth2:45  Maxi BoyR L MooreM L W Bell£970411/4
22nd May  Yarmouth3:45  NaseeS DonohoeEd Vaughan£31057/4F
22nd May  Yarmouth4:15  Local HistoryR L MooreJ Tate£37526/4F
22nd May  Yarmouth4:45  Mubhij (IRE)Dane O'NeillR Varian£55313/1
22nd May  Yarmouth5:15  Casina Di Notte (IRE)Aaron JonesM Botti£37526/1
21st May  Brighton2:00  Pocket WarriorTom MarquandP W D'Arcy£310516/1
21st May  Brighton5:15  Kahina (IRE)Jack MitchellH Palmer£31057/2
21st May  Nottingham3:15  Rambaldi (IRE)Andrea AtzeniM Botti£38817/1
21st May  Nottingham3:45  Layaleena (IRE)Dane O'NeillSir Michael Stoute£97049/1
21st May  Nottingham4:20  Manorah (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£646916/1
21st May  Wolverhampton1:50  Alkaraama (USA)Jim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£37521/4F
21st May  Wolverhampton3:25  WillkommenStefano CherchiM Botti£31055/1
21st May  Wolverhampton4:00  Fields Of Athenry (USA)P J McDonaldJ Tate£55317/2
20th May  Leicester6:15  RegularJason WatsonM L W Bell£58545/2F
20th May  Leicester7:15  Geetanjali (IRE)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£55319/4
20th May  Leicester7:45  Bushtucker Trial (IRE)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£40754/1
20th May  Leicester8:45  Babbo's Boy (IRE)Jason WatsonM L W Bell£55315/4F
20th May  Redcar3:35  Make A Wish (IRE)G LeeS Crisford£452811/2
20th May  Redcar5:05  KirstenboschDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£38817/1
20th May  Windsor6:00  Theory Of Time (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£6301EvensF
20th May  Windsor6:30  Dream Of Dreams (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£2098311/4
20th May  Windsor7:00  EquitationOisin MurphyS C Williams£72465/2F
20th May  Windsor7:30  Divine SpiritJames DoyleC Appleby£47874/5F
20th May  Windsor8:00  BigheartedCameron NobleM L W Bell£375220/1
19th May  Ripon3:45  Global Heat (IRE)Hector CrouchS bin Suroor£70516/4F
19th May  Ripon5:30  Great ExampleP CosgraveS bin Suroor£491611/4J
18th May  Doncaster7:05  Black LotusD AllanC F Wall£124509/4F
18th May  Doncaster8:35  Gentle LookP CosgraveS bin Suroor£55315/6F
18th May  Newbury2:25  Crystal OceanR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£567102/9F
18th May  Newbury3:40  MustashryJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£1984859/1
18th May  Newbury4:50  Queen Power (IRE)S De SousaSir Michael Stoute£3969713/8F
18th May  Newmarket2:40  Jash (IRE)Dane O'NeillS Crisford£2268410/11F
18th May  Newmarket3:50  DaahyehDavid EganR Varian£51753/1J
18th May  Newmarket4:25  Pettifogger (IRE)S W KellyM Botti£97043/1
18th May  Newmarket5:00  Happy Hiker (IRE)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£97049/2
18th May  Newmarket5:35  DaschasR KingscoteS C Williams£646911/4F
18th May  Thirsk2:10  AlthiqaJ FanningC Appleby£67283/1
18th May  Thirsk5:05  Almost MidnightS H JamesD M Simcock£67286/1
17th May  Hamilton8:05  Shimmering Dawn (IRE)T EavesJ Tate£67289/2
17th May  Newbury2:45  Light AngelR HavlinJ H M Gosden£66639/2
17th May  Newbury3:20  Follow Intello (IRE)Jim CrowleyC F Wall£47874/1F
17th May  Newbury3:55  JubilosoC O'DonoghueSir Michael Stoute£67284/5F
17th May  Newbury4:25  LogicianK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£67283/1F
17th May  Newmarket2:00  Broughtons Flare (IRE)M DwyerP J McBride£452811/1
17th May  Newmarket2:35  Glenn CocoOisin MurphyS C Williams£64697/2J
17th May  Newmarket4:15  Velorum (IRE)B DoyleC Appleby£55632/1
17th May  Newmarket4:45  LaiethOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£905711/2
17th May  Newmarket5:15  Emily GoldfinchGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£452812/1
17th May  York2:25  Magnetic CharmJames DoyleW J Haggas£283557/1
17th May  York3:00  Stradivarius (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£935724/5F
17th May  York3:35  UAE Prince (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£1867515/8F
16th May  Newmarket5:10  I Am MagicalHayley TurnerC Fellowes£45286/1
16th May  Newmarket6:55  HameemJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£77639/4F
16th May  Newmarket7:30  ApparateDavid EganR Varian£58227/4F
16th May  Salisbury2:45  Humanitarian (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£47871/3F
16th May  Salisbury3:20  Motivate Me (FR)Jack MitchellR Varian£478710/1
16th May  York2:25  Lah Ti DarL DettoriJ H M Gosden£708881/3F
16th May  York4:05  Garrus (IRE)R L MooreJ Noseda£283553/1
16th May  York5:05  Carnwennan (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£124507/1
15th May  Yarmouth2:35  Archer's Dream (IRE)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£37524/5F
15th May  Yarmouth3:10  VoiWilliam CarverC Allen£37524/1
15th May  Yarmouth3:45  Rail DancerGavin AshtonS L Keightley£3105100/30J
15th May  Yarmouth4:15  BalgairL MorrisTom Clover£553113/2
15th May  Yarmouth5:15  Diva StarL MorrisRae Guest£31056/1
15th May  York1:50  First ElevenL DettoriJ H M Gosden£311255/1
15th May  York3:00  Invincible Army (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£708887/2J
15th May  York3:35  NaushaAndrea AtzeniR Varian£5671014/1
15th May  York4:05  Space Blues (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£124505/2F
15th May  York4:35  Bomb Proof (IRE)L DettoriJ Noseda£124507/1
14th May  Beverley4:20  ValenceR HavlinE A L Dunlop£428513/2
13th May  Musselburgh2:00  Cape Victory (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£323410/11F
13th May  Windsor7:50  Geizy Teizy (IRE)S De SousaM Botti£37523/1
13th May  Wolverhampton4:30  Dark Miracle (IRE)G MosseM Botti£37526/1
11th May  Ascot2:15  SextantLouis StewardSir Michael Stoute£161727/1
11th May  Ascot4:00  Cape ByronAndrea AtzeniR Varian£653628/1
11th May  Ascot4:35  Expressionist (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£77635/2F
11th May  Lingfield1:55  AnapurnaL DettoriJ H M Gosden£226847/4F
11th May  Lingfield3:05  Dance LegendDavid ProbertRae Guest£55314/1
11th May  Lingfield3:40  Pretty Baby (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£3402615/8F
11th May  Thirsk6:45  Emirates Knight (IRE)D TudhopeR Varian£55635/4F
11th May  Warwick8:30  TrincomaleeMaxime TissierMrs L Wadham£259925/1
10th May  Ascot2:00  Final Song (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£67285/2
10th May  Ascot2:35  Kesia (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£97047/1
10th May  Nottingham5:50  Rasheeq (IRE)Seamus CroninMohamed Moubarak£323414/1
10th May  Nottingham6:20  PondusDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£388111/4F
10th May  Nottingham7:20  Twist 'N' ShakeR HavlinJ H M Gosden£38811/2F
10th May  Ripon8:00  Victory Day (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£38811/2F
10th May  Wolverhampton5:40  Superseded (IRE)R WinstonJ Butler£310513/2
10th May  Wolverhampton6:10  Sacred SpriteD E HoganJohn Berry£310516/1
10th May  Wolverhampton6:40  Pinatubo (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£47873/1
10th May  Wolverhampton7:10  Rail DancerGavin AshtonS L Keightley£310510/1
9th May  Chelmsford City5:30  Daring Venture (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£49485/4F
9th May  Chelmsford City6:00  Victory Wave (USA)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£1293811/4
9th May  Chelmsford City6:30  VivionnS De SousaSir Michael Stoute£97042/1F
9th May  Chelmsford City7:30  WeekenderL DettoriJ H M Gosden£129388/13F
9th May  Chelmsford City8:00  FreerollingS DonohoeC Fellowes£4948100/30
9th May  Chester1:50  Merhoob (IRE)L P KeniryJ Ryan£2116522/1
8th May  Chester2:25  MehdaayihR HavlinJ H M Gosden£425323/1F
8th May  Southwell6:35  Chetwynd AbbeyGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£310514/1
8th May  Southwell7:35  GlutnforpunishmentE J WalshNick Littmoden£31059/2
7th May  Fakenham2:10  Movie Set (USA)C BraceRichard Spencer£41597/2
7th May  Wetherby1:50  Gold Stick (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£45286/4F
7th May  Wetherby2:20  DestinationD TudhopeW J Haggas£45285/2
6th May  Beverley5:25  Mannaal (IRE)S De SousaS Crisford£42855/6F
6th May  Beverley6:00  Molly MaiD E HoganP J McBride£310515/2
6th May  Windsor2:35  Erissimus Maximus (FR)Cieren FallonMiss Amy Murphy£55318/1
6th May  Windsor4:55  DavydenkoLouis StewardSir Michael Stoute£375212/1
5th May  Hamilton2:05  Semoum (USA)Jack MitchellR Varian£186752/1F
5th May  Newmarket2:20  Worth WaitingJames DoyleD R Lanigan£567103/1
5th May  Newmarket2:55  On The WarpathW BuickC Appleby£311259/4F
5th May  Newmarket4:45  Maqsad (FR)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£283555/4F
4th May  Doncaster7:20  Nahaarr (IRE)Georgia CoxW J Haggas£375214/1
4th May  Doncaster7:50  Mugatoo (IRE)J P SpencerD M Simcock£55314/1
4th May  Goodwood2:05  Enbihaar (IRE)Dane O'NeillJ H M Gosden£2835511/4
4th May  Goodwood3:45  AwesometankP J DobbsW J Haggas£2835511/4F
4th May  Goodwood5:30  Takumi (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£54349/4F
4th May  Longchamp (FR)1:35  JalmoudOlivier PeslierC Appleby£2477523/10
4th May  Newmarket1:50  ElectorJ FanningSir Michael Stoute£311259/1
4th May  Newmarket4:45  UAE JewelDavid EganR Varian£283558/11F
4th May  Thirsk4:50  Material GirlS B KirraneRichard Spencer£64699/2
3rd May  Lingfield2:35  Strong Power (IRE)Harry BentleyGeorge Scott£63014/6F
3rd May  Lingfield3:05  Game Player (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£724611/8F
3rd May  Newcastle5:50  Shareef StarR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£55318/11F
3rd May  Newcastle8:00  Dubai Legacy (USA)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£97045/6F
3rd May  Newcastle9:00  Wise WordsP J McDonaldJ Tate£37527/2
2nd May  Chelmsford City6:20  Emirates Empire (IRE)J P SpencerM L W Bell£866813/8F
2nd May  Redcar2:55  Gentle LookP CosgraveS bin Suroor£56934/1
2nd May  Redcar3:25  Cristal Breeze (IRE)P HanaganW J Haggas£35585/4F
1st May  Ascot2:50  MuchlyL DettoriJ H M Gosden£97049/1
1st May  Ascot3:55  CalyxL DettoriJ H M Gosden£453681/3F
1st May  Ascot4:25  ZaakiL DettoriSir Michael Stoute£209839/1
1st May  Ascot5:00  Burford BrownJames DoyleR M H Cowell£672810/1
1st May  Ascot5:35  Enigmatic (IRE)Darragh KeenanA Bailey£672814/1
1st May  Brighton5:10  Lady Quickstep (IRE)William CoxMiss Gay Kelleway£403316/1
1st May  Brighton6:15  Just BenjaminLiam JonesW J Haggas£31055/2
1st May  Brighton7:25  Blessed To Empress (IRE)S De SousaMiss Amy Murphy£310511/10F
1st May  Pontefract3:00  Desert Icon (FR)D TudhopeW J Haggas£452830/100F
1st May  Southwell0:00  Red Invader (IRE)S DonohoeJ Butler£31055/1
1st May  Southwell1:00  DirectoryRyan TateJ M P Eustace£375217/2
1st May  Southwell3:10  HiroshimaB DoyleJ Ryan£37523/1
30th Apr  Brighton1:50  Shamshon (IRE)Jason WatsonS C Williams£55314/1
30th Apr  Brighton2:25  Brazen SafaHayley TurnerM L W Bell£37529/4
30th Apr  Chelmsford City6:20  San CarlosS W KellyS L Keightley£55319/2
30th Apr  Chelmsford City7:25  Filles De FleurHarry BentleyGeorge Scott£310514/1
30th Apr  Newcastle7:05  SurfmanJim CrowleyR Varian£37521/8F
30th Apr  Nottingham2:00  Fifth Position (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£38819/2
30th Apr  Nottingham2:35  Roseman (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£38811/5F
30th Apr  Yarmouth2:15  Oud Metha Bridge (IRE)S B KirraneMiss J Feilden£31059/2
30th Apr  Yarmouth2:45  Fleeting PrincessR L MooreJ Noseda£47878/13F
30th Apr  Yarmouth3:15  Babbo's Boy (IRE)R L MooreM L W Bell£970415/8
30th Apr  Yarmouth3:45  Gas MonkeyShelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£37523/1
30th Apr  Yarmouth5:25  Act Of Magic (IRE)K T O'NeillMohamed Moubarak£31057/2J
29th Apr  Newcastle2:50  Strive For Glory (USA)S P DavisR M H Cowell£375215/2
29th Apr  Newcastle3:55  Harbour Breeze (IRE)G LeeMrs L Wadham£55314/1
29th Apr  Newcastle4:25  BowermanDavid EganR Varian£743911/8F
29th Apr  Newcastle5:00  Lord North (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£37521/6F
29th Apr  Thirsk7:40  Buckland Boy (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£33988/1
29th Apr  Windsor4:55  Tone The BaroneS De SousaS C Williams£37524/1
29th Apr  Windsor7:00  Sinjaari (IRE)Oisin MurphyW J Haggas£375211/10F
29th Apr  Windsor7:30  New Show (IRE)J P SpencerM L W Bell£55316/1
29th Apr  Wolverhampton2:30  Di MatteoDaniel MuscuttM Botti£375214/1
29th Apr  Wolverhampton3:00  Gold ArchS DonohoeD R Lanigan£31055/2F
28th Apr  Salisbury3:35  Mayfair Spirit (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£57575/1
28th Apr  Salisbury4:05  Eagles By Day (IRE)D TudhopeM L W Bell£67289/4
28th Apr  Salisbury5:10  Ice GalaJames DoyleW J Haggas£90579/4F
28th Apr  Wetherby3:20  Fanny Logan (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£48522/7F
27th Apr  Doncaster6:15  Jalaad (IRE)A KirbyS bin Suroor£55316/1
27th Apr  Haydock3:15  Search For Light (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£48525/1
27th Apr  Haydock4:50  Mordin (IRE)P CosgraveS Crisford£202317/2
27th Apr  Leicester2:15  Chattanooga Boy (IRE)Harry BentleyGeorge Scott£394613/8F
27th Apr  Leicester2:45  Hey GamanL DettoriJ Tate£340269/4F
27th Apr  Leicester3:25  Moonlight Spirit (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£74395/6F
27th Apr  Leicester5:00  Laafy (USA)P J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£37527/2
27th Apr  Ripon2:20  New Graduate (IRE)D AllanJ Tate£87155/4F
27th Apr  Ripon4:35  Eightsome ReelHayley TurnerM L W Bell£58222/1
27th Apr  Wolverhampton6:30  Global ArtG MosseE A L Dunlop£3752100/30
27th Apr  Wolverhampton7:00  Emma Point (USA)Jason WatsonM Botti£375211/1
27th Apr  Wolverhampton7:30  Crystal KingJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£724615/8
27th Apr  Wolverhampton8:00  Contingency FeeGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£31057/2
26th Apr  Doncaster1:40  Forest Of DeanR HavlinJ H M Gosden£55317/4F
26th Apr  Doncaster2:50  Archer's Dream (IRE)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£375216/1
26th Apr  Doncaster3:25  MoraawedDane O'NeillR Varian£776311/4F
26th Apr  Sandown2:25  Crystal OceanR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£396975/6F
26th Apr  Sandown4:35  Sparkle Roll (FR)Oisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£646913/8F
26th Apr  Sandown5:05  Private SecretaryL DettoriJ H M Gosden£124503/1F
25th Apr  Chelmsford City5:30  HoultonR L MooreM Botti£54343/1
25th Apr  Chelmsford City6:00  JubilosoR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£808611/4
25th Apr  Chelmsford City7:00  Dream Of Dreams (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£161726/4F
25th Apr  Chelmsford City8:00  ItsakindamagicOisin MurphyIsmail Mohammed£56937/1
24th Apr  Epsom Downs3:55  Mountain Angel (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£311257/2
23rd Apr  Lingfield5:25  Come On Tier (FR)Jim CrowleyD M Simcock£31055/4F
23rd Apr  Lingfield6:25  AlnasheratR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£553115/8F
23rd Apr  Wolverhampton7:40  Eesha My Flower (USA)P J McDonaldM Botti£375213/2
23rd Apr  Wolverhampton8:10  NearoozDavid EganR Varian£375211/10F
23rd Apr  Yarmouth1:30  Take It Down UnderS De SousaMiss Amy Murphy£31055/2J
23rd Apr  Yarmouth2:35  Love So Deep (JPN)S De SousaJane Chapple-Hyam£3752100/30
23rd Apr  Yarmouth3:05  Stealth Fighter (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£55315/1
23rd Apr  Yarmouth3:35  King Of Comedy (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£37524/6F
23rd Apr  Yarmouth4:05  Camachess (IRE)Phil DennisP J McBride£37526/1
23rd Apr  Yarmouth4:35  Grandfather TomL MorrisR M H Cowell£37526/1
22nd Apr  Huntingdon2:50  Arch My BoyL P AspellMartin Smith£42242/7F
22nd Apr  Plumpton3:00  Mercian Prince (IRE)Jack QuinlanMiss Amy Murphy£312802/1
22nd Apr  Redcar1:55  CountryD TudhopeW J Haggas£45281/2F
22nd Apr  Wolverhampton4:30  Red Invader (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Butler£31054/1
22nd Apr  Wolverhampton5:35  Setting SailW BuickC Appleby£375210/11F
21st Apr  Southwell3:05  Falcao (IRE)L P KeniryJ Butler£375225/1
20th Apr  Brighton7:20  Contingency FeeGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£31053/1F
20th Apr  Kempton2:00  Cowboy Soldier (IRE)L MorrisR M H Cowell£1556220/1
20th Apr  Kempton2:35  El Gumryah (IRE)Andrea AtzeniS Crisford£1556220/1
20th Apr  Kempton3:10  Name The WindP J McDonaldJ Tate£155622/1
20th Apr  Nottingham6:05  Juanito Chico (IRE)Jim CrowleyS C Williams£77632/1F
19th Apr  Bath4:05  Queen Of Desire (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£3119011/4F
19th Apr  Lingfield2:30  Heavenly Holly (IRE)R L MooreH Palmer£933759/1
19th Apr  Newcastle2:10  LufriciaAndrea AtzeniR Varian£97047/1
19th Apr  Newcastle2:45  Global WarningG MosseE A L Dunlop£67283/1F
19th Apr  Newcastle4:25  GantierJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£67285/2
18th Apr  Chelmsford City6:00  Full IntentionJack MitchellMrs L Pearce£517510/1
18th Apr  Chelmsford City6:30  Glenn CocoP J McDonaldS C Williams£97043/1
18th Apr  Chelmsford City7:00  Lexington EmpireDaniel MuscuttD R Lanigan£553115/8F
18th Apr  Chelmsford City8:30  MehdaayihR HavlinJ H M Gosden£55311/4F
18th Apr  Newmarket1:50  Far Above (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£646911/8F
18th Apr  Newmarket2:25  Well Of WisdomW BuickC Appleby£51755/1
18th Apr  Newmarket4:10  Zabeel Prince (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£340269/2C
18th Apr  Newmarket4:45  Mubtasim (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£161725/2J
17th Apr  Newmarket2:25  Uae JewelAndrea AtzeniR Varian£970410/11
17th Apr  Newmarket3:00  KeystrokeA KirbyS C Williams£3402666/1
17th Apr  Newmarket3:35  SkarduJames DoyleW J Haggas£340263/1
17th Apr  Newmarket4:10  ClerisyR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£64698/1
17th Apr  Newmarket4:45  JalmoudW BuickC Appleby£646915/8F
17th Apr  Southwell6:00  Contingency FeeGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£310511/2
16th Apr  Newmarket1:15  Maqsad (FR)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£64696/4F
16th Apr  Newmarket1:50  Flavius TitusAndrea AtzeniR Varian£161728/1
16th Apr  Newmarket3:00  Kick OnOisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£226842/1
16th Apr  Newmarket3:35  Qabala (USA)David EganR Varian£34026100/30F
16th Apr  Newmarket4:10  Chasing DreamsW Buick