Here in Newmarket we are very proud of the significant number of winners trained by the Newmarket Trainers and, to keep you up to date with ALL of these, here is an on-going list of all the recent winners achieved by Newmarket trainers. 

So far this year they have won ... races and £... in Win prize money!

Date  CourseTime  HorseJockeyTrainerPrizeS.P.
20th Sep  Chelmsford City7:15  Very Talented (IRE)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£1617211/8F
20th Sep  Chelmsford City7:45  Auxerre (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£64691/4F
20th Sep  Pontefract2:10  Red Saree (IRE)J FanningM Wigham£452825/1
20th Sep  Pontefract4:55  Baritone (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£93381/3F
20th Sep  Yarmouth2:20  FelixJ P SpencerL M Cumani£478710/1
20th Sep  Yarmouth2:50  Hidden Message (USA)Oisin MurphyW J Haggas£478713/8F
20th Sep  Yarmouth3:25  Uber Cool (IRE)Ray DawsonJane Chapple-Hyam£1260217/2
20th Sep  Yarmouth4:35  MazziniOisin MurphyJ R Fanshawe£78766/1
20th Sep  Yarmouth5:10  Nobleman's NestS De SousaS Crisford£78765/2F
19th Sep  Beverley1:50  Islay MistGabriele MaluneMiss Amy Murphy£310515/2
19th Sep  Beverley2:20  Mot Juste (USA)D TudhopeR Varian£414011/4J
19th Sep  Sandown4:20  Knight Errant (IRE)S De SousaW Jarvis£64694/1
19th Sep  Sandown4:55  Geetanjali (IRE)S De SousaM L W Bell£45282/1F
19th Sep  Sandown5:25  Mystic MegJack MitchellH Palmer£45289/4F
19th Sep  Yarmouth2:00  Princess Keira (IRE)F NortonMick Quinn£37525/1
19th Sep  Yarmouth2:30  Royal Meeting (IRE)S bin Suroor£47872/1F
19th Sep  Yarmouth3:00  Millions MemoriesP CosgraveDavid Lanigan£478740/1
19th Sep  Yarmouth3:35  Sheikha Reika (FR)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£281107/1
19th Sep  Yarmouth4:05  Pactolus (IRE)Oisin MurphyS C Williams£55315/1
19th Sep  Yarmouth4:40  NicklausJames DoyleW J Haggas£78765/1
19th Sep  Yarmouth5:10  Encore D'OrR L MooreR M H Cowell£1260211/8F
18th Sep  Kempton6:00  Ideological (IRE)David EganR Varian£388111/4
18th Sep  Kempton6:30  First ThoughtJames DoyleW J Haggas£31054/1J
18th Sep  Kempton7:00  Ledham (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£933813/8F
18th Sep  Lingfield2:00  VivionnR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£37526/4F
18th Sep  Lingfield2:30  RomolaR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£37529/4
18th Sep  Lingfield5:00  Dubai FrameR HavlinE A L Dunlop£31053/1F
18th Sep  Yarmouth2:20  Magic J (USA)Oisin MurphyEd Vaughan£67287/4
18th Sep  Yarmouth2:50  Protected GuestJane ElliottG G Margarson£1500210/1
18th Sep  Yarmouth3:20  Right About Now (IRE)Lewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£31057/1
18th Sep  Yarmouth3:50  Faithful PromiseJosephine GordonC A Dwyer£414012/1
18th Sep  Yarmouth4:20  Breathtaking LookR KingscoteS C Williams£37528/1
18th Sep  Yarmouth4:50  Queen Of Desire (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£553113/2
17th Sep  Brighton2:40  Red ArmourJason WatsonJ Ryan£310513/8F
17th Sep  Brighton3:10  Emily GoldfinchRossa RyanPhil McEntee£31059/2
17th Sep  Brighton4:10  Arcanista (IRE)Lewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£55316/1
17th Sep  Kempton5:30  Soar AboveTim ClarkJ Butler£310514/1
17th Sep  Kempton6:30  Kamikaze Lord (USA)James DoyleJ Noseda£38812/7F
17th Sep  Kempton7:00  Awalii (FR)James DoyleS Crisford£38817/1
17th Sep  Kempton8:30  KlassiqueJames DoyleW J Haggas£64697/2J
17th Sep  Kempton9:00  Dame NellieDavid ProbertRae Guest£31055/1F
17th Sep  Maisons-Laffitte (FR)1:20  Sporting ChanceS Crisford£91/10
16th Sep  Bath5:40  My Boy SepoyRossa RyanS C Williams£37525/2
16th Sep  The Curragh (IRE)4:15  Quorto (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£19950011/8F
16th Sep  Longchamp (FR)4:10  Brundtland (IRE)C Appleby£16/5
16th Sep  Woodbine (CAN)9:26  La Pelosa (IRE)C Appleby£13/4
15th Sep  Bath3:45  Nibras AgainJoshua BryanIsmail Mohammed£55318/1
15th Sep  Bath4:20  Daira Prince (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£124505/2F
15th Sep  Bath5:35  GhayadhNicola CurrieH Palmer£46908/1
15th Sep  Chelmsford City3:25  Victory Wave (USA)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£311257/2
15th Sep  Chelmsford City4:00  Saint Diana (JPN)T P QueallyW J Haggas£97045/4F
15th Sep  Doncaster2:25  MustashryJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£614175/2F
15th Sep  Doncaster3:00  Too Darn HotL DettoriJ H M Gosden£425324/11F
15th Sep  Doncaster4:45  OstilioAndrea AtzeniS Crisford£155626/4F
15th Sep  Leopardstown (IRE)6:35  Roaring Lion (USA)Oisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£7125008/11F
15th Sep  Lingfield2:30  Dubai Blue (USA)Hector CrouchS bin Suroor£49497/2
15th Sep  Lingfield4:15  Rose BerryIrineu GoncalvesC A Dwyer£55314/1
15th Sep  Lingfield5:30  VoluminousGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£37527/2
15th Sep  Musselburgh2:55  Blame Roberta (USA)J FanningR M H Cowell£776310/11F
15th Sep  Musselburgh5:15  Artarmon (IRE)C LeeM L W Bell£148795/2F
14th Sep  Chester4:15  Deja (FR)P HanaganP W Chapple-Hyam£58529/5F
14th Sep  Doncaster4:05  SangariusR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£1701311/10F
14th Sep  Doncaster4:40  Royal Marine (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£970411/2
14th Sep  Salisbury4:00  Jash (IRE)Jim CrowleyS Crisford£47871/8F
14th Sep  Sandown2:15  AstronautCharles BishopW J Haggas£45289/4F
14th Sep  Sandown2:50  Gnaad (IRE)Joey HaynesA Bailey£45286/1
14th Sep  Sandown3:25  Kosciuszko (IRE)N MackayJ H M Gosden£45289/2
13th Sep  Doncaster1:50  Stay Classy (IRE)David EganRichard Spencer£283546/1
13th Sep  Doncaster3:00  God GivenJ P SpencerL M Cumani£567105/1
13th Sep  Doncaster4:40  Another Eclipse (IRE)Andrea AtzeniDavid Simcock£1556211/2
13th Sep  FFOS LAS4:30  Ghalia Al ThumamaCharles BishopC Allen£37524/1
13th Sep  Hamilton6:55  Beauty FillyD TudhopeW J Haggas£124505/2
12th Sep  Carlisle4:15  Haverland (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£420512/1
12th Sep  Doncaster3:00  Global ApplauseG MosseR M H Cowell£226842/1F
12th Sep  Doncaster4:05  Lady Bergamot (FR)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£1867510/1
12th Sep  Kempton6:15  So Hi Class (IRE)M M MonaghanM Botti£310511/2
12th Sep  Kempton6:45  Coverham (IRE)L MorrisJ M P Eustace£37527/2
12th Sep  Kempton8:15  Moving Forward (IRE)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£375211/4
12th Sep  Longchamp (FR)1:20  Mrs Sippy (USA)David Simcock£4/5F
11th Sep  FONTAINEBLEAU (FR)4:15  DynamicW J Haggas£81/10
10th Sep  Brighton2:00  Arcanista (IRE)S De SousaC A Dwyer£375211/8F
10th Sep  Brighton3:05  KachumbaS De SousaRae Guest£37527/2
10th Sep  Brighton4:10  GododdinJason WatsonH Palmer£37522/1F
10th Sep  Chelmsford City5:45  BalladeerHayley TurnerM L W Bell£60819/4F
10th Sep  Chelmsford City6:45  Merhoob (IRE)A KirbyJ Ryan£97045/2
10th Sep  Chelmsford City7:15  Corrosive (USA)Josephine GordonH Palmer£161724/1
10th Sep  Chelmsford City8:15  Night StoryW BuickC Appleby£672811/4
9th Sep  DUSSELDORF (GER)4:30  Clear Water (IRE)M Wigham£78/10
8th Sep  Ascot1:35  Turjomaan (USA)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£672816/1
8th Sep  Ascot2:10  Shambolic (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£672811/4
8th Sep  Ascot2:45  Ripp Orf (IRE)Jason WatsonD R C Elsworth£498007/1
8th Sep  Ascot3:55  First ElevenR HavlinJ H M Gosden£622505/2J
8th Sep  Haydock1:50  MekongR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£622509/4F
8th Sep  Haydock4:15  The Tin ManOisin MurphyJ R Fanshawe£184421