Newmarket Trainers have broken many records over the years, landing almost all of the world's most prestigious races but we're proud of ALL the winners trained at HQ and we're pleased to present them to you here.

So far this year they have won ... races and £... in Win prize money!


Date  CourseTime  HorseJockeyTrainerPrizeS.P.
22nd Apr  Huntingdon2:50  Arch My BoyL P AspellMartin Smith£42242/7F
22nd Apr  Plumpton3:00  Mercian Prince (IRE)Jack QuinlanMiss Amy Murphy£312802/1
22nd Apr  Wolverhampton4:30  Red Invader (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Butler£31054/1
21st Apr  Southwell3:05  Falcao (IRE)L P KeniryJ Butler£375225/1
20th Apr  Brighton7:20  Contingency FeeGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£31053/1F
20th Apr  Kempton2:00  Cowboy Soldier (IRE)L MorrisR M H Cowell£1556220/1
20th Apr  Kempton2:35  El Gumryah (IRE)Andrea AtzeniS Crisford£1556220/1
20th Apr  Kempton3:10  Name The WindP J McDonaldJ Tate£155622/1
20th Apr  Nottingham6:05  Juanito Chico (IRE)Jim CrowleyS C Williams£77632/1F
19th Apr  Bath4:05  Queen Of Desire (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£3119011/4F
19th Apr  Lingfield2:30  Heavenly Holly (IRE)R L MooreH Palmer£933759/1
19th Apr  Newcastle2:10  LufriciaAndrea AtzeniR Varian£97047/1
19th Apr  Newcastle2:45  Global WarningG MosseE A L Dunlop£67283/1F
19th Apr  Newcastle4:25  GantierJim CrowleyJ H M Gosden£67285/2
18th Apr  Chelmsford City6:00  Full IntentionJack MitchellMrs L Pearce£517510/1
18th Apr  Chelmsford City6:30  Glenn CocoP J McDonaldS C Williams£97043/1
18th Apr  Chelmsford City7:00  Lexington EmpireDaniel MuscuttD R Lanigan£553115/8F
18th Apr  Chelmsford City8:30  MehdaayihR HavlinJ H M Gosden£55311/4F
18th Apr  Newmarket1:50  Far Above (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£646911/8F
18th Apr  Newmarket4:10  Zabeel Prince (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£340269/2C
17th Apr  Newmarket2:25  Uae JewelAndrea AtzeniR Varian£970410/11
17th Apr  Newmarket3:00  KeystrokeA KirbyS C Williams£3402666/1
17th Apr  Newmarket3:35  SkarduJames DoyleW J Haggas£340263/1
17th Apr  Newmarket4:10  ClerisyR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£64698/1
17th Apr  Southwell6:00  Contingency FeeGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£310511/2
16th Apr  Newmarket1:15  Maqsad (FR)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£64696/4F
16th Apr  Newmarket1:50  Flavius TitusAndrea AtzeniR Varian£161728/1
16th Apr  Newmarket3:00  Kick OnOisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£226842/1
16th Apr  Newmarket3:35  Qabala (USA)David EganR Varian£34026100/30F
16th Apr  Newmarket5:20  Solid Stone (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£129389/4F
16th Apr  Wolverhampton6:45  InvitationalJack MitchellR Varian£375213/2
16th Apr  Wolverhampton8:15  Tha'ir (IRE)Danny BrockP J McBride£31058/1
15th Apr  Windsor4:30  Wall Of Sapphire (IRE)Georgia DobieH Palmer£310513/2
13th Apr  Newbury2:10  DandhuG MosseD R C Elsworth£340268/1
13th Apr  Thirsk5:25  Top Rank (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£45286/4F
13th Apr  Wolverhampton8:30  Emirates Empire (IRE)David ProbertM L W Bell£37523/1
12th Apr  Kempton6:15  Intuitive (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£64697/4
12th Apr  Newbury4:10  King Ottokar (FR)Ben CurtisC Fellowes£1035014/1
12th Apr  Newbury4:45  Star CatcherL DettoriJ H M Gosden£553110/11F
11th Apr  Chelmsford City2:30  DerevoR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£55318/13F
10th Apr  Kempton6:15  Pentland Lad (IRE)James DoyleC Fellowes£31058/11F
10th Apr  Kempton7:45  CollideJames DoyleH Palmer£933811/10F
10th Apr  Lingfield5:35  So HighL DettoriJ H M Gosden£37521/10F
10th Apr  Nottingham2:30  Garrus (IRE)R L MooreJ Noseda£933813/8
10th Apr  Nottingham4:40  Love So Deep (JPN)Ben CurtisJane Chapple-Hyam£388116/1
10th Apr  Nottingham5:15  Mayfair Spirit (IRE)S DonohoeC Fellowes£38819/2
8th Apr  Redcar2:30  Private SecretaryK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£375210/11F
8th Apr  Redcar3:30  Sameem (IRE)D AllanJ Tate£55313/1C
6th Apr  Lingfield2:35  Mawsool (IRE)Jim CrowleyE A L Dunlop£37526/4
6th Apr  Lingfield3:10  SotomayorDavid EganJane Chapple-Hyam£55313/1
6th Apr  Lingfield3:45  El Ghazwani (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£77194/9F
6th Apr  Lingfield4:50  Jai Hanuman (IRE)F NortonM Wigham£31055/2
6th Apr  Lingfield5:45  Mackaar (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£37524/5F
6th Apr  Wolverhampton6:00  Percy AlexanderP J McDonaldJ Tate£31057/1
5th Apr  Wolverhampton6:30  IsangoS DonohoeC Fellowes£37523/1F
5th Apr  Wolverhampton7:00  Noble Lineage (IRE)Harry BentleyJ Tate£55312/1
5th Apr  Wolverhampton7:30  VampishAndrea AtzeniP J McBride£375211/2
5th Apr  Wolverhampton8:00  Kodiac Lass (IRE)Gabriele MaluneM Botti£375240/1
4th Apr  Aintree1:45  Kalashnikov (IRE)Jack QuinlanMiss Amy Murphy£561304/1
4th Apr  Chelmsford City6:00  Diamond OasisOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£553110/11F
4th Apr  Southwell5:30  Smarter (IRE)D TudhopeW J Haggas£31055/2J
3rd Apr  Kempton5:10  Pentland Lad (IRE)Oisin MurphyC Fellowes£31058/13F
3rd Apr  Kempton6:45  Canvassed (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£38818/13F
3rd Apr  Southwell4:25  Lovely ApproachBen CurtisH Palmer£37526/4F
2nd Apr  Wolverhampton7:30  WithoutdestinationStefano CherchiM Botti£375210/1
1st Apr  Chelmsford City2:00  Shimmering Dawn (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Tate£414013/8
1st Apr  Chelmsford City4:10  BalladeerHayley TurnerM L W Bell£57577/1
1st Apr  Newcastle6:15  El MiskK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£55318/11F
1st Apr  Newcastle7:45  MartineoJames DoyleJ Butler£55317/4F
31st Mar  Doncaster3:45  Red Verdon (USA)R L MooreE A L Dunlop£129385/2
30th Mar  Doncaster1:50  Invincible Army (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£209834/1
30th Mar  Doncaster3:00  Sharja BridgeAndrea AtzeniR Varian£209838/13F
30th Mar  Kempton2:05  MootasadirBen CurtisH Palmer£255204/1
30th Mar  Kempton3:50  Daarik (IRE)Dane O'NeillJ H M Gosden£64696/5F
30th Mar  Meydan4:40  Thunder Snow (IRE)Christophe SoumillonS bin Suroor£56692914/1
30th Mar  Southwell7:30  Tynecastle ParkDarragh KeenanR Eddery£31055/4F
30th Mar  Southwell8:30  Limerick Lord (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£22644/1F
29th Mar  Lingfield2:00  In The Red (IRE)A KirbyMartin Smith£37529/4F
29th Mar  Lingfield3:35  El Ghazwani (IRE)Oisin MurphyH Palmer£55316/5F
29th Mar  Lingfield4:10  Albert FinneyK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£37526/4J
29th Mar  Lingfield4:40  KvetuschkaL MorrisP W Chapple-Hyam£375216/1
28th Mar  Chelmsford City6:30  SepahiD E HoganH Spiller£31055/1
28th Mar  Wolverhampton4:30  MawakibAndrea AtzeniR Varian£3752EvensF
27th Mar  Kempton6:00  LehooggAndrea AtzeniR Varian£38819/4F
27th Mar  Lingfield4:10  Sir Gnet (IRE)Daniel MuscuttE A L Dunlop£31057/2
26th Mar  Wolverhampton5:30  Miracle WorksTom MarquandR M H Cowell£375211/2
26th Mar  Wolverhampton6:30  Dark Miracle (IRE)Daniel MuscuttM Botti£37521/2F
25th Mar  Lingfield4:30  Vin D'Honneur (IRE)Oisin MurphyS C Williams£310517/2
25th Mar  Wolverhampton5:15  KirtlingJack MitchellAndi Brown£31056/1
25th Mar  Wolverhampton7:45  Ubla (IRE)S B KirraneMiss Gay Kelleway£31056/1
23rd Mar  Lingfield2:00  SotomayorTom MarquandJane Chapple-Hyam£37526/1
23rd Mar  Lingfield3:10  Executive ForceF NortonM Wigham£72467/2
22nd Mar  Jebel Ali10:45  Craving (IRE)Pat CosgraveS Crisford£1217910/1
22nd Mar  Lingfield2:10  On The Line (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£37529/2
22nd Mar  Lingfield3:50  Maybe TodayDavid EganS Crisford£119726/1
22nd Mar  Lingfield4:20  Travel OnL DettoriJ H M Gosden£37521/4F
22nd Mar  Lingfield4:55  Lunar DeityMarco GhianiS C Williams£375233/1
22nd Mar  Newcastle6:30  Coastline (IRE)D AllanJ Tate£37529/4
16th Mar  Wolverhampton6:15  Executive ForceF NortonM Wigham£72467/2
16th Mar  Wolverhampton7:15  Tiger Eye (IRE)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£1039711/10F
15th Mar  Chelmsford City5:20  Gottardo (IRE)Miss Sophie SmithE A L Dunlop£49919/4F
15th Mar  Chelmsford City7:00  LestradeCallum ShepherdW Jarvis£58226/4F
15th Mar  Chelmsford City7:30  Pride's Gold (USA)A KirbyS Crisford£55319/2
15th Mar  Fakenham3:55  ThistimenextyearJames BowenRichard Spencer£107875/2J
15th Mar  Fakenham5:10  Sir Jack Yeats (IRE)Mr James KingRichard Spencer£24965/4F
15th Mar  Lingfield3:40  Unforgiving MinuteJames DoyleJ Butler£31051/2F
14th Mar  Southwell6:30  Sandridge Lad (IRE)S DonohoeJ Ryan£37528/1
14th Mar  Southwell7:30  Native SilverL MorrisR Eddery£375225/1
14th Mar  Southwell8:00  Tynecastle ParkDarragh KeenanR Eddery£31056/4F
13th Mar  Kempton4:40  Camachess (IRE)Phil DennisP J McBride£37524/6F
13th Mar  Kempton7:15  Jai Hanuman (IRE)F NortonM Wigham£31058/13F
12th Mar  Wolverhampton7:15  Camachess (IRE)Phil DennisP J McBride£31052/1F
12th Mar  Wolverhampton7:45  Pass The Vino (IRE)Tom MarquandP W D'Arcy£31059/4
11th Mar  Kempton7:00  Glenn CocoOisin MurphyS C Williams£64693/1F
9th Mar  Kempton7:30  SanaadhF NortonM Wigham£93383/1F
9th Mar  Kempton8:30  Merchant Of VeniceGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£64697/4F
9th Mar  Meydan3:30  Dream CastleChristophe SoumillonS bin Suroor£1889769/4
8th Mar  Lingfield3:50  Break The RulesDanny BrockMartin Smith£310533/1
8th Mar  Lingfield4:20  Affluence (IRE)Danny BrockMartin Smith£3105EvensF
8th Mar  Newcastle5:55  Camachess (IRE)Phil DennisP J McBride£31057/1
8th Mar  Newcastle7:30  Simba SambaD FentimanP J McBride£310515/2
8th Mar  Sandown3:40  Le Reve (IRE)Mr J SoleMrs L Wadham£77367/2
7th Mar  Chelmsford City5:25  Irish TimesD E HoganH Spiller£31059/1
7th Mar  Chelmsford City7:25  FrisellaN MackayJ H M Gosden£55311/4F
6th Mar  Catterick5:20  Miss Heritage (IRE)Mr George EdderyD R C Elsworth£2924EvensF
6th Mar  Kempton5:30  Jai Hanuman (IRE)F NortonM Wigham£258813/8F
6th Mar  Kempton7:00  JahbathJim CrowleyW J Haggas£435758/13F
6th Mar  Lingfield2:30  GlutnforpunishmentDanny BrockNick Littmoden£31054/7F
6th Mar  Lingfield4:00  TorianoD Alberca-GavilanNick Littmoden£31056/4F
4th Mar  Fakenham2:10  Arch My BoyL P AspellMartin Smith£409411/8F
4th Mar  Wolverhampton6:45  MootasadirOisin MurphyH Palmer£11828EvensF
4th Mar  Wolverhampton7:45  QuestionareN MackayJ H M Gosden£29116/4F
2nd Mar  Chelmsford City6:00  Solar Heights (IRE)F NortonJ Tate£55314/1
2nd Mar  Doncaster2:25  Movie LegendL P AspellMrs L Wadham£187683/1
2nd Mar  Lingfield2:50  Royal BirthOisin MurphyS C Williams£119726/5F
2nd Mar  Lingfield3:50  Fanaar (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£2552010/11F
1st Mar  Doncaster4:20  The White Mouse (IRE)D A JacobMrs L Wadham£357411/10
1st Mar  Lingfield2:00  PheidippidesL MorrisTom Clover£29116/1
1st Mar  Lingfield2:30  Tiger Eye (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ R Fanshawe£29114/6F
1st Mar  Lingfield4:10  Zmhar (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Tate£291130/100F
1st Mar  Newcastle5:30  Beauty SalonGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£34617/2
1st Mar  Newcastle6:00  Jai Hanuman (IRE)F NortonM Wigham£28142/1F
1st Mar  Newcastle7:00  Severnaya (IRE)N MackayJ H M Gosden£34614/7F
1st Mar  Newcastle7:30  Solar Park (IRE)Callum RodriguezJ Tate£34615/6F
28th Feb  Kempton7:00  Astrospeed (IRE)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£37526/4F
28th Feb  Meydan3:05  Sporting ChanceP CosgraveS Crisford£8267714/1
28th Feb  Meydan3:40  African RideC SoumillonS Crisford£637809/2
28th Feb  Meydan6:00  Mountain Hunter (USA)C SoumillonS bin Suroor£637805/2J
28th Feb  Newcastle4:40  Forest Of DeanN MackayJ H M Gosden£323511/8
27th Feb  Kempton4:55  EufemiaGabriele MaluneMiss Amy Murphy£31059/1
27th Feb  Kempton5:30  Bond Street BeauOisin MurphyP J McBride£31059/4F
27th Feb  Kempton7:00  Rampant Lion (IRE)David ProbertW Jarvis£646911/2
27th Feb  Southwell3:05  Purple Rock (IRE)Daniel MuscuttMiss Gay Kelleway£291115/8F
27th Feb  Southwell5:10  Dolly DupreeTheodore LaddP W D'Arcy£22645/1F
26th Feb  Wolverhampton6:00  MartineoA KirbyP W D'Arcy£291110/11F
26th Feb  Wolverhampton7:00  Flaming Marvel (IRE)David ProbertJ R Fanshawe£46906/4
25th Feb  Wolverhampton6:25  With Caution (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Tate£29114/7F
25th Feb  Wolverhampton6:55  Merhoob (IRE)L MorrisJ Ryan£1182810/1
24th Feb  Carlisle4:15  Gregarious (IRE)Maxime TissierMrs L Wadham£45495/4F
23rd Feb  DOHA (QA)11:35  Global SpectrumGerald MosseMiss Gay Kelleway£112205
23rd Feb  Lingfield3:15  Wissahickon (USA)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£567101/4F
23rd Feb  Wolverhampton7:00  AlkaamelCieren FallonW J Haggas£50138/11F
22nd Feb  Chelmsford City6:15  Miracle WorksTom MarquandR M H Cowell£375211/4J
22nd Feb  Lingfield4:05  Baltic Song (IRE)K T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£29112/1
21st Feb  Chelmsford City6:55  Executive ForceJ F EganM Wigham£55319/4
21st Feb  Meydan5:25  Major Partnership (IRE)K StottS bin Suroor£610533/1
21st Feb  Wolverhampton5:40  Colony QueenK T O'NeillJ Tate£37524/1
20th Feb  Chelmsford City5:15  Fen BreezeN MackayRae Guest£375220/1
20th Feb  Chelmsford City5:45  GentlemenJosephine GordonP S McEntee£55315/1
20th Feb  Chelmsford City6:15  Zmhar (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ Tate£37525/1
20th Feb  Newcastle3:10  Keyser Soze (IRE)A KirbyRichard Spencer£2801313/8F
20th Feb  Wolverhampton7:00  Blame Culture (USA)David ProbertG G Margarson£51757/4F
20th Feb  Wolverhampton8:00  American Endeavour (USA)M M MonaghanM Botti£33965/2F
19th Feb  Wetherby3:30  Movie LegendL P AspellMrs L Wadham£73434/1
19th Feb  Wolverhampton8:00  Elisheba (IRE)K T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£29112/1
19th Feb  Wolverhampton8:30  NabeylaOisin MurphyR Varian£29117/4F
18th Feb  Lingfield3:50  Le Reve (IRE)Maxime TissierMrs L Wadham£963420/1
16th Feb  Kempton4:40  DahawiL MorrisH Palmer£38814/6F
16th Feb  Kempton7:15  Stamford RafflesRichard KingscoteJane Chapple-Hyam£1556333/1
14th Feb  Chelmsford City4:45  Irish TimesD E HoganH Spiller£31055/1
14th Feb  Chelmsford City5:20  MochalovDanny BrockJane Chapple-Hyam£31059/4F
14th Feb  Chelmsford City7:30  Executive ForceF NortonM Wigham£553113/8F
14th Feb  Meydan6:00  Mountain Hunter (USA)C SoumillonS bin Suroor£8267711/2
13th Feb  Southwell2:30  Purple Rock (IRE)Daniel MuscuttMiss Gay Kelleway£29113/1
13th Feb  Southwell4:00  Playfull SpiritK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£2911EvensF
7th Feb  Meydan3:40  Estihdaaf (USA)C SoumillonS bin Suroor£11811013/2
6th Feb  Kempton1:50  Sir Ox (USA)L MorrisR M H Cowell£31052/1F
6th Feb  Kempton2:20  Don Jupp (USA)Daniel MuscuttM Botti£38816/4F
6th Feb  Kempton2:55  VoiM DwyerC Allen£37524/1
6th Feb  Kempton3:25  TechnologicalOisin MurphyG G Margarson£64699/4F
6th Feb  Wolverhampton5:45  Major BlueHollie DoyleJ M P Eustace£31053/1
5th Feb  Newcastle4:45  Merchant Of VeniceGeorge WoodJ R Fanshawe£37526/1
5th Feb  Newcastle5:15  GentlemenJosephine GordonP S McEntee£37527/1
5th Feb  Newcastle6:15  Executive ForceF NortonM Wigham£6081EvensF
4th Feb  Chelmsford City2:00  Chakrii (IRE)Hollie DoyleH Spiller£258810/1
4th Feb  Chelmsford City3:30  Foreign Legion (IRE)N MackayL McJannet£34937/2J
4th Feb  Chelmsford City4:30  GantierN MackayJ H M Gosden£47874/11F
4th Feb  Wolverhampton7:25  Solar Park (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£31051/8F
4th Feb  Wolverhampton7:55  Hanakotoba (USA)Oisin MurphyS C Williams£31052/1F
3rd Feb  Southwell1:00  Dolly DupreeTheodore LaddP W D'Arcy£34938/1
2nd Feb  Chelmsford City1:35  Field Gun (USA)Rossa RyanS C Williams£67285/2F
2nd Feb  Chelmsford City2:45  Global AcclamationL P KeniryE A L Dunlop£31056/1
2nd Feb  Kempton5:15  Global SpectrumG MosseMiss Gay Kelleway£38814/6F
2nd Feb  Kempton5:45  Distant MirageL MorrisJ Tate£37525/2
2nd Feb  Lingfield2:55  Wissahickon (USA)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£255208/15F
2nd Feb  Lingfield4:05  Murray River (USA)L DettoriJ H M Gosden£375210/11F
1st Feb  Lingfield2:55  Water's Edge (IRE)R L MooreJ Tate£37524/9F
1st Feb  Lingfield3:25  Grey BritainA KirbyJ Ryan£118287/4F
1st Feb  Newcastle6:15  Executive ForceF NortonM Wigham£553111/4
31st Jan  Meydan6:00  EscalatorC D HayesC Fellowes£6378012/1
30th Jan  Lingfield2:20  AnapurnaK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£37526/1
30th Jan  Lingfield3:50  With Caution (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£310511/2
30th Jan  Wolverhampton7:45  Limerick Lord (IRE)Shelley BirkettMiss J Feilden£226416/1
30th Jan  Wolverhampton8:15  Albert FinneyR HavlinJ H M Gosden£37525/4F
29th Jan  Wolverhampton5:45  Foreign Legion (IRE)N MackayL McJannet£31057/2F
29th Jan  Wolverhampton7:15  Shamshon (IRE)R KingscoteS C Williams£124506/1
28th Jan  Wolverhampton5:55  CloudlamR KingscoteW J Haggas£37525/6F
28th Jan  Wolverhampton6:55  Fenjal (IRE)Edward GreatrexH Palmer£37525/1
28th Jan  Wolverhampton8:25  Tiger Eye (IRE)George WoodJ R Fanshawe£375211/10F
26th Jan  Chelmsford City4:40  Philamundo (IRE)Scott McCullaghRichard Spencer£543410/1
26th Jan  Chelmsford City7:45  PlaitSara Del FabbroM L W Bell£494815/8F
26th Jan  Lingfield1:20  RajmanL MorrisTom Clover£31055/1
25th Jan  Lingfield1:15  CollateDavid ProbertMiss Amy Murphy£31055/1F
25th Jan  Lingfield1:45  Sir Ox (USA)L MorrisR M H Cowell£310510/1
25th Jan  Newcastle4:15  Sparkle In His EyeD TudhopeW J Haggas£37528/15F
25th Jan  Newcastle6:15  AlkaamelD TudhopeW J Haggas£37524/11F
24th Jan  Chelmsford City5:25  Glenn CocoCallum RodriguezS C Williams£637803/1J
24th Jan  Chelmsford City6:55  DahawiL MorrisH Palmer£55316/4F
24th Jan  Meydan3:40  Dream CastleC SoumillonS bin Suroor£1181107/4F
24th Jan  Southwell3:30  JahbathP J McDonaldW J Haggas£74708/15F
23rd Jan  Kempton6:15  Ballistic (IRE)Raul Da SilvaR M H Cowell£37523/1
23rd Jan  Kempton8:15  Elenora DelightM M MonaghanM Botti£37526/1
23rd Jan  Lingfield2:05  St Peters Basilica (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£3752EvensF
23rd Jan  Lingfield2:40  Pactolus (IRE)A KirbyS C Williams£118285/1
22nd Jan  Newcastle5:15  Pinnata (IRE)J FanningS C Williams£157532/1F
22nd Jan  Newcastle5:45  Encore D'OrL MorrisR M H Cowell£189039/4F
21st Jan  Wolverhampton4:15  Heatherdown (IRE)Cameron NobleM L W Bell£310515/8F
21st Jan  Wolverhampton7:25  MartineoTim ClarkP W D'Arcy£37527/1
19th Jan  Lingfield0:50  Global Wonder (IRE)M HarleyMiss Gay Kelleway£31053/1C
18th Jan  Kempton7:45  Foreign Legion (IRE)Nicky MackayL McJannet£25887/4F
18th Jan  Lingfield1:25  Weloof (FR)Adam KirbyP W D'Arcy£310513/8F
17th Jan  Meydan5:25  Desert Fire (IRE)Chris HayesS bin Suroor£826775/1
17th Jan  Newcastle5:25  Dawn DelightJoe FanningH Palmer£8267711/4
16th Jan  Kempton5:30  Holy Heart (IRE)Robert HavlinJ H M Gosden£64696/4F
16th Jan  Plumpton2:35  Potters HedgerJack QuinlanMrs L Wadham£40945/2F
15th Jan  Kempton4:45  Astrospeed (IRE)A KirbyJ R Fanshawe£310510/11F
15th Jan  Kempton6:45  Busby (IRE)M DwyerC Allen£646911/8F
15th Jan  Kempton7:45  In The Red (IRE)A KirbyMartin Smith£375211/2
15th Jan  Lingfield2:40  Potters MidnightJack QuinlanMrs L Wadham£41597/1
14th Jan  Wolverhampton6:15  Aircraft Carrier (IRE)M HarleyJ Ryan£118287/4J
12th Jan  Kempton1:30  Mercian Prince (IRE)Jack QuinlanMiss Amy Murphy£84479/4J
12th Jan  Lingfield3:10  ShamlaharJack MitchellS Crisford£112615/4F
12th Jan  Newcastle5:00  Kareena Kapoor (USA)J FanningS Crisford£393694/7F
11th Jan  Jebel Ali10:45  Craving (IRE)Connor BeasleyS Crisford£128219/1
11th Jan  Lingfield2:10  Keyser Soze (IRE)A KirbyRichard Spencer£119724/5F
11th Jan  Wolverhampton7:15  Hanati (IRE)L MorrisS Crisford£375213/8
10th Jan  Chelmsford City4:15  Lunar DeityGrace McEnteeS C Williams£826777/1
10th Jan  Chelmsford City4:45  Foreign Legion (IRE)N MackayLuke McJannet£29113/1F
10th Jan  Chelmsford City6:25  Pearl Spectre (USA)Nicola CurrieP S McEntee£54346/1
10th Jan  Meydan3:05  Good FortuneJames DoyleC Appleby£472447/2
9th Jan  Kempton5:15  AlkaamelFran BerryW J Haggas£37522/1F
9th Jan  Kempton6:15  KeystrokeP J McDonaldS C Williams£1556311/2
9th Jan  Lingfield1:25  MinoriaM HarleyRae Guest£310511/1
9th Jan  Lingfield1:55  Artair (IRE)Louis StewardM L W Bell£553112/1
9th Jan  Lingfield2:30  Court House (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£119728/11F
9th Jan  Lingfield3:05  Deeds Not Words (IRE)J F EganM Wigham£310515/2
8th Jan  Newcastle5:45  Set PieceL MorrisH Palmer£6728EvensF
7th Jan  Wolverhampton5:45  Given Choice (IRE)Jack MitchellSimon Crisford£3752EvensF
6th Jan  Newcastle3:00  One Vision (IRE)Jack MitchellC Appleby£41409/4F
5th Jan  Kempton4:15  InvitationalJack MitchellR Varian£388120/1
4th Jan  Kempton3:15  Reeth (IRE)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£662910/11F
4th Jan  Kempton3:50  ChiefofchiefsR KingscoteC Fellowes£93383/1
4th Jan  Kempton4:20  No NonsenseL P KeniryD R C Elsworth£1556312/1
4th Jan  Wolverhampton6:45  War and Glory (IRE)Callum RodriguezJ Tate£37527/1
3rd Jan  Chelmsford City4:10  Originaire (IRE)Liam JonesW J Haggas£517511/10F
3rd Jan  Chelmsford City4:45  Philamundo (IRE)A KirbyRichard Spencer£34939/1
3rd Jan  Chelmsford City6:25  Shamshon (IRE)R KingscoteS C Williams£69875/2F
3rd Jan  Chelmsford City7:55  BaashaR HavlinE A L Dunlop£34937/1
3rd Jan  Meydan2:30  Bin BattutaC SoumillonS bin Suroor£8267711/4
3rd Jan  Meydan3:05  Al Hayette (USA)F VeronIsmail Mohammed£4724414/1
3rd Jan  Meydan4:50  Dream CastleC SoumillonS bin Suroor£9448812/1
3rd Jan  Meydan5:25  Another Batt (IRE)Connor BeasleyGeorge Scott£8267712/1
3rd Jan  Southwell0:55  Katie GaleMiss G AndrewsR Brisland£29958/1
2nd Jan  Newcastle3:35  CloudlamM HarleyW J Haggas£375211/4
2nd Jan  Newcastle6:45  Nick VedderCam HardieM Wigham£553111/2
2nd Jan  Wolverhampton2:20  Military LawR HavlinJ H M Gosden£55316/4F
2nd Jan  Wolverhampton2:50  Island Of Life (USA)R KingscoteW J Haggas£1293811/4J
2nd Jan  Wolverhampton3:20  Inaam (IRE)A KirbyP W D'Arcy£37523/1
1st Jan  Musselburgh2:15  Normal NormanDavid NoonanJohn Ryan£194948/1
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