Newmarket Trainers have broken many records over the years, landing almost all of the world's most prestigious races but we're proud of ALL the winners trained at HQ and we're pleased to present them to you here...

So far this year they have won Calculating... races and £ Calculating... in Win prize money!


Date   Course Time   Horse Jockey Trainer Prize S.P.
10th May  Catterick1:08  Little Earl (IRE)Kevin StottR M H Cowell£31327/2
10th May  Catterick4:00  Perfect Balance (IRE)E J WalshS bin Suroor£28625/6F
10th May  Lingfield4:45  Arthur's Angel (IRE)A KirbyJohn Ryan£286212/1
10th May  Windsor4:55  Beautiful SunshineRossa RyanG Boughey£59404/6F
10th May  Windsor6:30  Solid Stone (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£2268411/4
8th May  Ascot1:55  Lights OnR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£231933/1
8th May  Haydock2:35  Cape ByronE J WalshR Varian£97933/1
8th May  Lingfield2:50  Third RealmDavid EganR Varian£3448814/1
8th May  Lingfield4:00  Turn On The Charm (FR)W BuickJ R Fanshawe£62105/4F
8th May  Lingfield4:35  Cloudy Dawn (IRE)R L MooreW J Haggas£30241/4F
8th May  Nottingham2:55  Light RefrainS W KellyW J Haggas£266544/1
8th May  Nottingham3:30  Vanity Affair (IRE)D TudhopeC Fellowes£286215/8F
8th May  Thirsk7:35  Raadobarg (IRE)Cameron NobleR Varian£28624/7F
7th May  Ascot1:20  HiroshimaRay DawsonJohn Ryan£648011/4F
7th May  Ascot2:30  StowellM HarleyJ & T Gosden£45634/9F
7th May  Ascot3:00  AldaaryJim CrowleyW J Haggas£10823EvensF
7th May  Ascot3:30  FreshK ShoemarkJ R Fanshawe£64809/1
7th May  Ascot4:05  Inver ParkP CosgraveMick Quinn£456318/1
7th May  Chester4:50  Potenza (IRE)Theodore LaddHarry Eustace£515485/40
7th May  Nottingham6:00  NaganoDavid EganR Varian£302413/8F
7th May  Nottingham6:30  Something Enticing (IRE)Dane O'NeillD R C Elsworth£286212/1
7th May  Nottingham7:00  Aura Blue (IRE)James DoyleS & E Crisford£302413/2
7th May  Nottingham8:00  Professional Widow (IRE)James DoyleRichard Spencer£43473/1J
7th May  Ripon5:20  DairerinCharles BishopM L W Bell£3240100/30
6th May  Chelmsford City5:20  Arabic Charm (IRE)Stefano CherchiS bin Suroor£434711/4
6th May  Chelmsford City6:50  Blow Your Horn (IRE)J P SpencerC Fellowes£434711/10F
6th May  Chelmsford City7:50  Global Prospector (USA)Harry BurnsC A Dwyer£43476/4J
6th May  Chester2:15  El Drama (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£3402612/1
5th May  Chester1:45  NavelloNicola CurrieG Boughey£77315/4F
5th May  Chester4:15  Alfaadhel (IRE)Jim CrowleyR Varian£61854/1
5th May  Kempton5:10  Thunder LoveRossa RyanG Boughey£37262/5F
5th May  Kempton7:10  Tiger Crusade (FR)J P SpencerD M Simcock£59277/2
5th May  Kempton8:10  Aramis Grey (IRE)B A CurtisRae Guest£28624/9F
4th May  Lingfield1:30  Beau Jardine (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£3024EvensF
4th May  Wolverhampton8:00  DegreeR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£30245/2
3rd May  Bath3:21  Strawberry JackHollie DoyleGeorge Scott£28629/4
3rd May  Beverley1:10  Latin Lover (IRE)George WoodHarry Eustace£232211/4
3rd May  Windsor3:41  SevenalR HavlinJ & T Gosden£30244/5F
3rd May  Windsor4:16  NankeenJames DoyleS & E Crisford£30248/1
2nd May  Hamilton4:55  Fantastic FoxE J WalshR Varian£28621/5F
2nd May  Newmarket2:25  Mystery Angel (IRE)B A CurtisG Boughey£2268413/2
2nd May  Newmarket3:00  Lady BowthorpeK ShoemarkW Jarvis£510396/1
2nd May  Newmarket4:15  Dig Two (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£756017/2
2nd May  Newmarket5:20  Tawleed (IRE)Jim CrowleyJ & T Gosden£81004/1
2nd May  Salisbury3:45  Samoot (IRE)R KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£621010/11F
1st May  Doncaster6:05  Aerion Power (IRE)Mark CrehanSir Michael Stoute£64805/4F
1st May  Newmarket1:15  Creative Force (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£108004/5F
1st May  Newmarket2:25  Lazuli (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£340263/1F
1st May  Newmarket4:50  Mohaafeth (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£226842/1
1st May  Thirsk3:15  Elvrika (IRE)R KingscoteW J Haggas£48873/1J
30th Apr  Goodwood1:35  CanonizedTom MarquandW J Haggas£432015/8F
30th Apr  Goodwood2:45  AlpinistaL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£2268413/8F
30th Apr  Newcastle5:50  John Leeper (IRE)Hollie DoyleE A L Dunlop£30249/4J
30th Apr  Newcastle6:20  Live Your Dream (IRE)Andrea AtzeniS bin Suroor£621011/2
30th Apr  Newcastle6:50  Great King (FR)Rossa RyanR Varian£3024100/30
30th Apr  Unk0:00  AlpinistaLuke MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£13/8F
30th Apr  Unk0:00  CanonizedTom MarquandW J Haggas£15/8F
29th Apr  Lingfield1:30  Billhilly (GER)J P SpencerC Fellowes£28625/2F
29th Apr  Lingfield2:30  Baba RezaDavid ProbertMohamed Moubarak£434714/1
29th Apr  Lingfield4:05  Albert CamusN MackayJ & T Gosden£434711/4
29th Apr  Redcar2:10  ExudingCameron NobleR Varian£286217/2
29th Apr  Southwell6:55  Join Forces (IRE)Jason HartJ Tate£30244/6F
29th Apr  Southwell7:25  Tynecastle ParkDarragh KeenanR Eddery£59276/1
28th Apr  Ascot1:00  Keyser Soze (IRE)Angus VilliersRichard Spencer£810012/1
28th Apr  Ascot2:10  Creative Flair (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£83709/4F
28th Apr  Ascot2:45  Stradivarius (IRE)L DettoriJ & T Gosden£396974/7F
28th Apr  Brighton4:45  AishAdam J McNamaraR M H Cowell£286215/8F
28th Apr  Brighton7:55  Thomas Lanfiere (FR)Hayley TurnerD M Simcock£23224/1
28th Apr  Chelmsford City5:40  Salam Ya Faisal (IRE)Ray DawsonMohamed Moubarak£23225/2
28th Apr  Chelmsford City6:40  AraifjanRay DawsonR M H Cowell£434711/2
28th Apr  Chelmsford City7:15  Glint Of An Eye (IRE)K ShoemarkH Spiller£23222/1F
28th Apr  Chelmsford City7:45  Cap D'antibes (IRE)F NortonM Wigham£23223/1
28th Apr  Wolverhampton1:50  LankaranE J WalshR Varian£23228/11F
28th Apr  Wolverhampton3:00  Dansing Bear (IRE)Mark CrehanE A L Dunlop£232210/1
28th Apr  Wolverhampton4:35  Admirable LadP MulrennanChelsea Banham£23229/4F
27th Apr  Ayr7:15  Noman (IRE)Jason HartH Palmer£28621/9F
27th Apr  Brighton2:00  Invincible Larne (IRE)P CosgraveMick Quinn£43475/1
27th Apr  Brighton2:30  NavelloNicola CurrieG Boughey£31322/1
27th Apr  Brighton3:35  Recall The ShowP CosgraveMick Quinn£2862100/30
27th Apr  Lingfield4:35  Captain Pugwash (IRE)T P QueallyP J McBride£23227/2
27th Apr  Lingfield7:25  Untold StoryCallum ShepherdS bin Suroor£28622/1J
27th Apr  Nottingham3:20  Lights OnR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£116102/1F
27th Apr  Yarmouth1:00  Silver Gunn (IRE)Daniel MuscuttM Botti£28622/1
27th Apr  Yarmouth1:35  Restitution (FR)Oisin MurphyJ & T Gosden£30241/4F
27th Apr  Yarmouth2:10  Pactolus (IRE)Marco GhianiS C Williams£28622/1
27th Apr  Yarmouth2:40  MoorbikTom MarquandW J Haggas£302411/10F
27th Apr  Yarmouth3:15  Ahdab (IRE)Dane O'NeillE A L Dunlop£43475/1
26th Apr  Lingfield3:05  TangeloM HarleyJ & T Gosden£23224/1
26th Apr  Lingfield3:35  Dollar BidR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£43475/2
26th Apr  Southwell2:50  Little GemAled BeechC Fellowes£23228/1
26th Apr  Southwell3:25  SorosLouis StewardC Fellowes£286217/2
26th Apr  Thirsk7:00  AddoshLaura PearsonH Palmer£28623/1
26th Apr  Thirsk7:30  Malhoob (USA)Dane O'NeillR Varian£28628/11F
26th Apr  Windsor5:20  Spring Is Sprung (FR)Oisin MurphyM L W Bell£42665/4F
26th Apr  Windsor7:20  Sir Taweel (IRE)Jack MitchellMohamed Moubarak£232228/1
25th Apr  Salisbury3:00  Great NewsOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£28625/2
25th Apr  Salisbury4:00  The Vegas Raider (IRE)Callum ShepherdM L W Bell£243015/2
25th Apr  Wetherby2:10  Noon Star (USA)R KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£28624/5F
25th Apr  Wetherby3:10  AmetistTom MarquandW J Haggas£28624/9F
24th Apr  Doncaster5:20  Skyrunner (IRE)Cieren FallonW J Haggas£434711/2
24th Apr  Doncaster6:30  Law Of One (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£43474/5F
24th Apr  Haydock2:15  Dhushan (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£43471/5F
24th Apr  Haydock4:35  Finest Sound (IRE)W BuickS & E Crisford£105538/11F
24th Apr  Haydock5:40  Camachess (IRE)Callum ShepherdP J McBride£28626/1
24th Apr  Leicester1:00  Bellarena LadyHollie DoyleE A L Dunlop£372611/10F
24th Apr  Leicester3:55  JaramilloAndrea AtzeniR Varian£28629/4
24th Apr  Leicester4:30  Kingmania (IRE)P CosgraveC F Wall£286211/8F
24th Apr  Ripon5:35  Dubawi SandsJack MitchellR Varian£48872/11F
24th Apr  Wolverhampton5:45  Irish Admiral (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£302430/100F
24th Apr  Wolverhampton6:15  Rain Gauge (IRE)L MorrisJ Tate£286212/1
24th Apr  Wolverhampton6:45  Helian (IRE)Harry BurnsC A Dwyer£28629/4F
23rd Apr  Doncaster1:05  Rogue Bear (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£302418/1
23rd Apr  Doncaster2:50  Side ShotR HavlinJ & T Gosden£43477/2
23rd Apr  Doncaster4:30  AstrogemRyan TateHarry Eustace£28628/1
23rd Apr  Sandown2:25  WaldkonigL DettoriJ & T Gosden£255206/4F
23rd Apr  Sandown3:00  Palace PierL DettoriJ & T Gosden£382794/11F
23rd Apr  Sandown3:35  Alenquer (FR)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£2552025/1
23rd Apr  Sandown4:10  Nash NashaW BuickCharlie Appleby£434711/8F
22nd Apr  Beverley5:00  Enthused (IRE)S De SousaC A Dwyer£324011/10F
22nd Apr  Chelmsford City5:15  Cash Machine (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£28622/1
22nd Apr  Chelmsford City6:15  Raaeb (IRE)Jim CrowleyS bin Suroor£62103/1
22nd Apr  Chelmsford City7:45  Heaven ForfendJames DoyleM L W Bell£44017/4F
21st Apr  Catterick2:20  Aquaman (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£28628/11F
21st Apr  Lingfield4:05  French Minstrel (IRE)Callum ShepherdW J Knight£28626/4J
21st Apr  Lingfield4:35  Polling Day (IRE)L DettoriJ & T Gosden£30242/9F
20th Apr  Epsom Downs2:15  Wirko (GER)W BuickCharlie Appleby£1701311/2
20th Apr  Wolverhampton4:50  NavelloNicola CurrieGeorge Boughey£2322100/30
20th Apr  Wolverhampton6:50  HaykalJim CrowleyJ & T Gosden£313211/8F
20th Apr  Yarmouth1:20  Coverham (IRE)Theodore LaddHarry Eustace£23227/2
20th Apr  Yarmouth1:55  Second Wind (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£31329/4
20th Apr  Yarmouth2:30  The City's PhantomOisin MurphyRichard Spencer£434711/4F
20th Apr  Yarmouth3:00  Bague D'Or (IRE)Jack MitchellC F Wall£286211/4F
20th Apr  Yarmouth4:10  LochanthemOisin MurphyM L W Bell£23225/4F
20th Apr  Yarmouth4:45  Royal FleetJames DoyleCharlie Appleby£30248/15F
20th Apr  Yarmouth5:15  First FolioDaniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£434720/1
19th Apr  Pontefract3:30  Scarlet Bear (IRE)K ShoemarkWilliam Jarvis£29701/2F
19th Apr  Windsor2:10  Seraphinite (IRE)David ProbertWilliam Jarvis£434717/2
19th Apr  Windsor2:40  Save A Forest (IRE)Callum ShepherdR Varian£434711/4J
19th Apr  Windsor3:10  SiskanyW BuickC Appleby£28627/4F
18th Apr  Newbury1:35  Al Aasy (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£255206/4F
18th Apr  Newbury4:30  Glen Savage (IRE)L DettoriJ & T Gosden£810011/2
17th Apr  Brighton5:30  Recall The ShowP CosgraveMick Quinn£286211/2
17th Apr  Brighton7:00  Bahia StarDavid ProbertRae Guest£23222/1F
17th Apr  Brighton7:30  Dawn View (IRE)Marco GhianiS C Williams£23229/1
17th Apr  Nottingham5:15  Third RealmDavid EganR Varian£28625/2F
17th Apr  RANDWICK (AUS)6:50  Addeybb (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£136769711/5
17th Apr  Thirsk1:40  Golden PassCallum ShepherdH Palmer£62105/1
17th Apr  Thirsk2:40  George Peabody (IRE)Callum ShepherdGeorge Scott£28629/4
16th Apr  Bath5:40  Declaring LoveP CosgraveJ Butler£21408100/30
16th Apr  Bath7:10  Grand Canal (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£232211/4F
16th Apr  Newbury2:50  MithrasL DettoriJ & T Gosden£979316/5F
16th Apr  Newbury3:25  Hurricane Lane (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£837011/4
16th Apr  Newbury4:35  Gloria Mundi (IRE)L DettoriJ & T Gosden£43474/1
16th Apr  Newbury5:05  Far Hope (IRE)W BuickS & E Crisford£43477/2
15th Apr  Newcastle4:55  Blow Your Horn (IRE)J P SpencerC Fellowes£43474/5F
15th Apr  Newcastle5:25  Bluenose Belle (USA)P J McDonaldM Botti£302425/1
15th Apr  Newcastle6:25  Vanity Affair (IRE)J P SpencerC Fellowes£434716/5
15th Apr  Newcastle7:25  Unforgotten (IRE)K T O'NeillJ & T Gosden£302413/8
15th Apr  Newmarket1:15  Bellosa (IRE)Oisin MurphyJane Chapple-Hyam£43477/2J
15th Apr  Newmarket1:50  Creative Force (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£1080011/4F
15th Apr  Newmarket2:25  Peter The GreatN MackayJ & T Gosden£648011/1
15th Apr  Newmarket3:35  Master Of The Seas (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£2552011/4F
15th Apr  Newmarket4:10  Al WaqidiW BuickC Appleby£54002/1F
15th Apr  Ripon2:50  Highland Rocker (FR)R HavlinJ & T Gosden£30781/2F
14th Apr  Kempton5:45  BoomshalaaJack MitchellR Varian£286211/8
14th Apr  Kempton6:15  RansomMark CrehanSir Michael Stoute£28625/2
14th Apr  Kempton7:15  Final FantasyP J McDonaldS C Williams£23224/1
14th Apr  Kempton8:15  Elusif (IRE)M DwyerC Allen£23229/2
14th Apr  Newmarket1:15  Desert DreamerHollie DoyleS C Williams£432025/1
14th Apr  Newmarket3:00  My Oberon (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£255207/1
14th Apr  Newmarket3:35  SacredR L MooreW J Haggas£255206/1
14th Apr  Newmarket4:10  Delta BayFrankie DettoriJohn & Thady Gosden£54006/4F
14th Apr  Newmarket4:45  Mohaafeth (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£67506/4F
13th Apr  Newcastle7:30  Cordouan (FR)K T O'NeillJohn & Thady Gosden£302411/8F
13th Apr  Newmarket1:35  Forca Brasil (IRE)Rossa RyanG Boughey£43204/1
13th Apr  Newmarket3:20  Highland Avenue (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£170139/2
13th Apr  Newmarket3:55  Double Or Bubble (IRE)Jack MitchellC F Wall£1080015/2
13th Apr  Newmarket4:30  Arecibo (FR)Oisin MurphyR M H Cowell£67509/2
12th Apr  Redcar3:50  Camelot Tales (FR)P J McDonaldS & E Crisford£286211/4
12th Apr  Windsor4:40  Heaven ForfendJames DoyleM L W Bell£28625/1
12th Apr  Wolverhampton5:20  Mostaqqer (IRE)Charlie BennettM Wigham£23227/2
10th Apr  Lingfield1:25  ShecandooB A CurtisC Allen£23229/4F
10th Apr  Lingfield4:25  Adelita (IRE)Laura PearsonTom Clover£302413/2
10th Apr  Lingfield4:55  WolfletS M LeveyS C Williams£28629/1
10th Apr  Wolverhampton6:15  Prioritise (IRE)Callum ShepherdJ Tate£302415/2
10th Apr  Wolverhampton8:15  Desert Friend (IRE)Louis StewardDavid Simcock£28625/1
9th Apr  Kempton4:35  ProntissimoLouis StewardPatrick Owens£232215/8
9th Apr  Kempton5:40  Quenelle D'OrOisin MurphyH Palmer£28625/4F
9th Apr  Kempton7:40  My FrankelR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£592713/8
9th Apr  Leicester2:10  Raadobarg (IRE)Rossa RyanR Varian£28625/4
9th Apr  Leicester2:40  Dirty Rascal (IRE)Mark CrehanGeorge Boughey£434711/8F
9th Apr  Leicester3:15  Amazing Red (IRE)Mark CrehanE A L Dunlop£62109/1
9th Apr  Leicester3:55  Law Of The SeaBenoit D L SayetteJohn & Thady Gosden£434710/11F
9th Apr  Leicester4:30  Mars Landing (IRE)P J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£43475/2
8th Apr  Chelmsford City5:50  EngraveD E HoganMiss J Feilden£25922/1
8th Apr  Chelmsford City6:20  Luna WishDavid EganG G Margarson£461711/4
8th Apr  Chelmsford City7:50  Autumn Flight (IRE)Ray DawsonR M H Cowell£461713/8F
7th Apr  Newcastle5:15  Bay BridgeP J McDonaldSir Michael Stoute£43479/4
7th Apr  Newcastle6:45  Aerion Power (IRE)S De SousaSir Michael Stoute£621015/8
7th Apr  Nottingham2:10  MashhoorR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£28629/2
7th Apr  Nottingham2:40  Billhilly (GER)S DonohoeC Fellowes£28624/1F
7th Apr  Nottingham3:10  Batraan (IRE)Gavin AshtonR Varian£434716/1
7th Apr  Nottingham3:40  Atalis BayAndrea AtzeniM Botti£59278/1
7th Apr  Nottingham4:40  Astro King (IRE)R KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£621016/5
6th Apr  Chelmsford City6:00  Royal DynastyJack MitchellMohamed Moubarak£621013/2
6th Apr  Chelmsford City7:00  Count Of Amazonia (IRE)Andrea AtzeniM Botti£1026011/10F
6th Apr  Chelmsford City7:30  Commit No Nuisance (IRE)Callum ShepherdWilliam Knight£313215/8F
6th Apr  Chelmsford City8:00  MorlaixCallum ShepherdD M Simcock£31322/1F
6th Apr  Pontefract1:30  ArabescatoS De SousaJ Butler£44559/2
6th Apr  Pontefract2:00  WaldkonigR HavlinJohn & Thady Gosden£97935/4F
6th Apr  Pontefract3:00  Trawlerman (IRE)James DoyleJohn & Thady Gosden£513010/11F
5th Apr  Kempton2:20  Royal BirthAndrea AtzeniS C Williams£97937/1
5th Apr  Kempton2:55  Lilac Road (IRE)Cieren FallonW J Haggas£97933/1
5th Apr  Kempton3:30  Mostahdaf (IRE)R HavlinJohn & Thady Gosden£979310/11F
5th Apr  Redcar1:40  Ilza'Eem (FR)P J McDonaldS & E Crisford£28624/11F
5th Apr  Redcar5:07  London Eye (USA)Marco GhianiC A Dwyer£23225/2F
5th Apr  Wolverhampton1:20  One Step Beyond (IRE)Angus VilliersRichard Spencer£232216/5
5th Apr  Wolverhampton2:30  Vanity Affair (IRE)Aled BeechC Fellowes£43477/1
5th Apr  Wolverhampton3:05  Lostwithiel (IRE)Rossa RyanG Boughey£28629/4
5th Apr  Wolverhampton3:40  Mack The Knife (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£28624/6F
5th Apr  Wolverhampton4:10  Dirty Rascal (IRE)Mark CrehanG Boughey£434713/8F
4th Apr  Southwell2:36  Professor GalantL MorrisMiss Gay Kelleway£28623/1
3rd Apr  Wolverhampton5:20  Cosmic George (IRE)Daniel MuscuttM Botti£28622/1
3rd Apr  Wolverhampton5:55  Samoot (IRE)R KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£286210/11F
2nd Apr  Chelmsford City1:50  Sky Commander (IRE)Callum ShepherdJ Tate£62109/4F
2nd Apr  Chelmsford City3:35  Gloves LynchR KingscoteM Wigham£62109/2
2nd Apr  Chelmsford City4:37  Inigo JonesR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£286215/8
2nd Apr  Chelmsford City5:07  RealistCallum ShepherdM L W Bell£23222/1F
2nd Apr  Chelmsford City5:40  Margaret Dumont (IRE)Cieren FallonH Palmer£434711/4
2nd Apr  Lingfield2:35  PholasHollie DoyleGeorge Boughey£3865525/1
2nd Apr  Lingfield4:45  Khuzaam (USA)Jack MitchellR Varian£386556/4F
2nd Apr  Newcastle3:25  MegallanR HavlinJohn & Thady Gosden£283554/6F
1st Apr  Chelmsford City4:50  EngraveD E HoganMiss J Feilden£25927/2
1st Apr  Chelmsford City5:50  FundamentalR HavlinJohn & Thady Gosden£128855/4F
1st Apr  Chelmsford City6:50  Autumn Flight (IRE)Hollie DoyleR M H Cowell£46173/1C
1st Apr  Chelmsford City7:50  Silver Nemo (IRE)Josephine GordonS L Keightley£259212/1
31st Mar  Kempton4:05  Thunder LoveRossa RyanGeorge Boughey£313215/8F
31st Mar  Kempton6:45  Final FantasyRossa RyanS C Williams£23225/2F
31st Mar  Kempton7:15  Troll Peninsula (USA)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£28625/4F
31st Mar  Kempton7:45  MostlyR HavlinJohn & Thady Gosden£43479/2
31st Mar  Kempton8:15  Au Clair De Lune (IRE)Benoit D L SayetteGeorge Scott£43477/4F
30th Mar  Fakenham3:25  Glimpse Of GoldAlexander ThorneMrs S J Humphrey£544618/1
30th Mar  Fakenham5:30  HeartbreakerH CobdenM L W Bell£32689/4
30th Mar  Wolverhampton5:10  KhatmMark CrehanGeorge Boughey£434715/8
30th Mar  Wolverhampton6:40  Boss Power (IRE)S De SousaSir Michael Stoute£60198/15F
30th Mar  Wolverhampton7:10  Marshall PlanR HavlinJohn & Thady Gosden£2862EvensF
30th Mar  Wolverhampton8:10  Makambe (IRE)Joey HaynesChelsea Banham£286216/5
29th Mar  Fontwell2:10  Friends Don't AskJack QuinlanMartin Smith£250511/4F
29th Mar  Wolverhampton4:50  Alix JamesMark CrehanGeorge Boughey£28625/1
29th Mar  Wolverhampton6:20  Tricolore (ITY)Hollie DoyleM Botti£28629/4F
28th Mar  Doncaster1:55  George Peabody (IRE)Callum ShepherdGeorge Scott£286211/1
28th Mar  Doncaster3:40  TamborradaJames DoyleC Appleby£621011/10F
27th Mar  Doncaster2:00  Top Rank (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£2098311/2
27th Mar  Doncaster3:10  Haqeeqy (IRE)Benoit D L SayetteJohn & Thady Gosden£515409/2
27th Mar  Doncaster4:20  Too FriendlyCallum ShepherdGeorge Scott£28629/1
27th Mar  Kempton1:15  OtyrarR HavlinJohn & Thady Gosden£31327/2
27th Mar  Kempton1:45  Global GiantR HavlinJohn & Thady Gosden£158798/15F
27th Mar  Kempton2:15  Al ZaraqaanR KingscoteW J Haggas£16493EvensF
27th Mar  Kempton3:55  Nortonthorpe BoyL MorrisP S McEntee£621014/1
27th Mar  Kempton5:05  French Minstrel (IRE)M HarleyW J Knight£232216/5
27th Mar  MEYDAN (UAE)2:05  Rebel's Romance (IRE)William BuickC Appleby£3284678/1
27th Mar  ROSEHILL (AUS)2:10  Favorite Moon (GER)Kerrin McEvoyW J Haggas£4719111/2
27th Mar  Wolverhampton5:00  Save A Forest (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£286211/8F
27th Mar  Wolverhampton6:30  Scale ForceHollie DoyleMiss Gay Kelleway£62107/2
27th Mar  Wolverhampton7:30  Declaring LoveS W KellyJ Butler£434711/4F
26th Mar  Lingfield1:45  Simple Star (IRE)Hollie DoyleM Botti£342914/1
26th Mar  Lingfield2:15  RegentR HavlinJohn & Thady Gosden£342911/8F
26th Mar  Lingfield2:50  Capla CrusaderS De SousaC A Dwyer£34295/2F
20th Mar  Wolverhampton6:30  Arij (IRE)Jack MitchellSimon & Ed Crisford£52083/1J
20th Mar  Wolverhampton8:30  Courtside (FR)Oisin MurphyJ Butler£278215/8F
19th Mar  Lingfield2:10  Power On (IRE)Laura PearsonJ Butler£342917/2
19th Mar  Lingfield2:45  Tone The BaroneMarco GhianiS C Williams£122915/4F
19th Mar  Lingfield3:55  Polling Day (IRE)R HavlinJohn Gosden£34296/4F
19th Mar  Lingfield4:30  Mohaafeth (IRE)Cieren FallonW J Haggas£342915/8
19th Mar  Southwell5:15  KhatmMark CrehanGeorge Boughey£342910/11F
19th Mar  Southwell6:15  Native SilverMark CrehanR Eddery£520815/8F
18th Mar  Chelmsford City5:25  Twilight HeirOisin MurphyM L W Bell£55317/4F
18th Mar  Chelmsford City5:55  Shoot To Kill (IRE)Callum ShepherdGeorge Scott£375210/1
18th Mar  Chelmsford City6:25  Habit RougeMarco GhianiM Botti£122912/1
17th Mar  Kempton4:05  Thomas Cochrane (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£278216/5
17th Mar  Kempton6:50  UzincsoL MorrisJ Butler£52083/1F
17th Mar  Kempton7:50  Lethal TalentHollie DoyleJane Chapple-Hyam£52087/2
17th Mar  Lingfield2:05  Champagne Supanova (IRE)Angus VilliersRichard Spencer£278217/2
17th Mar  Lingfield2:40  InsomniaK ShoemarkRichard Spencer£34294/1
17th Mar  Lingfield4:25  Protected GuestT P QueallyG G Margarson£5208100/30
17th Mar  Lingfield5:00  Classical WaveDaniel MuscuttPeter Charalambous£342911/4
16th Mar  Newcastle5:45  PholasB A CurtisGeorge Boughey£34294/1
16th Mar  Newcastle6:15  Mostahdaf (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£34291/2F
16th Mar  Southwell2:10  My Boy SepoyMarco GhianiS C Williams£34294/1
15th Mar  Wolverhampton5:50  Kettle HillCieren FallonW J Haggas£342911/4
15th Mar  Wolverhampton6:50  Starczewski (USA)J P SpencerD M Simcock£5208EvensF
15th Mar  Wolverhampton8:20  Man Of Riddles (USA)J P SpencerD M Simcock£34295/2
14th Mar  Lingfield3:58  CopinetDaniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£39465/2
13th Mar  Chelmsford City5:20  Aureum (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£55319/4F
13th Mar  Chelmsford City8:20  London Eye (USA)S De SousaC A Dwyer£31054/1
13th Mar  Wolverhampton1:30  Fiordland (IRE)R L MooreJames Ferguson£34296/5F
12th Mar  Lingfield3:15  CleganeR KingscoteS C Williams£27826/1
12th Mar  Wolverhampton5:45  Bedford Blaze (IRE)Marco GhianiS C Williams£27822/1F
11th Mar  MEYDAN (UAE)4:50  Desert Peace (USA)William BuickCharlie Appleby£113559/2
11th Mar  Newcastle7:00  Made In Italy (IRE)Hollie DoyleM Botti£743912/1
11th Mar  Southwell2:25  Secret Glow (IRE)Jack MitchellSimon & Ed Crisford£34297/1
11th Mar  Southwell3:00  CatapultMolly PreslandS L Keightley£27829/2
11th Mar  Southwell4:40  KhatmMark CrehanGeorge Boughey£34294/7F
10th Mar  Kempton4:45  Tyger BayM DwyerC Allen£27824/1
10th Mar  Kempton6:45  KhatmB A CurtisGeorge Boughey£27828/15F
10th Mar  Lingfield1:45  CaribenoL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£52082/9F
10th Mar  Lingfield2:50  Weloof (FR)A KirbyJ Butler£278211/2
10th Mar  Lingfield4:30  Aleatoric (IRE)R KingscoteMartin Smith£27822/1F
8th Mar  Wolverhampton4:40  The HulkRossa RyanGeorge Boughey£342918/5F
8th Mar  Wolverhampton7:40  MorlaixCallum ShepherdD M Simcock£34297/1
6th Mar  Lingfield2:00  Apollo OneM HarleyPeter Charalambous£1701311/1
6th Mar  Lingfield3:46  CaribenoMorgan ColeSir Mark Prescott Bt£50724/5F
6th Mar  MEYDAN (UAE)0:35  Walton StreetWilliam BuickC Appleby£998541/2F
6th Mar  MEYDAN (UAE)3:30  Final Song (IRE)Frankie DettoriS bin Suroor£9985417/2
6th Mar  Southwell5:30  Native SilverMark CrehanR Eddery£34293/1
6th Mar  Southwell8:30  KhatmMark CrehanGeorge Boughey£278211/10F
5th Mar  Newcastle5:15  Dirham Emirati (IRE)David EganDavid Simcock£342911/8
4th Mar  Chelmsford City4:50  RegentR HavlinJ H M Gosden£375211/8
4th Mar  Chelmsford City6:20  Khuzaam (USA)Jack MitchellR Varian£122917/4
4th Mar  Chelmsford City6:50  TavrinaRossa RyanS C Williams£31055/2
3rd Mar  Kempton6:50  Highland Avenue (IRE)Hollie DoyleC Appleby£236554/9F
3rd Mar  Lingfield1:40  El Conquistador (USA)Rossa RyanS C Williams£27826/5F
3rd Mar  Lingfield2:50  Albert CamusR HavlinJ H M Gosden£34297/4F
3rd Mar  Lingfield5:25  Everkyllachy (IRE)Mark CrehanGeorge Boughey£27825/1
2nd Mar  Newcastle4:00  Carnwennan (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£129387/2C
2nd Mar  Newcastle5:00  Onesmoothoperator (USA)J P SpencerD M Simcock£34293/1
2nd Mar  Newcastle5:30  Songkran (IRE)Mark CrehanGeorge Boughey£80867/2C
1st Mar  Wolverhampton6:20  Global Prospector (USA)Darragh KeenanC A Dwyer£34294/1F
27th Feb  Chelmsford City7:00  Silent Queen (IRE)Kevin StottGeorge Boughey£55314/1
27th Feb  Chelmsford City8:30  KhatmMark CrehanGeorge Boughey£31057/1
27th Feb  Lingfield2:40  Forest Of DeanR HavlinJohn Gosden£30811100/30
27th Feb  Lingfield3:43  ArabescatoR L MooreNick Littmoden£34299/2
26th Feb  Lingfield1:10  French Minstrel (IRE)Callum ShepherdW J Knight£27829/1
26th Feb  Lingfield2:55  Kingdom Found (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£27825/1
26th Feb  Wolverhampton5:45  One Hart (IRE)Oliver StammersJames Ferguson£52089/4F
26th Feb  Wolverhampton6:15  Puffin Island (IRE)Grace McEnteeH Spiller£27823/1
26th Feb  Wolverhampton7:15  Raise The Roof (IRE)L MorrisJ Tate£3429EvensF
26th Feb  Wolverhampton7:45  Final Voyage (IRE)A KirbyJ Tate£72466/4F
25th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)3:05  Bright Melody (IRE)James DoyleCharlie Appleby£284679/2
25th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)3:40  Naval CrownMickael BarzalonaCharlie Appleby£3854011/4
25th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)4:15  Volcanic SkyFrankie DettoriS bin Suroor£854013/1
25th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)4:50  Star SafariWilliam BuickCharlie Appleby£5693411/10F
25th Feb  Southwell7:00  Rock Sound (IRE)Mark CrehanGeorge Boughey£52083/1
24th Feb  Kempton6:15  UzincsoL MorrisJ Butler£520811/4F
24th Feb  Southwell3:50  Gulland RockWilliam CarsonA Carson£27825/1
23rd Feb  Newcastle4:40  CaribenoL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£74395/6F
22nd Feb  Wolverhampton4:40  Tributo (IRE)R KingscoteS C Williams£342913/8F
22nd Feb  Wolverhampton5:10  Futuristic (IRE)B A CurtisM Botti£724613/8F
22nd Feb  Wolverhampton7:10  Bodroy (IRE)L MorrisJ Butler£5208100/30
22nd Feb  Wolverhampton7:40  Classical WaveDaniel MuscuttPeter Charalambous£34295/1
21st Feb  Market Rasen4:55  Peejaybee (FR)James BowenRichard Spencer£22746/1
20th Feb  Lingfield1:26  Silent FilmA KirbyCharlie Appleby£342911/10F
19th Feb  Lingfield0:30  Dutugamunu (IRE)A KirbyRichard Spencer£27827/2
19th Feb  Lingfield1:00  Heaven ForfendR KingscoteM L W Bell£34292/5F
19th Feb  Lingfield1:30  Nortonthorpe BoyL MorrisP S McEntee£74395/2J
19th Feb  Lingfield4:05  Classy Dame (IRE)A KirbyR Eddery£278211/4
19th Feb  Southwell5:45  Mack The Knife (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£278210/11F
19th Feb  Southwell6:15  Sugar Dumpling (IRE)Josephine GordonR M H Cowell£342911/1
18th Feb  Chelmsford City4:20  PassionalLuke CattonS C Williams£31059/2
18th Feb  Chelmsford City4:55  SwooperJonny PeateR M H Cowell£278218/1
18th Feb  Chelmsford City5:30  Shamarouski (IRE)F NortonM Wigham£310511/1
18th Feb  Chelmsford City6:00  Indigo Times (IRE)Hayley TurnerD M Simcock£74396/4F
18th Feb  Chelmsford City6:30  Shimmering Dawn (IRE)T EavesJ Tate£1182815/8F
18th Feb  Chelmsford City7:30  Hunters StepGrace McEnteeH Spiller£310511/2
18th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)4:50  D'bai (IRE)William BuickC Appleby£713872/1F
18th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)5:25  Summer Romance (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£713875/1
17th Feb  Kempton4:15  Moraaheq (USA)Jack MitchellR Varian£3429EvensF
17th Feb  Kempton4:45  Rogue Force (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£34294/1
17th Feb  Kempton8:20  Tyger BayM DwyerC Allen£27829/4F
17th Feb  Wolverhampton3:20  Sir Oliver (IRE)Thore Hammer HansenC A Dwyer£52085/1
16th Feb  Kempton3:25  KestennaR HavlinJ H M Gosden£34295/4F
16th Feb  Kempton4:25  Starczewski (USA)J P SpencerD M Simcock£52085/2
16th Feb  Kempton4:55  Mack The Knife (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£27824/9F
16th Feb  Newcastle4:40  King Of The South (IRE)Callum ShepherdWilliam Knight£74392/1F
16th Feb  Newcastle5:10  PholasMark CrehanGeorge Boughey£34297/2
16th Feb  Newcastle7:10  Global WarningMarco GhianiC A Dwyer£520813/8F
15th Feb  Wolverhampton6:30  Power Of States (IRE)B A CurtisH Palmer£118287/4F
15th Feb  Wolverhampton7:00  Queen CharlotteN MackayJ H M Gosden£34297/1
15th Feb  Wolverhampton7:30  Nortonthorpe BoyL MorrisP S McEntee£52089/2
14th Feb  Southwell2:50  CaribenoL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£34296/4
14th Feb  Southwell4:20  Smokey MaloneD E HoganMiss J Feilden£27827/2F
13th Feb  Lingfield0:20  Ahdab (IRE)R L MooreE A L Dunlop£3429EvensF
13th Feb  Lingfield2:00  Twilight HeirCieren FallonM L W Bell£72463/1
13th Feb  Lingfield3:10  Convertible (IRE)R L MooreH Palmer£3429100/30
13th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)3:15  Eastern World (IRE)Royston FfrenchC Appleby£1225120/1
13th Feb  Wolverhampton6:45  Liverpool KnightR HavlinJ H M Gosden£34297/4
12th Feb  Southwell0:45  San Juan (IRE)Josephine GordonS L Keightley£27824/6F
12th Feb  Southwell1:45  MorlaixKevin StottD M Simcock£278211/8F
11th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)3:05  Star SafariWilliam BuickC Appleby£297815/2J
11th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)3:40  Secret Protector (USA)William BuickC Appleby£218984/11F
11th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)4:50  ZakouskiWilliam BuickC Appleby£7138710/11F
10th Feb  Wolverhampton6:15  Revolutionise (IRE)Marco GhianiS C Williams£118283/1
10th Feb  Wolverhampton7:15  Declaring LoveA KirbyJ Butler£34295/6F
9th Feb  Southwell4:45  Mukha MagicGeorge RookeMiss Gay Kelleway£342913/8F
9th Feb  Southwell5:45  CravedCieren FallonW J Haggas£34292/9F
9th Feb  Southwell6:15  Indigo Times (IRE)Callum ShepherdD M Simcock£743911/1
9th Feb  Southwell6:45  Scale ForceGeorge RookeMiss Gay Kelleway£34297/4F
9th Feb  Southwell7:45  Three C's (IRE)Mark CrehanGeorge Boughey£278211/10F
8th Feb  Wolverhampton6:00  Mack The Knife (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£27825/6F
8th Feb  Wolverhampton6:30  Secret VictoryChristian HowarthCharlie Appleby£7439100/30
7th Feb  Southwell2:05  The HulkRossa RyanGeorge Boughey£34297/4
6th Feb  Kempton4:15  DefinedBenoit D L SayetteJohn Gosden£34295/2
6th Feb  Kempton4:55  KomoreMarco GhianiH Palmer£278215/2
6th Feb  Kempton7:30  My Boy SepoyMarco GhianiS C Williams£3429100/30
6th Feb  Lingfield2:16  Symbolic PowerA KirbyC Appleby£520815/8F
6th Feb  Lingfield2:51  Classy Dame (IRE)A KirbyR Eddery£278211/4
6th Feb  Lingfield3:25  Longsider (IRE)Ryan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£34292/1
5th Feb  Lingfield2:10  Lucky AvaM DwyerC Allen£278211/8F
5th Feb  Lingfield2:40  Father Of JazzCallum ShepherdR Varian£74391/2F
5th Feb  Lingfield3:40  El Conquistador (USA)A KirbyS C Williams£278211/8F
4th Feb  Chelmsford City6:30  Electric BlueCallum ShepherdJ Tate£37524/7F
4th Feb  Chelmsford City8:00  Jack The Truth (IRE)Callum ShepherdGeorge Scott£74399/1
4th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)3:05  Dubai FutureFrankie DettoriS bin Suroor£385407/2F
4th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)5:25  Man Of Promise (USA)William BuickC Appleby£3854015/8F
3rd Feb  Kempton4:55  Echo Point (IRE)A KirbyC Appleby£342910/11F
3rd Feb  Lingfield4:25  Comeatchoo (IRE)Grace McEnteeP S McEntee£278215/8F
2nd Feb  Southwell5:10  Carrothers (USA)J P SpencerD M Simcock£34291/5F
1st Feb  Wolverhampton5:10  Combine (IRE)Tom MarquandH Palmer£52084/1
1st Feb  Wolverhampton5:40  Scale ForceGeorge RookeMiss Gay Kelleway£342913/8F
1st Feb  Wolverhampton6:10  RepertoireJ P SpencerD M Simcock£34292/9F
1st Feb  Wolverhampton7:40  Bodroy (IRE)L MorrisJ Butler£342912/1
31st Jan  Wolverhampton3:10  Ibn Arabi (IRE)B A CurtisGeorge Scott£342911/2
31st Jan  Wolverhampton4:10  Comeatchoo (IRE)Grace McEnteeP S McEntee£278213/2
30th Jan  Kempton2:00  AmtiyazHollie DoyleJohn Gosden£71595/4F
30th Jan  Kempton3:10  Something Enticing (IRE)Hollie DoyleD R C Elsworth£52086/1
30th Jan  Kempton4:20  Highland Avenue (IRE)Tom MarquandCharlie Appleby£34292/7F
30th Jan  Kempton5:30  Pearl Spectre (USA)Hollie DoyleP S McEntee£27824/1
30th Jan  Lingfield0:00  Capla CrusaderDarragh KeenanC A Dwyer£278211/2
30th Jan  Lingfield1:10  Big Narstie (FR)Hayley TurnerRichard Spencer£34295/2
30th Jan  Lingfield1:45  Mutahamisa (IRE)Cameron NobleR Varian£342915/8F
30th Jan  Lingfield2:55  Pirate KingK ShoemarkC Fellowes£724610/11F
30th Jan  Lingfield3:30  Lethal LunchA KirbyM L W Bell£724614/1
29th Jan  Lingfield0:15  Axel JacklinJoey HaynesChelsea Banham£27826/1
29th Jan  Lingfield1:50  Lucky AvaM DwyerC Allen£27827/2
29th Jan  Lingfield2:25  Capla SpiritGeorge BassMiss Gay Kelleway£34296/1
29th Jan  Lingfield2:55  Crimewave (IRE)Laura PearsonTom Clover£52084/1J
29th Jan  Lingfield3:30  TamborradaA KirbyC Appleby£34292/5F
29th Jan  Wolverhampton6:15  KestennaR HavlinJ H M Gosden£3429100/30
28th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)3:40  Ya Hayati (USA)Mickael BarzalonaC Appleby£3854018/1
28th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)4:15  AlthiqaJames DoyleC Appleby£713877/2
28th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)4:50  Soft Whisper (IRE)Frankie DettoriS bin Suroor£547454/9F
28th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)5:25  Bedouin's StoryFrankie DettoriS bin Suroor£2978112/1
28th Jan  Newcastle5:25  Western Symphony (IRE)Jack MitchellC Appleby£34292/5F
28th Jan  Newcastle6:00  PholasLaura PearsonGeorge Boughey£342910/1
28th Jan  Southwell2:45  Albadri (IRE)Hollie DoyleJane Chapple-Hyam£71599/4
27th Jan  Kempton4:10  BakrDaniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£342914/1
27th Jan  Kempton4:45  Invincible Swagger (IRE)Cameron NobleR Varian£342911/4
27th Jan  Kempton5:45  MoohareebaBenoit D L SayetteJ H M Gosden£342913/8
27th Jan  Lingfield1:50  Sir Edward Elgar (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£34295/4F
27th Jan  Lingfield2:25  Invincible Larne (IRE)Callum ShepherdMick Quinn£52083/1J
27th Jan  Lingfield3:00  Aleatoric (IRE)R KingscoteMartin Smith£27826/4F
26th Jan  Southwell2:55  Cheat (IRE)J F EganP W D'Arcy£278212/1
25th Jan  Chelmsford City2:10  Luna WishGeorge BassG G Margarson£278212/1
25th Jan  Chelmsford City3:40  Baby ShamRossa RyanS C Williams£27822/1F
25th Jan  Chelmsford City4:10  Indigo Times (IRE)Callum ShepherdDavid Simcock£34299/4J
25th Jan  Kempton6:45  StarshibaDavid ProbertD R C Elsworth£715911/2
24th Jan  ABU DHABI (UAE)4:00  Nibras PassionBernardo PinheiroIsmail Mohammed£9562
24th Jan  Lingfield0:40  DeleyllA KirbyJ Butler£278217/2
24th Jan  Lingfield1:40  Myseven (IRE)William HumphreyS & E Crisford£119727/2
24th Jan  Lingfield2:10  Catch My BreathLaura PearsonJ Ryan£34297/4F
23rd Jan  Haydock2:05  Potters HedgerJack QuinlanMrs L Wadham£591318/1
23rd Jan  Newcastle6:10  CravedTom MarquandW J Haggas£34296/5F
22nd Jan  Chelmsford City5:15  La Tihaty (IRE)Cameron NobleR Varian£45281/4F
22nd Jan  Chelmsford City5:45  Show Me A SunsetBenoit D L SayetteJ R Fanshawe£52725/2
22nd Jan  Chelmsford City6:15  Tone The BaroneCallum RodriguezS C Williams£1229113/8F
22nd Jan  Lingfield4:10  Duke Of Verona (IRE)David ProbertWilliam Jarvis£342933/1
21st Jan  Lingfield2:30  ColorandoDavid ProbertM Botti£278214/1
21st Jan  Lingfield4:00  Breath Of Spring (IRE)Mohammed TabtiL McJannet£278250/1
21st Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)3:05  Walton StreetWilliam BuickCharlie Appleby£385407/2J
21st Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)5:25  Land Of Legends (IRE)Frankie DettoriS bin Suroor£7138713/2
20th Jan  Southwell5:00  Batraan (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£34291/7F
20th Jan  Southwell7:00  San Juan (IRE)Josephine GordonS L Keightley£278213/2
18th Jan  Wolverhampton5:10  Lady Quickstep (IRE)George BassMiss Gay Kelleway£278228/1
18th Jan  Wolverhampton6:40  Power Of States (IRE)Tom MarquandH Palmer£724611/4F
18th Jan  Wolverhampton7:40  Arabic Welcome (IRE)Christian HowarthM Botti£27822/1F
17th Jan  Southwell1:05  Fast Emma (IRE)Cieren FallonM L W Bell£27824/1
16th Jan  Kempton4:45  Bint Al AnoodR HavlinJ H M Gosden£342910/11F
16th Jan  Kempton5:15  Law Of The SeaBenoit D L SayetteJ H M Gosden£34297/2
16th Jan  Kempton7:20  I'm Available (IRE)R KingscoteS C Williams£96499/2
16th Jan  Lingfield0:15  Contingency FeeGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£2782100/30
16th Jan  Lingfield0:50  SkulkCieren FallonW J Haggas£34296/4F
16th Jan  Lingfield1:25  Intuitive (IRE)P J McDonaldSimon & Ed Crisford£119729/2
16th Jan  Lingfield2:00  Catch My BreathDarragh KeenanJ Ryan£278211/2
16th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)2:05  Bright Start (USA)Pat CosgraveS bin Suroor£986111/8F
16th Jan  Warwick0:40  Will Sting (IRE)Aidan ColemanMrs L Wadham£37697/2F
15th Jan  Southwell6:30  CahorsWilliam CarsonA Carson£342922/1
14th Jan  Chelmsford City5:30  Irish TimesHayley TurnerH Spiller£31056/5F
14th Jan  Chelmsford City6:00  Father Of JazzCallum ShepherdR Varian£34291/2F
14th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)3:40  Global Heat (IRE)Pat CosgraveS bin Suroor£1105611/4F
14th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)4:50  Rebel's Romance (IRE)William BuickC Appleby£219501/2F
14th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)6:00  Wasim (IRE)Mickael BarzalonaIsmail Mohammed£1225111/2
13th Jan  Kempton4:45  Nortonthorpe BoyGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£27822/1F
13th Jan  Kempton6:20  Year Of The Dragon (IRE)Callum ShepherdW J Knight£34298/15F
12th Jan  Lingfield1:10  The HulkRossa RyanGeorge Boughey£34292/1F
12th Jan  Lingfield2:15  OnaledgeMarco GhianiS C Williams£34297/2
12th Jan  Newcastle3:25  SystemicJack MitchellH Palmer£34299/2
12th Jan  Newcastle4:00  SanaadhJ FanningM Wigham£756114/1
12th Jan  Newcastle5:30  Bless Him (IRE)J P SpencerD M Simcock£1245010/1
12th Jan  Newcastle6:00  New Dynasty (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£342916/1
11th Jan  Wolverhampton6:45  FelixHollie DoyleM Botti£1197210/1
10th Jan  Southwell0:50  Woke Media (USA)Callum ShepherdD M Simcock£27825/1
9th Jan  Chelmsford City2:04  Album (IRE)Marco GhianiS C Williams£31058/11F
9th Jan  Chelmsford City2:34  Revolutionise (IRE)Jason HartS C Williams£74399/4F
9th Jan  Chelmsford City4:10  Rockett ManLaura PearsonTom Clover£37527/4
9th Jan  Chelmsford City4:45  At Your ServiceJoey HaynesChelsea Banham£31057/5F
7th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)4:15  Soft Whisper (IRE)Pat CosgraveS bin Suroor£2195013/8J
7th Jan  Wolverhampton4:55  Alto VolanteTom MarquandW J Haggas£34297/1
7th Jan  Wolverhampton5:30  Castlebar (IRE)A KirbyCharlie Appleby£52084/6F
6th Jan  Kempton3:40  Rochford (IRE)Louis StewardH Spiller£278213/2
6th Jan  Kempton5:10  Nortonthorpe BoyL MorrisP S McEntee£2782100/30F
6th Jan  Wolverhampton1:50  At Your ServiceDarragh KeenanChelsea Banham£323415/8F
6th Jan  Wolverhampton2:20  Bernie's BoyGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£388122/1
6th Jan  Wolverhampton3:55  Fleur Irlandaise (FR)J FanningNick Littmoden£38816/5F
5th Jan  Lingfield0:40  Fast Emma (IRE)Cieren FallonM L W Bell£27829/1
5th Jan  Lingfield1:10  La Tihaty (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£342910/11F
5th Jan  Lingfield2:10  JennivereMarco GhianiMiss Amy Murphy£2782100/30
5th Jan  Lingfield3:10  PassionalMarco GhianiS C Williams£27828/15F
5th Jan  Wolverhampton6:10  Global ResponseP J McDonaldJ Tate£34292/1J
4th Jan  Lingfield1:10  Royal BirthMarco GhianiS C Williams£74399/4F
4th Jan  Lingfield1:40  Figeac (FR)A KirbyNick Littmoden£34292/1J
4th Jan  Lingfield2:10  TamborradaA KirbyCharlie Appleby£34292/1F
4th Jan  Lingfield2:40  ArabescatoA KirbyNick Littmoden£27829/4F
4th Jan  Lingfield3:40  CaribenoL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£34297/2J
4th Jan  Wolverhampton4:20  Arnoul Of MetzLaura PearsonL McJannet£278210/1
4th Jan  Wolverhampton4:50  Album (IRE)R KingscoteS C Williams£34296/1
4th Jan  Wolverhampton7:20  Inaam (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Butler£34295/2F
2nd Jan  DEAUVILLE (FR)1:50  Capla Knight (IRE)Quentin PerretteMiss Gay Kelleway£847567/10
2nd Jan  Lingfield2:55  Hidden BreezeN MackayJ H M Gosden£34294/5F
2nd Jan  Lingfield3:30  Shamshon (IRE)R KingscoteS C Williams£27826/1
2nd Jan  Wolverhampton4:40  PassionalMarco GhianiS C Williams£27825/4F
2nd Jan  Wolverhampton5:10  Australis (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£74398/15F
2nd Jan  Wolverhampton6:10  Final Voyage (IRE)A KirbyJ Tate£52085/6F
2nd Jan  Wolverhampton6:40  BandinelliA KirbyC Appleby£34296/4
1st Jan  Southwell1:50  ThegreatestshowmanMarco GhianiMiss Amy Murphy£715910/11F
1st Jan  Southwell3:00  Silent Queen (IRE)B A CurtisGeorge Boughey£3429EvensF
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