Newmarket Trainers have broken many records over the years, landing almost all of the world's most prestigious races but we're proud of ALL the winners trained at HQ and we're pleased to present them to you here...

So far this year they have won Calculating... races and £ Calculating... in Win prize money!


Date   Course Time   Horse Jockey Trainer Prize S.P.
18th Jan  Chelmsford City5:45  Nigel NottD E HoganDavid Simcock£55317/2
18th Jan  Chelmsford City7:15  Papa Stour (USA)Jason HartS C Williams£54347/2
18th Jan  Chelmsford City7:45  Affluence (IRE)E J WalshMartin Smith£491610/1
18th Jan  Lingfield3:50  Chocco Star (IRE)Joey HaynesChelsea Banham£27825/2
17th Jan  Lingfield0:30  Axel JacklinJoey HaynesChelsea Banham£278211/4
17th Jan  Newcastle3:45  Accessor (IRE)J FanningM Wigham£278211/4F
16th Jan  Meydan2:30  Roulston Scar (IRE)James DoyleS Crisford£609027/1
16th Jan  Meydan4:15  Magic LilyJames DoyleC Appleby£11278213/8F
15th Jan  Wolverhampton1:55  Batchelor Boy (IRE)Daniel MuscuttM Botti£34297/4F
14th Jan  Chelmsford City4:30  Moveonup (IRE)L MorrisMiss Gay Kelleway£28469/2
14th Jan  Chelmsford City5:30  Caribbean Spring (IRE)Georgia DobieG G Margarson£28464/1
14th Jan  Chelmsford City6:00  Split Down SouthGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£49167/2F
14th Jan  Chelmsford City6:30  Rosarno (IRE)Joey HaynesChelsea Banham£28469/4F
14th Jan  Doncaster3:50  Hawthorn Cottage (IRE)Lucy K BarryMiss Amy Murphy£376915/2
13th Jan  Wolverhampton5:20  Mount Wellington (IRE)Rob HornbyS C Williams£27824/1J
13th Jan  Wolverhampton6:50  Never AloneL MorrisCharlie Appleby£34292/9F
12th Jan  Southwell0:40  Sea Of Cool (IRE)Darragh KeenanJ Ryan£27824/1
12th Jan  Southwell2:20  Blowing DixieB A CurtisJane Chapple-Hyam£787611/8F
11th Jan  Chelmsford City5:45  Rangali Island (IRE)Callum ShepherdD M Simcock£54345/1
10th Jan  Lingfield1:10  ReevesS P DavisR M H Cowell£119724/1
10th Jan  Lingfield2:20  Island HideawayGeorge RookeD R Lanigan£34292/1
10th Jan  Lingfield3:25  Lua De Mel (IRE)B A CurtisGeorge Boughey£27825/1
10th Jan  Wolverhampton6:15  WaleyddJack MitchellR Varian£34291/5F
9th Jan  Chelmsford City4:00  Haddaf (IRE)Grace McEnteeS C Williams£49165/2
9th Jan  Chelmsford City4:30  Roca MagicaR HavlinE A L Dunlop£28464/1J
9th Jan  Chelmsford City7:00  Bright Melody (IRE)A KirbyCharlie Appleby£49487/4F
9th Jan  Meydan4:15  BenbatlChristophe SoumillonS bin Suroor£1127821/8F
9th Jan  Meydan4:50  ZakouskiWilliam BuickC Appleby£609025/6F
9th Jan  Meydan6:00  Platinum Star (IRE)Christophe SoumillonS bin Suroor£4511311/4
9th Jan  Meydan6:35  Key Victory (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£609029/1
9th Jan  Newcastle3:00  London ArchB A CurtisC Fellowes£520815/8F
8th Jan  Kempton6:15  Raining Fire (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£38815/4F
8th Jan  Newcastle2:30  Good Effort (IRE)B A CurtisIsmail Mohammed£18903EvensF
8th Jan  Newcastle3:30  Union (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£41406/5F
7th Jan  Lingfield2:15  Easter Gold (FR)L P AspellMrs L Wadham£37694/9F
7th Jan  Southwell7:15  Global MelodyGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£27822/1F
6th Jan  Wolverhampton5:15  Will To Win (GER)Jack MitchellS Crisford£34295/4F
6th Jan  Wolverhampton7:15  Global GiantR HavlinJohn Gosden£119728/13F
4th Jan  Lingfield2:50  Battle Of Marathon (USA)Darragh KeenanJ Ryan£122915/1
4th Jan  Lingfield11:40  Crimewave (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£34295/2F
4th Jan  Meydan3:50  Franz Kafka (IRE)James DoyleS Crisford£227937/2F
3rd Jan  Wolverhampton1:00  Reasoned (IRE)Non RunnerJ M P Eustace£34293/1J
3rd Jan  Wolverhampton2:05  Clap Your HandsPoppy BridgwaterD M Simcock£34298/15F
3rd Jan  Wolverhampton3:10  InvitationalJack MitchellR Varian£124504/5F
3rd Jan  Wolverhampton3:45  NehaallJack MitchellR Varian£342915/8
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City4:00  Cat Royale (IRE)D E HoganJ Butler£28465/1
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City4:30  BrigandA KirbyJ Butler£284610/1
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City5:00  Revolutionise (IRE)Jason HartS C Williams£54348/1
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City5:30  Tawny PortR KingscoteS C Williams£129383/1F
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City6:30  Strawberry JackB A CurtisGeorge Scott£543411/4F
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City7:30  Al MaysanA KirbyC Appleby£54345/2
2nd Jan  Lingfield2:55  Kyllachy GalaL MorrisM Botti£52086/1
2nd Jan  Lingfield11:45  Toro DoradoL MorrisE A L Dunlop£342911/4F
2nd Jan  Meydan2:30  Final Song (IRE)Christophe SoumillonS bin Suroor£4511311/4
2nd Jan  Meydan4:15  Major Partnership (IRE)Pat CosgraveS bin Suroor£789477/1
2nd Jan  Meydan5:25  Universal OrderRichard MullenD M Simcock£789478/1
1st Jan  Fakenham2:55  WaterproofBrendan PowellS L Keightley£519812/1
1st Jan  Fakenham3:30  Imperil (FR)Joshua MooreNick Littmoden£519815/8F
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