Here in Newmarket we are very proud of the significant number of winners trained by the Newmarket Trainers and, to keep you up to date with ALL of these, here is an on-going list of all the recent winners achieved by Newmarket trainers. 

So far this year they have won ... races and £... in Win prize money!

Date  CourseTime  HorseJockeyTrainerPrizeS.P.
15th Nov  Chelmsford City5:15  California LoveJames DoyleRichard Spencer£37526/4F
15th Nov  Chelmsford City5:45  Valley Belle (IRE)Callum ShepherdP S McEntee£34939/1
15th Nov  Chelmsford City7:45  Glenn CocoS M LeveyS C Williams£543416/1
15th Nov  Kempton4:30  Rambaldi (IRE)M M MonaghanM Botti£31057/1
15th Nov  Kempton5:30  The Pinto Kid (FR)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£43348/11F
15th Nov  Kempton7:30  Deeds Not Words (IRE)F NortonM Wigham£31053/1
15th Nov  Southwell1:40  Arzaak (IRE)Josephine GordonC A Dwyer£672812/1
15th Nov  Southwell2:45  JadeyraG LeeS Crisford£375213/2
14th Nov  Kempton6:00  Sonja Henie (IRE)G MosseM Botti£38817/2F
13th Nov  Chelmsford City4:15  Fares Kodiac (IRE)M M MonaghanM Botti£47879/4J
13th Nov  Huntingdon2:10  Mystic SkyMaxime TissierMrs L Wadham£156407/2
12th Nov  Southwell3:50  Fink Hill (USA)Charles BishopRichard Spencer£37524/1
10th Nov  Chelmsford City4:30  Shining ArmorF NortonJ Ryan£34935/2J
10th Nov  Chelmsford City5:00  Battle Of Waterloo (IRE)L MorrisJ Ryan£478710/1
10th Nov  Chelmsford City5:30  Spanish Mission (USA)Tom MarquandDavid Simcock£97049/4
10th Nov  Doncaster11:45  Lady FreyjaCieren FallonJ Ryan£747014/1
9th Nov  Newcastle6:45  Island Of Life (USA)D TudhopeW J Haggas£553115/8F
9th Nov  Newcastle7:15  Amherst RockJ F EganJ Butler£310512/1
9th Nov  Warwick2:00  Kalashnikov (IRE)Jack QuinlanMiss Amy Murphy£94951/4F
8th Nov  Chelmsford City7:15  GentlemenNicola CurrieP S McEntee£672816/1
8th Nov  Chelmsford City7:45  Heavenly Holly (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£543411/10F
8th Nov  Chelmsford City8:15  TundraCieren FallonA Carson£34934/1
7th Nov  Chelmsford City5:20  FlarepathJames DoyleW J Haggas£37528/13F
7th Nov  Chelmsford City7:20  The Night KingF NortonMick Quinn£31055/1
7th Nov  Musselburgh1:15  Needs To Be Seen (FR)A P CawleyJ Ryan£42247/2
7th Nov  Newcastle5:10  Solid Stone (IRE)D TudhopeSir Michael Stoute£47872/7F
7th Nov  Newcastle6:10  Sweet Nature (IRE)J FanningW J Haggas£37527/2
7th Nov  Nottingham0:05  Queen Constantine (GER)L MorrisWilliam Jarvis£38819/1
7th Nov  Nottingham0:35  SurfmanAndrea AtzeniR Varian£388110/11F
7th Nov  Nottingham1:05  Space Blues (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£38812/1
6th Nov  FLEMINGTON (AUS)4:00  Cross CounterC Appleby£8/1
6th Nov  Kempton4:30  Global Wonder (IRE)G MosseMiss Gay Kelleway£310513/2
6th Nov  Kempton5:00  JahbathJames DoyleW J Haggas£38811/2F
6th Nov  Kempton7:00  Lady Dancealot (IRE)G MosseD R C Elsworth£64695/1J
6th Nov  Redcar0:45  DashedJack MitchellR Varian£45285/2F
6th Nov  Wolverhampton3:55  Given Choice (IRE)Cameron NobleS Crisford£31058/1
5th Nov  Kempton6:30  Contrive (IRE)David EganR Varian£64694/1
4th Nov  CAPANNELLE (ITY)0:40  Stage Play (IRE)J FanningM L W Bell£17,2543/1
4th Nov  CAPANNELLE (ITY)3:00  God GivenJ WatsonL M Cumani£163,70039/10
4th Nov  Huntingdon1:10  Lazarus (IRE)Sean HoulihanAmy Murphy£324911/4
3rd Nov  CHURCHILL DOWNS (USA)7:36  Expert EyeL DettoriSir Michael Stoute£814,8149/2F
3rd Nov  FLEMINGTON (AUS)2:40  A Prince Of ArranM WalkerC Fellowes£104,91317/5
3rd Nov  Newcastle3:30  Kyoto Star (FR)Kevin StottHenry Spiller£375228/1
3rd Nov  Newcastle4:30  You Never Can Tell (IRE)G LeeRichard Spencer£31051/2F
3rd Nov  Newcastle5:00  DeputiseP HanaganW J Haggas£47874/5F
3rd Nov  Newcastle5:30  Gilded HeavenT HamiltonR Varian£31053/1F
3rd Nov  Newcastle7:00  Reconcile (IRE)P HanaganSimon Crisford£37524/1
3rd Nov  Newmarket0:50  Imperial CharmDavid EganSimon Crisford£517511/10F
2nd Nov  CHURCHILL DOWNS (USA)9:22  Line of Duty (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£407,4073/1J
2nd Nov  Kempton7:45  EnvoyRyan TateJ M P Eustace£93389/4
2nd Nov  Kempton8:45  The LacemakerDarragh KeenanC A Dwyer£3105100/30F
2nd Nov  Kempton9:15  Soar AboveTim ClarkJ Butler£31056/1
2nd Nov  Newmarket2:50  Graceful LadyAndrew BreslinR Eddery£90572/1F
1st Nov  Lingfield2:00  Never Back Down (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£119724/1J
1st Nov  Lingfield2:35  RasimaDavid EganR Varian£2268414/1
1st Nov  Lingfield3:05  Dramatic Queen (USA)James DoyleW J Haggas£2268411/4F
1st Nov  Lingfield3:40  Listen To The Wind (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£37525/4F
1st Nov  Newcastle5:30  Boxatricks (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£29113/1J
1st Nov  Wolverhampton7:15  Mubakker (USA)Jason WatsonSir Michael Stoute£37527/4F
31st Oct  Fakenham2:00  Dance To ParisL P AspellMrs L Wadham£54585/1
31st Oct  Kempton5:45  Ideological (IRE)David EganR Varian£32348/15F
31st Oct  Kempton6:15  DirectoryRyan TateJ M P Eustace£37525/1
31st Oct  Kempton6:45  LaiethJason WatsonS bin Suroor£38818/13F
31st Oct  Kempton7:45  Dramatic Queen (USA)James DoyleW J Haggas£155623/1
31st Oct  Nottingham0:40  Dalaalaat (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£646911/10F
31st Oct  Nottingham2:40  OcelotP HanaganR M H Cowell£388112/1
31st Oct  Nottingham3:40  Arch My BoyP HanaganMartin Smith£414013/2
30th Oct  Wolverhampton8:15  Sun Hat (IRE)R HavlinS Crisford£37527/1
29th Oct  Leicester2:30  Lady AlavesaJosephine GordonMiss Gay Kelleway£375211/4F
29th Oct  Leicester3:05  EscalatorS DonohoeC Fellowes£129387/2
28th Oct  CHANTILLY (FR)3:20  Royal Meeting (IRE)C SoumillonS bin Suroor£126415.93 4/1
27th Oct  Doncaster1:45  San Donato (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£170132/1F
27th Oct  Kempton6:15  Loolwah (IRE)Kieran ShoemarkSir Michael Stoute£38817/2
27th Oct  Kempton7:15  LastochkaDavid EganR Varian£38817/1
27th Oct  Kempton7:45  Glassy Waters (USA)Hayley TurnerS bin Suroor£646911/1
27th Oct  Kempton8:15  PolybiusJ P SpencerDavid Simcock£93389/2
27th Oct  Newbury1:10  NaushaDavid EganR Varian£543411/4J
27th Oct  Newbury1:40  LuxorM HarleyW J Haggas£64697/1
27th Oct  Newbury2:20  Young Rascal (FR)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£34026EvensF
27th Oct  Newbury4:30  DukhanJason WatsonH Palmer£129388/1
26th Oct  Doncaster2:25  ReevesP J McDonaldR M H Cowell£375211/2
26th Oct  Doncaster3:00  Ernest AldrichJ P SpencerL M Cumani£375212/1
26th Oct  Doncaster3:35  Ice Lord (IRE)R KingscoteC F Wall£1245012/1
26th Oct  Doncaster4:10  The Grand VisirHarry BentleyJ Butler£724625/1
26th Oct  Doncaster4:45  CoolongolookJ P SpencerL M Cumani£743920/1
26th Oct  Kempton6:45  Art Song (USA)W BuickC Appleby£38814/7F
26th Oct  Newbury1:10  Thrilla In ManilaT P QueallyRichard Spencer£478725/1
26th Oct  Newbury3:25  OutboxAndrea AtzeniS Crisford£3234515/8F
26th Oct  Newbury4:00  Bedouin's StoryJason WatsonS bin Suroor£55315/1
26th Oct  Newbury4:35  Bernardo O'ReillyM DwyerRichard Spencer£743916/1
26th Oct  Newbury5:10  Graceful LadyAndrew BreslinR Eddery£37525/1
25th Oct  Chelmsford City5:45  Red October (IRE)Jim CrowleyH Palmer£67285/4F
25th Oct  Chelmsford City6:45  Dollar Value (USA)J FanningR M H Cowell£543414/1
24th Oct  Chelmsford City6:00  Sandridge Lad (IRE)S DonohoeJ Ryan£51118/1
24th Oct  Chelmsford City8:30  Hard Toffee (IRE)Callum ShepherdL Allan£29114/1
24th Oct  Newcastle7:45  Trolius (IRE)R HavlinS Crisford£29993/1
24th Oct  Newcastle8:45  Ring DancerJack MitchellS Crisford£375213/8F
24th Oct  Newmarket1:30  Rainbow Heart (IRE)R L MooreW J Haggas£38814/6F
24th Oct  Newmarket2:00  Garrel GlenLouis StewardM H Tompkins£388116/1
24th Oct  Newmarket5:30  Al Fajir Mukbile (IRE)G MosseIsmail Mohammed£45285/2
23rd Oct  Kempton7:40  Busby (IRE)M DwyerC Allen£37523/1F
23rd Oct  Kempton8:10  Indian TygressGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£64699/4F
23rd Oct  Kempton8:40  The Pinto Kid (FR)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£375216/5
23rd Oct  Kempton9:10  Cristal SpiritFran BerryW J Haggas£31053/1
23rd Oct  Newcastle2:40  Turjomaan (USA)Dane O'NeillR Varian£47878/13F
23rd Oct  Newcastle3:10  Glenamoy LadJ FanningM Wigham£186754/1J
23rd Oct  Newcastle3:40  Concierge (IRE)Oisin MurphyGeorge Scott£161728/1
23rd Oct  Newcastle5:45  Zamandas (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£478711/4F
23rd Oct  Yarmouth2:00  FrankellinaHarry BentleyW J Haggas£47875/4F
23rd Oct  Yarmouth3:00  NashirahW BuickC Appleby£491611/10F
23rd Oct  Yarmouth3:30  Mystic MegJack MitchellH Palmer£37526/1
23rd Oct  Yarmouth4:00  SudonaJack MitchellH Palmer£310512/1
22nd Oct  Kempton6:10  Bayroot (IRE)David EganR Varian£38818/1
22nd Oct  Kempton7:40  No Diggity (IRE)Charles BishopRichard Spencer£310511/2
22nd Oct  Kempton8:10  Silver RiverHayley TurnerS bin Suroor£38814/5F
22nd Oct  Kempton9:10  Swiss CrossCallum ShepherdPhil McEntee£31058/1
22nd Oct  Pontefract3:00  Deja (FR)Andrea AtzeniP W Chapple-Hyam£58227/2J
22nd Oct  Pontefract4:00  Imaginative (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£38816/4
22nd Oct  Windsor3:10  ThistimenextyearT P QueallyRichard Spencer£55317/1
21st Oct  CHANTILLY (FR)3:55  Qazyna (IRE)O PeslierR Varian££23,008.85103/10
20th Oct  Ascot4:30  Sharja BridgeAndrea AtzeniR Varian£1556258/1
20th Oct  CAULFIELD (AUS)6:40  Best Solution (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£ £1,820,809.25 11/1
20th Oct  Catterick2:25  Ice GalaLiam JonesW J Haggas£67284/11F
20th Oct  Catterick5:10  Queen AdelaideDarragh KeenanJ Ryan£349317/2
20th Oct  Market Rasen2:15  Normal NormanP J BrennanJ Ryan£409410/11F
20th Oct  Wolverhampton7:15  Global HeroRossa RyanS bin Suroor£37528/13F
19th Oct  Fakenham3:40  FearsomeJack QuinlanNick Littmoden£51985/1
19th Oct  Fakenham4:45  Movie LegendMaxime TissierMrs L Wadham£50646/4F
19th Oct  Newcastle8:15  Nick VedderP J McDonaldM Wigham£37525/2F
19th Oct  Redcar5:25  GrandscapeMiss Sophie SmithE A L Dunlop£33696/1
18th Oct  Chelmsford City6:15  Power Of States (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£47879/2
18th Oct  Chelmsford City6:45  Karnavaal (IRE)Jim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£478711/10F
18th Oct  Wolverhampton5:25  Compas ScoobieCameron NobleS C Williams£511111/10F
17th Oct  Newcastle5:45  GododdinJack MitchellH Palmer£55318/1
17th Oct  Newcastle8:45  Character Witness (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£37526/4J
17th Oct  Nottingham1:30  Dubai IconJason WatsonS bin Suroor£388111/10F
17th Oct  Nottingham2:00  Mannaal (IRE)James DoyleS Crisford£38812/1F
17th Oct  Nottingham3:35  CollideJames DoyleH Palmer£93383/1F
16th Oct  Kempton7:15  Connemera QueenDavid EganJ Butler£310511/4F
16th Oct  Kempton9:15  American Endeavour (USA)L MorrisM Botti£375210/1
16th Oct  Leicester2:00  Faro Angel (IRE)J P SpencerL M Cumani£64697/2
16th Oct  Leicester2:30  Lady AlavesaJosephine GordonMiss Gay Kelleway£37527/4F
16th Oct  Leicester3:35  Estihdaaf (USA)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£64695/6F
16th Oct  Leicester5:40  Crystal KingR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£37527/2F
15th Oct  Kempton5:45  Midnight Guest (IRE)T P QueallyG G Margarson£31055/1
15th Oct  Kempton7:45  JahbathJim CrowleyW J Haggas£38814/11F
15th Oct  Kempton8:15  Hanakotoba (USA)Oisin MurphyS C Williams£31054/1J
15th Oct  Yarmouth1:30  Shining ArmorDarragh KeenanJ Ryan£375215/2
15th Oct  Yarmouth2:30  Aplomb (IRE)M HarleyW J Haggas£47872/1F
15th Oct  Yarmouth5:05  Ubla (IRE)Aaron JonesMiss Gay Kelleway£310516/1
14th Oct  Goodwood4:55  AlaadelOisin MurphyS C Williams£157527/2
13th Oct  CAULFIELD (AUS)6:35  BenbatlPat CosgraveS bin Suroor££348,410.408/1
13th Oct  Chelmsford City5:45  HostessS DonohoeH Palmer£47875/2
13th Oct  Chelmsford City7:15  Lethal AngelOisin MurphyS C Williams£349311/8F
13th Oct  Chelmsford City7:45  Bobby K (IRE)Jack MitchellS Crisford£80229/2
13th Oct  Chelmsford City9:15  Dame NellieOisin MurphyRae Guest£34934/5F
13th Oct  Woodbine (CAN)11:18  Sheikha Reika (FR)A AtzeniR Varian£ £176,470.59604/10
12th Oct  DUNDALK (A.W) (IRE)8:30  Global GiantG MosseE A L Dunlop£2950011/10F
12th Oct  Newmarket2:25  Mot Juste (USA)W BuickR Varian£3402612/1
12th Oct  Newmarket4:45  NearoozDavid EganR Varian£776320/1
11th Oct  Chelmsford City5:45  AldanaS De SousaS Crisford£54345/2
11th Oct  Chelmsford City6:45  Archetype (FR)Oisin MurphyS Crisford£970413/8F
11th Oct  Chelmsford City8:45  Jumping CatsGeorge WoodC F Wall£34935/6F
11th Oct  Worcester1:55  Mercian King (IRE)Jack QuinlanAmy Murphy£74087/2
10th Oct  Kempton6:10  Sovereign GrantW BuickSir Michael Stoute£388115/8F
10th Oct  Kempton8:10  MazziniOisin MurphyJ R Fanshawe£124506/1
10th Oct  Kempton9:10  Auxerre (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£93382/1F
10th Oct  Nottingham2:30  Alnadir (USA)James DoyleS Crisford£646915/8F
10th Oct  Nottingham3:00  Star SafariJames DoyleC Appleby£64693/1
10th Oct  Nottingham3:30  Prefontaine (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£161726/4F
9th Oct  Brighton1:50  Marronnier (IRE)Daniel MuscuttS C Williams£37523/1
9th Oct  Catterick4:45  Morning Skye (IRE)Jack MitchellH Palmer£51117/2F
9th Oct  Leicester2:50  TeaserDarragh KeenanR Eddery£310516/1
9th Oct  Leicester3:20  Encore D'OrJim CrowleyR M H Cowell£126024/1
9th Oct  Newcastle6:15  Mulhima (IRE)A FresuM Botti£37524/1
9th Oct  Newcastle8:45  Burford BrownBen CurtisH Palmer£37523/1
8th Oct  Kempton6:15  Intuitive (IRE)J P SpencerJ Tate£388111/1
8th Oct  Kempton7:15  Blue ReflectionDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£31058/1
8th Oct  Kempton7:45  Pactolus (IRE)Oisin MurphyS C Williams£186758/1
8th Oct  Kempton8:45  EnthaarJim CrowleyS Crisford£375211/4J
8th Oct  Pontefract5:50  Nomoathaj (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£38814/1
8th Oct  Windsor1:25  Divine Gift (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£478711/2
8th Oct  Windsor1:55  Shoot For GoldOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£37522/1
8th Oct  Windsor4:00  Christopher Wood (IRE)Jim CrowleyM L W Bell£55319/2
7th Oct  Longchamp (FR)1:55  Royal Marine (IRE)£202,265.49S bin Suroor£O Murphy5/1
7th Oct  Longchamp (FR)3:50  Wild Illusion£252,831.86C Appleby£William Buick2/1F
7th Oct  Longchamp (FR)5:00  One MasterP BoudotW J Haggas£176,982.3033/1
6th Oct  Ascot4:45  Erissimus Maximus (FR)Nicola CurrieC A Dwyer£1293810/1
6th Oct  Longchamp (FR)1:00  Brundtland (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£100,884.961/2F
6th Oct  Longchamp (FR)2:50  Master Brewer (FR)W BuickM L W Bell£121,681.4221/10F
6th Oct  Longchamp (FR)4:05  OstilioA AtzeniS Crisford£100,884.9656/10
6th Oct  Newmarket2:05  Emily GoldfinchDarragh KeenanP S McEntee£3112525/1
6th Oct  Newmarket5:00  RawdaaR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£311255/2F
6th Oct  Newmarket5:35  KlassiqueCharles BishopW J Haggas£311253/1F
6th Oct  Redcar2:10  AweT P QueallyW J Haggas£51755/2
6th Oct  Wolverhampton5:15  Camelot Rakti (IRE)Callum ShepherdJ Tate£31053/1
6th Oct  Wolverhampton5:45  MuneyraLiam JonesW J Haggas£37521/4F
6th Oct  Wolverhampton6:45  Major Partnership (IRE)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£72464/5F
6th Oct  Wolverhampton7:15  Late ChangePoppy BridgwaterDavid Simcock£55318/1
6th Oct  Wolverhampton7:45  Foxy LocksP MathersJ Butler£310520/1
5th Oct  Ascot3:35  Ghostwatch (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£368622/1F
5th Oct  Fontwell2:05  Wind Place And ShoJack QuinlanJ M P Eustace£62386/1
5th Oct  Wolverhampton6:45  Trolius (IRE)Jack MitchellS Crisford£37527/4F
5th Oct  Wolverhampton8:45  Hard Taskmaster (IRE)D AllanJ Tate£3752EvensF
5th Oct  Wolverhampton9:15  New Orleans (IRE)Jack MitchellH Palmer£37529/2J
4th Oct  Chelmsford City5:45  Windy GuestJane ElliottG G Margarson£34935/2F
4th Oct  Chelmsford City6:15  Accommodate (IRE)R KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£60815/2F
4th Oct  Chelmsford City6:45  AllmankindS De SousaM L W Bell£60814/9F
4th Oct  Chelmsford City8:15  Grasmere (IRE)Darragh KeenanA Bailey£34938/1
4th Oct  Chelmsford City8:45  Compas ScoobieCameron NobleS C Williams£543413/8F
4th Oct  Huntingdon3:35  Macksville (IRE)Jack QuinlanJ M P Eustace£38994/1
4th Oct  Huntingdon5:15  Aggressive (IRE)T ScudamoreD R C Elsworth£227415/8F
4th Oct  Lingfield2:20  Contrive (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£37527/1
4th Oct  Lingfield4:00  AttainmentJames DoyleJ Tate£37527/4
4th Oct  Lingfield4:30  Wilbury TwistAndrea AtzeniR Varian£37525/2F
3rd Oct  Newcastle6:30  Madam DeviousJ FanningR M H Cowell£3752100/30
3rd Oct  Newcastle7:00  Sun Hat (IRE)J FanningS Crisford£37525/1
3rd Oct  Nottingham1:30  True HeroOisin MurphyW J Haggas£55634/1
3rd Oct  Nottingham2:30  Ya Hala (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£55635/2
3rd Oct  Nottingham4:40  Carnwennan (IRE)David EganC Fellowes£155624/1
3rd Oct  Salisbury2:45  Senza Limiti (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£5111100/30
3rd Oct  Salisbury5:25  EquimouM HarleyR Eddery£57577/1
2nd Oct  Kempton5:45  Broughton ExcelsS DonohoeS C Williams£25883/1F
2nd Oct  Kempton6:45  Spencers Son (IRE)T P QueallyRichard Spencer£323412/1
2nd Oct  Kempton7:45  Dame NellieOisin MurphyRae Guest£31056/4F
2nd Oct  Kempton9:15  Kamra (USA)Andrea AtzeniHenry Spiller£64698/1
1st Oct  Bath2:10  Michaels ChoiceS De SousaWilliam Jarvis£37522/1F
1st Oct  Catterick2:30  Ghost QueenJack MitchellS Crisford£47875/1
1st Oct  Catterick3:05  Smart ChampionJ FanningS Crisford£51114/1
1st Oct  Catterick5:10  Plucky DipMiss Laura PearsonJ Ryan£22645/1
1st Oct  CHANTILLY (FR)2:35  PoetryM GuyonM L W Bell£26,548.6711/2
1st Oct  CHANTILLY (FR)5:10  Line of Duty (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£35,398.23EvensF
1st Oct  Kempton5:45  City Guest (IRE)Jane ElliottG G Margarson£310520/1
1st Oct  Kempton6:15  Dupioni (IRE)Shane KellyRae Guest£3,881.40 16/1
1st Oct  Kempton7:15  Ours Puissant (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£58223/1
1st Oct  Kempton7:45  QarounAndrea AtzeniSir Michael Stoute£93387/2
1st Oct  Kempton8:45  ThistimelastyearFran BerryRae Guest£31055/1
30th Sep  Epsom Downs4:45  Allegiant (USA)S De SousaS C Williams£543411/1
30th Sep  Musselburgh3:45  OcelotD TudhopeR M H Cowell£37523/1F
29th Sep  Chelmsford City5:45  Emily GoldfinchRossa RyanP S McEntee£34294/1J
29th Sep  Chelmsford City6:45  Across DubaiOisin MurphyW J Haggas£155625/2F
29th Sep  Chelmsford City8:15  Verne CastleJames DoyleM Wigham£103507/2
29th Sep  Chester2:35  Ptarmigan RidgeGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£608110/1
29th Sep  Newmarket4:50  Qabala (USA)S De SousaR Varian£64697/2F
29th Sep  Ripon5:20  PrabeniJosephine GordonW J Haggas£38817/4
28th Sep  DUNDALK (A.W) (IRE)7:30  MootasadirP CosgraveH Palmer£371704/1
28th Sep  Haydock2:05  Brancaster (IRE)Jason WatsonD R C Elsworth£48527/2F
28th Sep  Haydock2:40  Lady AriaD TudhopeM L W Bell£47872/7F
28th Sep  Haydock4:25  Canford Heights (IRE)R KingscoteW J Haggas£18,6752/1F
28th Sep  Newcastle8:45  Summer Thunder (USA)D AllanC F Wall£31059/1
28th Sep  Newcastle9:15  Crash HelmetJessica CooleyGeorge Scott£37529/4
28th Sep  Newmarket1:50  BeshaayirOisin MurphyW J Haggas£226848/1
28th Sep  Newmarket3:35  MustashryJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£5671015/8F
28th Sep  Newmarket4:10  SkarduM HarleyW J Haggas£646933/1
28th Sep  Worcester4:00  Really SuperJack QuinlanMiss Amy Murphy£623811/2
27th Sep  Kempton6:45  Kings Highway (IRE)R HavlinJ Tate£388111/8
27th Sep  Kempton7:15  Name The WindTom MarquandJ Tate£58228/1
27th Sep  Kempton7:45  San Donato (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£38814/9F
27th Sep  Kempton8:15  EnvoyRyan TateJ M P Eustace£646914/1
27th Sep  Kempton9:15  Two SeasDaniel MuscuttG Peckham£31054/1
27th Sep  Newmarket3:00  Right Direction (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£970411/4F
27th Sep  Newmarket5:55  Maori Bob (IRE)Cameron NobleM L W Bell£19/2
27th Sep  Pontefract2:40  Reloaded (IRE)Ben CurtisGeorge Scott£51756/1
27th Sep  Pontefract6:05  Refrain (IRE)Tristan PriceSir Michael Stoute£38812/1
26th Sep  Goodwood2:00  Pablo Escobarr (IRE)R L MooreW J Haggas£119724/7F
26th Sep  Goodwood2:30  Enigmatic (IRE)Josephine GordonA Bailey£189039/2
26th Sep  Goodwood3:05  Lady Dancealot (IRE)G MosseD R C Elsworth£83457/2J
26th Sep  Goodwood3:35  GabrJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£453686/4F
26th Sep  Goodwood4:10  ElasiaAndrea AtzeniR Varian£311253/1F
26th Sep  Maisons-Laffitte (FR)1:35  Happy Odyssey (IRE)M BarzalonaMiss Amy Murphy£26,548.67 74/10
26th Sep  Redcar2:50  PrejudiceD TudhopeL M Cumani£43994/1J
26th Sep  Redcar3:55  Alfurat RiverP HanaganS bin Suroor£646911/10F
26th Sep  Wolverhampton6:45  Madkhal (USA)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£3752EvensF
26th Sep  Wolverhampton9:15  Lexington EmpireDaniel MuscuttDavid Lanigan£37527/2J
25th Sep  Beverley2:45  Sameem (IRE)D AllanJ Tate£414085/40F
25th Sep  Chelmsford City5:45  Hard Taskmaster (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Tate£46587/2J
25th Sep  Chelmsford City6:15  Starry Eyes (USA)P CosgraveS Crisford£60817/2
25th Sep  Chelmsford City8:15  Busby (IRE)M DwyerConrad Allen£543414/1
25th Sep  Lingfield4:50  KeyhavenGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£47877/1
24th Sep  Kempton3:10  Dragon MountainJosephine GordonH Palmer£64694/1
24th Sep  Kempton3:40  Alexa Rose (USA)R L MooreJ Noseda£58225/6F
24th Sep  Kempton4:10  Gold At MidnightR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£582211/2
24th Sep  Kempton5:40  Zamandas (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£37527/2F
24th Sep  Leicester2:50  Faro Angel (IRE)J P SpencerL M Cumani£67284/6F
24th Sep  Leicester4:20  OutboxJack MitchellS Crisford£51758/11F
24th Sep  Leicester5:50  Plucky DipCieren FallonJ Ryan£349325/1
24th Sep  Newcastle6:30  AldanaF NortonS Crisford£37525/2
24th Sep  Newcastle9:00  Counter Spirit (IRE)Ben CurtisIsmail Mohammed£375211/10F
23rd Sep  Hamilton3:35  Jamil (IRE)David EganR Varian£51754/7F
22nd Sep  Ayr3:15  Queen Of Bermuda (IRE)J FanningW J Haggas£368629/2F
22nd Sep  CAULFIELD (AUS)7:50  Jungle Cat (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£173,410.4012/1
22nd Sep  Catterick4:10  IndiaHayley TurnerM L W Bell£155627/4F
22nd Sep  Longchamp (FR)3:45  Ghaiyyath (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£35,398.2319/10F
22nd Sep  Newbury1:15  Politicise (IRE)M HarleyW J Haggas£55317/1
22nd Sep  Newbury2:20  Young Rascal (FR)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£340265/2
22nd Sep  Newbury4:05  King Ottokar (FR)Ben CurtisC Fellowes£55319/2
22nd Sep  Newmarket2:10  Sh BoomT P QueallyP W Chapple-Hyam£51757/2J
22nd Sep  Newmarket2:45  Game Player (IRE)Kieran ShoemarkR Varian£64696/1
22nd Sep  Wolverhampton5:45  Alaskan Bay (IRE)William CarsonRae Guest£310511/2
22nd Sep  Wolverhampton6:15  The Galla Girl (IRE)Gina ManganDenis Quinn£310566/1
21st Sep  Newbury3:55  MankibJim CrowleyW J Haggas£209834/1
21st Sep  Newcastle8:20  Power Link (USA)J P SpencerJ Tate£37529/4F
20th Sep  Chelmsford City7:15  Very Talented (IRE)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£1617211/8F
20th Sep  Chelmsford City7:45  Auxerre (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£64691/4F
20th Sep  Pontefract2:10  Red Saree (IRE)J FanningM Wigham£452825/1
20th Sep  Pontefract4:55  Baritone (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£93381/3F
20th Sep  Yarmouth2:20  FelixJ P SpencerL M Cumani£478710/1
20th Sep  Yarmouth2:50  Hidden Message (USA)Oisin MurphyW J Haggas£478713/8F
20th Sep  Yarmouth3:25  Uber Cool (IRE)Ray DawsonJane Chapple-Hyam£1260217/2
20th Sep  Yarmouth4:00  Potters Lady JaneJosephine GordonMrs L Wadham£624313/2
20th Sep  Yarmouth4:35  MazziniOisin MurphyJ R Fanshawe£78766/1
20th Sep  Yarmouth5:10  Nobleman's NestS De SousaS Crisford£78765/2F
19th Sep  Beverley1:50  Islay MistGabriele MaluneMiss Amy Murphy£310515/2
19th Sep  Beverley2:20  Mot Juste (USA)D TudhopeR Varian£414011/4J
19th Sep  Sandown4:20  Knight Errant (IRE)S De SousaW Jarvis£64694/1
19th Sep  Sandown4:55  Geetanjali (IRE)S De SousaM L W Bell£45282/1F
19th Sep  Sandown5:25  Mystic MegJack MitchellH Palmer£45289/4F
19th Sep  Yarmouth2:00  Princess Keira (IRE)F NortonMick Quinn£37525/1
19th Sep  Yarmouth2:30  Royal Meeting (IRE)O MurphyS bin Suroor£47872/1F
19th Sep  Yarmouth3:00  Millions MemoriesP CosgraveDavid Lanigan£478740/1
19th Sep  Yarmouth3:35  Sheikha Reika (FR)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£281107/1
19th Sep  Yarmouth4:05  Pactolus (IRE)Oisin MurphyS C Williams£55315/1
19th Sep  Yarmouth4:40  NicklausJames DoyleW J Haggas£78765/1
19th Sep  Yarmouth5:10  Encore D'OrR L MooreR M H Cowell£1260211/8F
18th Sep  Kempton6:00  Ideological (IRE)David EganR Varian£388111/4
18th Sep  Kempton6:30  First ThoughtJames DoyleW J Haggas£31054/1J
18th Sep  Kempton7:00  Ledham (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£933813/8F
18th Sep  Lingfield2:00  VivionnR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£37526/4F
18th Sep  Lingfield2:30  RomolaR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£37529/4
18th Sep  Lingfield5:00  Dubai FrameR HavlinE A L Dunlop£31053/1F
18th Sep  Yarmouth2:20  Magic J (USA)Oisin MurphyEd Vaughan£67287/4
18th Sep  Yarmouth2:50  Protected GuestJane ElliottG G Margarson£1500210/1
18th Sep  Yarmouth3:20  Right About Now (IRE)Lewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£31057/1
18th Sep  Yarmouth3:50  Faithful PromiseJosephine GordonC A Dwyer£414012/1
18th Sep  Yarmouth4:20  Breathtaking LookR KingscoteS C Williams£37528/1
18th Sep  Yarmouth4:50  Queen Of Desire (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£553113/2
17th Sep  Brighton2:40  Red ArmourJason WatsonJ Ryan£310513/8F
17th Sep  Brighton3:10  Emily GoldfinchRossa RyanPhil McEntee£31059/2
17th Sep  Brighton4:10  Arcanista (IRE)Lewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£55316/1
17th Sep  Kempton5:30  Soar AboveTim ClarkJ Butler£310514/1
17th Sep  Kempton6:30  Kamikaze Lord (USA)James DoyleJ Noseda£38812/7F
17th Sep  Kempton7:00  Awalii (FR)James DoyleS Crisford£38817/1
17th Sep  Kempton8:30  KlassiqueJames DoyleW J Haggas£64697/2J
17th Sep  Kempton9:00  Dame NellieDavid ProbertRae Guest£31055/1F
17th Sep  Maisons-Laffitte (FR)1:20  Sporting ChanceS De SousaS Crisford£35,398.23 91/10
16th Sep  Bath5:40  My Boy SepoyRossa RyanS C Williams£37525/2
16th Sep  The Curragh (IRE)4:15  Quorto (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£19950011/8F
16th Sep  Longchamp (FR)4:10  Brundtland (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£65,575.2216/5
16th Sep  Woodbine (CAN)9:26  La Pelosa (IRE)J P SpencerC Appleby£88,235.2913/4
15th Sep  Bath3:45  Nibras AgainJoshua BryanIsmail Mohammed£55318/1
15th Sep  Bath4:20  Daira Prince (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£124505/2F
15th Sep  Bath5:35  GhayadhNicola CurrieH Palmer£46908/1
15th Sep  Chelmsford City3:25  Victory Wave (USA)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£311257/2
15th Sep  Chelmsford City4:00  Saint Diana (JPN)T P QueallyW J Haggas£97045/4F
15th Sep  Doncaster2:25  MustashryJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£614175/2F
15th Sep  Doncaster3:00  Too Darn HotL DettoriJ H M Gosden£425324/11F
15th Sep  Doncaster4:45  OstilioAndrea AtzeniS Crisford£155626/4F
15th Sep  Leopardstown (IRE)6:35  Roaring Lion (USA)Oisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£7125008/11F
15th Sep  Lingfield2:30  Dubai Blue (USA)Hector CrouchS bin Suroor£49497/2
15th Sep  Lingfield4:15  Rose BerryIrineu GoncalvesC A Dwyer£55314/1
15th Sep  Lingfield5:30  VoluminousGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£37527/2
15th Sep  Musselburgh2:55  Blame Roberta (USA)J FanningR M H Cowell£776310/11F
15th Sep  Musselburgh5:15  Artarmon (IRE)C LeeM L W Bell£148795/2F
14th Sep  Chester4:15  Deja (FR)P HanaganP W Chapple-Hyam£58529/5F
14th Sep  Doncaster4:05  SangariusR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£1701311/10F
14th Sep  Doncaster4:40  Royal Marine (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£970411/2
14th Sep  Salisbury4:00  Jash (IRE)Jim CrowleyS Crisford£47871/8F
14th Sep  Sandown2:15  AstronautCharles BishopW J Haggas£45289/4F
14th Sep  Sandown2:50  Gnaad (IRE)Joey HaynesA Bailey£45286/1
14th Sep  Sandown3:25  Kosciuszko (IRE)N MackayJ H M Gosden£45289/2
13th Sep  Doncaster1:50  Stay Classy (IRE)David EganRichard Spencer£283546/1
13th Sep  Doncaster3:00  God GivenJ P SpencerL M Cumani£567105/1
13th Sep  Doncaster4:40  Another Eclipse (IRE)Andrea AtzeniDavid Simcock£1556211/2
13th Sep  FFOS LAS4:30  Ghalia Al ThumamaCharles BishopC Allen£37524/1
13th Sep  Hamilton6:55  Beauty FillyD TudhopeW J Haggas£124505/2
12th Sep  Carlisle4:15  Haverland (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£420512/1
12th Sep  Doncaster3:00  Global ApplauseG MosseR M H Cowell£226842/1F
12th Sep  Doncaster4:05  Lady Bergamot (FR)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£1867510/1
12th Sep  Kempton6:15  So Hi Class (IRE)M M MonaghanM Botti£310511/2
12th Sep  Kempton6:45  Coverham (IRE)L MorrisJ M P Eustace£37527/2
12th Sep  Kempton8:15  Moving Forward (IRE)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£375211/4
12th Sep  Longchamp (FR)1:20  Mrs Sippy (USA)J P SpencerDavid Simcock£23,008.854/5F
11th Sep  FONTAINEBLEAU (FR)4:15  DynamicI MendizabalW J Haggas£21,238.9481/10
10th Sep  Brighton2:00  Arcanista (IRE)S De SousaC A Dwyer£375211/8F
10th Sep  Brighton3:05  KachumbaS De SousaRae Guest£37527/2
10th Sep  Brighton4:10  GododdinJason WatsonH Palmer£37522/1F
10th Sep  Chelmsford City5:45  BalladeerHayley TurnerM L W Bell£60819/4F
10th Sep  Chelmsford City6:45  Merhoob (IRE)A KirbyJ Ryan£97045/2
10th Sep  Chelmsford City7:15  Corrosive (USA)Josephine GordonH Palmer£161724/1
10th Sep  Chelmsford City8:15  Night StoryW BuickC Appleby£672811/4
9th Sep  DUSSELDORF (GER)4:30  Clear Water (IRE)Josephine GordonM Wigham£12,389.3878/10
8th Sep  Ascot1:35  Turjomaan (USA)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£672816/1
8th Sep  Ascot2:10  Shambolic (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£672811/4
8th Sep  Ascot2:45  Ripp Orf (IRE)Jason WatsonD R C Elsworth£498007/1
8th Sep  Ascot3:55  First ElevenR HavlinJ H M Gosden£622505/2J
8th Sep  Haydock1:50  MekongR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£622509/4F
8th Sep  Haydock4:15  The Tin ManOisin MurphyJ R Fanshawe£1844217/1
8th Sep  Kempton2:05  EnableL DettoriJ H M Gosden£396978/15F
8th Sep  Kempton3:50  Eyelool (IRE)T P QueallyW J Haggas£64693/1
8th Sep  Kempton4:25  Kessaar (IRE)K T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£340269/1
8th Sep  LA TESTE DE BUCH ()0:15  Expressiy (FR)James DoyleC Appleby£24,336.286/5F
8th Sep  LA TESTE DE BUCH ()0:50  First Contact (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£24,336.28EvensF
8th Sep  Wolverhampton7:15  Be Like Me (IRE)Gabriele MaluneM Botti£37529/2F
7th Sep  Ascot2:05  Prince EijiAndrea AtzeniR Varian£77634/1
7th Sep  Ascot3:15  AlexanaJames DoyleW J Haggas£97043/1
7th Sep  Ascot4:20  Silver QuartzJames DoyleH Palmer£186754/1
7th Sep  Haydock3:00  Hart StopperR KingscoteS C Williams£1940711/2
7th Sep  Kempton6:15  ArtoisJames DoyleH Palmer£58227/2
7th Sep  Kempton6:45  AlmuftiJames DoyleH Palmer£58229/2
7th Sep  Kempton7:15  DandhuG MosseD R C Elsworth£118284/1
7th Sep  Kempton7:45  MootasadirP CosgraveH Palmer£93389/2
7th Sep  Kempton8:15  Indian TygressGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£37526/4F
7th Sep  Newcastle4:35  Canvassed (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£478711/4
7th Sep  Newcastle5:10  Promote (IRE)D AllanJ Tate£47875/2F
6th Sep  Chelmsford City6:10  Storm Shelter (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£349311/4F
6th Sep  Chelmsford City6:45  Roof GardenLouis StewardM H Tompkins£34936/1
6th Sep  Chelmsford City7:45  Welsh LordHector CrouchS bin Suroor£834511/4
6th Sep  Carlisle6:30  CollideBen CurtisH Palmer£42058/13F
6th Sep  Haydock2:10  Magical SightJames DoyleW J Haggas£64697/4
6th Sep  Haydock2:40  San Donato (IRE)David EganR Varian£64699/2
6th Sep  Haydock3:40  FondestGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£646910/1
6th Sep  Haydock4:40  Huge FutureJim CrowleyS bin Suroor£142325/2F
6th Sep  Haydock5:10  Brancaster (IRE)Mr George EdderyD R C Elsworth£40559/2
6th Sep  Salisbury2:50  Global HeroHector CrouchS bin Suroor£51119/1
6th Sep  Salisbury4:20  YourtimeisnowAndrea AtzeniR Varian£263704/1
5th Sep  Bath3:30  Floria Tosca (IRE)R WinstonL M Cumani£60804/5F
5th Sep  FFOS LAS6:30  OutboxJack MitchellS Crisford£38175/1
5th Sep  Lingfield1:40  Midnight Guest (IRE)Jane ElliottG G Margarson£19415/1
5th Sep  Lingfield2:40  Treasure MeS DonohoeC Fellowes£55312/1F
5th Sep  Lingfield3:10  El Ghazwani (IRE)Jim CrowleyH Palmer£55314/1
5th Sep  Lingfield4:45  Game Player (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£375211/4
5th Sep  Longchamp (FR)2:05  Poetic CharmW BuickC Appleby£23,008.858/5F
5th Sep  Southwell5:20  The Rocket Park (IRE)W T KennedyJohn Berry£22748/1
5th Sep  Wolverhampton6:20  LuxorJames DoyleW J Haggas£37523/1
5th Sep  Wolverhampton6:50  MinnelliJason HartP J McBride£37528/1
5th Sep  Wolverhampton7:55  Thunderbolt RocksJames DoyleH Palmer£55315/4F
5th Sep  Wolverhampton8:55  Petit PalaisR HavlinJ H M Gosden£31055/4J
4th Sep  Goodwood2:00  Esprit De Baileys (FR)Oisin MurphyMiss Amy Murphy£51754/1
4th Sep  Goodwood3:05  Line of Duty (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£157526/5F
4th Sep  Goodwood4:45  Curious FoxDavid ProbertA Carson£60817/2
4th Sep  Kempton6:45  Dark Side DreamS De SousaC A Dwyer£375211/4F
4th Sep  Kempton8:15  FivetwoeightS De SousaP W Chapple-Hyam£64696/4F
4th Sep  Leicester5:25  Blame Roberta (USA)Jim CrowleyR M H Cowell£38814/6F
4th Sep  Leicester5:55  TahreekJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£56283/1J
3rd Sep  Brighton3:00  Arcanista (IRE)S De SousaC A Dwyer£31059/4F
3rd Sep  Brighton3:30  HameemJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£37522/9F
3rd Sep  FFOS LAS3:15  Amplification (USA)Edward GreatrexE A L Dunlop£37529/2
3rd Sep  Newcastle6:50  Hard Taskmaster (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£34938/11F
3rd Sep  Newcastle7:50  Burford BrownBen CurtisH Palmer£34939/4
3rd Sep  Windsor7:30  Pentland Hills (IRE)James DoyleC F Wall£37522/1F
2nd Sep  BADEN-BADEN (GER)3:55  Best Solution (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£132,743.3629/10
1st Sep  Beverley2:10  Stealth Fighter (IRE)P HanaganS bin Suroor£51756/4
1st Sep  Chelmsford City5:45  Sonnet Rose (IRE)William CarverC Allen£34939/2
1st Sep  Chelmsford City6:15  Court PoetW BuickC Appleby£73755/4F
1st Sep  Chelmsford City7:15  Fox Coach (IRE)Andrea AtzeniM Botti£2264211/10F
1st Sep  Chelmsford City7:45  Cenotaph (USA)R L MooreJ Noseda£646903/1F
1st Sep  Chelmsford City8:45  Crystal MoonlightR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£1617211/4
1st Sep  Chester5:35  Master Archer (IRE)David ProbertJ R Fanshawe£60819/4
1st Sep  Lingfield6:00  Cat Royale (IRE)Danny BrockJ Butler£310511/2
1st Sep  Lingfield7:30  Morning Skye (IRE)Josephine GordonH Palmer£37524/1
1st Sep  Sandown1:50  Global ApplauseG MosseR M H Cowell£1245015/2
1st Sep  Sandown2:25  Dubai Horizon (IRE)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£311257/1
1st Sep  Sandown3:00  VeraciousR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£3969710/11F
1st Sep  Sandown3:35  Too Darn HotL DettoriJ H M Gosden£28355EvensF
1st Sep  Wolverhampton2:55  LoveisiliJack MitchellR Varian£41403/1
1st Sep  Wolverhampton3:30  Fashaak (IRE)A KirbyJ Butler£446411/1
1st Sep  Wolverhampton5:40  Spenny's LassB DoyleJ Ryan£323412/1
31st Aug  Hamilton5:25  Three Comets (GER)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£41404/11F
31st Aug  Newcastle6:15  Miss Latin (IRE)Hayley TurnerDavid Simcock£60814/1
31st Aug  Newcastle6:45  MidiDavid ProbertSir Michael Stoute£414011/4
31st Aug  Newcastle8:15  Garrus (IRE)L MorrisJ Noseda£41402/9F
31st Aug  Sandown3:15  Almania (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£452810/11F
31st Aug  Sandown3:50  The Emperor Within (FR)Josephine GordonMartin Smith£933814/1
31st Aug  Sandown5:00  Arabian Jazz (IRE)James DoyleM L W Bell£51757/2J
31st Aug  Wolverhampton4:30  Muthhila (IRE)M M MonaghanM Botti£31054/5F
31st Aug  Wolverhampton7:05  Canford Heights (IRE)Georgia CoxW J Haggas£37524/1
30th Aug  Chelmsford City2:00  Roma BangkokM M MonaghanM Botti£970433/1
30th Aug  Chelmsford City4:00  EncryptedJosephine GordonH Palmer£194079/2
30th Aug  Chelmsford City4:30  Lady Baker (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£9704EvensF
30th Aug  Chelmsford City5:00  Lulu Star (IRE)Joshua BryanMiss J Feilden£34936/1
30th Aug  Carlisle3:10  Royal ResidenceP J McDonaldJ Tate£64699/2
30th Aug  Tipperary (IRE)5:55  One MasterC O'DonoghueW J Haggas£383509/2
29th Aug  Catterick3:00  RomaanaP J McDonaldS Crisford£51112/11F
29th Aug  Catterick4:30  IndiaD AllanM L W Bell£672810/11F
29th Aug  Kempton7:55  Dragon MountainJosephine GordonH Palmer£64696/1
29th Aug  Kempton8:25  African Jazz (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£64691/2F
29th Aug  Lingfield2:20  Hard Taskmaster (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Tate£31054/1F
29th Aug  Lingfield2:50  AnnecyJ P SpencerDavid Simcock£414010/1
29th Aug  Lingfield3:50  SepraniAndrea AtzeniM Botti£55319/2
29th Aug  Worcester7:45  Really SuperJack QuinlanMiss Amy Murphy£40944/1
28th Aug  Chelmsford City5:50  Field Gun (USA)James DoyleW J Haggas£47871/6F
28th Aug  Chelmsford City6:20  Global ArtG MosseE A L Dunlop£47875/1
28th Aug  Epsom Downs3:15  Desert Frost (IRE)Rossa RyanS bin Suroor£93387/4F
28th Aug  Ripon3:35  Red MistS De SousaS Crisford£74704/5F
27th Aug  Epsom Downs3:40  Medalla De OroMr F MaguireP W Chapple-Hyam£74875/1
27th Aug  Ripon4:00  Sporting ChanceS De SousaS Crisford£170136/1
27th Aug  Southwell5:55  Tynecastle ParkDarragh KeenanR Eddery£3493100/30J
26th Aug  BADEN-BADEN (GER)4:05  Raven's LadyG MosseM Botti£35,398.238/5F
26th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)1:35  Fairy Tale (IRE)P BoudotMiss Gay Kelleway£11,061.9512/5F
26th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)3:55  Loxley (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£100,884.967/5F
26th Aug  Goodwood3:00  EscalatorS DonohoeC Fellowes£3112514/1
26th Aug  Yarmouth2:20  Right About Now (IRE)Seamus CroninC A Dwyer£47876/1
26th Aug  Yarmouth2:50  Protected GuestDavid EganG G Margarson£1494011/4
26th Aug  Yarmouth3:25  Excelled (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£608120/1
26th Aug  Yarmouth4:00  Autumn Splendour (IRE)J P SpencerJ Tate£60816/1
26th Aug  Yarmouth4:35  Maverick OfficerJ P SpencerDavid Simcock£1008211/8F
26th Aug  Yarmouth5:10  Colonel FrankFran BerryMick Quinn£100822/1F
25th Aug  Chelmsford City4:10  Magical Dreamer (IRE)Charles BishopJ R Fanshawe£1617211/8F
25th Aug  Chelmsford City4:40  Artarmon (IRE)S DonohoeM L W Bell£83452/1F
25th Aug  Goodwood4:25  StylehunterR HavlinJ H M Gosden£97048/11F
25th Aug  Newmarket1:40  Jash (IRE)Jack MitchellS Crisford£517515/8F
25th Aug  Newmarket4:35  Clear Water (IRE)Josephine GordonM Wigham£646911/1
25th Aug  Newmarket5:10  Excellent GeorgeWilliam CarverS C Williams£646920/1
25th Aug  Redcar8:00  Sandkissed (IRE)Rhiain IngramMiss Amy Murphy£349312/1
25th Aug  Windsor5:45  Desert Encounter (IRE)Harry BentleyDavid Simcock£2098311/2
25th Aug  Windsor6:15  FabricateJames DoyleM L W Bell£3402611/10F
25th Aug  Windsor7:15  Forward ThinkerMilly NasebDavid Simcock£37525/1
25th Aug  York2:25  Ghostwatch (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£7781210/1
25th Aug  York3:00  Expert EyeL DettoriSir Michael Stoute£102078EvensF
25th Aug  York3:40  Muntahaa (IRE)Jim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£31125011/1
24th Aug  Chelmsford City6:15  Volcanic SkyAlistair RawlinsonS bin Suroor£83458/15F
24th Aug  Chelmsford City6:45  Roof GardenLouis StewardM H Tompkins£349333/1
24th Aug  Chelmsford City8:15  GlengladeS De SousaIsmail Mohammed£83456/5F
24th Aug  Chelmsford City8:45  Lexington EmpireDaniel MuscuttDavid Lanigan£34935/2
24th Aug  FFOS LAS2:50  Bernardo O'ReillyM DwyerRichard Spencer£945212/1
24th Aug  FFOS LAS5:00  Pepper Street (IRE)Josephine GordonH Palmer£31709/4F
24th Aug  Newmarket2:05  Layaleena (IRE)Dane O'NeillSir Michael Stoute£51759/2
24th Aug  Newmarket3:15  SangariusJames DoyleSir Michael Stoute£517511/8F
24th Aug  Newmarket4:20  Amourice (IRE)Ray DawsonJane Chapple-Hyam£249008/1
24th Aug  Newmarket4:55  Rebel Surge (IRE)Daniel MuscuttRichard Spencer£64697/2
24th Aug  Salisbury6:25  HallaluluCharles BishopE A L Dunlop£381711/4
24th Aug  York2:25  Stradivarius (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£1275984/11F
23rd Aug  CLAIREFONTAINE (FR)2:20  Brundtland (IRE)M BarzalonaC Appleby£24,336.289/5F
23rd Aug  Wolverhampton7:10  Island Flame (IRE)R WinstonJ Butler£310514/1
23rd Aug  Wolverhampton7:40  Ruby Gates (IRE)Tim ClarkJ Butler£310512/1
23rd Aug  Wolverhampton8:10  Pride's Gold (USA)P CosgraveS Crisford£55317/2
23rd Aug  Wolverhampton8:10  Scottish Jig (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£553110/11F
23rd Aug  York3:35  Sea Of Class (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£1984857/4F
23rd Aug  York4:15  Lah Ti DarL DettoriJ H M Gosden£396974/6F
22nd Aug  Brighton2:50  Blessed To Empress (IRE)Nicola CurrieAmy Murphy£3105100/30
22nd Aug  Brighton4:00  Fairlight (IRE)Andrea AtzeniL M Cumani£60816/4F
22nd Aug  Kempton7:45  Honey Man (IRE)S De SousaS Crisford£93385/2F
22nd Aug  York3:00  Old PersianJames DoyleC Appleby£964077/1
22nd Aug  York3:35  Roaring Lion (USA)Oisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£6025443/1
21st Aug  Brighton1:40  Entertaining BenS De SousaMiss Amy Murphy£37525/2
21st Aug  Brighton2:10  Stormy Road (IRE)P CosgraveL M Cumani£37528/11F
21st Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)0:10  Glorious JourneyW BuickC Appleby£35,398.2313/5
21st Aug  Hamilton2:20  CollideBen CurtisH Palmer£41404/9F
21st Aug  Kempton3:00  Enzemble (IRE)G MosseD R C Elsworth£38816/4F
21st Aug  Kempton3:30  Margie's Choice (GER)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£37523/1
21st Aug  Kempton4:30  Fennaan (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£93383/1F
21st Aug  Yarmouth4:50  Terri Rules (IRE)J P SpencerMiss J Feilden£31059/2
21st Aug  Yarmouth5:20  Red Bunting (IRE)J P SpencerDavid Simcock£38817/4
21st Aug  Yarmouth5:50  Encryption (IRE)J P SpencerDavid Simcock£38816/4F
21st Aug  Yarmouth6:50  Choco BoxJ P SpencerEd Vaughan£3105EvensF
21st Aug  Yarmouth7:20  Human Nature (IRE)J P SpencerS C Williams£553111/4F
21st Aug  Yarmouth7:50  TopmeupJosephine GordonMiss Gay Kelleway£31054/1J
20th Aug  Leicester2:20  Porcelain Girl (IRE)J P SpencerM L W Bell£56936/1
20th Aug  Leicester2:50  Floria Tosca (IRE)J P SpencerL M Cumani£38813/1
20th Aug  Thirsk3:05  Bedouin's StoryD AllanS bin Suroor£439911/8F
20th Aug  Thirsk4:35  Juthoor (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£58222/1
20th Aug  Windsor6:00  Fares Kodiac (IRE)G MosseM Botti£478716/1
20th Aug  Windsor6:30  Sharp PracticeR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£553111/2
20th Aug  Windsor8:00  MidiR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£37525/4F
19th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)2:45  Pretty PollyannaS De SousaM L W Bell£176,982.30 8/5F
19th Aug  Pontefract4:40  HareeqR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£58222/1
18th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)2:45  Al HilaleeW BuickC Appleby£53,982.309/10F
18th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)3:20  Beyond Reason (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£65,575.228/5F
18th Aug  Doncaster1:15  Nick VedderF NortonM Wigham£37529/4F
18th Aug  Doncaster2:50  Missy Mischief (USA)R HavlinJ Noseda£375211/10F
18th Aug  Newbury2:25  HamadaJames DoyleC Appleby£340267/4F
18th Aug  Newbury3:00  Squats (IRE)Georgia CoxW J Haggas£1245017/2
18th Aug  Newbury3:35  Sir Dancealot (IRE)G MosseD R C Elsworth£850654/1
18th Aug  Newbury4:10  SextantR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£970410/11F
18th Aug  Newmarket5:05  Dubawi PrinceAndrea AtzeniR Varian£646911/4F
18th Aug  Newmarket5:35  Highlight Reel (IRE)Cameron NobleM L W Bell£646911/2
17th Aug  Catterick5:40  Country'N'Western (FR)Mr George EdderyD R C Elsworth£461717/2
17th Aug  Chelmsford City7:20  Verne CastleJosephine GordonM Wigham£226426/1
17th Aug  Chelmsford City7:55  Adamant (GER)J P SpencerSir Michael Stoute£1617211/8F
17th Aug  Chelmsford City8:30  Oakley MimosaS De SousaS C Williams£34935/2F
17th Aug  Newbury1:50  BoerhanJames DoyleW J Haggas£47875/1
17th Aug  Newbury4:35  YourtimeisnowAndrea AtzeniR Varian£60814/1
17th Aug  Newmarket5:55  Lady FreyjaG MosseJ Ryan£64698/1
17th Aug  Newmarket6:30  WaldsternR HavlinJ H M Gosden£517511/2
17th Aug  Newmarket7:30  WhitlockR HavlinJ H M Gosden£45285/2F
17th Aug  Newmarket8:05  Argentello (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£9704100/30
17th Aug  Nottingham4:45  AsoofHector CrouchS bin Suroor£1617211/2
17th Aug  Wolverhampton4:50  MojikaDavid EganR Varian£37529/4
16th Aug  Beverley4:00  Dagueneau (IRE)Ben CurtisE A L Dunlop£64744/5F
16th Aug  Chepstow6:40  Teenage Gal (IRE)David ProbertE A L Dunlop£37529/2
16th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)1:50  African RideO PeslierS Crisford£12,389.3858/10
16th Aug  Salisbury5:10  Winds Of Fire (USA)W BuickC Appleby£99624/5F
16th Aug  Wolverhampton3:20  Hot Off The Press (IRE)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£31057/2
16th Aug  Wolverhampton3:50  Counter Spirit (IRE)David ProbertIsmail Mohammed£31057/4F
16th Aug  Wolverhampton4:55  Genuine Approval (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Butler£31052/1F
16th Aug  Yarmouth4:45  Good Business (IRE)Andrea AtzeniHenry Spiller£31057/2F
16th Aug  Yarmouth5:55  Pentland Hills (IRE)James DoyleC F Wall£31056/5F
16th Aug  Yarmouth6:25  Leigh's Law (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£55319/1
16th Aug  Yarmouth6:55  TopmeupJosephine GordonMiss Gay Kelleway£31059/1
16th Aug  Yarmouth7:30  Golden SlamAndrea AtzeniR Varian£37525/4J
16th Aug  Yarmouth8:00  Bella FerrariJames DoyleGeorge Scott£37527/1
15th Aug  Beverley3:30  Hamlul (FR)R KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£771913/8F
15th Aug  Beverley4:30  Vision Clear (GER)Ben CurtisE A L Dunlop£43485/1
15th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)4:30  Queen Of Bermuda (IRE)W BuickW J Haggas£26,548.676/4F
15th Aug  Kempton6:00  Querelle (USA)J P SpencerJ Noseda£38817/1
15th Aug  Kempton7:00  Jumeirah Street (USA)J P SpencerJ Tate£51755/2F
15th Aug  Kempton7:30  Angel's GloryAndrea AtzeniR Varian£517510/11F
15th Aug  Kempton8:00  Extra LargeJames DoyleW J Haggas£37529/4F
14th Aug  Chelmsford City2:00  Fox Coach (IRE)M M MonaghanM Botti£737513/8
14th Aug  Chelmsford City2:30  UmmalnarR L MooreW J Haggas£83451/25F
14th Aug  Chelmsford City3:00  Mudallel (IRE)R L MooreE A L Dunlop£834515/8F
14th Aug  Chelmsford City3:30  Wissahickon (USA)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£161728/11F
14th Aug  FFOS LAS3:15  Across The SeaFran BerryJ Tate£41409/2
14th Aug  FFOS LAS4:15  Formula One (IRE)Ben CurtisH Palmer£38175/4F
14th Aug  Thirsk6:50  Inpromptu (IRE)David EganR Varian£64693/1
13th Aug  Ripon3:25  Restive SpiritBen CurtisW J Haggas£94522/1
13th Aug  Wolverhampton6:10  Treasure MeFran BerryC Fellowes£37527/1
13th Aug  Wolverhampton6:40  Central City (IRE)Nicola CurrieH Palmer£31055/6F
12th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)2:45  Worth WaitingS PasquierDavid Lanigan£35,398.2331/5
12th Aug  HOPPEGARTEN (GER)4:10  Best Solution (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£97,345.1312/5
12th Aug  Leicester4:50  Capla DemonGina ManganMiss Gay Kelleway£543410/1
11th Aug  Ascot2:50  Via SerendipityHayley TurnerS C Williams£221317/2J
11th Aug  Chelmsford City2:05  Croque MonsieurHarry BentleyW J Haggas£5434100/30F
11th Aug  Chelmsford City2:40  MazziniOisin MurphyJ R Fanshawe£2587615/8F
11th Aug  Chelmsford City3:50  Warsaw Road (IRE)R WinstonL M Cumani£161725/1
11th Aug  Chelmsford City4:25  RecordmanHector CrouchS bin Suroor£83456/5F
11th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)3:20  Loxley (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£24,336.289/5F
11th Aug  Haydock2:30  Unforgetable FillyBen CurtisH Palmer£2665414/1
11th Aug  Haydock4:50  Nibras AgainJim CrowleyIsmail Mohammed£48526/4F
11th Aug  Lingfield5:10  Neverbeen To Paris (IRE)Cameron NobleM L W Bell£37524/1
11th Aug  Lingfield8:15  AaliyaTom MarquandAmy Murphy£37524/9F
11th Aug  Newmarket2:00  Shambolic (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£517511/4F
11th Aug  Redcar1:45  Forward ThinkerMilly NasebDavid Simcock£47879/2
11th Aug  Redcar2:20  Humbolt CurrentD AllanW J Haggas£67287/2
10th Aug  Brighton3:00  Roy Rocket (FR)Rob HornbyJohn Berry£31058/1
10th Aug  Chelmsford City7:00  Implicit (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£737511/4
10th Aug  Chelmsford City8:05  Buckland BeauAled BeechC Fellowes£54347/1
10th Aug  Haydock6:15  Beatboxer (USA)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£71161/3F
10th Aug  Newmarket6:00  My Maharani (IRE)Andrea AtzeniM Botti£45287/1
9th Aug  Brighton3:30  AshingtonA KirbyL M Cumani£126997/4F
9th Aug  Brighton5:00  Archie (IRE)Rhiain IngramRichard Spencer£67287/2
9th Aug  Sandown6:35  Too Darn HotL DettoriJ H M Gosden£45288/11F
9th Aug  Sandown7:10  Knight Errant (IRE)S De SousaW Jarvis£93383/1
9th Aug  Yarmouth2:20  Marhaba Milliar (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£491611/10F
9th Aug  Yarmouth2:50  Black LotusW BuickC F Wall£37524/9F
9th Aug  Yarmouth3:20  Castle Talbot (IRE)Aaron JonesTom Clover£31055/1
9th Aug  Yarmouth3:50  Casey BanterJosephine GordonMiss J Feilden£31059/1
9th Aug  Yarmouth4:20  Bint Dandy (IRE)Lewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£553120/1
9th Aug  Yarmouth4:50  La Isla BonitaScott McCullaghRichard Spencer£37526/5F
8th Aug  Brighton1:40  Bright SaffronJason WatsonGeorge Scott£310515/8F
8th Aug  Kempton7:40  ElasiaAndrea AtzeniR Varian£93385/6F
8th Aug  Yarmouth5:20  Jan's JoyS De SousaS C Williams£31053/1
8th Aug  Yarmouth6:20  Lunar DeityMilly NasebS C Williams£310511/2
8th Aug  Yarmouth6:50  Nibras Galaxy (IRE)S De SousaIsmail Mohammed£37526/4
8th Aug  Yarmouth7:50  Late ChangeJ P SpencerDavid Simcock£37523/1F
8th Aug  Yarmouth8:20  Letmestopyouthere (IRE)Sara Del FabbroM L W Bell£37525/6F
7th Aug  Newbury1:45  Magnetic CharmJames DoyleW J Haggas£375210/11F
7th Aug  Newbury2:20  Good Effort (IRE)Oisin MurphyIsmail Mohammed£55312/1F
7th Aug  Newbury2:50  Hot Team (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£37522/5F
7th Aug  Newbury5:00  Alexanderthegreat (FR)Liam JonesW J Haggas£37523/1F
7th Aug  Nottingham5:50  HallaluluL MorrisE A L Dunlop£388116/1
7th Aug  Nottingham6:55  Spanish Archer (FR)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£388115/8F
7th Aug  Nottingham8:00  Zain HanaR L MooreJ Noseda£6469EvensF
6th Aug  Ripon4:30  Eyecatcher (IRE)S De SousaS Crisford£43994/6F
6th Aug  Windsor7:30  WhitlockR HavlinJ H M Gosden£3752100/30
6th Aug  Windsor8:00  Maybe TodayJack MitchellS Crisford£375216/1
4th Aug  Chelmsford City1:10  Roxy Art (IRE)R HavlinE A L Dunlop£73759/1
4th Aug  Chelmsford City2:45  MekongJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£311253/1C
4th Aug  Doncaster2:20  CoolongolookAndrea AtzeniL M Cumani£55315/4F
4th Aug  Doncaster3:30  Willie JohnAndrea AtzeniR Varian£3752EvensF
4th Aug  Doncaster4:05  Commander ColeM M MonaghanS bin Suroor£1245013/2
4th Aug  Doncaster4:40  Laugh A MinuteAndrea AtzeniR Varian£93382/1
4th Aug  Goodwood3:00  Cross CounterW BuickC Appleby£850657/4
4th Aug  Goodwood3:40  Gifted Master (IRE)Jason WatsonH Palmer£15562520/1
4th Aug  Lingfield5:30  Dark Side Jazz (IRE)J P FahyJ Ryan£37526/1
4th Aug  Lingfield8:05  Swiss AirOisin MurphyW J Haggas£37529/4
4th Aug  Newmarket2:05  Crimson Rosette (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£226849/2
4th Aug  Newmarket3:15  Dubai Beauty (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£51753/1
4th Aug  Newmarket5:00  Team Decision (IRE)David EganS bin Suroor£97042/1F
4th Aug  Thirsk2:15  Major Partnership (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£64691/6F
4th Aug  Thirsk4:00  JeremiahD TudhopeC Fellowes£73105/4F
3rd Aug  Goodwood1:50  Mirage DancerR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£567106/5F
3rd Aug  Goodwood2:25  Regal RealityL DettoriSir Michael Stoute£5671010/1
3rd Aug  Goodwood3:00  SeniorityR L MooreW J Haggas£933759/2J
3rd Aug  Goodwood4:10  Don Armado (IRE)Harry BentleyS C Williams£1575211/1
3rd Aug  Goodwood4:40  Pretty Baby (IRE)Dane O'NeillW J Haggas£453683/1F
3rd Aug  Newmarket5:20  NamparaWilliam CarsonP W D'Arcy£452810/1
3rd Aug  Newmarket6:25  Garrus (IRE)James DoyleJ Noseda£5175EvensF
3rd Aug  Newmarket7:00  Reverend JacobsJames DoyleW J Haggas£64696/4F
3rd Aug  Newmarket8:00  RawdaaW BuickSir Michael Stoute£388111/8
3rd Aug  Newmarket8:30  Ice Lord (IRE)James DoyleC F Wall£970415/8
3rd Aug  Thirsk3:55  MankibT P QueallyW J Haggas£97046/4F
3rd Aug  Wolverhampton7:10  Parting CloudsGeorge WoodS bin Suroor£55317/2
3rd Aug  Wolverhampton8:10  Allante (IRE)Edward GreatrexSir Michael Stoute£55317/1
2nd Aug  Epsom Downs8:00  ArigatoJosephine GordonW Jarvis£64696/5F
2nd Aug  Goodwood2:25  PilasterDavid EganR Varian£17013011/4
2nd Aug  Goodwood3:35  Wild IllusionW BuickC Appleby£3402604/1
2nd Aug  Nottingham2:10  PoetryAndrea AtzeniM L W Bell£38812/1F
2nd Aug  Nottingham2:45  James Street (IRE)Ben CurtisH Palmer£38817/4
1st Aug  Goodwood3:00  Rumble Inthejungle (IRE)T P QueallyRichard Spencer£425325/1
1st Aug  Goodwood3:35  Lightning SpearOisin MurphyDavid Simcock£5933929/1
1st Aug  Redcar2:45  Star ShieldYuga KawadaR Varian£47875/6F
1st Aug  Sandown6:55  Art Du ValW BuickC Appleby£47874/5F
1st Aug  Sandown8:35  Artarmon (IRE)P J McDonaldM L W Bell£99622/1J
31st Jul  DEAUVILLE (FR)1:20  Masaarr (USA)C SoumillonR Varian£24,336.2837/10F
31st Jul  Goodwood1:50  Alfarris (FR)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£4668813/2F
31st Jul  Goodwood3:00  Sir Dancealot (IRE)G MosseD R C Elsworth£1769355/1J
31st Jul  Goodwood3:35  Stradivarius (IRE)Andrea AtzeniJ H M Gosden£2835504/5F
31st Jul  Goodwood5:15  Move SwiftlyJames DoyleW J Haggas£157529/2F
31st Jul  Yarmouth1:40  Herringswell (FR)Cameron NobleHenry Spiller£310510/1
31st Jul  Yarmouth2:50  Esprit De Baileys (FR)Lewis EdmundsMiss Amy Murphy£31059/4J
31st Jul  Yarmouth4:00  Green FortuneJ F EganR M H Cowell£743916/1
31st Jul  Yarmouth5:05  Wiff WaffDaniel MuscuttS C Williams£37529/2J
30th Jul  Ayr4:00  Dubai Horizon (IRE)D AllanS bin Suroor£93803/1J
30th Jul  Lingfield1:50  How Far (IRE)W BuickS Crisford£55313/1J
30th Jul  Lingfield3:50  Alexanderthegreat (FR)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£31059/2
30th Jul  Lingfield4:20  Ben VrackieR HavlinJ H M Gosden£37524/9F
30th Jul  Windsor6:40  Kessaar (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£47878/11F
30th Jul  Wolverhampton5:10  Implicit (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Tate£31055/4F
30th Jul  Wolverhampton6:15  Kamra (USA)Ben CurtisHenry Spiller£375211/1
30th Jul  Wolverhampton7:25  GlengladeOisin MurphyIsmail Mohammed£553111/10F
29th Jul  Munich (GER)3:45  BenbatlO MurphyS bin Suroor£88,495.5813/10F
29th Jul  Wolverhampton4:25  Angel Of The North (IRE)Jason HartMiss Gay Kelleway£310516/1
28th Jul  Ascot1:50  Angel's Hideaway (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£2835511/4
28th Jul  Ascot3:40  Poet's Word (IRE)James DoyleSir Michael Stoute£7088757/4
28th Jul  Chester3:45  Snow Wind (IRE)Liam JonesW J Haggas£585211/8
28th Jul  Chester4:55  Faadhel (GER)Jack MitchellR Varian£60815/2F
28th Jul  DEAUVILLE (FR)0:50  Beyond Reason (IRE)T PicconeC Appleby£35,398.2358/10
28th Jul  Lingfield6:00  Highland Sky (IRE)Oisin MurphyDavid Simcock£37524/1
28th Jul  Lingfield7:00  Concierge (IRE)S De SousaGeorge Scott£37524/11F
28th Jul  Newcastle1:40  Forbidding (USA)Daniel MuscuttJ Butler£349312/1
28th Jul  Newcastle2:45  Rashdan (FR)Georgia CoxH Palmer£63409/2
28th Jul  Newmarket2:15  Dubai DominionP CosgraveEd Vaughan£51759/4F
28th Jul  Newmarket2:50  HasanoandaK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£970411/4
28th Jul  Newmarket3:25  Victory Wave (USA)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£161725/4F
28th Jul  Newmarket5:10  Shamshon (IRE)P J McDonaldS C Williams£646911/4F
28th Jul  Salisbury7:15  NicklausCharles BishopW J Haggas£802213/8
28th Jul  Salisbury7:45  Midnight Meeting (IRE)Hayley TurnerS bin Suroor£47874/11F
27th Jul  Ascot1:50  CeratoniaW BuickC Appleby£67285/4F
27th Jul  Ascot4:45  Blue De Vega (GER)Oisin MurphyR M H Cowell£2801212/1
27th Jul  Ascot5:15  ProcedureR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£67284/1
27th Jul  Chepstow6:20  ThrivingJack MitchellR Varian£37527/4
27th Jul  Newmarket5:35  Trulee ScrumptiousM M MonaghanHenry Spiller£45286/1
27th Jul  Newmarket7:40  Fairlight (IRE)James DoyleL M Cumani£97044/6F
27th Jul  Newmarket8:40  Starboy (IRE)Jason WatsonGeorge Scott£646911/4
27th Jul  York7:30  Desert DiamondOisin MurphySir Michael Stoute£283555/6F
26th Jul  Doncaster7:30  Rapier (USA)D TudhopeSir Michael Stoute£3752EvensF
26th Jul  Doncaster8:00  Right Direction (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£37528/11F
26th Jul  Newbury6:10  Legends Of War (USA)Oisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£47871/4F
26th Jul  Newbury7:15  AsoofJason WatsonS bin Suroor£67286/1
26th Jul  Newbury7:45  Leading Spirit (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£41404/6F
26th Jul  Sandown1:50  Beatboxer (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£51759/4F
26th Jul  Sandown4:30  ArigatoJosephine GordonW Jarvis£45283/1
26th Jul  Yarmouth2:00  Deeds Not Words (IRE)David EganM Wigham£31055/2
26th Jul  Yarmouth3:05  Girls Talk (IRE)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£31059/4F
26th Jul  Yarmouth5:10  Late ChangeS DonohoeDavid Simcock£375213/2
25th Jul  Catterick3:10  Jfoul (IRE)Kevin StottS bin Suroor£478713/8F
25th Jul  Leicester6:30  SparkalexR HavlinC Allen£51754/1
25th Jul  Leicester7:05  Royal ReserveHayley TurnerM L W Bell£67283/1
25th Jul  Lingfield4:50  Curious FoxDavid ProbertA Carson£37529/4F
25th Jul  Sandown7:25  Race Day (IRE)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£93389/2
24th Jul  Chelmsford City7:10  Cenotaph (USA)R L MooreJ Noseda£161725/4F
24th Jul  Chelmsford City8:10  Piece Of History (IRE)David EganS bin Suroor£83456/4F
24th Jul  FFOS LAS3:35  Advanced Virgo (IRE)Joshua BryanGeorge Scott£31701/2F
24th Jul  Newcastle2:10  Louis Treize (IRE)T P QueallyRichard Spencer£3752EvensF
24th Jul  Newcastle3:15  ElasiaAndrea AtzeniR Varian£37528/1
24th Jul  Newcastle3:45  Mister Ambassador (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£37527/2
23rd Jul  Windsor5:40  Knight Errant (IRE)E J WalshW Jarvis£37525/2F
23rd Jul  Windsor6:10  Stay Classy (IRE)T P QueallyRichard Spencer£47877/2
23rd Jul  Windsor7:40  Life On Earth (USA)James DoyleW J Haggas£655311/8F
23rd Jul  Windsor8:10  KlassiqueJames DoyleW J Haggas£37528/11F
21st Jul  The Curragh (IRE)5:30  Sea Of Class (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£22800011/4
21st Jul  Haydock6:00  Humbolt CurrentW BuickW J Haggas£48525/2
21st Jul  Lingfield6:15  AlexanaTom MarquandW J Haggas£375210/11F
21st Jul  Lingfield7:45  Barend BoyJim CrowleyH Palmer£375211/4
21st Jul  Lingfield8:15  Good FortuneB DoyleC Appleby£37525/4F
21st Jul  Newbury1:50  Emotionless (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£2098311/4F
21st Jul  Newbury5:20  MankibJim CrowleyW J Haggas£129389/2
21st Jul  Newmarket2:15  California LoveOisin MurphyRichard Spencer£38817/2C
21st Jul  Newmarket2:45  Worth WaitingF NortonDavid Lanigan£226844/1
21st Jul  Newmarket4:35  Major Partnership (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£38814/7F
21st Jul  Newmarket5:10  HakeemFran BerryW J Haggas£97042/1F
20th Jul  Hamilton8:25  Atticus Boy (IRE)S DonohoeDavid Lanigan£41404/5F
20th Jul  Haydock2:10  Black LotusW BuickC F Wall£48523/1
20th Jul  Haydock4:50  SuryaN MackayJ H M Gosden£103505/4F
20th Jul  Newbury3:05  GalmarleyHayley TurnerMrs L Wadham£258767/2
20th Jul  Newmarket6:10  Pennywhistle (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£38816/4J
20th Jul  Newmarket6:40  George Villiers (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£67285/4F
20th Jul  Newmarket7:10  UmmalnarJames DoyleW J Haggas£388115/2
20th Jul  Newmarket8:15  Gorgeous Noora (IRE)Andrea AtzeniL M Cumani£129387/2
20th Jul  Nottingham2:20  Don Armado (IRE)Harry BentleyS C Williams£38817/4F
19th Jul  Doncaster6:20  Zofelle (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£37524/1
19th Jul  Doncaster6:55  Porcelain Girl (IRE)J P SpencerM L W Bell£478711/4F
19th Jul  Doncaster7:30  James Street (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£47871/2F
19th Jul  Doncaster8:00  Georgian Manor (IRE)R KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£74393/1
19th Jul  Doncaster8:35  Maori Bob (IRE)Cameron NobleM L W Bell£55319/4F
19th Jul  Epsom Downs6:30  Eyelool (IRE)Georgia CoxW J Haggas£452811/8F
19th Jul  Leicester2:20  Desert Fire (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£54341/16F
19th Jul  Leicester3:20  RecollectJ P SpencerL M Cumani£67289/4
19th Jul  Leicester4:50  Sexy SecretJack MitchellMrs L Pearce£34935/1
19th Jul  VICHY (FR)1:20  Second GenerationJ Tate£33/10
18th Jul  Catterick3:00  IndiaD AllanM L W Bell£51115/2
18th Jul  Lingfield1:40  NamparaWilliam CarsonP W D'Arcy£310520/1
18th Jul  Lingfield3:40  Its'afreebee (IRE)T P QueallyRichard Spencer£37524/5F
18th Jul  Lingfield4:40  Heart Of Grace (JPN)James DoyleW J Haggas£37525/2
18th Jul  Wolverhampton6:25  Invisible StormHollie DoyleW Stone£38174/1
18th Jul  Wolverhampton9:05  Lexington EmpireS DonohoeDavid Lanigan£31707/2
18th Jul  Yarmouth5:35  Letmestopyouthere (IRE)Sara Del FabbroM L W Bell£67286/4F
18th Jul  Yarmouth7:15  Hart StopperJ P SpencerS C Williams£194074/1
18th Jul  Yarmouth7:45  Deeds Not Words (IRE)J F EganM Wigham£31057/2
18th Jul  Yarmouth8:20  Emily GoldfinchS De SousaP S McEntee£37526/1
18th Jul  Yarmouth8:50  RevivedJ P SpencerM L W Bell£37523/1J
17th Jul  Bath3:40  Show StealerS De SousaRae Guest£55318/15F
17th Jul  Bath4:40  Morning BeautyNicola CurrieH Palmer£37527/4
17th Jul  Chelmsford City2:20  Sacred PathR HavlinJ H M Gosden£41402/9F
17th Jul  Chelmsford City3:50  Misty SpiritAndrea AtzeniR M H Cowell£414010/1
17th Jul  Chelmsford City4:20  ImageRossa RyanP J McBride£60819/2
17th Jul  Chelmsford City4:50  Glory Awaits (IRE)J P SpencerDavid Simcock£77635/1
17th Jul  Thirsk6:10  PerisherD AllanS bin Suroor£45288/1
16th Jul  Ripon2:45  Implicit (IRE)T EavesJ Tate£37529/4F
16th Jul  Ripon4:55  Snow Wind (IRE)P J McDonaldW J Haggas£388110/11F
16th Jul  Windsor5:50  Advanced Virgo (IRE)Joshua BryanGeorge Scott£31053/1F
16th Jul  Windsor6:50  Concierge (IRE)S De SousaGeorge Scott£3752EvensF
16th Jul  Wolverhampton9:10  Acclafrith (IRE)M M MonaghanM Botti£310511/8F
15th Jul  Maisons-Laffitte (FR)11:20  Double Kodiac (IRE)S Crisford£68/10
14th Jul  Ascot0:45  Spring Loaded (IRE)A KirbyP W D'Arcy£622507/1
14th Jul  Ascot1:50  Nuremberg (IRE)D TudhopeM L W Bell£67285/1
14th Jul  Ascot2:25  BeshaayirD TudhopeW J Haggas£129385/2J
14th Jul  Ascot3:35  Cross CounterA KirbyC Appleby£3112513/8F
14th Jul  Ascot4:10  Perfect Hustler (USA)A KirbyJ Noseda£834510/1
14th Jul  Chester2:05  DeputiseF NortonW J Haggas£58527/2
14th Jul  Chester2:40  Rock On BaileysLewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£149409/2
14th Jul  Chester3:45  Midnight WildeR KingscoteJ Ryan£1494013/2
14th Jul  Newmarket1:05  Quorto (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£453685/4F
14th Jul  Newmarket3:20  First Contact (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£249004/1
14th Jul  Newmarket3:55  Poetic CharmJames DoyleC Appleby£155627/2
14th Jul  Newmarket4:30  DrillG MosseL M Cumani£129387/4F
14th Jul  Salisbury6:45  Bedouin's StoryOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£47874/6F
14th Jul  York2:35  Dylan Mouth (IRE)Dane O'NeillM Botti£368628/1
13th Jul  Ascot2:15  Marhaba Milliar (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£90577/2
13th Jul  Ascot2:50  Semoum (USA)L MorrisG Peckham£77636/5F
13th Jul  Ascot4:35  DaschasEdward GreatrexS C Williams£970410/1
13th Jul  Ascot5:10  Racing Country (IRE)Edward GreatrexS bin Suroor£97045/1
13th Jul  Chepstow6:40  Street ParadeM DwyerS C Williams£37524/5F
13th Jul  Chester7:25  Revich (IRE)L MorrisRichard Spencer£60817/2
13th Jul  Newmarket2:25  Pretty PollyannaS De SousaM L W Bell£4536820/1
13th Jul  Newmarket4:10  Al HilaleeJames DoyleC Appleby£77637/1
13th Jul  Newmarket4:45  HamadaW BuickC Appleby£3112511/4
13th Jul  Newmarket5:20  Ripp Orf (IRE)R L MooreD R C Elsworth£129386/1
13th Jul  York3:15  Raven's LadyG MosseM Botti£3686216/1
12th Jul  Carlisle3:50  GhayadhBen CurtisH Palmer£420513/5
12th Jul  Doncaster2:15  Perla Blanca (USA)Miss Sophie SmithE A L Dunlop£361911/2
12th Jul  Doncaster4:00  MelodiesFran BerryE A L Dunlop£55318/1
12th Jul  Doncaster5:10  SupernovaJ P SpencerDavid Simcock£55314/6F
12th Jul  Epsom Downs6:00  Dubai Legacy (USA)Hector CrouchS bin Suroor£45284/7F
12th Jul  Newbury6:55  Cookupastorm (IRE)M DwyerRichard Spencer£375214/1
12th Jul  Newbury9:05  NicklausTom MarquandW J Haggas£37525/2J
12th Jul  Newmarket3:35  Best Solution (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£567106/1
12th Jul  Newmarket4:10  Lover's KnotW BuickC Appleby£129386/1
12th Jul  Newmarket4:45  Naval Intelligence (USA)J F EganJane Chapple-Hyam£2835533/1
11th Jul  Bath7:40  Watheeqa (USA)Jim CrowleyR Varian£37522/9F
11th Jul  Catterick2:40  Artarmon (IRE)P J McDonaldM L W Bell£51116/4F
11th Jul  Catterick3:10  Lady KatyAndrew BreslinW Jarvis£67286/1
11th Jul  Kempton6:25  DirectoryRyan TateJ M P Eustace£31059/2
11th Jul  Kempton6:55  Lady Al ThumamaGabriele MaluneM Botti£375211/1
11th Jul  Lingfield2:00  Demurrer (USA)Oisin MurphyM L W Bell£31052/1
11th Jul  Yarmouth3:20  Its'afreebee (IRE)Daniel MuscuttRichard Spencer£37522/1
11th Jul  Yarmouth3:50  KaanoonAndrea AtzeniR Varian£7246EvensF
11th Jul  Yarmouth4:20  Rhigolter Rose (IRE)S De SousaW J Haggas£375211/4
11th Jul  Yarmouth5:25  La Isla BonitaDaniel MuscuttRichard Spencer£310511/8F
10th Jul  Brighton6:10  BurjEdward GreatrexS bin Suroor£37521/12F
10th Jul  Brighton6:40  KachumbaDavid ProbertRae Guest£37527/2
10th Jul  Brighton8:10  Starboy (IRE)Gabriele MaluneGeorge Scott£37527/4F
10th Jul  Wolverhampton3:15  Priscilla's DreamJason HartP J McBride£375211/2
10th Jul  Wolverhampton3:45  Real Estate (IRE)Harry BentleyJ Tate£37526/4F
10th Jul  Wolverhampton4:15  Lunar CoronaR KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£37522/1
10th Jul  Wolverhampton4:45  Move SwiftlyTom MarquandW J Haggas£37524/7F
10th Jul  Wolverhampton5:15  Tobruk (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£37527/4F
9th Jul  Ripon9:00  Restive SpiritD TudhopeW J Haggas£38811/2F
9th Jul  Windsor8:40  We Know (IRE)Oisin MurphyS Crisford£55319/1
9th Jul  Wolverhampton2:10  Charleston BelleDavid ProbertM Wigham£31059/2
9th Jul  Wolverhampton5:55  Atticus Boy (IRE)Daniel MuscuttDavid Lanigan£37522/1
9th Jul  Worcester2:50  Avarchie (FR)R JohnsonJ Butler£22749/1
8th Jul  Ayr1:30  Fajjaj (IRE)Ben CurtisH Palmer£41401/7F
8th Jul  Market Rasen5:25  Captain FelixMiss G AndrewsJ M P Eustace£49916/1
7th Jul  Beverley2:35  ThrivingJack MitchellR Varian£47875/6F
7th Jul  Beverley4:50  Sageness (IRE)Ben CurtisE A L Dunlop£52934/1
7th Jul  Chelmsford City3:15  Singyoursong (IRE)S DonohoeDavid Simcock£1617210/1
7th Jul  Chelmsford City4:25  PlentyinthetanksirS DonohoeDavid Simcock£3493100/30
7th Jul  Chelmsford City4:55  Four Fifty ThreeS W KellyM H Tompkins£349312/1
7th Jul  Chelmsford City5:25  ImageJason HartP J McBride£834511/4F
7th Jul  Leicester1:50  ProcedureJ QuinnSir Michael Stoute£37525/2F
7th Jul  Leicester4:10  AmandineCallum ShepherdDavid Simcock£51759/2
7th Jul  Sandown1:30  AwesometankJames DoyleW J Haggas£226846/1
7th Jul  Sandown2:10  Roaring Lion (USA)Oisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£4483637/4F
6th Jul  Chelmsford City5:10  Jfoul (IRE)Kevin StottS bin Suroor£73759/4
6th Jul  Chelmsford City6:20  Honey Man (IRE)S De SousaS Crisford£54345/6F
6th Jul  Chelmsford City7:30  Global ConquerorAndrea AtzeniS Crisford£83455/2
6th Jul  Chelmsford City8:05  La Figlia (IRE)James DoyleP W Chapple-Hyam£83452/1
6th Jul  Chelmsford City9:15  SanamJames DoyleE A L Dunlop£34934/6F
6th Jul  Doncaster2:40  Betty FD TudhopeJ Noseda£37522/1
6th Jul  Doncaster3:10  Victory Wave (USA)Harry BentleyS bin Suroor£74397/4
6th Jul  Doncaster3:45  Saving GraceL MorrisL M Cumani£67289/4F
6th Jul  Doncaster4:20  BombyxDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£553110/11F
6th Jul  Haydock7:20  Auxerre (IRE)B DoyleC Appleby£48522/5F
6th Jul  Sandown3:00  King Of Comedy (IRE)A KirbyJ H M Gosden£64692/1F
6th Jul  Sandown3:30  MustashryJim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£2268411/4
6th Jul  Sandown4:05  Melting DewR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£311253/1F
6th Jul  Sandown4:40  SaroogR L MooreS Crisford£64697/4J
5th Jul  Epsom Downs8:10  Derek Duval (USA)Daniel MuscuttS C Williams£64697/1
5th Jul  Haydock4:00  Exprompt (FR)Ben CurtisH Palmer£48527/2
5th Jul  Newbury7:15  Sleeping Lion (USA)T P QueallyJ R Fanshawe£80867/2
5th Jul  Yarmouth2:20  Terri Rules (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£31055/2F
5th Jul  Yarmouth3:20  Johni BoxitDane O'NeillMiss Gay Kelleway£31059/2
5th Jul  Yarmouth4:50  Howman (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£55315/4F
5th Jul  Yarmouth5:20  Bartholomew J (IRE)Gavin AshtonMrs L Pearce£37527/4F
4th Jul  Bath6:40  Show StealerS De SousaRae Guest£553115/8F
4th Jul  Bath7:10  Queen Of Desire (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£55312/13F
4th Jul  Bath9:10  Geetanjali (IRE)S De SousaM L W Bell£3105EvensF
4th Jul  Kempton6:50  PilasterDavid EganR Varian£9704EvensF
4th Jul  Kempton8:20  Epic ChallengeAndrea AtzeniR Varian£646911/2
4th Jul  Kempton8:50  Faadhel (GER)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£64697/2F
3rd Jul  Brighton3:00  Fitzsimmons (USA)Jason WatsonS bin Suroor£37521/5F
3rd Jul  Brighton3:30  Roy Rocket (FR)J F EganJohn Berry£31056/5F
3rd Jul  Brighton4:30  Starboy (IRE)Jason WatsonGeorge Scott£375211/4
2nd Jul  Pontefract4:00  Walk On Walter (IRE)S DonohoeDavid Simcock£452815/8F
2nd Jul  Windsor8:00  Team Decision (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£74395/6F
2nd Jul  Windsor8:30  Humbolt CurrentJames DoyleW J Haggas£375211/8F
2nd Jul  Wolverhampton3:15  OnefootinparadiseDavid ProbertP J McBride£31058/1
2nd Jul  Wolverhampton3:45  Arnoul Of MetzDavid ProbertHenry Spiller£31059/2J
2nd Jul  Wolverhampton4:45  Comrade In Arms (USA)David ProbertSir Michael Stoute£55315/2
1st Jul  The Curragh (IRE)4:40  Urban FoxD TudhopeW J Haggas£1475009/1
1st Jul  Windsor3:35  Argentello (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£52722/5F
1st Jul  Windsor5:20  Maori Bob (IRE)Cameron NobleM L W Bell£52724/1
30th Jun  Chester5:25  Master Archer (IRE)R KingscoteJ R Fanshawe£608115/8F
30th Jun  Doncaster8:00  Hackney RoadT P QueallyC F Wall£55315/1
30th Jun  Lingfield5:40  Life On Earth (USA)Oisin MurphyW J Haggas£37526/4F
30th Jun  Lingfield7:15  Street ParadeM DwyerS C Williams£37523/1
30th Jun  Newcastle1:30  Cosmelli (ITY)Daniel MuscuttMiss Gay Kelleway£4668833/1
30th Jun  Newcastle4:25  Light Of Joy (USA)Fran BerryDavid Lanigan£80223/1
30th Jun  Newmarket1:45  Sir Dancealot (IRE)G MosseD R C Elsworth£34026100/30
30th Jun  Newmarket2:20  Master Brewer (FR)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£517515/8
30th Jun  Newmarket3:30  Queen Of ConnaughtAndrea AtzeniM L W Bell£970411/4F
30th Jun  Windsor3:00  Second GenerationA KirbyJ Tate£108943/1
30th Jun  Windsor3:35  MajeedP CosgraveDavid Simcock£1293816/1
30th Jun  York3:20  Wissahickon (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£311255/2F
29th Jun  Doncaster3:00  Blonde Warrior (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£47871/4F
29th Jun  Doncaster4:00  Crystal MoonlightD TudhopeSir Michael Stoute£37524/1
29th Jun  Newcastle5:45  SuryaN MackayJ H M Gosden£543411/8F
29th Jun  Newcastle8:05  Smart Call (SAF)Jim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£340267/4F
29th Jun  Newcastle8:40  Mubhij (IRE)Jim CrowleyR Varian£47875/2
29th Jun  Newmarket5:35  MarilynT P QueallyC F Wall£45283/1J
29th Jun  Newmarket7:55  Magical Dreamer (IRE)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£97043/1
29th Jun  Newmarket8:30  Chief IronsideKieran ShoemarkW Jarvis£161727/4F
29th Jun  Newmarket9:00  EscalatorJames DoyleC Fellowes£6469EvensF
29th Jun  Yarmouth2:40  Autumn Splendour (IRE)L MorrisJ Tate£47871/8F
29th Jun  Yarmouth3:10  Peace PrevailsJane ElliottEd Vaughan£37523/1
29th Jun  Yarmouth4:10  Lady FreyjaHayley TurnerJ Ryan£72464/1
29th Jun  Yarmouth5:10  Wild Acclaim (IRE)Rossa RyanP S McEntee£31057/2F
28th Jun  Hamilton7:35  Desert Fire (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£41404/7F
28th Jun  Newcastle3:05  Daafr (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£67282/1
28th Jun  Newcastle4:15  Humbert (IRE)D TudhopeH Palmer£2178811/4F
28th Jun  Newcastle4:50  Amazour (IRE)Oisin MurphyIsmail Mohammed£155624/1
28th Jun  Newmarket2:10  AshingtonAndrea AtzeniL M Cumani£45284/1
28th Jun  Newmarket3:15  Racing Country (IRE)Edward GreatrexS bin Suroor£38819/4
28th Jun  Newmarket3:50  Naval Intelligence (USA)J F EganJane Chapple-Hyam£388110/1
28th Jun  Newmarket5:30  Leo Minor (USA)W BuickR M H Cowell£64698/1
28th Jun  Nottingham2:20  Capla Rock (IRE)A FresuM Botti£38817/1
28th Jun  Nottingham3:25  Midnight Meeting (IRE)Jim CrowleyS bin Suroor£388111/4
28th Jun  Nottingham4:00  TahreekKieran ShoemarkSir Michael Stoute£38813/1F
28th Jun  Nottingham4:35  How Far (IRE)Jim CrowleyS Crisford£6469100/30F
27th Jun  Kempton5:40  Navarra Princess (IRE)Rossa RyanD E Cantillon£310513/2
26th Jun  Beverley4:30  Court Of Justice (FR)P MulrennanDavid Simcock£40334/6F
26th Jun  Brighton3:15  Arzaak (IRE)Lewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£553111/4
26th Jun  Brighton5:15  Roy Rocket (FR)Mr R BirkettJohn Berry£29953/1J
25th Jun  Chepstow2:30  Cosmic LoveLiam JonesW J Haggas£37527/4F
25th Jun  Chepstow4:30  Jahaafel (FR)Liam JonesW J Haggas£37527/2
25th Jun  Windsor6:40  Watchmyeverymove (IRE)Oisin MurphyS C Williams£375212/1
25th Jun  Windsor8:40  Worth WaitingP CosgraveDavid Lanigan£55318/11F
25th Jun  Windsor9:10  KaanoonDavid EganR Varian£37527/4F
25th Jun  Wolverhampton6:50  DeputiseJim CrowleyW J Haggas£478711/4
25th Jun  Wolverhampton8:20  Moqarrab (USA)Jim CrowleyS bin Suroor£37524/7F
23rd Jun  Ascot3:05  Crystal OceanR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£1275984/7F
23rd Jun  Lingfield6:00  Bajan Gold (IRE)M DwyerS C Williams£37522/1F
23rd Jun  Lingfield6:30  Dark Side Jazz (IRE)J P FahyJ Ryan£310513/2
22nd Jun  Ascot3:40  Eqtidaar (IRE)Jim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£28355012/1
22nd Jun  Ascot5:35  Dash Of SpiceS De SousaD R C Elsworth£560257/2F
22nd Jun  Newmarket8:00  HomeopathicP J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£97043/1
22nd Jun  Newmarket9:05  Flying FoxyS De SousaM Wigham£452811/10F
21st Jun  Ascot4:20  Stradivarius (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£2835507/4J
21st Jun  Ascot5:00  OstilioS De SousaS Crisford£7470010/1
21st Jun  Chelmsford City2:20  SanamL MorrisE A L Dunlop£439911/4
21st Jun  Chelmsford City3:30  Alfarris (FR)Dane O'NeillW J Haggas£129387/2
21st Jun  Chelmsford City4:45  Volevo LuiM M MonaghanM Botti£834511/4
21st Jun  Chelmsford City5:20  Rock On BaileysNicola CurrieC A Dwyer£1293811/4
21st Jun  Lingfield7:55  Stosur (IRE)Aaron JonesMiss Gay Kelleway£375213/2
21st Jun  Ripon2:10  Semoum (USA)Jack MitchellG Peckham£38813/1
21st Jun  Ripon3:55  Daira Prince (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£93385/4F
20th Jun  Ascot3:40  AljazziW BuickM Botti£1067579/2
20th Jun  Ascot4:20  Poet's Word (IRE)James DoyleSir Michael Stoute£42532511/2
20th Jun  Ascot5:35  Expert EyeJames McDonaldSir Michael Stoute£510398/1
20th Jun  Chelmsford City6:40  Melting DewDavid ProbertSir Michael Stoute£258763/1
20th Jun  Chelmsford City7:10  Storm Over (IRE)R HavlinR M H Cowell£258765/1
20th Jun  Chelmsford City7:40  CarolinaeS DonohoeC Fellowes£4253210/1
20th Jun  Chelmsford City8:10  Lady Bergamot (FR)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£258769/2
20th Jun  Chelmsford City8:40  Cenotaph (USA)S W KellyJ Noseda£1617210/1
20th Jun  Ripon7:20  Stage Play (IRE)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£38812/1
20th Jun  Ripon7:50  AsoofHayley TurnerS bin Suroor£56933/1
19th Jun  Ascot3:05  CalyxL DettoriJ H M Gosden£850652/1F
19th Jun  Ascot4:20  Without ParoleL DettoriJ H M Gosden£3055259/4F
19th Jun  Ascot5:35  Monarchs GlenL DettoriJ H M Gosden£567108/1
19th Jun  Beverley7:00  PhantasmicJ QuinnSir Michael Stoute£54193/1
19th Jun  Brighton8:10  Hidden StashHollie DoyleW Stone£310510/1
19th Jun  Brighton8:40  Terri Rules (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£310511/2
19th Jun  Thirsk3:20  Bedwyyah (IRE)Kieran ShoemarkSir Michael Stoute£48527/1
18th Jun  Carlisle2:45  Power To Exceed (IRE)Ben CurtisH Palmer£420513/8F
18th Jun  Nottingham7:50  Olympic OdysseyS De SousaGeorge Scott£32347/2F
18th Jun  Windsor7:30  Bernie's BoyNicola CurrieP S McEntee£553133/1
18th Jun  Windsor8:00  Shadow WarriorJack MitchellP W D'Arcy£55319/4F
18th Jun  Windsor8:30  Bajan Gold (IRE)Harry BentleyS C Williams£3752100/30F
17th Jun  Doncaster4:40  EscalatorS DonohoeC Fellowes£55634/1
17th Jun  Doncaster5:10  Cape Liberty (IRE)Andrea AtzeniS Crisford£37522/1F
17th Jun  Salisbury3:25  GumriyahR HavlinJ H M Gosden£67284/5F
16th Jun  Bath2:55  Queen Of Desire (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£41407/4F
16th Jun  Leicester7:40  Lashabeeh (IRE)Dane O'NeillR Varian£5175100/30
16th Jun  Sandown2:05  Haddaf (IRE)James DoyleJ Tate£226845/1
16th Jun  Sandown2:35  Island Of Life (USA)James DoyleW J Haggas£64693/1F
16th Jun  Sandown3:15  Via SerendipityFran BerryS C Williams£311254/1
16th Jun  Sandown4:25  IbrazJim CrowleyR Varian£99607/4F
16th Jun  Sandown5:00  JamihN MackayJ H M Gosden£51757/2
16th Jun  York3:35  EncryptedJosephine GordonH Palmer£6225025/1
15th Jun  Chepstow8:35  Roystonia (IRE)Louis StewardH Palmer£375225/1
15th Jun  Goodwood8:45  SaroogJim CrowleyS Crisford£517511/10F
15th Jun  Sandown3:10  Cosmopolitan QueenR L MooreD R C Elsworth£45287/1
15th Jun  Sandown4:20  PreeningR L MooreJ R Fanshawe£71166/4F
14th Jun  Haydock6:55  Roman RiverS De SousaMartin Smith£71165/2F
14th Jun  Haydock8:55  Garden OasisD TudhopeSir Michael Stoute£48527/4F
14th Jun  Newbury1:50  Feline Groovy (USA)James DoyleW J Haggas£553111/4F
14th Jun  Newbury2:20  Scottish Jig (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£55319/4
14th Jun  Newbury2:55  Sea Of Class (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£2835530/100F
14th Jun  Nottingham2:40  Sharamm (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£38811/5F
14th Jun  Yarmouth2:00  Mother Of Dragons (IRE)Rossa RyanP S McEntee£31056/1
14th Jun  Yarmouth2:30  Pretty PollyannaHayley TurnerM L W Bell£381714/1
14th Jun  Yarmouth3:05  Max Liebermann (IRE)L MorrisJ Ryan£37529/2
14th Jun  Yarmouth4:10  Protected GuestJane ElliottG G Margarson£553133/1
14th Jun  Yarmouth4:45  ComportaDaniel MuscuttIsmail Mohammed£31054/1
14th Jun  Yarmouth5:20  La Isla BonitaDaniel MuscuttRichard Spencer£31057/2
13th Jun  Chelmsford City2:50  Red Island (IRE)L MorrisG Peckham£34296/4F
13th Jun  Chelmsford City3:20  Courtside (FR)J P SpencerDavid Simcock£43996/4F
13th Jun  Chelmsford City3:50  SeniorityR L MooreW J Haggas£323455/1
13th Jun  Chelmsford City5:20  DrillR L MooreL M Cumani£51752/1J
13th Jun  Haydock2:10  Caliburn (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£646911/10F
13th Jun  Haydock3:40  Maverick OfficerP MulrennanDavid Simcock£109977/2
13th Jun  Kempton7:10  Sleeping Lion (USA)T P QueallyJ R Fanshawe£388111/4F
13th Jun  Kempton7:40  Atticus Boy (IRE)S DonohoeDavid Lanigan£375211/2
13th Jun  Kempton8:10  Hackney RoadT P QueallyC F Wall£64692/1F
13th Jun  Yarmouth2:00  Wild Acclaim (IRE)Oisin MurphyP S McEntee£31054/1
13th Jun  Yarmouth3:00  Phoenix Star (IRE)S De SousaC A Dwyer£478710/1
13th Jun  Yarmouth3:30  Sexy SecretJack MitchellMrs L Pearce£310516/1
13th Jun  Yarmouth4:00  Knight Errant (IRE)E J WalshW Jarvis£310516/1
13th Jun  Yarmouth4:30  Restless RoseS De SousaS C Williams£375213/2
12th Jun  Lingfield7:20  Howman (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£375210/11F
12th Jun  Thirsk2:15  You Never Can Tell (IRE)G LeeRichard Spencer£45288/1
12th Jun  Thirsk4:15  MutafaniS De SousaS Crisford£48522/7F
11th Jun  Brighton4:00  TawaafoqP CosgraveMick Quinn£37522/1F
11th Jun  Brighton5:00  Malaysian BolehNicola CurrieP S McEntee£31057/1
11th Jun  Windsor8:50  How Far (IRE)Jack MitchellS Crisford£375211/2
10th Jun  Goodwood4:55  Four White SocksJ P SpencerL M Cumani£517515/8F
10th Jun  Nottingham2:20  Team Decision (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£38819/4
10th Jun  Nottingham2:55  WhitehallP J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£388113/8F
10th Jun  Nottingham3:30  Mia Tesoro (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£226846/1
9th Jun  Beverley3:50  Extra MileWilliam CoxS bin Suroor£9338EvensF
9th Jun  Haydock2:50  God GivenJ P SpencerL M Cumani£357279/4F
9th Jun  Haydock3:25  Muthmir (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£2098311/4F
9th Jun  Haydock5:10  Breaking Records (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£71165/2F
9th Jun  Newmarket2:00  CalyxR HavlinJ H M Gosden£51755/2F
9th Jun  Newmarket3:40  Amazing Red (IRE)L DettoriE A L Dunlop£311258/1
9th Jun  Newmarket4:15  Aim Of Artemis (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£388111/10F
9th Jun  Newmarket4:50  RococoL DettoriJ H M Gosden£776311/4
8th Jun  Belmont Park (USA)10:46  Call To MindJ CastellanoW J Haggas£162,9639/5F
8th Jun  Goodwood8:50  SupernovaJ P SpencerDavid Simcock£49162/1J
8th Jun  Haydock8:00  Morning BeautyJosephine GordonH Palmer£970466/1
8th Jun  Wolverhampton4:20  Ziarah (IRE)R HavlinJ Tate£52724/1
8th Jun  Wolverhampton4:50  KaanoonDavid EganR Varian£349312/1
8th Jun  Wolverhampton5:20  Caribbean Spring (IRE)Jane ElliottG G Margarson£28469/4F
7th Jun  Carlisle8:20  Fujaira Prince (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£42051/12F
7th Jun  Haydock2:30  Angel's Hideaway (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£48528/11F
7th Jun  Haydock4:30  Mystic Flight (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£64694/7F
7th Jun  Yarmouth1:50  BeachwalkR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£375211/4F
7th Jun  Yarmouth2:20  Blonde Warrior (IRE)Josephine GordonH Palmer£37524/9F
7th Jun  Yarmouth2:50  Argentello (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£37525/4F
7th Jun  Yarmouth3:20  Bartholomew J (IRE)Joey HaynesMrs L Pearce£310511/4
7th Jun  Yarmouth3:50  Right About Now (IRE)David EganC A Dwyer£31054/1F
7th Jun  Yarmouth4:50  MarilynG MosseC F Wall£31055/6F
6th Jun  Hamilton3:30  Sir Dancealot (IRE)P MulrennanD R C Elsworth£168085/6F
6th Jun  Kempton7:00  Red MistS De SousaS Crisford£64698/15F
6th Jun  Kempton7:30  InsurgenceDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£64699/4F
6th Jun  Kempton8:00  West Coast FlyerJ P SpencerDavid Simcock£933816/1
6th Jun  Kempton9:00  Dance Teacher (IRE)S De SousaD R C Elsworth£646915/8F
6th Jun  Wetherby6:10  Cococabala (IRE)T P QueallyRichard Spencer£478710/1
6th Jun  Wetherby6:40  HasanoandaR HavlinJ H M Gosden£34932/1F
6th Jun  Wetherby8:10  Navajo Star (IRE)A MullenR Brisland£73759/1
6th Jun  Wolverhampton2:20  BurjEdward GreatrexS bin Suroor£37521/2F
6th Jun  Wolverhampton3:50  DomitillaM M MonaghanM Botti£553111/10F
6th Jun  Wolverhampton4:50  Pride's Gold (USA)Jack MitchellS Crisford£37525/4F
6th Jun  Wolverhampton5:20  The ChemistJack MitchellR Varian£375220/1
5th Jun  Newcastle6:15  Alfie Solomons (IRE)T P QueallyRichard Spencer£67286/4F
5th Jun  Newcastle6:45  SanamBen CurtisE A L Dunlop£34935/1
5th Jun  Newcastle7:45  Light Of Joy (USA)James DoyleDavid Lanigan£60812/1F
4th Jun  Leicester4:10  Global ConquerorAndrea AtzeniS Crisford£64694/6F
4th Jun  Leicester4:40  Piece Of History (IRE)David EganS bin Suroor£64694/1
4th Jun  Leicester5:40  ConflagrationJim CrowleyE A L Dunlop£31055/1J
4th Jun  Windsor6:15  Queen Of Bermuda (IRE)R KingscoteW J Haggas£478711/10F
4th Jun  Windsor8:15  Cassini (IRE)K T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£37526/4F
3rd Jun  Fakenham3:55  Master Of Finance (IRE)Maxime TissierMrs L Wadham£77332/1
2nd Jun  Chepstow8:00  Flying Sparkle (IRE)Cameron NobleM L W Bell£375211/8F
2nd Jun  Doncaster2:30  Dubai Legacy (USA)G LeeS bin Suroor£478715/8F
2nd Jun  Doncaster3:05  White Chocolate (IRE)J P SpencerDavid Simcock£75616/5F
2nd Jun  Doncaster5:25  Sam Gold (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£5531EvensF
2nd Jun  Epsom Downs3:10  Century Dream (IRE)W BuickS Crisford£5103911/4F
2nd Jun  Epsom Downs5:15  Dash Of SpiceS De SousaD R C Elsworth£3112511/4F
2nd Jun  Lingfield6:40  Dame NellieDavid ProbertRae Guest£31055/2F
2nd Jun  Lingfield8:10  Bernardo O'ReillyT P QueallyRichard Spencer£55319/2
2nd Jun  Musselburgh2:50  DynamicBen CurtisW J Haggas£93376/4F
2nd Jun  Musselburgh4:55  Merhoob (IRE)P MulrennanJ Ryan£80868/1
1st Jun  Doncaster6:30  National ArmyKevin StottS bin Suroor£37527/2
1st Jun  Doncaster7:00  Flavius TitusAndrea AtzeniR Varian£55314/1J
1st Jun  Doncaster7:35  Spanish CityAndrea AtzeniR Varian£77635/4F
1st Jun  Doncaster8:05  Francis Xavier (IRE)Josephine GordonH Palmer£553113/8F
1st Jun  Epsom Downs3:10  CracksmanL DettoriJ H M Gosden£2381822/7F
1st Jun  Epsom Downs3:45  Ajman King (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£373505/4F
1st Jun  Goodwood7:10  Impulsion (IRE)David EganR Varian£45289/2
1st Jun  Goodwood7:45  Magical Dreamer (IRE)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£94529/4F
31st May  Chelmsford City7:40  AwesometankJames DoyleW J Haggas£194074/1
31st May  Chelmsford City8:10  PilasterDavid EganR Varian£1293812/1
31st May  Lingfield2:10  Mugatoo (IRE)J P SpencerDavid Simcock£37528/1
31st May  Lingfield4:10  The Night KingF NortonMick Quinn£31055/1
31st May  Lingfield5:10  Cosmopolitan QueenS De SousaD R C Elsworth£3752100/30
31st May  Wolverhampton1:50  Harbour StormKieran ShoemarkR Brisland£375212/1
31st May  Wolverhampton2:20  Billy Booth (IRE)Aaron JonesMiss Gay Kelleway£31058/1
30th May  Beverley5:00  Mythological (IRE)B DoyleJane Chapple-Hyam£317014/1
30th May  Nottingham3:50  RepercussionR KingscoteC Fellowes£142327/4F
30th May  Nottingham4:50  Dagueneau (IRE)James DoyleE A L Dunlop£38815/4F
30th May  Ripon9:10  Beauvais (IRE)Kevin StottS bin Suroor£38816/1
29th May  Brighton6:50  The Emperor Within (FR)Hector CrouchMartin Smith£375214/1
29th May  Leicester3:20  CavatinaJames DoyleW J Haggas£73753/1
29th May  Leicester3:50  Fanaar (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£543411/10F
29th May  Lingfield1:40  BeachwalkR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£37525/1
29th May  Lingfield3:10  Wissahickon (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£375211/8F
29th May  Lingfield3:40  StylehunterW BuickJ H M Gosden£37529/4
29th May  Lingfield4:10  Arzaak (IRE)Josephine GordonC A Dwyer£55316/1
29th May  Redcar3:30  Worth WaitingDaniel MuscuttDavid Lanigan£44641/2F
29th May  Wolverhampton6:40  Sporting ChanceJames DoyleS Crisford£47876/4F
29th May  Wolverhampton7:40  Ledham (IRE)P J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£37521/2F
28th May  Chelmsford City2:05  The Last PartyLewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£478713/8F
28th May  Leicester3:30  Raa AtollR HavlinJ H M Gosden£97047/4F
28th May  Leicester5:15  AmuletumSebastian WoodsP W Chapple-Hyam£43345/6F
28th May  Windsor4:15  Dubai SilkP J DobbsR M H Cowell£37528/1
28th May  Windsor4:50  Cowboy Soldier (IRE)Edward GreatrexR M H Cowell£129389/2
28th May  Windsor5:55  DaschasR KingscoteS C Williams£553111/2
26th May  Goodwood1:55  First SittingG MosseC F Wall£283556/1
26th May  Goodwood2:30  Society Power (IRE)Andrea AtzeniW J Haggas£622505/2F
26th May  Goodwood3:45  Mirage DancerP J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£28355EvensF
26th May  Haydock2:15  The Grand VisirJames DoyleW J Haggas£161724/1
26th May  Haydock4:35  Classical TimesJack MitchellP W Chapple-Hyam£2665420/1
26th May  York2:00  GilgameshEdward GreatrexGeorge Scott£155625/1F
26th May  York2:35  Manjaam (IRE)Edward GreatrexE A L Dunlop£970411/1
26th May  York3:05  Precious RamotsweR HavlinJ H M Gosden£5103911/4F
26th May  York4:50  Desert DiamondD TudhopeSir Michael Stoute£97046/4F
25th May  Goodwood4:20  RaucousJ P SpencerR M H Cowell£155624/1
25th May  Goodwood4:55  Uber Cool (IRE)L DettoriJane Chapple-Hyam£67283/1F
25th May  Haydock3:30  LabregaJosephine GordonH Palmer£48529/2
25th May  Haydock4:05  Improve (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£485211/8F
25th May  Haydock5:45  Blooriedotcom (IRE)Jack MitchellP W Chapple-Hyam£485210/1
24th May  Catterick1:50  Second GenerationP MulrennanJ Tate£47879/2
24th May  Chelmsford City6:10  Hawatif (IRE)William CarsonA Carson£439922/1
24th May  Chelmsford City6:45  MutafaniS De SousaS Crisford£80863/1F
24th May  Chelmsford City8:20  Yeah Baby Yeah (IRE)S De SousaMiss Gay Kelleway£1293815/8F
24th May  Goodwood4:20  Heart Of Grace (JPN)James DoyleW J Haggas£51759/1
24th May  Lingfield2:15  The LacemakerS De SousaC A Dwyer£310511/4
24th May  Sandown7:05  Without ParoleL DettoriJ H M Gosden£226844/6F
24th May  Sandown8:10  Poet's Word (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£396974/6F
24th May  Sandown8:40  ChiefofchiefsR KingscoteC Fellowes£93385/1
23rd May  Kempton5:55  Paco's PrinceAled BeechC Fellowes£37527/1
23rd May  Kempton6:25  JawwaalJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£32341/2F
23rd May  Yarmouth2:20  Legends Of War (USA)Oisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£97042/1
23rd May  Yarmouth2:55  LalaniaS De SousaS C Williams£37523/1
23rd May  Yarmouth4:55  Enigmatic (IRE)Joshua BryanA Bailey£37528/1
23rd May  Yarmouth5:25  Gulland RockG MosseA Carson£310520/1
22nd May  Chepstow3:15  KachumbaDane O'NeillRae Guest£31056/1
22nd May  Chepstow4:55  Almoghared (IRE)Dane O'NeillJ H M Gosden£375210/11F
22nd May  Huntingdon8:10  Aviator (GER)Jack QuinlanJ M P Eustace£454914/1
22nd May  Nottingham1:50  Cool ExhibitS De SousaS Crisford£388112/1
22nd May  Nottingham2:20  IbrazJim CrowleyR Varian£38816/4F
22nd May  Nottingham2:55  MashaheerJim CrowleyW J Haggas£38814/1
22nd May  Nottingham3:25  RasimaDavid EganR Varian£97045/2F
21st May  Carlisle4:15  Arbalet (IRE)Josephine GordonH Palmer£42054/7F
21st May  Leicester7:30  Arabian Coast (IRE)Edward GreatrexS bin Suroor£51755/2F
21st May  Leicester8:30  Light Of Joy (USA)Fran BerryDavid Lanigan£51755/1
21st May  Redcar3:35  HermositaDavid EganR Varian£446411/8F
21st May  Windsor7:15  Alwaysandforever (IRE)R L MooreL M Cumani£7439EvensF
21st May  Windsor7:45  The Tin ManT P QueallyJ R Fanshawe£209837/4F
19th May  Doncaster6:50  Crimson Rosette (IRE)Jim CrowleyC Fellowes£1293811/4
19th May  Newbury1:50  Never Back Down (IRE)S De SousaH Palmer£3969725/1
19th May  Newbury2:25  Crystal OceanR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£567102/5F
19th May  Newbury4:50  Sea Of Class (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£396979/4
19th May  Newbury5:25  Pouvoir Magique (FR)K T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£249003/1
19th May  Newmarket2:40  Purser (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£226846/4F
19th May  Newmarket4:25  Mountain Rescue (IRE)W BuickC F Wall£97047/2
19th May  Newmarket5:00  TurayaDavid EganR Varian£970410/1
19th May  Thirsk2:10  Queen Of Bermuda (IRE)Ben CurtisW J Haggas£64694/6F
18th May  Newbury3:40  Mystic Flight (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£672816/1
18th May  Newbury4:15  Al Muffrih (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£672810/11F
18th May  Newbury4:45  First ElevenR HavlinJ H M Gosden£67288/1
18th May  Newmarket1:40  ArigatoKieran ShoemarkW Jarvis£452825/1
18th May  Newmarket3:55  Shabeeb (USA)Jim CrowleyR Varian£1867511/4J
18th May  Newmarket5:30  Coverham (IRE)Aled BeechJ M P Eustace£452813/2
18th May  York3:30  Stradivarius (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£935724/6F
18th May  York4:35  Yeah Baby Yeah (IRE)S De SousaMiss Gay Kelleway£1245011/1
17th May  Newmarket5:45  Usain Boat (IRE)S De SousaGeorge Scott£51755/4F
17th May  Newmarket6:20  PerfectionN MackayJ H M Gosden£38817/1
17th May  Newmarket8:35  OstilioAndrea AtzeniS Crisford£77635/4F
17th May  Salisbury2:10  Rumble Inthejungle (IRE)T P QueallyRichard Spencer£511110/1
17th May  Salisbury3:15  Dive For GoldR HavlinJ H M Gosden£478712/1
17th May  Salisbury3:50  Sun MaidenP J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£47874/5F
17th May  York2:55  CoronetL DettoriJ H M Gosden£708882/1F
17th May  York3:30  Roaring Lion (USA)Oisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£935723/1F
17th May  York4:35  Main Desire (IRE)D TudhopeM L W Bell£2835512/1
16th May  Bath6:25  Crystal Deauville (FR)William CoxMiss Gay Kelleway£37529/1
16th May  Bath8:25  My Boy SepoyFran BerryS C Williams£31053/1
16th May  Yarmouth2:10  Emblazoned (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£375211/10F
16th May  Yarmouth3:20  Bartholomew J (IRE)Darragh KeenanMrs L Pearce£31057/2
16th May  Yarmouth3:55  Navajo Storm (IRE)Gabriele MaluneR Brisland£31056/1
16th May  Yarmouth4:25  Bint Dandy (IRE)Lewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£55316/1
16th May  Yarmouth4:55  MarilynT P QueallyC F Wall£31058/1
16th May  York4:05  Give And TakeJames DoyleW J Haggas£567107/2
16th May  York5:35  Reverend JacobsJames DoyleW J Haggas£120314/1
15th May  Beverley4:40  Neverbeen To Paris (IRE)D TudhopeM L W Bell£40334/1F
15th May  Beverley5:45  Georgian Manor (IRE)Josephine GordonSir Michael Stoute£40338/11F
15th May  Chepstow7:20  Qaswarah (IRE)Jim CrowleyE A L Dunlop£37527/1
14th May  Catterick3:05  DaykingKevin StottS bin Suroor£51114/5F
14th May  Windsor5:50  James Watt (IRE)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£64692/1
14th May  Windsor6:50  Arod (IRE)Oisin MurphyDavid Simcock£209839/2
13th May  Longchamp (FR)1:30  Pocket Dynamo (USA)M BarzalonaR M H Cowell£19,47029/10
13th May  Longchamp (FR)3:15  Teppal (FR)O PeslierDavid Simcock£252,83212/1
13th May  Plumpton3:50  Gin And TonicWayne HutchinsonM Wigham£31199/2F
12th May  Ascot2:50  Barsanti (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£2552010/11F
12th May  Ascot3:25  Urban FoxD TudhopeW J Haggas£280129/2
12th May  Ascot4:00  Ripp Orf (IRE)Hayley TurnerD R C Elsworth£6536220/1
12th May  Haydock2:35  Uber Cool (IRE)G LeeJane Chapple-Hyam£71167/2
12th May  Lingfield3:40  TomyrisL DettoriR Varian£340269/2
12th May  Nottingham3:50  Pretty Baby (IRE)P HanaganW J Haggas£2268410/11F
12th May  Thirsk8:15  New Graduate (IRE)L MorrisJ Tate£51755/6F
11th May  Ascot6:35  Stream Of StarsL DettoriJ H M Gosden£97045/2
11th May  Ascot7:05  Society Power (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£186759/4J
11th May  Ascot7:40  DreamfieldJames DoyleJ H M Gosden£776310/11F
11th May  Ascot8:10  Corrosive (USA)Josephine GordonH Palmer£67287/2
11th May  Lingfield2:15  Saving GraceJ P SpencerL M Cumani£37527/1
11th May  Lingfield4:30  JawwaalJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£375211/4
11th May  Nottingham5:40  Raa AtollR HavlinJ H M Gosden£38814/6F
11th May  Nottingham6:45  Daira Prince (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£646911/2
11th May  Nottingham7:50  GododdinLouis StewardH Palmer£38817/1
10th May  Chelmsford City6:10  Mr MarrakechL DettoriJ H M Gosden£5175EvensF
10th May  Chelmsford City8:10  WeekenderL DettoriJ H M Gosden£161724/6F
10th May  Chelmsford City9:10  ZamjarT MarquandR M H Cowell£731011/4
10th May  Chester3:00  Another Batt (IRE)S De SousaGeorge Scott£211655/1J
10th May  Huntingdon4:15  Shining RomeoAidan ColemanDenis Quinn£48746/1
9th May  Chester3:35  Young Rascal (FR)James DoyleW J Haggas£56710100/30
9th May  Chester4:05  Chief IronsideKieran ShoemarkW Jarvis£1182814/1
9th May  Wolverhampton6:25  PammiK T O'NeillA Carson£310533/1
9th May  Wolverhampton8:55  Billy Booth (IRE)Aaron JonesMiss Gay Kelleway£310525/1
8th May  Brighton3:00  KachumbaSebastian WoodsRae Guest£31059/2
8th May  Brighton4:05  EsspeegeeDarragh KeenanA Bailey£37525/1
8th May  Fakenham3:10  Potters HedgerJack SherwoodMrs L Wadham£54587/2
8th May  Fakenham4:15  Apache SongHarry BannisterJ M P Eustace£54585/2
8th May  Thirsk2:20  Mystic MegDanny BrockH Palmer£58222/1F
8th May  Thirsk2:50  FeatheryS DonohoeC Fellowes£56936/5F
7th May  Beverley5:25  Expensive Liaison (IRE)Ben CurtisH Palmer£41405/4F
7th May  Chelmsford City4:35  Rivers Of AsiaH PoultonMartin Smith£1,8006/1
7th May  Naas (IRE)2:45  Mrs GallagherJosephine GordonW Jarvis£324507/1
7th May  Windsor3:10  VoiAndrea AtzeniC Allen£55317/2
7th May  Windsor4:55  Employer (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£375215/8F
7th May  Windsor5:30  Silver QuartzJames DoyleH Palmer£375210/11F
6th May  Newmarket1:50  Grey BritainG MosseJ Ryan£3112550/1
6th May  Newmarket2:55  Gifted Master (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£311258/1
6th May  Newmarket4:45  Lah Ti DarL DettoriJ H M Gosden£28355EvensF
5th May  Doncaster6:20  Masaarr (USA)David EganR Varian£77639/4F
5th May  Doncaster8:20  Amourice (IRE)P MulrennanJane Chapple-Hyam£553111/4
5th May  Goodwood4:25  QarounP J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£51759/4F
5th May  Newmarket2:55  Defoe (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£595461/2F
5th May  Wetherby3:05  Original Choice (IRE)Ben CurtisW J Haggas£258766/1
5th May  Wetherby4:20  Fujaira Prince (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£47874/6F
4th May  Musselburgh3:40  Tribal WarriorD AllanJ Tate£69874/1
4th May  Newcastle6:55  Sarshampla (IRE)Andrea AtzeniDavid Simcock£414013/8F
4th May  Newcastle7:30  Spanish CityAndrea AtzeniR Varian£97045/4F
4th May  Newcastle8:40  Terri Rules (IRE)J QuinnMiss J Feilden£414011/2
3rd May  Chelmsford City5:50  Pocket Dynamo (USA)E J WalshR M H Cowell£71169/4
3rd May  Chelmsford City6:50  Main StreetR HavlinJ H M Gosden£80862/1
3rd May  Chelmsford City7:20  SeniorityJames DoyleW J Haggas£1293811/8F
3rd May  Musselburgh6:40  Dazzle Gold (USA)J FanningR M H Cowell£32343/1
3rd May  Redcar2:40  Pretty Baby (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£452811/10F
3rd May  Redcar3:10  Robsdelight (IRE)S De SousaMiss Gay Kelleway£34935/4F
3rd May  Redcar3:40  Completion (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£834511/4J
3rd May  Redcar4:40  Nibras Galaxy (IRE)George WoodIsmail Mohammed£472213/2
3rd May  Southwell3:20  HakeemJim CrowleyW J Haggas£37527/2
3rd May  Southwell4:20  Limerick Lord (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£31056/1
2nd May  Ascot3:45  Invincible Army (IRE)R L MooreJ Tate£4536811/8F
2nd May  Ascot4:20  Century Dream (IRE)W BuickS Crisford£209835/2
2nd May  Ascot4:55  Mountain Angel (IRE)David EganR Varian£67284/1F
2nd May  Bath6:20  Peace Dreamer (IRE)Jonathan FisherR M H Cowell£375217/2
2nd May  Brighton4:25  Crystal Deauville (FR)S W KellyMiss Gay Kelleway£37529/1
2nd May  Wolverhampton1:50  TasaaboqDanny BrockP S McEntee£31056/1
2nd May  Wolverhampton2:25  Queen Of ConnaughtJames DoyleM L W Bell£37529/4
2nd May  Wolverhampton3:35  Summerseat Mist (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£310511/4F
2nd May  Wolverhampton4:10  Leader's Legacy (USA)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£72468/13F
2nd May  Wolverhampton4:45  Desert DiamondOisin MurphySir Michael Stoute£37525/1
2nd May  Wolverhampton5:20  Derrymore (IRE)James DoyleJ H M Gosden£37527/2
2nd May  Wolverhampton5:55  Caribbean Spring (IRE)Jane ElliottG G Margarson£310511/4
1st May  Brighton2:20  James Watt (IRE)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£37526/4F
1st May  Brighton3:25  Mr Pocket (IRE)F NortonR M H Cowell£55319/4
1st May  Brighton3:55  Precious RamotsweR HavlinJ H M Gosden£976715/8F
1st May  Kempton7:45  Amazing Red (IRE)James DoyleE A L Dunlop£93385/1
1st May  Newcastle6:25  Walk On Walter (IRE)T EavesDavid Simcock£37525/2F
1st May  Nottingham2:30  M C Muldoon (IRE)D AllanP W Chapple-Hyam£452810/1
1st May  Yarmouth2:10  Artair (IRE)J P SpencerM L W Bell£478711/10F
1st May  Yarmouth2:40  Corelli (USA)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£97041/3F
1st May  Yarmouth3:15  Oceanus (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£37524/1
1st May  Yarmouth3:45  Salt Whistle Bay (IRE)M HarleyRae Guest£724611/4
1st May  Yarmouth4:15  Seyasah (IRE)T P QueallyC F Wall£37527/1
1st May  Yarmouth4:45  Rosedale Topping (IRE)P McDonaldEd Vaughan£31055/1
30th Apr  Southwell5:50  Cococabala (IRE)R WinstonRichard Spencer£48527/1
30th Apr  Southwell7:50  Rashdan (FR)Josephine GordonH Palmer£37527/2
30th Apr  Windsor7:40  EnvoyRyan TateJ M P Eustace£553125/1
30th Apr  Wolverhampton2:40  Ubla (IRE)S De SousaMiss Gay Kelleway£31709/4J
30th Apr  Wolverhampton3:15  Tivoli (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£582211/10F
30th Apr  Wolverhampton4:25  MootasadirJosephine GordonH Palmer£38814/5F
29th Apr  Longchamp (FR)3:30  CracksmanL DettoriJ H M Gosden£303,3993/5F
29th Apr  Wetherby2:40  Award Winning (IRE)N MackayJ H M Gosden£4787EvensF
28th Apr  Doncaster5:10  Jumira Prince (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£553111/4F
28th Apr  Haydock2:40  FondestGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£48527/2
28th Apr  Leicester2:45  Emmaus (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£340269/4F
28th Apr  Leicester4:30  MekongJames DoyleSir Michael Stoute£45289/2
28th Apr  Ripon4:00  Great HallCharles BishopMick Quinn£155628/1
28th Apr  Ripon4:35  Dance LegendDavid ProbertRae Guest£58228/1
28th Apr  Wolverhampton7:00  Glencadam GloryR HavlinJ H M Gosden£37521/5F
28th Apr  Wolverhampton8:00  Stage NameJames DoyleH Palmer£375212/1
27th Apr  Doncaster3:25  Indian TygressGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£375212/1
27th Apr  Sandown1:50  Merlin MagicS De SousaD R C Elsworth£155624/1
27th Apr  Sandown2:25  Crystal OceanR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£39697EvensF
27th Apr  Sandown3:00  Sevenna Star (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£3969715/8F
27th Apr  Sandown3:35  Addeybb (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£567106/4F
27th Apr  Sandown4:05  Haddaf (IRE)R L MooreJ Tate£155629/2
27th Apr  Sandown4:35  Crystal HopeW BuickSir Michael Stoute£646914/1
26th Apr  Beverley3:10  Arabian Jazz (IRE)Cameron NobleM L W Bell£40338/1
25th Apr  Catterick3:00  Talaaqy (IRE)Dane O'NeillW J Haggas£5111EvensF
25th Apr  Epsom Downs2:45  Crossed BatonL DettoriJ H M Gosden£2835511/4
25th Apr  Epsom Downs3:20  Royal LineJames DoyleJ H M Gosden£155625/1
25th Apr  Epsom Downs3:55  Ajman King (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£311259/4F
25th Apr  Lingfield5:55  TawaafoqP CosgraveMick Quinn£310510/1
25th Apr  Lingfield7:25  Emblazoned (IRE)James DoyleJ H M Gosden£375230/100F
24th Apr  Brighton6:30  Derek Duval (USA)Daniel MuscuttS C Williams£375211/2
24th Apr  Huntingdon4:35  Movie Set (USA)Brendan PowellRichard Spencer£324912/1
24th Apr  Huntingdon8:00  StonecoldsobaAidan ColemanDenis Quinn£409412/1
24th Apr  Yarmouth1:50  Carrie's VisionJames DoyleW J Haggas£37529/4
24th Apr  Yarmouth2:25  Corrosive (USA)Josephine GordonH Palmer£375211/4
24th Apr  Yarmouth2:55  Without ParoleL DettoriJ H M Gosden£37524/9F
24th Apr  Yarmouth3:25  Immortal Romance (IRE)J P SpencerM L W Bell£375214/1
24th Apr  Yarmouth4:00  Mordin (IRE)James DoyleS Crisford£553113/8F
24th Apr  Yarmouth4:30  Luna MagicJack MitchellMrs L Pearce£37529/1
23rd Apr  Windsor6:20  Stream SongR HavlinJ H M Gosden£5531EvensF
22nd Apr  Market Rasen3:00  Iconic SkyJack SherwoodMrs L Wadham£623811/4F
21st Apr  Newbury2:00  Defoe (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£340265/4F
21st Apr  Newbury3:10  James Garfield (IRE)L DettoriGeorge Scott£340263/1
21st Apr  Newbury3:45  Taqdeer (IRE)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£311254/1F
21st Apr  Newbury4:55  Young Rascal (FR)James DoyleW J Haggas£97043/1F
21st Apr  Nottingham6:15  Apache BlazeS M LeveyR Brisland£349325/1
21st Apr  Thirsk4:50  ZaakiP J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£48528/11F
20th Apr  Bath5:45  Mrs GallagherJosephine GordonW Jarvis£2268414/1
20th Apr  Newbury3:00  Lah Ti DarL DettoriJ H M Gosden£55317/2J
19th Apr  Newcastle6:10  Extra MileG MosseS bin Suroor£553115/8F
19th Apr  Newcastle6:40  ImageRossa RyanP J McBride£37525/1
19th Apr  Newcastle8:15  TanseeqJim CrowleyW J Haggas£37526/4F
19th Apr  Newcastle8:45  EmaraatyJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£37521/5F
19th Apr  Newmarket4:10  Sheikha Reika (FR)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£64695/4F
18th Apr  Kempton7:15  Il Primo SoleR HavlinJ H M Gosden£38815/2
18th Apr  Kempton7:45  Mr MarrakechR HavlinJ H M Gosden£38812/1F
18th Apr  Newmarket4:45  Qazyna (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£64696/4F
17th Apr  Newmarket3:35  Purser (USA)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£97042/1
17th Apr  Newmarket4:10  Examiner (IRE)Fran BerryS C Williams£1617214/1
16th Apr  Windsor3:20  Sevenna Star (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£37528/11F
14th Apr  Lingfield3:35  Silent AttackWilliam CoxS bin Suroor£724613/8F
14th Apr  Lingfield4:50  Hinde Street (USA)N MackayJ H M Gosden£375225/1
14th Apr  Wolverhampton7:30  DaphiniaJ QuinnHenry Spiller£375216/1
14th Apr  Wolverhampton8:30  Ocean Of LoveHector CrouchS bin Suroor£72464/1
13th Apr  Kempton5:45  Gas MonkeyShelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£31058/1
12th Apr  Chelmsford City6:45  MootasadirJames DoyleH Palmer£51754/1
12th Apr  Chelmsford City8:45  Blame Me Forever (USA)M M MonaghanM Botti£439920/1
12th Apr  Southwell2:30  Victory Wave (USA)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£375211/8F
12th Apr  Taunton5:35  Miss Heritage (IRE)Jack QuinlanD R C Elsworth£29245/1
11th Apr  Kempton6:15  Fennaan (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£32343/1
11th Apr  Kempton6:45  Nordic Passage (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£3234100/30
11th Apr  Kempton7:15  Coverham (IRE)L MorrisJ M P Eustace£37529/2J
11th Apr  Lingfield3:15  InshaaDanny BrockP S McEntee£310510/1
11th Apr  Lingfield4:50  Lubinka (IRE)Jack MitchellP W Chapple-Hyam£310510/11F
9th Apr  Wolverhampton5:45  BeshaayirJames DoyleW J Haggas£37521/5F
9th Apr  Wolverhampton7:45  Western Way (IRE)A KirbyD E Cantillon£55314/1
7th Apr  Kempton2:40  Raven's LadyAndrea AtzeniM Botti£155627/1
7th Apr  Kempton4:25  Kings Shield (USA)Oisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£155624/6F
6th Apr  Chelmsford City8:15  Mosalim (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£517513/8J
6th Apr  Chelmsford City9:15  Geetanjali (IRE)J FanningM L W Bell£34934/1
6th Apr  Lingfield5:05  ZamjarS De SousaR M H Cowell£37525/2F
5th Apr  Chelmsford City5:45  Dancing Brave Bear (USA)S DonohoeEd Vaughan£51754/7F
5th Apr  Chelmsford City7:15  Extra MileOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£5693100/30
5th Apr  Wolverhampton4:50  Volevo LuiM M MonaghanM Botti£55315/1
4th Apr  Kempton6:45  Mordin (IRE)James DoyleS Crisford£38816/4F
4th Apr  Kempton7:15  Tribal WarriorL MorrisJ Tate£37524/1
4th Apr  Kempton7:45  Sonnet Rose (IRE)Sebastian WoodsC Allen£37522/1F
4th Apr  Kempton9:15  Lady Of YorkJoey HaynesA Bailey£31057/2
4th Apr  Lingfield2:45  InsurgenceDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£55317/2
4th Apr  Lingfield5:15  TechnologicalOisin MurphyG G Margarson£37527/2
4th Apr  Southwell3:25  Pearl Spectre (USA)Nicola CurrieP S McEntee£569312/1
4th Apr  Southwell4:55  Limerick Lord (IRE)Mr R BirkettMiss J Feilden£29957/1
3rd Apr  Lingfield5:30  WidnesDarragh KeenanA Bailey£31054/1
2nd Apr  Wolverhampton3:45  Society Power (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£9452EvensF
31st Mar  Chelmsford City6:15  Well Suited (IRE)Kieran ShoemarkS Crisford£51753/1
31st Mar  Chelmsford City6:45  Navajo Star (IRE)David EganR Brisland£3429100/30
31st Mar  Chelmsford City8:15  ImageRossa RyanP J McBride£43996/5F
31st Mar  Haydock3:15  Potters LegendAidan ColemanMrs L Wadham£309509/2
31st Mar  Kempton2:00  Crossed BatonR HavlinJ H M Gosden£517511/8F
31st Mar  Kempton2:35  FabricateAndrea AtzeniM L W Bell£2552013/8F
31st Mar  Kempton4:20  Crowned EagleDaniel MuscuttM Botti£311256/1
31st Mar  MEYDAN (UAE)4:35  BenbatlOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£54324/1F
31st Mar  MEYDAN (UAE)5:50  Thunder Snow (IRE)C SoumillonS bin Suroor£54328/1
31st Mar  Musselburgh2:25  Kyllang Rock (IRE)D TudhopeJ Tate£18675100/30
30th Mar  Lingfield2:30  DiagnosticJames DoyleW J Haggas£933757/2F
30th Mar  Lingfield4:40  Victory BondJames DoyleW J Haggas£1245003/1J
30th Mar  Newcastle2:10  Cowboy Soldier (IRE)L MorrisR M H Cowell£970415/8
30th Mar  Newcastle3:55  Gronkowski (USA)J P SpencerJ Noseda£5671013/8F
30th Mar  Newcastle4:25  Snazzy (IRE)P MulrennanC Fellowes£129385/1
30th Mar  Newcastle4:55  Casey Jones (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£67287/4J
29th Mar  Chelmsford City3:30  Nonios (IRE)M HarleyDavid Simcock£291107/2
29th Mar  Chelmsford City4:35  Sonnet Rose (IRE)R HavlinC Allen£34937/2F
29th Mar  Towcester2:10  PhoenicianaMaxime TissierMrs L Wadham£350911/4
29th Mar  Wolverhampton6:45  MartineoAndrea AtzeniW J Haggas£37524/7F
28th Mar  Newcastle5:45  EsspeegeeDarragh KeenanA Bailey£31057/2
28th Mar  Wincanton3:05  Apache SongT E WhelanJ M P Eustace£747310/1
24th Mar  Doncaster3:00  Zabeel Prince (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£2098310/11F
24th Mar  Doncaster3:35  Addeybb (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£622505/1
24th Mar  Wolverhampton7:15  Geetanjali (IRE)J FanningM L W Bell£310512/1
24th Mar  Wolverhampton8:45  The LacemakerS De SousaC A Dwyer£310511/4F
23rd Mar  Jebel Ali0:15  Wasim (IRE)A de VriesIsmail Mohammed£659989/2
23rd Mar  Kempton5:45  Coverham (IRE)Ryan TateJ M P Eustace£31055/1
23rd Mar  Kempton6:45  Ripp Orf (IRE)S M LeveyD R C Elsworth£38811/4F
22nd Mar  Chelmsford City5:45  Malaysian BolehCallum ShepherdP S McEntee£34296/1
22nd Mar  Chelmsford City6:45  Nonios (IRE)M HarleyDavid Simcock£56936/5F
22nd Mar  Chelmsford City7:15  Glory Awaits (IRE)M HarleyDavid Simcock£56937/1
22nd Mar  Chelmsford City8:45  MidnightlyM HarleyRae Guest£43999/1
22nd Mar  Wolverhampton5:25  WazinG LeeS Crisford£37529/1
21st Mar  Kempton7:45  Spare Parts (IRE)Nicola CurrieP S McEntee£64696/1
21st Mar  Southwell2:00  Katie GaleJason WatsonR Brisland£37529/2
21st Mar  Southwell4:10  LitigationL MorrisJ Tate£375214/1
20th Mar  Newcastle6:05  Velvet VisionP MulrennanM H Tompkins£517511/2
19th Mar  Lingfield3:55  Beautiful Memory (IRE)William CoxS bin Suroor£37524/6F
19th Mar  Lingfield4:25  In The Red (IRE)Tom MarquandMartin Smith£375213/2
19th Mar  Lingfield5:25  Relevant (IRE)Miss S BrothertonS C Williams£2995100/30F
17th Mar  Fontwell2:50  Banjo Girl (IRE)Maxime TissierMrs L Wadham£607711/8F
16th Mar  AL AIN (UAE)3:00  Darkening (IRE)Ismail Mohammed£
16th Mar  Fakenham3:55  Potters MidnightJack QuinlanMrs L Wadham£106578/1
16th Mar  Lingfield5:00  Freebe Rocks (IRE)Oisin MurphyM L W Bell£375211/4F
16th Mar  Wolverhampton7:45  Rock On BaileysLewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£55319/2
15th Mar  Towcester1:55  Gregarious (IRE)Maxime TissierMrs L Wadham£558820/1
14th Mar  Wolverhampton5:45  Bernie's BoyNicola CurrieP S McEntee£37524/1
14th Mar  Wolverhampton6:15  King KevinR HavlinE A L Dunlop£37529/4F
14th Mar  Wolverhampton7:15  Bowditch (IRE)James DoyleJ H M Gosden£375230/100F
13th Mar  Southwell3:45  Haddaf (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Tate£37524/5F
12th Mar  Chelmsford City6:45  Able JackS M LeveyS C Williams£97045/1
12th Mar  Chelmsford City7:15  Captain Pugwash (IRE)L P KeniryHenry Spiller£56937/2
12th Mar  Chelmsford City7:45  Stone Of DestinyOisin MurphyDavid Simcock£51751/5F
10th Mar  Chelmsford City7:45  Dal HarraildP HanaganW J Haggas£129388/15F
10th Mar  Wolverhampton2:40  Intern (IRE)R L MooreDavid Simcock£40112/7F
10th Mar  Wolverhampton3:15  Second Thought (IRE)R L MooreW J Haggas£283558/11F
10th Mar  Wolverhampton5:00  Maratha (IRE)P McDonaldS C Williams£55312/1F
9th Mar  Newcastle5:45  Heather Lark (IRE)Hollie DoyleRichard Spencer£37529/2
9th Mar  Newcastle8:15  Grandfather TomE J WalshR M H Cowell£553111/8F
8th Mar  Newcastle5:45  Morning Skye (IRE)Josephine GordonH Palmer£37522/1
8th Mar  Southwell3:00  Craving (IRE)R HavlinS Crisford£37521/9F
7th Mar  Kempton5:40  Kyllachy GalaGabriele MaluneM Botti£1556212/1
7th Mar  Kempton7:10  Gronkowski (USA)J P SpencerJ Noseda£311256/4F
7th Mar  Kempton7:40  Spare Parts (IRE)Nicola CurrieP S McEntee£646912/1
6th Mar  Southwell2:50  Go On Gal (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£310516/1
6th Mar  Southwell5:20  Limerick Lord (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£310510/1
5th Mar  Wolverhampton8:45  Bernie's BoyA KirbyP S McEntee£37522/1F
3rd Mar  Chelmsford City6:15  JellmoodAndrea AtzeniM Botti£80862/9F
3rd Mar  Chelmsford City7:15  Excellent GeorgeMilly NasebS C Williams£73107/2
3rd Mar  Chelmsford City7:45  Rock On BaileysLewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£56935/2
3rd Mar  Lingfield2:55  Encore D'OrR L MooreR M H Cowell£119722/1J
3rd Mar  Lingfield3:30  HeadwayJames DoyleW J Haggas£2552011/10F
3rd Mar  MEYDAN (UAE)0:00  Heart PowerA de VriesIsmail Mohammed£858134/1
2nd Mar  Southwell3:20  Max Liebermann (IRE)Thomas GarnerJ Ryan£324912/1
1st Mar  MEYDAN (UAE)4:15  Top ScoreC SoumillonS bin Suroor£2837622/1F
27th Feb  Chelmsford City2:15  Make Magic (IRE)J P SpencerDavid Simcock£47875/1
27th Feb  Lingfield2:30  Walk In The Sun (USA)R L MooreJ Noseda£37521/12F
27th Feb  Lingfield3:00  Abe Lincoln (USA)R L MooreJ Noseda£72466/4F
27th Feb  Lingfield3:30  Zest (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£143182/1
26th Feb  Wolverhampton8:45  MidnightlyM HarleyRae Guest£375212/1
25th Feb  Southwell5:05  Katahdin (IRE)Jack QuinlanMrs L Pearce£239514/1
24th Feb  Lingfield2:40  Grandfather TomE J WalshR M H Cowell£37522/5F
24th Feb  Lingfield3:15  Master The World (IRE)S M LeveyD R C Elsworth£5671016/1
24th Feb  Wolverhampton8:15  Derek Duval (USA)Daniel MuscuttS C Williams£375215/8F
23rd Feb  Lingfield3:20  Rock On BaileysLewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£37524/5F
22nd Feb  Chelmsford City5:55  Strictly CarterHarry BurnsA Bailey£34293/1J
22nd Feb  Huntingdon2:55  Shining RomeoAidan ColemanDenis Quinn£519813/2
21st Feb  Kempton6:15  Tribal WarriorOisin MurphyJ Tate£38815/2
21st Feb  Newcastle4:20  Casey Jones (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£60814/6F
21st Feb  Newcastle4:50  Ifubelieveindreams (IRE)Edward GreatrexIsmail Mohammed£592311/2
20th Feb  Wolverhampton6:40  Desert Wind (IRE)S DonohoeEd Vaughan£37527/4
20th Feb  Wolverhampton7:40  Regina NostraTom MarquandW J Haggas£37525/2J
19th Feb  Carlisle4:40  Shanroe Santos (IRE)B HughesMrs L Wadham£113723/1J
19th Feb  Kempton7:50  Oud Metha Bridge (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£64697/2
19th Feb  Lingfield1:45  Normal NormanP J BrennanJ Ryan£22746/1
18th Feb  Market Rasen2:45  Iconic SkyMaxime TissierMrs L Wadham£64988/1
17th Feb  Kempton7:15  CarolinaeS DonohoeC Fellowes£124507/1
17th Feb  Kempton8:15  Arsenio LupinHarry BurnsDenis Quinn£37528/1
17th Feb  Lingfield4:05  Nomorecalls (IRE)J FanningR M H Cowell£37527/4
17th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)4:50  Promising Run (USA)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£4203908/15F
16th Feb  Lingfield3:40  Regicide (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£55312/1F
16th Feb  Newcastle7:15  Ode To AutumnR HavlinJ H M Gosden£53878/13F
15th Feb  Chelmsford City7:00  Beautiful Memory (IRE)William CoxS bin Suroor£517510/11F
15th Feb  Chelmsford City7:30  ArnarsonE A L Dunlop£56935/1
15th Feb  Chelmsford City9:00  Navajo Star (IRE)M HarleyR Brisland£34292/1
15th Feb  Kelso4:05  Sir Jack Yeats (IRE)Mr James KingRichard Spencer£24965/2
15th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)3:05  Best Solution (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£3363086/5F
15th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)3:40  Don't Give UpC SoumillonS bin Suroor£26274111/10F
15th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)5:25  Prince Of ArranJames DoyleC Fellowes£336308100/30
14th Feb  Lingfield3:50  Red Verdon (USA)Kieran ShoemarkE A L Dunlop£119721/3F
14th Feb  Lingfield4:20  Bernie's BoyNicola CurrieP S McEntee£31058/1
14th Feb  Wolverhampton6:15  Breaking Records (IRE)Josephine GordonH Palmer£37528/11F
14th Feb  Wolverhampton7:45  Rock On BaileysLewis EdmundsC A Dwyer£31057/4F
12th Feb  Wolverhampton5:40  Iconic SunsetL MorrisJ Tate£40759/2
12th Feb  Wolverhampton6:10  Star ArcherJosephine GordonH Palmer£118287/4F
12th Feb  Wolverhampton8:10  Able JackS M LeveyS C Williams£55317/1
10th Feb  Lingfield1:45  Folie DouzeM HarleyHenry Spiller£375222/1
10th Feb  Lingfield2:20  Grandfather TomE J WalshR M H Cowell£31055/2
10th Feb  Uttoxeter3:40  Game On (IRE)L P AspellMrs L Wadham£4094EvensF
10th Feb  Wolverhampton6:15  Spare Parts (IRE)Nicola CurrieP S McEntee£37529/1
10th Feb  Wolverhampton7:15  Sophie Gray (IRE)K T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£375210/1
9th Feb  Chelmsford City3:10  Soul Silver (IRE)Oisin MurphyDavid Simcock£129382/1
9th Feb  Chelmsford City4:15  DaschasOisin MurphyS C Williams£67285/2
9th Feb  Newcastle6:15  Gronkowski (USA)J P SpencerJ Noseda£37521/4F
9th Feb  Newcastle8:15  Casey Jones (IRE)K T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£310511/4F
8th Feb  Chelmsford City6:30  Global AngelR HavlinE A L Dunlop£34295/1
8th Feb  Chelmsford City7:00  Good Business (IRE)A KirbyHenry Spiller£34295/2J
8th Feb  Huntingdon3:55  Amberjam (IRE)Maxime TissierMrs L Wadham£4224100/30F
8th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)2:30  Winter Lightning (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£1500008/11F
8th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)4:50  Thunder Snow (IRE)C SoumillonS bin Suroor£1500002/1J
8th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)5:25  Wasim (IRE)A de VriesIsmail Mohammed£6000125/1
8th Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)6:00  Leshlaa (USA)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£9600117/2
7th Feb  Chelmsford City1:55  Dragon Mall (USA)J P SpencerDavid Simcock£44641/3F
7th Feb  Chelmsford City2:25  Mossy's LodgeWilliam CarsonA Carson£22645/1
7th Feb  Chelmsford City4:00  Excellent GeorgeAaron JonesS C Williams£57572/1J
6th Feb  Market Rasen4:30  Sir Jack Yeats (IRE)Mr James KingRichard Spencer£18727/1
6th Feb  Southwell1:30  Silchester (USA)David Simcock£37524/1
5th Feb  Wolverhampton7:15  Galactic SpiritAndrea AtzeniM Botti£375213/8
3rd Feb  Kempton7:45  Humbert (IRE)Josephine GordonH Palmer£64694/5F
3rd Feb  Lingfield0:50  Vice Marshal (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£37527/2
3rd Feb  Lingfield3:05  Utmost (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£255205/1
3rd Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)0:35  Travis County (USA)A de VriesIsmail Mohammed£8581311/4J
3rd Feb  Wetherby1:00  Shambra (IRE)Maxime TissierMrs L Wadham£42246/5F
2nd Feb  Lingfield3:40  Nomorecalls (IRE)J FanningR M H Cowell£375215/8
1st Feb  Kempton5:55  Freebe Rocks (IRE)A KirbyM L W Bell£310510/11F
1st Feb  Kempton6:30  Sacred ActCameron NobleM L W Bell£388110/11J
1st Feb  Kempton8:30  Western Way (IRE)A KirbyD E Cantillon£310513/8F
1st Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)3:05  BenbatlOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£4203905/6F
1st Feb  MEYDAN (UAE)6:00  Gold StarC SoumillonS bin Suroor£2627419/4F
31st Jan  Chelmsford City1:55  Captain Pugwash (IRE)L P KeniryHenry Spiller£54347/1
31st Jan  Chelmsford City3:00  Ocean Of LoveHector CrouchS bin Suroor£83459/2
31st Jan  Chelmsford City4:10  Jack The Truth (IRE)Fran BerryGeorge Scott£54343/1
30th Jan  Southwell2:50  Bobby K (IRE)R HavlinS Crisford£375210/1
29th Jan  Wolverhampton6:30  Stellar SurpriseP McDonaldS C Williams£168087/1
29th Jan  Wolverhampton7:00  TechnologicalOisin MurphyG G Margarson£375211/8F
29th Jan  Wolverhampton7:30  Abe Lincoln (USA)Kieran ShoemarkJ Noseda£37521/2F
27th Jan  Lingfield2:35  Fiery BreathM HarleyR Eddery£31056/4F
26th Jan  Kempton8:15  Walk In The Sun (USA)R L MooreJ Noseda£38815/4F
26th Jan  Kempton9:15  Charles FoxP McDonaldJ R Fanshawe£37529/2
26th Jan  Lingfield1:45  Desert Wind (IRE)S DonohoeEd Vaughan£31052/1
25th Jan  Chelmsford City6:30  Culpability (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£51759/2
25th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)2:30  Don't Give UpG MosseS bin Suroor£26274115/2
25th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)4:50  Promising Run (USA)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£42039015/8F
25th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)6:35  Mountain Hunter (USA)C SoumillonS bin Suroor£2627419/2
25th Jan  Southwell1:05  The Gay CavalierJack OsbornJ Ryan£31058/1
25th Jan  Southwell3:55  Majestic Moon (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£37528/1
24th Jan  Kempton5:15  Artieshow (USA)M M MonaghanM Botti£38819/4
24th Jan  Lingfield1:00  BriscolaR HavlinJ H M Gosden£375211/4
24th Jan  Lingfield1:30  Power And Peace (IRE)S M LeveyDavid Simcock£310510/11F
24th Jan  Lingfield2:05  Natalie Express (FR)Fran BerryHenry Spiller£375212/1
24th Jan  Lingfield3:10  Ay Ay (IRE)Hollie DoyleD R C Elsworth£119723/1C
22nd Jan  Fakenham2:55  Potters MidnightL P AspellMrs L Wadham£649811/4
21st Jan  Chelmsford City3:25  Nurse NightingaleOisin MurphyM L W Bell£37529/4
20th Jan  Chelmsford City7:15  Beautiful Memory (IRE)William CoxS bin Suroor£517515/8J
20th Jan  Chelmsford City7:45  Spinning Melody (USA)Kieran ShoemarkS Crisford£73106/4F
20th Jan  Chelmsford City8:15  Touch The CloudsHollie DoyleW Stone£342910/1
20th Jan  Lingfield0:50  Court House (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£72464/9F
20th Jan  Lingfield1:25  Broughtons StoryS DonohoeP J McBride£31059/2
20th Jan  Lingfield2:35  Burcan (FR)L MorrisM Botti£118282/1F
20th Jan  Lingfield3:40  Morning Has Broken (IRE)Hollie DoyleD R C Elsworth£37522/1
19th Jan  Lingfield3:40  Roundabout Kitten (USA)S DonohoeDavid Lanigan£375220/1
19th Jan  Newcastle5:45  Completion (IRE)J FanningW J Haggas£37526/4F
18th Jan  Chelmsford City7:30  Nonios (IRE)M HarleyDavid Simcock£56939/2
18th Jan  Chelmsford City8:30  Reedanjas (IRE)Rossa RyanMiss Gay Kelleway£439910/1
18th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)2:30  Winter Lightning (IRE)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£2101955/2
17th Jan  Lingfield1:40  TopapinionJoey HaynesM H Tompkins£37524/1
17th Jan  Lingfield2:15  Bernie's BoyNicola CurrieP S McEntee£375215/8
17th Jan  Lingfield3:20  Spare Parts (IRE)Nicola CurrieP S McEntee£31056/4F
17th Jan  Newcastle5:30  Ode To AutumnR HavlinJ H M Gosden£37524/9F
17th Jan  Newcastle6:30  Wiff WaffJ FanningS C Williams£3752EvensF
15th Jan  Wolverhampton5:40  Humbert (IRE)Josephine GordonH Palmer£72465/4F
15th Jan  Wolverhampton6:10  Star ArcherJosephine GordonH Palmer£37524/7F
14th Jan  Southwell2:55  Cosmelli (ITY)T EavesMiss Gay Kelleway£756125/1
14th Jan  Southwell3:25  Spun GoldS DonohoeC Fellowes£310511/8F
13th Jan  Wolverhampton6:45  Indian RedJoey HaynesM H Tompkins£31059/4F
13th Jan  Wolverhampton8:45  Global Academy (IRE)Rossa RyanMiss Gay Kelleway£55315/2F
12th Jan  Lingfield2:20  Swift Approval (IRE)Oisin MurphyS C Williams£1197215/2
12th Jan  Newcastle6:15  Wiff WaffP McDonaldS C Williams£31054/5F
12th Jan  Newcastle6:45  Amazour (IRE)D TudhopeIsmail Mohammed£74396/5F
12th Jan  Newcastle7:45  Stone Of DestinyJ P SpencerDavid Simcock£55315/2
11th Jan  Chelmsford City7:00  Wimpole HallR HavlinW Jarvis£569315/8F
11th Jan  Chelmsford City7:30  Western Way (IRE)A KirbyD E Cantillon£34293/1F
11th Jan  Chelmsford City8:30  Spare Parts (IRE)Nicola CurrieP S McEntee£34299/4
11th Jan  Chelmsford City9:00  Good Business (IRE)A KirbyHenry Spiller£34294/1
11th Jan  MEYDAN (UAE)4:15  BenbatlOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£3531127/4F
11th Jan  Newcastle2:25  EsspeegeeMiss J CooleyA Bailey£29956/5F
11th Jan  Newcastle5:05  Three Weeks (USA)D TudhopeW J Haggas£55316/4
10th Jan  Kempton4:15  Spare Parts (IRE)Nicola CurrieP S McEntee£25886/4F
10th Jan  Kempton5:15  Sir Hamilton (IRE)L MorrisDenis Quinn£38816/4F
10th Jan  Kempton7:15  Time To BlossomMiss S BrothertonS Crisford£62395/1
10th Jan  Ludlow4:05  Shambra (IRE)L P AspellMrs L Wadham£49388/1
9th Jan  Southwell1:45  London (FR)Nicola CurrieP S McEntee£75617/1
8th Jan  Wolverhampton5:15  Maximinus Thrax (FR)Oisin MurphyDavid Simcock£37527/4
8th Jan  Wolverhampton6:45  Victory BondOisin MurphyW J Haggas£119722/5F
8th Jan  Wolverhampton7:45  Veena (FR)Oisin MurphyDavid Simcock£3752100/30
7th Jan  Plumpton1:35  Game On (IRE)L P AspellMrs L Wadham£64983/1
6th Jan  Kempton5:45  Morning Has Broken (IRE)Hollie DoyleD R C Elsworth£38817/2
6th Jan  Kempton7:15  SheriffA KirbyM L W Bell£37525/2
6th Jan  Kempton8:15  Lord George (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£155625/2F
6th Jan  Kempton8:45  Choice EncounterCameron NobleM L W Bell£64695/4F
6th Jan  Lingfield0:40  HasanoandaR HavlinJ H M Gosden£310511/4
6th Jan  Lingfield2:55  Galloway HillsS M LeveyD R C Elsworth</