Newmarket Trainers have broken many records over the years, landing almost all of the world's most prestigious races but we're proud of ALL the winners trained at HQ and we're pleased to present them to you here...

So far this year they have won Calculating... races and £ Calculating... in Win prize money!


Date   Course Time   Horse Jockey Trainer Prize S.P.
19th Jan  ABU DHABI (UAE)2:00  Craving (IRE)Connor BeasleyS Crisford£12320
1st Mar  ABU DHABI (UAE)3:30  Trolius (IRE)Ryan PowellS Crisford£12320
22nd Feb  CAGNES-SUR-MER (FR)2:50  CollideJason WatsonH Palmer£3178068/10
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City4:00  Cat Royale (IRE)D E HoganJ Butler£28465/1
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City4:30  BrigandA KirbyJ Butler£284610/1
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City5:00  Revolutionise (IRE)Jason HartS C Williams£54348/1
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City5:30  Tawny PortR KingscoteS C Williams£129383/1F
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City6:30  Strawberry JackB A CurtisGeorge Scott£543411/4F
2nd Jan  Chelmsford City7:30  Al MaysanA KirbyC Appleby£54345/2
9th Jan  Chelmsford City4:00  Haddaf (IRE)Grace McEnteeS C Williams£49165/2
9th Jan  Chelmsford City4:30  Roca MagicaR HavlinE A L Dunlop£28464/1J
9th Jan  Chelmsford City7:00  Bright Melody (IRE)A KirbyCharlie Appleby£49487/4F
11th Jan  Chelmsford City5:45  Rangali Island (IRE)Callum ShepherdD M Simcock£54345/1
14th Jan  Chelmsford City4:30  Moveonup (IRE)L MorrisMiss Gay Kelleway£28469/2
14th Jan  Chelmsford City5:30  Caribbean Spring (IRE)Georgia DobieG G Margarson£28464/1
14th Jan  Chelmsford City6:00  Split Down SouthGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£49167/2F
14th Jan  Chelmsford City6:30  Rosarno (IRE)Joey HaynesChelsea Banham£28469/4F
18th Jan  Chelmsford City5:45  Nigel NottD E HoganDavid Simcock£55317/2
18th Jan  Chelmsford City7:15  Papa Stour (USA)Jason HartS C Williams£54347/2
18th Jan  Chelmsford City7:45  Affluence (IRE)E J WalshMartin Smith£491610/1
30th Jan  Chelmsford City5:00  Venusta (IRE)Finley MarshPatrick Owens£478712/1
30th Jan  Chelmsford City6:00  Time To Strike (IRE)Callum ShepherdD M Simcock£55316/4F
30th Jan  Chelmsford City6:30  Restless RoseHayley TurnerS C Williams£54345/2F
30th Jan  Chelmsford City8:00  Lady Of YorkJoey HaynesChelsea Banham£29115/1
6th Feb  Chelmsford City3:50  Verne CastleHollie DoyleM Wigham£84107/2
6th Feb  Chelmsford City4:20  Autumn TrailHollie DoyleRae Guest£55317/2
7th Feb  Chelmsford City5:10  Elusif (IRE)M DwyerP S McEntee£284610/11F
7th Feb  Chelmsford City6:15  Tone The BaroneHayley TurnerS C Williams£47872/1F
11th Feb  Chelmsford City3:15  Prince of Eagles (IRE)S W KellyD R Lanigan£4302EvensF
11th Feb  Chelmsford City3:45  Tone The BaroneA KirbyS C Williams£430230/100F
13th Feb  Chelmsford City6:00  Come On Bear (IRE)George RookeA Bailey£28467/4F
13th Feb  Chelmsford City6:30  Roca MagicaR HavlinE A L Dunlop£28464/1F
13th Feb  Chelmsford City7:00  Solar Heights (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£129384/5F
20th Feb  Chelmsford City6:00  Split Down SouthGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£47877/2F
20th Feb  Chelmsford City7:00  Cosmelli (ITY)George RookeMiss Gay Kelleway£84107/1
20th Feb  Chelmsford City8:00  Lord TennysonK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£543411/8F
20th Feb  Chelmsford City8:30  Roca MagicaL MorrisE A L Dunlop£28469/4F
22nd Feb  Chelmsford City6:00  Stormy Mountain (IRE)J P SpencerCharlie Appleby£42374/6F
22nd Feb  Chelmsford City8:00  Restless RoseHayley TurnerS C Williams£543411/10F
27th Feb  Chelmsford City5:30  KayatD E HoganD M Simcock£494811/4
27th Feb  Chelmsford City6:00  Aleatoric (IRE)Hector CrouchMartin Smith£28466/1
6th Mar  Chelmsford City2:35  Lake Lucerne (USA)M DwyerJ H M Gosden£41403/1
6th Mar  Chelmsford City3:10  TomshalfbrotherTom MarquandR M H Cowell£31706/1
6th Mar  Chelmsford City3:40  Royal DynastyTom MarquandMohamed Moubarak£38177/1
6th Mar  Chelmsford City4:15  ColwoodSelma GrageR Eddery£38177/1
6th Mar  Chelmsford City4:45  Papa Stour (USA)Jason HartS C Williams£60816/4F
7th Mar  Chelmsford City6:30  Beautiful Illusion (IRE)B A CurtisCharlie Appleby£55311/2F
7th Mar  Chelmsford City7:00  Caen Na Coille (USA)S DonohoeC Fellowes£34297/1
7th Mar  Chelmsford City8:00  Secratario (FR)Josephine GordonS L Keightley£478711/1
7th Mar  Chelmsford City8:30  Bad AttitudeK T O'NeillLuke McJannet£28463/1
12th Mar  Chelmsford City6:00  Greek Kodiac (IRE)S W KellyMick Quinn£54349/2
12th Mar  Chelmsford City7:00  ExtrodinairDaniel MuscuttJane Chapple-Hyam£543410/1
14th Jan  Doncaster3:50  Hawthorn Cottage (IRE)Lucy K BarryMiss Amy Murphy£376915/2
1st Jan  Fakenham2:55  WaterproofBrendan PowellS L Keightley£519812/1
1st Jan  Fakenham3:30  Imperil (FR)Joshua MooreNick Littmoden£519815/8F
14th Feb  Fakenham4:50  Martello SkyE J WalshMrs L Wadham£32484/1
26th Jan  Fontwell3:20  Marlborough SoundsJack QuinlanMiss Amy Murphy£5760100/30
20th Feb  Huntingdon4:11  Miss Heritage (IRE)Maxime TissierMrs L Wadham£519815/8F
24th Jan  Jebel Ali0:45  Last Surprise (IRE)James DoyleS Crisford£750023/1
8th Jan  Kempton6:15  Raining Fire (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£38815/4F
20th Jan  Kempton1:20  RajmanJack MitchellTom Clover£31059/4F
22nd Jan  Kempton5:00  To NathanielR HavlinJ H M Gosden£38817/2
22nd Jan  Kempton5:30  Lottie MarieL MorrisR M H Cowell£38817/2
22nd Jan  Kempton6:30  London Calling (IRE)Hollie DoyleRichard Spencer£375211/4
22nd Jan  Kempton7:00  Revolutionise (IRE)Jason HartS C Williams£93383/1
25th Jan  Kempton5:00  Comeatchoo (IRE)Hollie DoyleP S McEntee£375211/1
25th Jan  Kempton5:30  DeleyllJoey HaynesJ Butler£310520/1
25th Jan  Kempton7:00  EnthaarP J McDonaldS C Williams£37529/2
25th Jan  Kempton7:30  VibranceHollie DoyleJ R Fanshawe£6469EvensF
25th Jan  Kempton8:00  Queen Constantine (GER)Gaia BoniWilliam Jarvis£37524/1
29th Jan  Kempton4:45  King Of ArmsR HavlinJohn Gosden£38815/4F
29th Jan  Kempton5:45  Rangali Island (IRE)Callum ShepherdD M Simcock£64697/2
29th Jan  Kempton7:15  Fujaira King (USA)P J McDonaldS C Williams£375212/1
1st Feb  Kempton4:45  Elusif (IRE)M DwyerP S McEntee£25889/2
1st Feb  Kempton5:15  No Nay Bella (IRE)J QuinnM Botti£38816/1
1st Feb  Kempton7:15  Olympic Conqueror (IRE)Barry McHughJ R Fanshawe£37529/4F
4th Feb  Kempton5:25  Inevitable Outcome (IRE)Callum ShepherdDavid Simcock£31054/1F
4th Feb  Kempton6:30  Pinnata (IRE)P J McDonaldS C Williams£93387/4F
12th Feb  Kempton5:30  Omnivega (FR)Callum ShepherdD M Simcock£38812/1F
12th Feb  Kempton7:00  Intrepidly (USA)K ShoemarkPeter Charalambous£646933/1
12th Feb  Kempton8:00  Johnny RebDaniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£310510/1
12th Feb  Kempton8:30  Broughtons Flare (IRE)Hayley TurnerP J McBride£31055/1
17th Feb  Kempton5:30  Ubla (IRE)L MorrisMiss Gay Kelleway£310511/1
17th Feb  Kempton6:30  GodheadOisin MurphyJ H M Gosden£38816/5
17th Feb  Kempton7:00  Inevitable Outcome (IRE)Callum ShepherdD M Simcock£37528/1
19th Feb  Kempton5:30  Maid MillieStefano CherchiJane Chapple-Hyam£258813/2
19th Feb  Kempton7:00  GuroorStefano CherchiM Botti£37524/1
26th Feb  Kempton8:30  Sonnet Rose (IRE)M DwyerC Allen£310516/1
4th Mar  Kempton5:15  FelixR L MooreM Botti£15562100/30
4th Mar  Kempton6:45  CemhaanL DettoriJ H M Gosden£38814/7F
4th Mar  Kempton7:15  Chares (GER)J F EganJane Chapple-Hyam£373507/4F
4th Mar  Kempton8:15  Phoenix Star (IRE)S De SousaS C Williams£31054/1
9th Mar  Kempton3:05  Toro DoradoL MorrisE A L Dunlop£38175/2
9th Mar  Kempton4:15  Soar AboveT P QueallyJ Butler£608110/1
9th Mar  Kempton4:50  Zack MayoStefano CherchiP J McBride£38178/1
11th Mar  Kempton8:20  In The Red (IRE)Tom MarquandMartin Smith£310515/8F
2nd Jan  Lingfield2:55  Kyllachy GalaL MorrisM Botti£52086/1
2nd Jan  Lingfield11:45  Toro DoradoL MorrisE A L Dunlop£342911/4F
4th Jan  Lingfield2:50  Battle Of Marathon (USA)Darragh KeenanJ Ryan£122915/1
4th Jan  Lingfield11:40  Crimewave (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£34295/2F
7th Jan  Lingfield2:15  Easter Gold (FR)L P AspellMrs L Wadham£37694/9F
10th Jan  Lingfield1:10  ReevesS P DavisR M H Cowell£119724/1
10th Jan  Lingfield2:20  Island HideawayGeorge RookeD R Lanigan£34292/1
10th Jan  Lingfield3:25  Lua De Mel (IRE)B A CurtisGeorge Boughey£27825/1
11th Jan  Lingfield2:35  Carnival RoseDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£34298/1
17th Jan  Lingfield0:30  Axel JacklinJoey HaynesChelsea Banham£278211/4
17th Jan  Lingfield2:05  Merhoob (IRE)A KirbyJ Ryan£119725/2
18th Jan  Lingfield3:50  Chocco Star (IRE)Joey HaynesChelsea Banham£27825/2
22nd Jan  Lingfield2:50  FelixHollie DoyleM Botti£116769/4
22nd Jan  Lingfield3:25  Prince of Eagles (IRE)B A CurtisD R Lanigan£3429EvensF
22nd Jan  Lingfield3:55  Green Door (IRE)Grace McEnteeR M H Cowell£34294/1
24th Jan  Lingfield0:00  AzetsR KingscoteJane Chapple-Hyam£278213/8F
24th Jan  Lingfield0:30  Trecco BayWilliam CarsonD R C Elsworth£278211/2
24th Jan  Lingfield2:45  FijiJ P SpencerD M Simcock£34295/1
24th Jan  Lingfield3:45  Dutch UncleMr R BirkettTom Clover£33079/2
25th Jan  Lingfield0:00  ArabescatoCallum ShepherdNick Littmoden£27826/1
25th Jan  Lingfield1:10  Pirate KingK ShoemarkC Fellowes£72465/2F
25th Jan  Lingfield1:45  Made In Italy (IRE)Stefano CherchiM Botti£27825/1
25th Jan  Lingfield2:55  Too Shy Shy (IRE)Hollie DoyleRichard Spencer£34294/1
31st Jan  Lingfield2:45  Nigel NottD E HoganD M Simcock£34294/6F
31st Jan  Lingfield3:15  El Ghazwani (IRE)Jack MitchellH Palmer£74399/4
1st Feb  Lingfield1:45  Good Effort (IRE)B A CurtisIsmail Mohammed£2552013/8F
1st Feb  Lingfield2:20  Goddess Of FireDarragh KeenanJ Ryan£342916/1
8th Feb  Lingfield1:45  Toro DoradoL MorrisE A L Dunlop£3429100/30
8th Feb  Lingfield2:20  AlmuftiJack MitchellH Palmer£118289/2
8th Feb  Lingfield2:55  Royal DynastyJason HartMohamed Moubarak£34294/1
8th Feb  Lingfield3:30  Will To Win (GER)Jack MitchellS Crisford£72467/4F
8th Feb  Lingfield4:40  Battle Of Marathon (USA)Darragh KeenanJohn Ryan£52085/2F
14th Feb  Lingfield4:10  Battle Of Marathon (USA)Darragh KeenanJ Ryan£5208EvensF
14th Feb  Lingfield4:40  AlvaroF NortonM Wigham£27826/1
15th Feb  Lingfield2:00  Dublin Pharaoh (USA)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£34295/6F
15th Feb  Lingfield2:35  Harry's BarAndrea AtzeniJ R Fanshawe£119725/1
15th Feb  Lingfield3:10  Jack The Truth (IRE)Andrea AtzeniGeorge Scott£52086/1
15th Feb  Lingfield3:45  El Ghazwani (IRE)Andrea AtzeniH Palmer£72464/7F
17th Feb  Lingfield3:40  Wise Eagle (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£381711/8F
21st Feb  Lingfield2:25  Vega's AngelCieren FallonW J Haggas£34296/1
22nd Feb  Lingfield1:30  Crimewave (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£34293/1F
22nd Feb  Lingfield3:15  Dubai WarriorL DettoriJohn Gosden£5602013/8
22nd Feb  Lingfield4:25  Pirate KingK ShoemarkC Fellowes£72465/4F
25th Feb  Lingfield4:30  AlvedaDavid ProbertG G Margarson£27829/1
29th Feb  Lingfield2:35  Nonios (IRE)D E HoganD M Simcock£724615/2
29th Feb  Lingfield3:10  MalotruAndrea AtzeniM Botti£255207/2
4th Mar  Lingfield3:30  Pitcher's Point (USA)R HavlinJ H M Gosden£342910/11F
4th Mar  Lingfield4:30  Corvair (IRE)S De SousaS Crisford£72466/4F
11th Mar  Lingfield3:15  African DreamK T O'NeillJ H M Gosden£3429EvensF
13th Mar  Lingfield2:20  LunciesCallum ShepherdS Crisford£34295/1
13th Mar  Lingfield4:20  Omnivega (FR)J P SpencerD M Simcock£7246EvensF
13th Mar  Lingfield5:00  Pale King (FR)J P SpencerD M Simcock£342916/1
5th Feb  Ludlow3:45  Bolt N BrownEddie EdgeMiss Gay Kelleway£558825/1
2nd Jan  Meydan2:30  Final Song (IRE)Christophe SoumillonS bin Suroor£4511311/4
2nd Jan  Meydan4:15  Major Partnership (IRE)Pat CosgraveS bin Suroor£789477/1
2nd Jan  Meydan5:25  Universal OrderRichard MullenD M Simcock£789478/1
4th Jan  Meydan3:50  Franz Kafka (IRE)James DoyleS Crisford£227937/2F
9th Jan  Meydan4:15  BenbatlChristophe SoumillonS bin Suroor£1127821/8F
9th Jan  Meydan4:50  ZakouskiWilliam BuickC Appleby£609025/6F
9th Jan  Meydan6:00  Platinum Star (IRE)Christophe SoumillonS bin Suroor£4511311/4
9th Jan  Meydan6:35  Key Victory (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£609029/1
16th Jan  Meydan2:30  Roulston Scar (IRE)James DoyleS Crisford£609027/1
16th Jan  Meydan4:15  Magic LilyJames DoyleC Appleby£11278213/8F
18th Jan  Meydan3:15  Beauvais (IRE)Kevin StottS bin Suroor£427135/2F
23rd Jan  Meydan2:30  Dubai FutureHarry BentleyS bin Suroor£6090211/4
23rd Jan  Meydan3:05  Dubai LovePat CosgraveS bin Suroor£11278212/1
23rd Jan  Meydan4:15  Laser Show (IRE)Kevin StottS bin Suroor£4511312/1
23rd Jan  Meydan4:50  Glorious JourneyJames DoyleCharlie Appleby£1127829/4
30th Jan  Meydan3:05  Barney RoyWilliam BuickCharlie Appleby£1127826/5F
30th Jan  Meydan3:40  Secret Advisor (FR)Tadhg O'SheaCharlie Appleby£601012/1
30th Jan  Meydan6:00  American Graffiti (FR)Brett DoyleCharlie Appleby£6090210/1
6th Feb  Meydan3:05  WovenHarry BentleyD M Simcock£609028/1
6th Feb  Meydan4:50  BenbatlChristophe SoumillonS bin Suroor£2030086/4J
6th Feb  Meydan5:25  Art Du ValWilliam BuickC Appleby£609027/2J
6th Feb  Meydan6:00  Beyond Reason (IRE)William BuickC Appleby£34295/2
13th Feb  Meydan3:05  Ya Hayati (USA)William BuickCharlie Appleby£451139/4F
13th Feb  Meydan4:15  Magic LilyWilliam BuickCharlie Appleby£11278211/8F
13th Feb  Meydan6:00  EynhallowMickael BarzalonaCharlie Appleby£284615/2
20th Feb  Meydan2:30  Ghaiyyath (IRE)William BuickC Appleby£902264/9F
20th Feb  Meydan4:15  ZakouskiJames DoyleC Appleby£1127825/2
20th Feb  Meydan6:00  Epic Hero (FR)James DoyleS Crisford£609029/2
27th Feb  Meydan3:05  Well Of WisdomWilliam BuickCharlie Appleby£7894711/8F
27th Feb  Meydan3:40  Star SafariMickael BarzalonaCharlie Appleby£609029/2
27th Feb  Meydan4:50  Secret Advisor (FR)William BuickCharlie Appleby£8000100/30
27th Feb  Meydan6:35  Velorum (IRE)Mickael BarzalonaCharlie Appleby£789477/4F
7th Mar  Meydan2:20  Barney RoyWilliam BuickCharlie Appleby£41594/6F
7th Mar  Meydan3:30  Loxley (IRE)Mickael BarzalonaCharlie Appleby£480916/1
8th Jan  Newcastle2:30  Good Effort (IRE)B A CurtisIsmail Mohammed£18903EvensF
8th Jan  Newcastle3:30  Union (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£41406/5F
9th Jan  Newcastle3:00  London ArchB A CurtisC Fellowes£520815/8F
17th Jan  Newcastle3:45  Accessor (IRE)J FanningM Wigham£278211/4F
23rd Jan  Newcastle6:00  Hart StopperHayley TurnerS C Williams£52085/1
23rd Jan  Newcastle6:30  Lyricist VoiceJ QuinnM Botti£34297/1
31st Jan  Newcastle5:15  Al MaysanB A CurtisCharlie Appleby£34291/5F
6th Feb  Newcastle5:30  Special Lady (USA)Barry McHughJ Butler£342950/1
11th Feb  Newcastle6:50  Lua De Mel (IRE)B A CurtisGeorge Boughey£27825/4
15th Feb  Newcastle7:00  Manaabit (IRE)B A CurtisW J Haggas£34299/1
19th Feb  Newcastle3:10  SanaadhJ FanningM Wigham£2801210/1
27th Feb  Newcastle3:40  Smart ChampionCallum ShepherdD M Simcock£1940715/2
10th Mar  Newcastle5:15  Merry ValeR HavlinJ H M Gosden£34292/1
10th Mar  Newcastle6:15  Foxy Forever (IRE)T HamiltonM Wigham£342911/2
10th Feb  Plumpton3:15  Hawthorn Cottage (IRE)Lucy K BarryMiss Amy Murphy£4094100/30F
7th Jan  Southwell7:15  Global MelodyGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£27822/1F
12th Jan  Southwell0:40  Sea Of Cool (IRE)Darragh KeenanJ Ryan£27824/1
12th Jan  Southwell2:20  Blowing DixieB A CurtisJane Chapple-Hyam£787611/8F
23rd Jan  Southwell0:40  Robsdelight (IRE)B A CurtisMiss Gay Kelleway£27824/1
23rd Jan  Southwell4:05  Princess Harley (IRE)Charles BishopMick Quinn£27827/1
28th Jan  Southwell5:25  Sandridge Lad (IRE)B A CurtisJ Ryan£34299/2
30th Jan  Southwell0:50  Moveonup (IRE)George RookeMiss Gay Kelleway£278213/2
30th Jan  Southwell1:55  Arabian KingL MorrisJames Ferguson£27829/2
30th Jan  Southwell2:30  Will To Win (GER)Jack MitchellS Crisford£52086/4F
30th Jan  Southwell4:05  RoberoToby EleyMiss Gay Kelleway£34298/1
5th Feb  Southwell4:30  Arabian KingL MorrisJames Ferguson£27821/3F
7th Feb  Southwell3:40  Sandridge Lad (IRE)B A CurtisJohn Ryan£34296/4F
7th Feb  Southwell4:40  Three C's (IRE)Miss A PeckGeorge Boughey£268312/1
12th Feb  Southwell3:25  Tynecastle ParkSelma GrageR Eddery£80864/9F
14th Feb  Southwell5:10  Three C's (IRE)B A CurtisGeorge Boughey£278215/8F
14th Feb  Southwell6:45  Sandridge Lad (IRE)B A CurtisJ Ryan£52088/11F
14th Feb  Southwell7:15  Arabian KingL MorrisJames Ferguson£34291/4F
18th Feb  Southwell5:30  Light LilyJ P SullivanP W D'Arcy£278250/1
18th Feb  Southwell8:00  Accessor (IRE)J FanningM Wigham£27827/1
26th Feb  Southwell2:35  Mukha MagicGeorge RookeMiss Gay Kelleway£34294/1
26th Feb  Southwell3:05  Split Down SouthGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£34297/4F
26th Feb  Southwell3:35  AljariAndrea AtzeniM Botti£124503/1
26th Feb  Southwell4:35  Light LilyGeorge RookeP W D'Arcy£27825/4F
29th Feb  Southwell5:30  Native SilverL MorrisR Eddery£34297/1
3rd Mar  Southwell7:00  Cape Greco (USA)Toby EleyMiss Gay Kelleway£34294/1
5th Mar  Southwell4:50  Mukha MagicGeorge RookeMiss Gay Kelleway£34295/6F
8th Mar  Southwell2:50  Eclair De Guye (FR)Bryony FrostMrs L Wadham£42892/1
8th Mar  Southwell3:25  Three C's (IRE)Miss A PeckGeorge Boughey£34296/1
10th Mar  Southwell1:45  Mukha MagicGeorge RookeMiss Gay Kelleway£34294/7F
10th Mar  Southwell3:05  Capla SpiritGeorge RookeMiss Gay Kelleway£34295/4F
13th Mar  Southwell8:00  Makambe (IRE)Joey HaynesChelsea Banham£34296/1
16th Mar  Southwell2:30  Little Light (FR)Bryony FrostMrs L Wadham£42896/4F
8th Feb  Warwick0:55  TrincomaleeL P AspellMrs L Wadham£45494/1
8th Mar  Warwick4:40  Potters HedgerJack QuinlanMrs L Wadham£779828/1
3rd Jan  Wolverhampton1:00  Reasoned (IRE)Non RunnerJ M P Eustace£34293/1J
3rd Jan  Wolverhampton2:05  Clap Your HandsPoppy BridgwaterD M Simcock£34298/15F
3rd Jan  Wolverhampton3:10  InvitationalJack MitchellR Varian£124504/5F
3rd Jan  Wolverhampton3:45  NehaallJack MitchellR Varian£342915/8
6th Jan  Wolverhampton5:15  Will To Win (GER)Jack MitchellS Crisford£34295/4F
6th Jan  Wolverhampton6:15  Clem AJack MitchellA Bailey£34297/2F
6th Jan  Wolverhampton7:15  Global GiantR HavlinJohn Gosden£119728/13F
10th Jan  Wolverhampton6:15  WaleyddJack MitchellR Varian£34291/5F
13th Jan  Wolverhampton5:20  Mount Wellington (IRE)Rob HornbyS C Williams£27824/1J
13th Jan  Wolverhampton6:50  Never AloneL MorrisCharlie Appleby£34292/9F
15th Jan  Wolverhampton1:25  Longsider (IRE)S W KellyD R Lanigan£342911/4F
15th Jan  Wolverhampton1:55  Batchelor Boy (IRE)Daniel MuscuttM Botti£34297/4F
20th Jan  Wolverhampton4:55  Corvair (IRE)Jack MitchellS Crisford£52081/3F
20th Jan  Wolverhampton5:25  Endless Echoes (IRE)L MorrisC Appleby£342915/8J
20th Jan  Wolverhampton5:55  Toro DoradoL MorrisE A L Dunlop£34295/2F
24th Jan  Wolverhampton5:45  Star Talent (IRE)George RookeMiss Gay Kelleway£342920/1
27th Jan  Wolverhampton5:00  EgotisticL MorrisD M Simcock£278214/1
27th Jan  Wolverhampton5:30  Ruby Gates (IRE)D E HoganJ Butler£27828/1
3rd Feb  Wolverhampton5:00  Elusif (IRE)Grace McEnteeP S McEntee£27824/1
3rd Feb  Wolverhampton5:30  Come On Bear (IRE)George RookeA Bailey£27825/1
3rd Feb  Wolverhampton7:00  Via SerendipityHayley TurnerS C Williams£118283/1
3rd Feb  Wolverhampton7:30  Jack Berry HouseB A CurtisGeorge Boughey£278211/2
5th Feb  Wolverhampton6:40  DeleyllA KirbyJ Butler£27822/1F
8th Feb  Wolverhampton7:00  KingswearA KirbyC Appleby£34293/1
10th Feb  Wolverhampton4:35  Beautiful Illusion (IRE)B A CurtisC Appleby£34295/4F
10th Feb  Wolverhampton6:10  Clap Your HandsCallum ShepherdD M Simcock£118282/1F
10th Feb  Wolverhampton7:40  Rangali Island (IRE)Hayley TurnerD M Simcock£118285/1
21st Feb  Wolverhampton6:45  Media StormB A CurtisJ Tate£34295/1
21st Feb  Wolverhampton7:15  Never AloneL MorrisC Appleby£52085/6F
2nd Mar  Wolverhampton6:15  Original Choice (IRE)Hollie DoyleNick Littmoden£1182811/2
7th Mar  Wolverhampton5:05  My Target (IRE)J FanningM Wigham£54349/2
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