Newmarket Trainers have broken many records over the years, landing almost all of the world's most prestigious races but we're proud of ALL the winners trained at HQ and we're pleased to present them to you here...

So far this year they have won Calculating... races and £ Calculating... in Win prize money!


Date   Course Time   Horse Jockey Trainer Prize S.P.
15th Sep  Beverley3:10  Show YourselfStefano CherchiJ Tate£48604/1
15th Sep  Sandown2:25  Goldspur (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£54002/1F
15th Sep  Sandown2:55  DamaarR HavlinJ & T Gosden£61852/1
15th Sep  Sandown3:30  Mostahdaf (IRE)Jim CrowleyJ & T Gosden£294897/4F
15th Sep  Yarmouth1:10  Fauvette (IRE)W BuickRae Guest£324015/8F
15th Sep  Yarmouth1:40  Millennial MoonCieren FallonJ & T Gosden£54002/1F
15th Sep  Yarmouth2:15  Ville De GraceR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£3232613/2
15th Sep  Yarmouth3:20  Ropey GuestT P QueallyG G Margarson£103089/1
15th Sep  Yarmouth3:50  VisalaTom MarquandW J Haggas£32407/2F
15th Sep  Yarmouth4:20  Media Guest (FR)Jane ElliottG G Margarson£45904/1
14th Sep  SAINT-CLOUD (FR)2:35  Quenelle D'OrIoritz MendizabalH Palmer£232146/1
14th Sep  Wolverhampton7:20  MotoriousDaniel MuscuttS C Williams£45906/4F
14th Sep  Wolverhampton7:50  NomaseeRay DawsonIsmail Mohammed£2700100/30
14th Sep  Wolverhampton8:20  Admirable LadJoey HaynesChelsea Banham£27009/2
14th Sep  Yarmouth1:50  My Little Tip (IRE)Aled BeechG Boughey£32401/2F
14th Sep  Yarmouth2:25  Light Infantry (FR)J P SpencerD M Simcock£67503/1
14th Sep  Yarmouth2:55  Global Esteem (IRE)Aled BeechC A Dwyer£810011/2
14th Sep  Yarmouth4:00  Papa Stour (USA)Marco GhianiS C Williams£32402/1
14th Sep  Yarmouth4:30  AraifjanGrace McEnteeR M H Cowell£459012/1
13th Sep  Brighton2:40  Zain Nibras (IRE)Ray DawsonIsmail Mohammed£27002/1F
13th Sep  Kempton8:15  Sundayinmay (GER)Hollie DoyleW J Knight£23223/1
12th Sep  Bath2:45  Pretty Sweet (IRE)Tom MarquandG Boughey£35104/6F
12th Sep  Chelmsford City1:00  FreyabellaRobert TartJane Chapple-Hyam£378011/8F
12th Sep  Chelmsford City1:35  Fox Leicester (IRE)Rhys ClutterbuckS L Keightley£232213/2
12th Sep  Chelmsford City2:05  Miss MarbleP J DobbsS & E Crisford£35109/2
12th Sep  Chelmsford City3:45  BoomshalaaAndrea AtzeniR Varian£621013/8F
12th Sep  The Curragh (IRE)4:05  Native TrailW BuickC Appleby£1800007/2
12th Sep  Longchamp (FR)2:55  Teona (IRE)Olivier PeslierR Varian£306107179/10
11th Sep  Chester2:35  Au Clair De Lune (IRE)Hayley TurnerGeorge Scott£87626/1
11th Sep  Doncaster1:45  Hurricane Ivor (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£3865511/2F
11th Sep  Doncaster2:20  Bayside Boy (IRE)David EganR Varian£713365/1
11th Sep  Doncaster3:00  Glorious JourneyW BuickC Appleby£623815/2
11th Sep  Doncaster3:35  Hurricane Lane (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£4213558/11F
11th Sep  Doncaster4:05  Title (IRE)David EganR Varian£2577011/10F
11th Sep  Doncaster5:10  Royal FleetW BuickC Appleby£2577011/8F
11th Sep  Lingfield3:05  Colonial LoveN CallanH Palmer£32404/1
11th Sep  Lingfield4:10  Lindwall (IRE)L MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£27008/1
11th Sep  Lingfield6:25  Aramis Grey (IRE)Callum ShepherdRae Guest£45903/1
10th Sep  Chester1:50  ArtaoisDavid ProbertS & E Crisford£59793/1
10th Sep  Chester2:50  BookmarkHayley TurnerM L W Bell£54007/2F
10th Sep  Chester4:00  AbbadoRyan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£59794/1
10th Sep  Doncaster1:40  Noble Truth (FR)W BuickC Appleby£226849/1
10th Sep  Doncaster2:40  Stradivarius (IRE)L DettoriJ & T Gosden£623814/11F
10th Sep  Doncaster3:15  Rhythmic Intent (IRE)Hollie DoyleS C Williams£270006/1
10th Sep  Doncaster4:20  Sea La Rosa (IRE)A J FarragherW J Haggas£180392/1
10th Sep  SAINT-CLOUD (FR)3:40  Manobo (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£245547/10F
10th Sep  Salisbury4:45  My Little Tip (IRE)Aled BeechG Boughey£29702/1F
10th Sep  Sandown2:00  NatashaR HavlinJ & T Gosden£54001/4F
10th Sep  Sandown2:30  Kettle HillTom MarquandW J Haggas£773111/8F
9th Sep  Chelmsford City4:55  Regimental GentGeorge WoodHarry Eustace£351025/1
9th Sep  Chelmsford City6:30  Eevilynn DrewMarco GhianiR Eddery£2862100/30
9th Sep  Chelmsford City7:00  Crack Regiment (FR)Liam JonesH Spiller£434714/1
9th Sep  Chelmsford City7:30  Got No Dollars (IRE)Marco GhianiS C Williams£23226/1
9th Sep  Chepstow1:00  Alhezabr (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£40505/4F
9th Sep  Chepstow3:35  Dirtyoldtown (IRE)Rossa RyanG Boughey£4158EvensF
9th Sep  Doncaster2:40  InspiralL DettoriJ & T Gosden£637992/9F
9th Sep  Doncaster3:15  Free Wind (IRE)L DettoriJ & T Gosden£6238115/8F
9th Sep  Doncaster3:45  Modern NewsW BuickC Appleby£231936/4F
9th Sep  Doncaster4:15  HarrovianL DettoriJ & T Gosden£103087/2
9th Sep  Epsom Downs3:25  KnowingTom MarquandJ R Fanshawe£3132100/30
8th Sep  Doncaster1:45  Modern Games (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£130852/1F
8th Sep  Doncaster2:20  IsrarJim CrowleyJ & T Gosden£162008/1
8th Sep  Doncaster2:50  Natural ColourGary BardwellS bin Suroor£540011/1
8th Sep  Uttoxeter3:40  Friends Don't AskNick ScholfieldMartin Smith£588211/2
8th Sep  Wolverhampton5:15  Space Cowboy (IRE)K ShoemarkRichard Spencer£41584/1
8th Sep  Wolverhampton5:50  Serenity (IRE)Cieren FallonW J Haggas£35104/5F
7th Sep  Leicester1:40  InvigilateR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£545413/8F
7th Sep  Leicester2:15  New DimensionR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£54549/2
7th Sep  Leicester3:20  Roulston Scar (IRE)James DoyleS & E Crisford£81134/6F
7th Sep  Windsor5:45  Tartan ChiefCieren Fallon£40503/1
7th Sep  Windsor6:15  Flaunt (IRE)R HavlinJ & T Gosden£367210/11F
6th Sep  Brighton1:00  Libertine BelleRossa RyanS C Williams£32404/1
6th Sep  Newcastle4:55  Spanish KissCallum ShepherdW J Knight£648016/5F
6th Sep  Newcastle6:55  OdisseoB A CurtisM Botti£27003/1
6th Sep  Newcastle7:25  Wild Lion (IRE)Ray DawsonS bin Suroor£270010/11F
5th Sep  Fontwell1:00  The Yellow MiniG SheehanM Wigham£408416/1
5th Sep  Longchamp (FR)2:48  BaaeedJim CrowleyW J Haggas£2295801/2F
5th Sep  York3:45  Mistrix (IRE)Daniel MuscuttGeorge Scott£91809/4
5th Sep  York4:50  Aramaic (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£918013/8F
4th Sep  Ascot2:35  BouquetR HavlinJohn & Thady Gosden£54546/5F
4th Sep  Ascot3:10  Chalk StreamCieren FallonW J Haggas£3865513/2
4th Sep  Kempton2:05  Eve LodgeJim CrowleyC Fellowes£3402616/1
4th Sep  Kempton2:40  HamishP J DobbsW J Haggas£453689/1
4th Sep  Thirsk2:15  Mythical Dancer (IRE)James DoyleCharlie Appleby£52069/4
4th Sep  Thirsk4:00  Noble DynastyJames DoyleCharlie Appleby£1108111/8F
4th Sep  Thirsk4:35  Star JewelJames DoyleSimon & Ed Crisford£110812/1F
4th Sep  Wolverhampton7:30  Big Team (USA)S B KirraneS bin Suroor£62816/1
3rd Sep  Ascot1:20  Khanjar (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£54545/4F
3rd Sep  Ascot1:55  SagaL DettoriJ & T Gosden£97202/5F
3rd Sep  Ascot3:40  Uncle BrynL DettoriJ & T Gosden£108235/2
3rd Sep  Ascot4:10  ProntissimoJim CrowleyPatrick Owens£43742/1F
3rd Sep  Haydock3:30  Improvise (FR)Oisin MurphyM L W Bell£54003/1
3rd Sep  Kempton5:45  Migdam (FR)R KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£54009/1
3rd Sep  Kempton6:45  AltraifDavid EganJ & T Gosden£54005/4F
3rd Sep  Kempton8:15  Loving DashDaniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£324013/2
3rd Sep  Kempton8:45  Geremia (IRE)D E HoganM Botti£54006/4F
3rd Sep  Newcastle2:10  BashkirovaD C CostelloW J Haggas£36722/1J
3rd Sep  Newcastle4:20  TatsumakiStefano CherchiM Botti£599411/8F
3rd Sep  Newcastle4:55  Dusky LordJack MitchellR Varian£36728/15F
3rd Sep  Pontefract6:30  BookmarkRowan ScottM L W Bell£32403/1
2nd Sep  Chelmsford City5:55  Justice ProtecolRay DawsonIsmail Mohammed£378011/1
2nd Sep  Chelmsford City6:55  Pistoletto (USA)Darragh KeenanJohn Ryan£434713/2
2nd Sep  Chelmsford City7:25  Valiant Prince (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£35101/40F
2nd Sep  Chelmsford City8:25  The Vegas Raider (IRE)James DoyleM L W Bell£2322EvensF
2nd Sep  Haydock2:10  Tall Order (IRE)W BuickM L W Bell£5400100/30
2nd Sep  Haydock2:45  Laheg (FR)L MorrisM Botti£540011/4
2nd Sep  Haydock3:15  New KingdomW BuickC Appleby£54001/2F
2nd Sep  Haydock3:45  Al SuhailW BuickC Appleby£83702/5F
2nd Sep  Haydock4:55  Without A Fight (IRE)A KirbyS & E Crisford£135002/1J
2nd Sep  Longchamp (FR)2:52  Corazon (IRE)Mickael BarzalonaG Boughey£3571417/2
2nd Sep  Newcastle6:05  Second Slip (IRE)Jack MitchellJ R Fanshawe£257706/4F
2nd Sep  Newcastle7:05  BonnevalJack MitchellJ R Fanshawe£2577013/8F
2nd Sep  Salisbury1:00  Piselli Molli (IRE)Morgan ColeSir Mark Prescott Bt£32405/2J
2nd Sep  Salisbury3:05  ChocoyaR L MooreH Palmer£149478/1
1st Sep  Lingfield1:00  Ocean WaveW BuickJ Tate£62105/6F
1st Sep  Lingfield1:30  BeholdingR HavlinJ & T Gosden£36728/11F
1st Sep  Lingfield2:00  ArabescatoS De SousaJ Butler£32404/1
1st Sep  Lingfield2:30  Sassy Rascal (IRE)W BuickG Boughey£35105/2
1st Sep  Worcester7:05  London Eye (USA)Joshua MooreC A Dwyer£23424/1
31st Aug  Epsom Downs2:15  New MissionW BuickC Appleby£54004/5F
31st Aug  Epsom Downs3:25  Sir Oliver (IRE)Stefano CherchiC A Dwyer£313211/2
30th Aug  Epsom Downs2:00  Beautiful SurpriseOisin MurphyH Palmer£54009/4F
30th Aug  Epsom Downs2:35  Ancient TimesHayley TurnerHarry Eustace£475216/5
30th Aug  Ripon3:05  Flotus (IRE)S De SousaS & E Crisford£241026/1
30th Aug  Ripon4:15  Pride Of PrioryTom MarquandW J Haggas£37806/4J
29th Aug  Goodwood4:35  Highland Rocker (FR)R HavlinJohn & Thady Gosden£128852/1
29th Aug  Yarmouth1:30  Mystic DragonWilliam HumphreyMrs I G-Leveque£270013/8F
29th Aug  Yarmouth2:05  Finest Sound (IRE)Andrea AtzeniS & E Crisford£113397/4F
29th Aug  Yarmouth2:40  FindDavid EganJohn & Thady Gosden£756030/100F
29th Aug  Yarmouth3:50  Goddess Of FireDarragh KeenanJohn Ryan£32409/2
29th Aug  Yarmouth4:25  Liger King (IRE)Marco GhianiWilliam Knight£2700100/30F
29th Aug  Yarmouth5:00  World Of Windhover (IRE)Thore Hammer HansenC A Dwyer£32406/1
28th Aug  Beverley5:00  Fireworks (FR)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£56431/7F
28th Aug  Goodwood1:50  Mise En SceneOisin MurphyJames Ferguson£340267/1
28th Aug  Goodwood4:45  Snowalot (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£540011/8F
28th Aug  Newmarket2:10  ManaccanW BuickJohn Ryan£5400EvensF
28th Aug  Newmarket3:55  Indigo Times (IRE)Hayley TurnerDavid Simcock£2061628/1
28th Aug  Newmarket4:30  Bague D'Or (IRE)Andrea AtzeniC F Wall£54003/1
28th Aug  Newmarket5:05  AtheebSaffie OsborneG Boughey£540022/1
28th Aug  Redcar6:10  Irish Admiral (IRE)A J FarragherW J Haggas£64809/4F
28th Aug  Redcar7:45  MoliwoodD E HoganM Botti£45905/6F
28th Aug  Windsor6:00  Teona (IRE)Ray DawsonR Varian£209833/1J
28th Aug  Windsor6:30  Solid Stone (IRE)R KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£340269/4
28th Aug  Windsor7:00  Noble Patron (IRE)David ProbertS & E Crisford£45902/1
27th Aug  FFOS LAS1:55  Evocative Spark (IRE)Callum ShepherdH Palmer£3780100/30
27th Aug  FFOS LAS3:05  Percy's Pride (IRE)Callum ShepherdWilliam Knight£45904/11F
27th Aug  Goodwood6:23  BartzellaTom MarquandW J Haggas£6453100/30
27th Aug  Hamilton5:10  Thunder Legend (IRE)T EavesH Palmer£35104/7F
27th Aug  Hamilton6:10  Sweet Believer (IRE)A J FarragherW J Haggas£110818/11F
27th Aug  Hamilton6:40  Mahrajaan (USA)P HanaganW J Haggas£180906/5F
27th Aug  Newmarket1:10  Silk Romance (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£48604/6F
26th Aug  Chelmsford City1:45  Miss HarmonyCallum ShepherdM L W Bell£486018/1
26th Aug  Chelmsford City2:20  Power On (IRE)J F EganJ Butler£232213/2
26th Aug  Chelmsford City4:00  The Vegas Raider (IRE)W BuickM L W Bell£28629/4F
26th Aug  Chelmsford City4:32  Purple RibbonCallum ShepherdC Fellowes£351010/1
26th Aug  FFOS LAS2:30  Legend Of DubaiAndrea AtzeniR Varian£36722/7F
26th Aug  Lingfield5:40  Natural Path (IRE)Jack MitchellM L W Bell£25770100/30J
26th Aug  Lingfield6:40  Billhilly (GER)Louis StewardC Fellowes£2577011/2
26th Aug  Lingfield7:10  Anythingtoday (IRE)Nicola CurrieG Boughey£2577010/1
26th Aug  Lingfield7:40  Red October (IRE)Louis StewardH Palmer£257704/1
25th Aug  Kempton5:55  Tollard Royal (IRE)James DoyleG Boughey£37805/2
25th Aug  Kempton6:25  Solomons Judgement (IRE)Robert TartJane Chapple-Hyam£32405/2J
25th Aug  Kempton7:25  Lord LovelaceJames DoyleS & E Crisford£351011/2
25th Aug  Kempton8:00  Summertime RomanceAndrea AtzeniM Botti£324011/2
25th Aug  Lingfield2:40  Belacqua (IRE)Saffie OsborneG Boughey£378017/2
25th Aug  Lingfield6:00  Polar IceRyan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£27009/4F
25th Aug  Wolverhampton6:05  Thaki (IRE)S De SousaC A Dwyer£388813/8F
24th Aug  Newbury4:40  Sense Of DutyTom MarquandW J Haggas£48602/9F
24th Aug  Newbury6:15  Croupier (IRE)James DoyleS & E Crisford£39425/4F
24th Aug  Newbury7:15  Just Jacob (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£39424/1
24th Aug  Salisbury5:05  Hierarchy (IRE)Oisin MurphyH Palmer£540011/4
24th Aug  Yarmouth2:00  Ace Rothstein (USA)D E HoganM L W Bell£32404/1
24th Aug  Yarmouth3:00  Farhh To ShyT P QueallyG G Margarson£45904/1
24th Aug  Yarmouth4:00  AlmadrinaW BuickG Boughey£27005/2F
23rd Aug  Brighton1:45  Summer's Day (IRE)W BuickCharlie Appleby£37804/7F
23rd Aug  Brighton3:45  Jack Ryan (IRE)Darragh KeenanJ Ryan£27007/2
23rd Aug  Brighton4:15  Dusky LordAndrea AtzeniR Varian£36728/15F
23rd Aug  Chepstow2:00  MujtabaJim CrowleyW J Haggas£367210/11F
23rd Aug  Ripon6:25  Land Of Winter (FR)D AllanRae Guest£47527/2
23rd Aug  Ripon7:55  Miss Bella BrandGeorge WoodMrs I G-Leveque£232215/2
22nd Aug  Brighton2:20  Ocean WildeDarragh KeenanJ Ryan£27005/1
22nd Aug  Brighton2:50  Lucky Shake (FR)Marco GhianiS & E Crisford£27007/2
22nd Aug  Brighton3:50  MagnetisedHayley TurnerD M Simcock£459011/2
22nd Aug  Sandown3:55  King Of ConquestW BuickC Appleby£88136/4F
22nd Aug  Sandown4:20  Silver Gunn (IRE)D E HoganM Botti£1803911/1
21st Aug  Chelmsford City6:00  Purple PowerAngus VilliersMick Quinn£23222/1F
21st Aug  Chelmsford City6:30  Unfinishedsympathy (IRE)Angus VilliersRichard Spencer£378014/1
21st Aug  Chelmsford City7:30  Claim The Crown (IRE)Ray DawsonR Varian£48609/4
21st Aug  Lingfield6:50  EvaluationS W KellySir Michael Stoute£32403/1
21st Aug  Sandown1:30  Hamaki (IRE)R KingscoteW J Haggas£475213/2
21st Aug  Sandown2:05  Reach For The MoonL DettoriJ & T Gosden£340262/5F
21st Aug  Sandown2:40  Saffron Beach (IRE)Hollie DoyleJane Chapple-Hyam£453689/2
21st Aug  Sandown3:45  Silent Escape (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£773111/8F
21st Aug  Sandown4:15  Divine MagicP J McDonaldM Botti£47525/2
21st Aug  York1:50  Real World (IRE)Marco GhianiS bin Suroor£56710EvensF
21st Aug  York3:00  Space Blues (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£12079211/8F
20th Aug  Kempton1:30  NatashaR HavlinJ & T Gosden£35108/11F
20th Aug  Kempton2:05  Mo'assess (IRE)Ray DawsonS bin Suroor£35105/4
20th Aug  Kempton2:35  WaldloweJack MitchellR Varian£351011/8F
20th Aug  Kempton3:10  Exceedingly Regal (IRE)Hector CrouchW J Knight£5400100/30F
20th Aug  Kempton4:20  Tyger BayM DwyerC Allen£5400100/30
20th Aug  Musselburgh2:15  Aramaic (IRE)J P SullivanW J Haggas£35101/3F
20th Aug  Newcastle6:07  Injazati (IRE)J GarrittyC Fellowes£45906/4F
20th Aug  Salisbury6:53  AlbahrJames DoyleC Appleby£243858/13F
20th Aug  York2:25  Stradivarius (IRE)L DettoriJ & T Gosden£850654/6F
20th Aug  York5:10  Rifleman (IRE)R L MooreJ & T Gosden£360788/1
19th Aug  Windsor5:25  Autumn Flight (IRE)R HavlinR M H Cowell£2577012/1
19th Aug  Windsor6:25  Dark Lion (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£257707/2
19th Aug  Windsor6:55  Via SerendipityLouis StewardC Fellowes£257704/1
19th Aug  Wolverhampton5:35  Tylos (FR)P J McDonaldS & E Crisford£5427EvensF
19th Aug  Wolverhampton6:05  Verreaux Eagle (IRE)M HarleyE A L Dunlop£4779100/30
19th Aug  York1:50  Zain Claudette (IRE)Ray DawsonIsmail Mohammed£850656/1
19th Aug  York5:20  Sweet EnoughAndrea AtzeniJ & T Gosden£360785/1
18th Aug  Bath4:35  Rectory RoadAlice BondJames Ferguson£27004/1F
18th Aug  Carlisle2:05  Perfect NewsCieren FallonW J Haggas£3780EvensF
18th Aug  Kempton7:15  Fire Eyes (FR)B A CurtisG Boughey£540010/11F
18th Aug  Kempton8:45  Countessa (FR)N CallanH Palmer£32407/2
18th Aug  York3:00  YibirJames DoyleC Appleby£850656/1
18th Aug  York3:35  Mishriff (IRE)David EganJ & T Gosden£5671009/4F
17th Aug  Carlisle7:05  Swoon (FR)Cieren FallonSir Michael Stoute£35102/1
17th Aug  Hamilton2:50  Line Of Descent (IRE)P J McDonaldS & E Crisford£35104/5F
17th Aug  Leicester6:55  Arqoob (IRE)K ShoemarkW Jarvis£47525/2F
17th Aug  Leicester7:25  Flower Of ScotlandTom MarquandJ R Fanshawe£31328/13F
17th Aug  Wolverhampton1:30  Battle Of The NileOisin MurphyJames Ferguson£324011/4F
17th Aug  Wolverhampton2:35  HeartbreakerOisin MurphyM L W Bell£36728/11F
16th Aug  Lingfield1:00  Sundayinmay (GER)Hayley TurnerW J Knight£270011/4F
16th Aug  Lingfield2:40  CleganeRobert TartJane Chapple-Hyam£32405/1
16th Aug  Windsor5:25  Jazz Club (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£54007/2
16th Aug  Windsor6:25  Candleford (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£36729/4
15th Aug  Chelmsford City3:35  Lethal TalentRobert TartJane Chapple-Hyam£621013/2
15th Aug  Chelmsford City4:45  Arabian KingL MorrisJames Ferguson£286215/2
15th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)2:50  Palace PierFrankie DettoriJ & T Gosden£5101797/10F
15th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)4:00  Free Wind (IRE)Frankie DettoriJ & T Gosden£3571413/2
15th Aug  Pontefract3:10  Double Or Bubble (IRE)Jack MitchellC F Wall£322125/4F
15th Aug  Pontefract3:45  Duty Of CareKevin StottSir Michael Stoute£61852/1J
15th Aug  Southwell2:10  Mystic Wells (USA)B A CurtisG Boughey£36729/4
14th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)1:33  Good Effort (IRE)Mickael BarzalonaIsmail Mohammed£1473213/10F
14th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)2:50  Cloudy Dawn (IRE)Vincent CheminaudW J Haggas£35714104/10
14th Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)3:25  Dubai Honour (IRE)Maxime GuyonW J Haggas£203571113/10
14th Aug  Doncaster2:25  Blue De Vega (GER)A J FarragherR M H Cowell£648013/2
14th Aug  Doncaster3:00  Motawaajed (IRE)Cieren FallonW J Haggas£11339100/30
14th Aug  Doncaster3:35  Papacito (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£36728/11F
14th Aug  Newbury3:30  SacredTom MarquandW J Haggas£567106/1
14th Aug  Newbury4:00  Tawaareq (IRE)Jim CrowleySir Michael Stoute£434713/8F
14th Aug  Newmarket1:00  AdnaanB A CurtisPatrick Owens£54006/4F
14th Aug  Newmarket3:40  BandinelliJack MitchellCharlie Appleby£54003/1
14th Aug  Ripon4:50  Ms Gandhi (IRE)E J WalshR Varian£5292100/30
13th Aug  Newbury2:10  Alotaibi (IRE)Jack MitchellJ & T Gosden£540014/1
13th Aug  Newbury3:20  TardisOisin MurphyM L W Bell£1701311/1
13th Aug  Newmarket5:00  TatsumakiN CallanM Botti£545422/1
13th Aug  Newmarket6:08  Coroebus (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£5454EvensF
13th Aug  Newmarket7:08  Contingency FeeGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£32409/2
13th Aug  Nottingham3:00  BashkirovaCieren FallonW J Haggas£35106/1
13th Aug  Nottingham3:35  Byron Hill (IRE)Louis StewardC Fellowes£12885100/30
13th Aug  Wolverhampton2:00  ConstantaAdam FarragherW J Haggas£7/4F
13th Aug  Wolverhampton2:35  Oh Great (IRE)David EganR Varian£27005/2F
12th Aug  Chelmsford City6:22  Home City (IRE)Ray DawsonS bin Suroor£35104/7F
12th Aug  Chelmsford City7:22  Geremia (IRE)D E HoganM Botti£43473/1
12th Aug  Chelmsford City7:52  Puffin Island (IRE)Liam JonesH Spiller£23226/4F
12th Aug  FFOS LAS1:35  Summer's KnightRyan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£45906/5F
12th Aug  Lingfield7:08  Billhilly (GER)Louis StewardC Fellowes£257708/1
12th Aug  Lingfield8:08  LydfordJack MitchellR Varian£257706/4F
12th Aug  Salisbury1:15  ThebeautifulgameLaura PearsonTom Clover£54005/1
12th Aug  Salisbury1:45  Unique Cut (IRE)R HavlinS & E Crisford£36189/4
12th Aug  Salisbury4:05  MegallanR HavlinJ & T Gosden£382797/4F
11th Aug  Beverley2:50  ImploreK T O'NeillJ & T Gosden£52865/1
11th Aug  Kempton5:50  Thatsthefinest (IRE)L MorrisJ Butler£232211/1
11th Aug  Kempton6:25  TinderboxJames DoyleJ & T Gosden£37805/4F
11th Aug  Kempton6:55  Camerata (GER)James DoyleS & E Crisford£378013/8F
11th Aug  Kempton8:25  Heath RiseW BuickD M Simcock£232210/11F
11th Aug  Salisbury3:40  SevenalR HavlinJ & T Gosden£445511/4F
11th Aug  Salisbury4:15  Lilac Road (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£3090711/2
11th Aug  Salisbury4:50  Dual Identity (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Knight£2970100/30F
11th Aug  Yarmouth1:30  Aeonian (IRE)Cieren FallonSir Michael Stoute£540025/1
11th Aug  Yarmouth2:05  Queenie Newall (FR)Callum ShepherdH Palmer£36723/1
11th Aug  Yarmouth3:15  Solomons Judgement (IRE)Robert TartJane Chapple-Hyam£27003/1
11th Aug  Yarmouth3:50  Priscilla's WishCieren FallonP J McBride£270012/1
11th Aug  Yarmouth4:25  Flibbertigibbet (IRE)Jane ElliottG G Margarson£32402/1
10th Aug  Chelmsford City6:20  FreyabellaRobert TartJane Chapple-Hyam£23224/1F
10th Aug  Chelmsford City6:50  Lucky AvaM DwyerC Allen£23224/1
10th Aug  Chelmsford City7:20  Greek Kodiac (IRE)D E HoganM L W Bell£28629/2
10th Aug  Chelmsford City7:50  Sunrise Valley (USA)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£35101/12F
10th Aug  Lingfield6:05  Ensemble (IRE)K ShoemarkR Varian£36729/4
10th Aug  Lingfield7:35  Corazon (IRE)W BuickG Boughey£756011/4
10th Aug  Nottingham1:55  AristobulusDaniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£28629/4F
10th Aug  Wolverhampton1:00  Genesius (IRE)Morgan ColeSir Mark Prescott Bt£324011/4F
10th Aug  Wolverhampton3:15  Midrarr (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£4590EvensF
9th Aug  Ripon6:55  Chalk StreamTom MarquandW J Haggas£43476/5F
9th Aug  Windsor8:05  Pump It UpHollie DoyleRichard Spencer£27004/1
9th Aug  Wolverhampton3:20  Hierarchy (IRE)Cieren FallonH Palmer£37806/4F
8th Aug  The Curragh (IRE)4:10  Ebro River (IRE)S FoleyH Palmer£15000012/1
8th Aug  HOPPEGARTEN (GER)2:20  AlpinistaLuke MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£8928619/5
8th Aug  Leicester2:50  Praiano (GER)David EganR Varian£4752EvensF
8th Aug  Leicester3:25  San Juan (IRE)Josephine GordonS L Keightley£25926/1
8th Aug  Windsor1:00  Femme FriendlyCallum ShepherdR Varian£459011/8F
8th Aug  Windsor1:30  Bolthole (IRE)Oisin MurphyM L W Bell£37803/1F
7th Aug  Ascot2:00  Graphite (FR)David EganT Kent£2065618/1
7th Aug  Haydock2:25  Fantastic FoxS De SousaR Varian£81006/4F
7th Aug  Haydock3:35  Waliyak (FR)Jack MitchellR Varian£30907EvensF
7th Aug  Lingfield5:35  Ocean WaveStefano CherchiJ Tate£36727/4F
7th Aug  Lingfield6:05  Manaafith (USA)Dane O'NeillR Varian£48604/7F
7th Aug  Lingfield7:05  Ivasecret (IRE)Joshua BryanJ Butler£43205/1
7th Aug  Newmarket3:25  Neptune Legend (IRE)Oisin MurphyH Palmer£75607/1
7th Aug  Newmarket4:00  Storm DamageOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£108005/4F
7th Aug  Newmarket4:30  QuintillusW BuickC Appleby£108005/6F
7th Aug  Newmarket5:00  Classical WaveW BuickR Varian£108007/2
6th Aug  Brighton3:00  Pagan (IRE)David ProbertW J Haggas£945010/11F
6th Aug  Haydock5:20  Das KapitalMiss A CollierJohn Berry£29773/1F
6th Aug  Haydock8:25  Goldie HawkAndrea AtzeniC F Wall£47523/1F
6th Aug  Newmarket6:08  Hafit (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£545410/11F
6th Aug  Newmarket6:38  Volcanic SkyTom MarquandS bin Suroor£1350013/2
6th Aug  Newmarket7:08  BrunneraJames DoyleH Palmer£75606/4
6th Aug  Newmarket7:38  Soar AboveTom MarquandJ Butler£67508/1
6th Aug  Thirsk1:35  ZebelleJack MitchellGeorge Boughey£545410/11F
5th Aug  Redcar3:20  Aquaman (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£64805/6F
5th Aug  Redcar4:20  Sea La Rosa (IRE)A J FarragherW J Haggas£648011/4
5th Aug  Sandown5:57  Amanda Hug'N'KissR KingscoteS C Williams£54007/4F
5th Aug  Yarmouth2:40  RizgHollie DoyleR Varian£54004/1
5th Aug  Yarmouth3:10  Super ProudTom MarquandW J Haggas£27004/7F
5th Aug  Yarmouth4:10  Maajdah (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£36726/5F
5th Aug  Yarmouth4:40  Desert GulfCallum ShepherdW J Knight£45902/1F
5th Aug  Yarmouth5:15  Heer's SadieMr Sam FeildenMiss J Feilden£270011/4F
4th Aug  Brighton1:52  Shamshon (IRE)Marco GhianiS C Williams£45904/1
4th Aug  Kempton6:00  MutafawwigOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£540015/8
4th Aug  Kempton6:30  Mo'assess (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£54001/3F
4th Aug  Kempton7:30  PennymoorJames DoyleJ & T Gosden£824610/11F
4th Aug  Kempton8:00  Chai Yo PowerS De SousaSir Michael Stoute£54006/4F
4th Aug  Kempton9:00  MotoriousOisin MurphyS C Williams£324013/8F
4th Aug  Pontefract2:35  Hamaki (IRE)D C CostelloW J Haggas£54547/2
4th Aug  Yarmouth6:15  Mystic DragonGeorge WoodMrs I G-Leveque£27007/2
4th Aug  Yarmouth6:45  Moonlit Night (IRE)Callum ShepherdG Boughey£27006/1
4th Aug  Yarmouth7:15  Sweet EnoughR HavlinJ & T Gosden£45905/6F
4th Aug  Yarmouth8:15  Lady Quickstep (IRE)R HavlinMiss Gay Kelleway£324018/1
3rd Aug  Catterick3:20  King CrimsonT EavesJ Butler£232250/1
3rd Aug  Chelmsford City1:25  With The Moonlight (IRE)Jim CrowleyC Appleby£35106/5F
3rd Aug  Chelmsford City3:10  Excellent GeorgeDavid ProbertS C Williams£23225/2F
3rd Aug  Chelmsford City3:45  Nibras Gold (IRE)Ray DawsonIsmail Mohammed£23226/4F
3rd Aug  Chelmsford City4:18  Raaeb (IRE)Stefano CherchiS bin Suroor£621011/4F
3rd Aug  DEAUVILLE (FR)1:25  Oscula (IRE)Ryan MooreG Boughey£3571443/5
3rd Aug  Lingfield5:30  MidfieldRyan TateSir Mark Prescott Bt£27003/1
3rd Aug  Lingfield7:00  Smooth SpiritTom MarquandJames Ferguson£324016/5
3rd Aug  Nottingham6:50  Neptune Seas (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£35105/4
3rd Aug  Nottingham7:20  Your Love Is KingHollie DoyleM L W Bell£232216/1
3rd Aug  Nottingham7:50  Jewel In My CrownA KirbyRae Guest£4347EvensF
2nd Aug  Kempton1:00  Silken PetalsHayley TurnerP J McBride£37806/5
2nd Aug  Kempton2:40  Fast Attack (IRE)James DoyleS & E Crisford£54006/4F
2nd Aug  Kempton4:20  Shining Success (IRE)Hayley TurnerD M Simcock£54007/2
2nd Aug  Ripon4:45  Mahrajaan (USA)Dane O'NeillW J Haggas£35102/7F
2nd Aug  Windsor7:15  Future (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ & T Gosden£36726/5F
2nd Aug  Windsor8:15  Glen EskJack MitchellC F Wall£32405/2F
1st Aug  Chester2:40  NuanceTom MarquandW J Haggas£51545/4F
1st Aug  CLAIREFONTAINE (FR)2:50  Oriental MystiqueMickael BarzalonaD M Simcock£2142921/10F
1st Aug  Thirsk1:50  Mitbaahy (IRE)David EganR Varian£54545/2J
31st Jul  Doncaster2:55  Poet Of Life (IRE)R HavlinJ & T Gosden£36724/11F
31st Jul  Goodwood2:30  Prince AlexRossa RyanM L W Bell£5154013/2
31st Jul  Lingfield5:35  Countessa (FR)Louis StewardH Palmer£2322100/30
31st Jul  Lingfield6:35  Way To Win (IRE)Christian HowarthM Botti£23223/1
31st Jul  Lingfield7:05  Deputy (IRE)Louis StewardC Fellowes£28627/2
31st Jul  Lingfield7:35  Makinitup (IRE)Cameron NobleP W Chapple-Hyam£23228/11F
31st Jul  Newmarket1:35  Adaay To RememberHollie DoylePatrick Owens£54006/4F
31st Jul  Newmarket2:45  Save A Forest (IRE)Callum ShepherdR Varian£3090713/2
31st Jul  Newmarket3:20  Untold StoryP CosgraveS bin Suroor£75607/2
31st Jul  Newmarket3:55  Modern NewsJames DoyleC Appleby£675011/4F
31st Jul  Newmarket4:30  Anythingtoday (IRE)Hollie DoyleG Boughey£54007/2
30th Jul  Bath7:40  BabindiDaniel MuscuttW J Haggas£43475/4F
30th Jul  Goodwood2:25  BaaeedJim CrowleyW J Haggas£567102/5F
30th Jul  Goodwood4:10  Passion And Glory (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£567102/1F
30th Jul  Goodwood5:20  Wink Of An EyeR L MooreW J Haggas£1308511/4F
30th Jul  Musselburgh8:22  Clarendon HouseCallum RodriguezR M H Cowell£810011/10F
30th Jul  Newmarket6:25  AtaviqueR HavlinMiss Gay Kelleway£32405/1
30th Jul  Newmarket7:30  My Astra (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£54002/9F
30th Jul  Newmarket8:00  ExtrodinairRobert TartJane Chapple-Hyam£54004/1
30th Jul  Wolverhampton1:25  ToplightJoey HaynesChelsea Banham£23227/1
30th Jul  Wolverhampton3:10  Nibras Shadow (IRE)Stefano CherchiIsmail Mohammed£232211/10F
30th Jul  Wolverhampton4:18  Swoon (FR)R KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£36725/1
29th Jul  Goodwood3:35  Lady BowthorpeK ShoemarkW Jarvis£340260100/30
29th Jul  Goodwood4:10  Aswan (IRE)James DoyleS & E Crisford£1308513/2
29th Jul  Newcastle7:25  Echo BeachLaura PearsonH Palmer£257705/1
29th Jul  Newcastle7:55  BonnevalJack MitchellJ R Fanshawe£2577013/8F
29th Jul  Newcastle8:55  Pearl BeachDaniel MuscuttWilliam Knight£2577020/1
28th Jul  Goodwood1:50  NaganoDavid EganR Varian£257704/1
28th Jul  Leicester6:05  Red October (IRE)Callum ShepherdH Palmer£286230/100F
28th Jul  Redcar1:35  Star JewelConnor BeasleyS & E Crisford£38881/4F
28th Jul  Redcar2:45  Sweet Believer (IRE)A J FarragherW J Haggas£459015/8F
28th Jul  Sandown6:55  El Bodegon (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£540013/2
27th Jul  Beverley1:00  Sed Maarib (USA)David EganR Varian£4050EvensF
27th Jul  Beverley2:40  Show YourselfStefano CherchiJ Tate£32972/1J
27th Jul  Goodwood5:50  Lovely Breeze (IRE)W BuickH Palmer£154623/1
27th Jul  Worcester7:35  Just OnceNick ScholfieldMrs I G-Leveque£4806EvensF
27th Jul  Worcester8:05  HeartbreakerH CobdenM L W Bell£40844/1
27th Jul  Yarmouth1:40  Power Of Beauty (IRE)Louis StewardH Palmer£37804/11F
27th Jul  Yarmouth2:15  Summer's KnightL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£286211/10F
27th Jul  Yarmouth2:50  Corazonada (IRE)Louis StewardIsmail Mohammed£2322100/30
27th Jul  Yarmouth3:25  Royal PartnershipJosephine GordonS bin Suroor£28623/1
27th Jul  Yarmouth4:30  Expert OpinionHayley TurnerH Spiller£28628/1
26th Jul  Ayr1:45  Dynamic Force (IRE)D TudhopeR M H Cowell£37809/2
26th Jul  Lingfield1:55  HarstonGeorge WoodHarry Eustace£23223/1
26th Jul  Lingfield2:25  Handsome (IRE)Oisin MurphyJ R Fanshawe£286210/11F
26th Jul  Lingfield3:30  Dancing To WinLouis StewardH Palmer£36726/4F
26th Jul  Lingfield4:05  Cheshire Plain (FR)Gavin AshtonR Varian£28625/1
26th Jul  Windsor6:25  Al Saariyah (IRE)James DoyleS & E Crisford£43477/2
26th Jul  Windsor6:55  Noble Patron (IRE)James DoyleS & E Crisford£43479/4
25th Jul  Musselburgh5:45  Rising StarB A CurtisM Botti£154625/6F
24th Jul  Ascot1:15  New ScienceW BuickCharlie Appleby£229682/1F
24th Jul  Ascot1:50  Zain Claudette (IRE)Ray DawsonIsmail Mohammed£3402615/2
24th Jul  Ascot2:25  GuruOisin MurphyJ & T Gosden£162007/2
24th Jul  Ascot3:35  Adayar (IRE)W BuickCharlie Appleby£4962129/4
24th Jul  Ascot4:45  Spirited GuestMiss Rosie MargarsonG G Margarson£6160100/30J
24th Jul  Newcastle1:00  Nibras Shadow (IRE)Kevin StottIsmail Mohammed£23227/2F
24th Jul  Newcastle4:30  Hasty Sailor (IRE)Kevin StottSir Michael Stoute£64809/2
24th Jul  Newcastle5:05  Jebel Dukhan (IRE)Hayley TurnerSir Mark Prescott Bt£43472/1
24th Jul  Newmarket3:05  Modern Games (IRE)James DoyleCharlie Appleby£54005/2F
24th Jul  Newmarket3:40  Wahraan (FR)R KingscoteSir Michael Stoute£75604/5F
24th Jul  Newmarket4:50  Imperial Yellow (IRE)Marco GhianiR Varian£206165/2J
24th Jul  Newmarket5:55  PassionalMarco GhianiS C Williams£54009/4
24th Jul  Salisbury6:05  Haveoneyerself (IRE)Morgan ColeJ Butler£27007/2
24th Jul  Salisbury7:05  Nine Tales (IRE)E J WalshR Varian£36187/4F
24th Jul  Salisbury8:05  StimulateCallum ShepherdM L W Bell£3618100/30
24th Jul  York5:00  Chalk StreamDavid ProbertW J Haggas£81005/2
23rd Jul  Newmarket6:22  Fall Of Rome (IRE)James DoyleCharlie Appleby£540015/8F
23rd Jul  Newmarket7:22  Thousand Oaks (IRE)Cieren FallonJ & T Gosden£864011/4
23rd Jul  Newmarket8:22  Billhilly (GER)J P SpencerC Fellowes£540011/4
23rd Jul  York7:00  Silken PetalsHayley TurnerP J McBride£756013/8F
22nd Jul  Doncaster6:20  Dubawi Legend (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£378011/8F
22nd Jul  Newbury6:35  Burning Bush (IRE)Tom MarquandE A L Dunlop£286211/4F
22nd Jul  Sandown2:10  InspiralL DettoriJ & T Gosden£24385EvensF
22nd Jul  Yarmouth2:00  Molly ShawSebastian WoodsC F Wall£23223/1
22nd Jul  Yarmouth4:20  Farhh To ShyT P QueallyG G Margarson£36725/2
22nd Jul  Yarmouth4:50  Castana Dia (IRE)Sebastian WoodsC F Wall£43478/15F
22nd Jul  Yarmouth5:25  Sense Of HumourR HavlinS & E Crisford£35109/2
21st Jul  Bath2:00  Contingency FeeGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£2322100/30
21st Jul  Bath3:30  Clarendon HouseCharles BishopR M H Cowell£648011/8F
21st Jul  Lingfield2:10  Chai Yo PowerS De SousaSir Michael Stoute£286210/11F
21st Jul  Lingfield2:40  Fox Leicester (IRE)S De SousaS L Keightley£232210/1
21st Jul  Lingfield3:10  Turquoise KingdomHoward ChengS & E Crisford£23229/2
21st Jul  Lingfield3:40  Motawaajed (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£60196/4
21st Jul  Sandown8:10  Just Fine (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£644211/4F
20th Jul  Chelmsford City6:05  Irish TimesSebastian WoodsH Spiller£23229/2
20th Jul  Chelmsford City6:35  Manhattanville (IRE)James DoyleE A L Dunlop£486013/8
20th Jul  Chelmsford City7:35  Epidemic (IRE)James DoyleG Boughey£43472/1J
20th Jul  Chelmsford City8:10  Long Tradition (IRE)Ray DawsonS bin Suroor£54002/5F
20th Jul  Wolverhampton4:30  Samara StarP CosgraveS & E Crisford£23227/1
19th Jul  Windsor7:35  Operatic (IRE)James DoyleS & E Crisford£60197/1
18th Jul  Redcar1:10  Uncs (IRE)Rossa RyanG Boughey£388885/40
17th Jul  Doncaster8:05  Viola (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£43478/1
17th Jul  Haydock6:20  Glen EskJack MitchellC F Wall£313213/8F
17th Jul  Haydock7:50  AlbahrL DettoriCharlie Appleby£37802/5F
17th Jul  Haydock8:20  MobadraJack MitchellR Varian£37804/1
17th Jul  Newbury1:50  Real World (IRE)Marco GhianiS bin Suroor£2552015/8F
17th Jul  Newbury4:45  Princess NadiaHollie DoyleJ & T Gosden£35107/4F
17th Jul  Newmarket3:30  Golden PassJames DoyleH Palmer£294892/1F
17th Jul  Newmarket4:05  Amazing Red (IRE)James DoyleE A L Dunlop£756017/2
17th Jul  Newmarket4:40  Sweet EnoughR HavlinJ & T Gosden£54007/4F
17th Jul  Ripon3:20  Super CubGavin AshtonR Varian£540016/5
17th Jul  SARATOGA (USA)11:16  AlthiqaManuel FrancoCharlie Appleby£20073079/20
16th Jul  Haydock1:50  Global Wisdom (FR)S De SousaC A Dwyer£54007/1
16th Jul  Haydock4:42  Nine Tales (IRE)S De SousaR Varian£378011/10F
16th Jul  Newbury1:00  Bayside Boy (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£54009/1
16th Jul  Newbury1:35  Reach For The MoonL DettoriJ & T Gosden£54002/9F
16th Jul  Newbury2:45  Golden BugleL DettoriJ & T Gosden£189009/4F
16th Jul  Newbury4:30  Sugauli (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£286217/2
16th Jul  Newmarket5:40  Portfolio (JPN)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£75609/2
16th Jul  Newmarket6:45  Magical Land (IRE)W BuickC Appleby£54006/5F
16th Jul  Newmarket7:20  Storm DamageMarco GhianiS bin Suroor£540010/11F
16th Jul  Newmarket8:20  GellhornMarco GhianiS C Williams£108004/1
16th Jul  Newmarket8:50  ExtrodinairRobert TartJane Chapple-Hyam£32404/1J
16th Jul  Nottingham3:45  Possible ManDavid ProbertSir Michael Stoute£62109/4
16th Jul  Nottingham4:20  Sweet Believer (IRE)Cieren FallonW J Haggas£378010/11F
16th Jul  Nottingham4:50  Greatgadian (GER)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£62107/4F
15th Jul  Epsom Downs7:50  Miss Mulligan (IRE)Callum ShepherdGeorge Scott£47527/1
15th Jul  Epsom Downs8:50  Mellys FlyerMarco GhianiGeorge Scott£259216/5
15th Jul  Leicester2:53  Marching ArmyOisin MurphyS bin Suroor£38885/1
15th Jul  Leicester3:23  Mahrajaan (USA)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£38885/4F
14th Jul  Longchamp (FR)7:20  Hurricane Lane (IRE)William BuickC Appleby£30610717/10F
14th Jul  Wolverhampton5:45  Duke Of PrussiaL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£232217/2
14th Jul  Wolverhampton6:15  Power Of Beauty (IRE)Louis StewardH Palmer£8/13F
14th Jul  Wolverhampton7:45  Geremia (IRE)D E HoganM Botti£28626/1
14th Jul  Wolverhampton8:45  Aleatoric (IRE)R KingscoteMartin Smith£23227/2
14th Jul  Yarmouth5:00  The Thunderer (IRE)Jack MitchellC F Wall£35103/1F
14th Jul  Yarmouth7:05  Desert GulfCallum ShepherdW J Knight£621011/2
13th Jul  Bath1:30  TardisOisin MurphyM L W Bell£37805/2F
13th Jul  Bath3:05  Global Prospector (USA)Harry BurnsC A Dwyer£434710/1
13th Jul  Beverley3:15  Platform Nineteen (IRE)C LeeM L W Bell£72165/1
13th Jul  Brighton6:35  Contingency FeeGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£23229/2
13th Jul  Brighton8:35  Thomas Lanfiere (FR)Hayley TurnerD M Simcock£23226/4F
12th Jul  Lingfield6:35  El Hadeeyah (IRE)J P SpencerJ Tate£37807/2
12th Jul  Wolverhampton6:25  Nibras Gold (IRE)Ray DawsonIsmail Mohammed£23222/1F
12th Jul  Wolverhampton7:25  Midrarr (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£28626/4F
12th Jul  Wolverhampton8:25  Totally CharmingT E WhelanDenis Quinn£23224/1
11th Jul  Salisbury1:50  Adjuvant (IRE)Oisin MurphyM L W Bell£54005/2F
11th Jul  Salisbury4:45  Snowalot (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJames Ferguson£445511/5F
10th Jul  Ascot1:50  AtriumLouis StewardC Fellowes£540016/1
10th Jul  Ascot4:45  First LightR HavlinJ & T Gosden£1890011/2
10th Jul  Newmarket2:05  Spirit Of Bermuda (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£1620012/1
10th Jul  Newmarket2:40  Royal FleetW BuickCharlie Appleby£162005/6F
10th Jul  Newmarket3:15  Native TrailW BuickCharlie Appleby£5103911/4
9th Jul  Ascot1:40  Alerta RojaL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£45634/7F
9th Jul  Ascot2:50  Percy's Pride (IRE)R KingscoteW J Knight£116107/2
9th Jul  Ascot3:25  Passion And Glory (IRE)Ray DawsonS bin Suroor£10823100/30
9th Jul  Ascot4:35  Global Esteem (IRE)Aled BeechC A Dwyer£456325/1
9th Jul  Newmarket1:15  Noble Truth (FR)James DoyleC Appleby£64805/2F
9th Jul  Newmarket1:50  Dubai Honour (IRE)James DoyleW J Haggas£3865511/2
9th Jul  Newmarket3:00  Live Your Dream (IRE)Oisin MurphyS bin Suroor£386557/2F
9th Jul  York2:40  Light RefrainTom MarquandW J Haggas£453687/2
8th Jul  Doncaster2:15  Deep Sigh (FR)J P SpencerD M Simcock£4347100/30
8th Jul  Doncaster2:50  AsjadE J WalshR Varian£367210/11F
8th Jul  Leopardstown (IRE)7:10  Believe In Love (IRE)R P WhelanR Varian£390009/2
8th Jul  Newbury5:50  Diffident SpiritMr Lewis KentT Kent£27204/1
8th Jul  Newbury7:50  Poet Of Life (IRE)R HavlinJ & T Gosden£35109/4
8th Jul  Newmarket1:50  YibirJames DoyleC Appleby£850656/4F
8th Jul  Newmarket4:10  BaaeedJim CrowleyW J Haggas£2948910/11F
8th Jul  Newmarket4:45  Path Of Thunder (IRE)James DoyleC Appleby£135009/4F
7th Jul  Bath6:05  Voice Of Wisdom (IRE)Ryan TateS & E Crisford£36727/1
7th Jul  Kempton6:15  Potenza (IRE)Theodore LaddHarry Eustace£324011/8F
7th Jul  Kempton7:15  Golden ClaimS M LeveyIsmail Mohammed£23224/1
7th Jul  Lingfield2:45  Makinitup (IRE)Cameron NobleP W Chapple-Hyam£3672100/30
7th Jul  Lingfield4:30  Haveoneyerself (IRE)David EganJ Butler£286214/1
7th Jul  Yarmouth1:55  Golden LoveP CosgraveJane Chapple-Hyam£23226/4F
7th Jul  Yarmouth3:05  True CourageD E HoganM L W Bell£28626/5F
7th Jul  Yarmouth3:40  Dark Scimitar (USA)D E HoganM Botti£23226/1
7th Jul  Yarmouth4:50  My Astra (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£367215/8F
6th Jul  Brighton6:05  DevasteHayley TurnerD R C Elsworth£37806/1
6th Jul  Pontefract3:00  Lights OnR L MooreSir Michael Stoute£294893/1
6th Jul  Pontefract4:45  Wahraan (FR)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£38882/5F
6th Jul  Wolverhampton2:10  Electric BlueL MorrisJ Tate£28629/2
6th Jul  Wolverhampton4:30  Raise The Roof (IRE)L MorrisJ Tate£36724/1
6th Jul  Wolverhampton5:05  Imperial SunR HavlinJ & T Gosden£28625/6F
5th Jul  Nottingham1:20  Shining AitchMiss S BrothertonP J McBride£22079/4F
5th Jul  Nottingham2:30  Shoot To Kill (IRE)Callum ShepherdGeorge Scott£286218/5
5th Jul  Nottingham3:40  Silver Gunn (IRE)D E HoganM Botti£28628/1
5th Jul  Nottingham4:15  ZiggyR KingscoteHarry Eustace£286211/4F
5th Jul  Ripon9:00  La Sensazione (IRE)P J McDonaldJ Tate£35104/1
5th Jul  Windsor7:45  Knight Of KingsDaniel MuscuttJ Butler£23224/1
5th Jul  Windsor8:15  Mayfair Pompette (FR)Louis StewardC Fellowes£286218/1
4th Jul  Ayr1:30  Camelot Tales (FR)P J McDonaldS & E Crisford£4347100/30F
4th Jul  Chelmsford City2:17  Lethal TalentRobert TartJane Chapple-Hyam£43473/1
4th Jul  Chelmsford City2:52  Spirited GuestT P QueallyG G Margarson£28623/1J
4th Jul  Chelmsford City4:02  Solomons Judgement (IRE)Danny BrockJane Chapple-Hyam£23227/1
4th Jul  Chelmsford City4:37  Baba RezaDavid ProbertMohamed Moubarak£43475/2F
4th Jul  Chelmsford City5:12  Night Hunter (USA)P CosgraveS bin Suroor£35108/15F
3rd Jul  Beverley4:02  StrawberriCameron NobleR Varian£81002/1
3rd Jul  Beverley5:10  Livia The Empress (IRE)Daniel MuscuttGeorge Scott£41879/1
3rd Jul  Haydock2:40  AlpinistaL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£6521611/4F
3rd Jul  Haydock3:50  Cashew (IRE)Mark CrehanGeorge Boughey£4212100/30
3rd Jul  Leicester2:10  True CourageD E HoganM L W Bell£286211/2
3rd Jul  Leicester2:45  Portfolio (JPN)P J DobbsSir Michael Stoute£78519/4
3rd Jul  Sandown1:15  Hurricane Ivor (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£1288511/1
3rd Jul  Sandown2:25  Magical MorningL DettoriJohn & Thady Gosden£3822013/2
3rd Jul  Sandown5:15  Wink Of An EyeTom MarquandW J Haggas£81005/2F
2nd Jul  Beverley7:53  Show YourselfStefano CherchiJ Tate£32403/1
2nd Jul  Doncaster1:35  MoshaawerDane O'NeillR Varian£69939/4
2nd Jul  Haydock7:38  Mise En SceneOisin MurphyJames Ferguson£37805/2
2nd Jul  Haydock8:08  Dinoo (IRE)David EganR Varian£37806/4F
2nd Jul  Newton Abbot4:50  Friends Don't AskNick ScholfieldMartin Smith£35947/2
2nd Jul  Sandown2:55  Red Verdon (USA)R L MooreE A L Dunlop£294898/1
1st Jul  Haydock2:10  Side ShotR HavlinJ & T Gosden£72905/1
1st Jul  Haydock3:55  Albert CamusR HavlinJ & T Gosden£475213/2
1st Jul  Haydock4:30  Flower Of ScotlandP J McDonaldJ R Fanshawe£3132100/30
1st Jul  Newbury8:55  Goodwood GlenS M LeveyW J Knight£286220/1
1st Jul  Yarmouth1:15  Toora LooraAlex JaryD M Simcock£286215/2
1st Jul  Yarmouth2:20  Maglev (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£42664/1
1st Jul  Yarmouth2:55  Electric LoveLaura PearsonTom Clover£23228/13F
1st Jul  Yarmouth3:30  Surprise Picture (IRE)Marco GhianiH Palmer£43473/1
1st Jul  Yarmouth5:10  Flibbertigibbet (IRE)T P QueallyG G Margarson£232212/1
30th Jun  Bath6:55  Emerging (IRE)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe£43479/4J
30th Jun  Kempton5:35  Safra (USA)Andrea AtzeniS & E Crisford£31325/2
30th Jun  Kempton6:35  Chiasma (IRE)L DettoriJ & T Gosden£30242/1
30th Jun  Kempton7:05  Boss Power (IRE)Oisin MurphySir Michael Stoute£62109/2
30th Jun  Kempton8:05  Potenza (IRE)Theodore LaddHarry Eustace£43475/2J
30th Jun  Kempton8:35  World Of Windhover (IRE)Thore Hammer HansenC A Dwyer£28624/1
30th Jun  Thirsk2:45  ZagatoR HavlinJ & T Gosden£32402/7F
29th Jun  Brighton1:30  Chief Of StaffMarco GhianiS bin Suroor£302410/11F
29th Jun  Brighton2:00  Kartvelian (IRE)Rhys ClutterbuckJ R Fanshawe£232215/2
29th Jun  Brighton2:30  Toofi (FR)David EganJ Butler£232211/1
29th Jun  Brighton4:10  AishRay DawsonR M H Cowell£28627/1
29th Jun  Chepstow8:20  George BancroftE J WalshR Varian£232218/1
28th Jun  Lingfield2:45  Cotai Beauty (IRE)W BuickJ Tate£313211/4F
28th Jun  Lingfield3:15  FaustusW BuickR M H Cowell£28623/1C
28th Jun  Pontefract5:05  Pagan (IRE)Cieren FallonW J Haggas£32406/4F
28th Jun  Windsor6:00  Angle LandMarco GhianiR M H Cowell£426617/2
27th Jun  Windsor2:20  Aylesford (IRE)S W KellyW J Knight£30247/4F
27th Jun  Windsor3:25  Chai Yo PowerS De SousaSir Michael Stoute£42136/5F
27th Jun  Windsor4:00  Mobashr (USA)Tom MarquandM Botti£434715/2
27th Jun  Windsor5:05  Glen EskJack MitchellC F Wall£286215/8F
26th Jun  The Curragh (IRE)3:45  Hurricane Lane (IRE)W BuickCharlie Appleby£5800004/1
26th Jun  Doncaster5:15  Silver SamuraiMarco GhianiM Botti£43477/2F
26th Jun  Doncaster6:45  Batraan (IRE)Gavin AshtonR Varian£43478/1
26th Jun  Newcastle2:55  Zeeband (IRE)Andrea AtzeniR Varian£386554/1
26th Jun  Newcastle4:05  Second Slip (IRE)David ProbertJ R Fanshawe£434711/4
26th Jun  Newmarket1:00  InspiralR HavlinJ & T Gosden£37802/1J
26th Jun  Newmarket3:15  Glorious JourneyJames DoyleCharlie Appleby£340269/2
26th Jun  Newmarket3:50  SayyidaJames DoyleCharlie Appleby£62106/5F
26th Jun  Windsor1:55  VintagerMark CrehanS & E Crisford£103089/2
26th Jun  Windsor3:00  CanonizedK ShoemarkW J Haggas£97935/2
26th Jun  Windsor3:35  Century Dream (IRE)K ShoemarkS & E Crisford£2248816/5
26th Jun  Windsor4:10  Strawberry Rock (IRE)P CosgraveH Palmer£1030813/2
25th Jun  Chester7:40  Adjuvant (IRE)Hayley TurnerM L W Bell£37269/4
25th Jun  Doncaster2:50  Encountered (IRE)Daniel MuscuttM Botti£42662/1J
25th Jun  Doncaster4:00  Free Wind (IRE)R HavlinJ & T Gosden£30248/13F
25th Jun  Doncaster4:35  Monbaher (IRE)Dane O'NeillJ & T Gosden£43476/4F
25th Jun  LES LANDES (JER)7:40  Contingency FeeGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£27504/6F
25th Jun  Newcastle5:40  Crack Regiment (FR)B A CurtisH Spiller£43475/1
25th Jun  Newcastle7:20  Zeyaadah (IRE)Jim CrowleyR Varian£3402615/8F
25th Jun  Newcastle8:25  Silent Escape (IRE)Tom MarquandS bin Suroor£30243/1
25th Jun  Newcastle8:55  Hunters StepB A CurtisH Spiller£232216/1
25th Jun  Newmarket5:45  Zain Claudette (IRE)Ray DawsonIsmail Mohammed£43202/1F
25th Jun  Newmarket6:20  Riknnah (IRE)James DoyleS & E Crisford£434713/8F
25th Jun  Newmarket6:55  BrunneraJames DoyleH Palmer£28622/1
25th Jun  Newmarket7:30  Lovely Breeze (IRE)James DoyleH Palmer£621011/4
25th Jun  Newmarket8:05  Gal WonderL DettoriJ & T Gosden£43476/4
25th Jun  Yarmouth1:00  Electric LoveLaura PearsonTom Clover£28627/4F
25th Jun  Yarmouth1:30  Ye Gud Thing (IRE)Josephine GordonMohamed Moubarak£340214/1
25th Jun  Yarmouth2:00  Alerta RojaL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£23221/2F
25th Jun  Yarmouth2:35  Global Prospector (USA)Harry BurnsC A Dwyer£434711/2
25th Jun  Yarmouth4:20  InveigleCallum ShepherdM L W Bell£60199/2
25th Jun  Yarmouth4:53  Tie A YellowribbonOliver StammersT Kent£23229/1
24th Jun  Leicester5:45  Private SignalW BuickC Appleby£43208/15F
24th Jun  Leicester6:45  Epidemic (IRE)W BuickG Boughey£286211/8F
24th Jun  Newcastle1:25  MoliwoodStefano CherchiM Botti£28627/1
24th Jun  Newcastle2:00  Manhattanville (IRE)P HanaganE A L Dunlop£30248/11F
24th Jun  Newcastle2:35  Sharp RiposteL MorrisM Botti£37262/1
24th Jun  Newmarket3:00  AkkeringaMarco GhianiS C Williams£43472/1F
24th Jun  Newmarket4:10  AmetistTom MarquandW J Haggas£1080015/8F
24th Jun  Newmarket5:20  Benefit Street (IRE)Marco GhianiR M H Cowell£4347100/30
24th Jun  Nottingham2:10  Injazati (IRE)Louis StewardC Fellowes£28626/4F
24th Jun  Nottingham2:45  Taraashoq (GER)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£43479/4F
23rd Jun  Bath8:20  Summer's KnightL MorrisSir Mark Prescott Bt£28622/5F
23rd Jun  Kempton5:40  SpirituosoCallum HutchinsonG G Margarson£232211/1
23rd Jun  Kempton6:40  DanehJack MitchellS & E Crisford£42667/4F
23rd Jun  Kempton7:40  LankaranJack MitchellR Varian£43476/1
23rd Jun  Salisbury2:10  DairerinTom MarquandM L W Bell£540013/8J
23rd Jun  Salisbury2:45  JohanTom MarquandW J Haggas£102605/1
23rd Jun  Salisbury3:20  Kolisi (IRE)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£48877/2
22nd Jun  Beverley5:15  Show YourselfStefano CherchiJ Tate£25923/1
22nd Jun  Brighton1:35  LubnaMarco GhianiS bin Suroor£30245/6F
22nd Jun  Brighton2:10  AlmadrinaDavid EganG Boughey£232211/4F
22nd Jun  Brighton5:05  Tyger BayGrace McEnteeC Allen£23229/4
22nd Jun  Newbury6:00  Wild BeautyW BuickC Appleby£42664/9F
22nd Jun  Newbury6:30  Garden Paradise (IRE)W BuickJ Tate£434711/1
22nd Jun  Newbury7:00  Deputy (IRE)James DoyleC Fellowes£28623/1
21st Jun  Chepstow3:00  TamaammDane O'NeillS & E Crisford£30241/2F
21st Jun  Southwell3:10  Just OnceNick ScholfieldMrs I G-Leveque£23425/1
21st Jun  Wolverhampton6:20  Secret To SuccessHollie DoyleP S McEntee£232211/2
21st Jun  Wolverhampton6:50  Optimising (IRE)Callum ShepherdM L W Bell£426610/1
21st Jun  Wolverhampton8:20  Urtzi (IRE)E J WalshDenis Quinn£232233/1
21st Jun  Wolverhampton8:50  AzetsCameron NobleJane Chapple-Hyam£232211/2
20th Jun  Pontefract3:25  Katara (FR)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£2240815/2
19th Jun  Ascot3:05  Creative Force (IRE)James DoyleCharlie Appleby£444005/1J
19th Jun  Ascot4:20  Dream Of Dreams (IRE)R L MooreSir Michael Stoute£3969703/1F
19th Jun  Haydock6:00  MaytalMark CrehanSir Michael Stoute£28624/9F
19th Jun  Haydock7:05  Papa Cocktail (IRE)Jack MitchellTom Clover£37265/2
19th Jun  Haydock7:35  Elvrika (IRE)D C CostelloW J Haggas£43477/1
19th Jun  Lingfield7:20  ArousingLiam JonesW J Haggas£30241/4F
19th Jun  Newmarket2:10  Spanish KissCallum ShepherdW J Knight£43475/6F
19th Jun  Newmarket3:20  BaaeedDane O'NeillW J Haggas£48604/6F
19th Jun  Newmarket3:55  Isle Of Lismore (IRE)Cieren FallonR M H Cowell£108005/2F
19th Jun  Newmarket4:30  GellhornMarco GhianiS C Williams£43477/2J
18th Jun  Ascot3:05  Alenquer (FR)Tom MarquandW J Haggas£9833513/8F
18th Jun  Newmarket5:50  Wink Of An EyeLiam JonesW J Haggas£43475/1
18th Jun  Newmarket7:30  TawahubDane O'NeillJ & T Gosden£62108/1
18th Jun  Newmarket8:05  Peter The GreatN MackayJ & T Gosden£48604/11F
17th Jun  Ascot3:05  Mohaafeth (IRE)Jim CrowleyW J Haggas£4440011/8F
17th Jun  Ascot3:40  Loving DreamR HavlinJ & T Gosden£9833518/1
17th Jun  Chelmsford City1:40  AristobulusCieren FallonJames Ferguson£42666/1
17th Jun  Chelmsford City2:10  Royal DynastyS M LeveyMohamed Moubarak£62109/4
17th Jun  Chelmsford City3:20  ExtrodinairCieren FallonJane Chapple-Hyam£621025/1
17th Jun  Chelmsford City4:30  War Leader (USA)P CosgraveJane Chapple-Hyam£43477/2F
17th Jun  Chelmsford City5:10  Percy's Pride (IRE)S W KellyW J Knight£43475/2
17th Jun  Lingfield6:40  Black SparrowGrace McEnteeP S McEntee£23224/9F
17th Jun  Lingfield7:40  Final FantasyM DwyerS C Williams£232215/2
17th Jun  Lingfield8:10  Hala Joud (IRE)Robert TartJane Chapple-Hyam£28625/1
17th Jun  Lingfield8:40  Horsefly (IRE)K ShoemarkM L W Bell£28622/1
17th Jun  Ripon4:00  True CourageD E HoganM L W Bell£25385/2
16th Jun  Ascot3:05  KemariW BuickC Appleby£11840015/2
16th Jun  Ascot3:40  Indie Angel (IRE)L DettoriJ & T Gosden£8288022/1
16th Jun  Ascot5:00  Real World (IRE)Marco GhianiS bin Suroor£6480018/1
16th Jun  Chelmsford City6:23  Nibras Silk (IRE)Ray DawsonIsmail Mohammed£232216/1
16th Jun  Chelmsford City6:53  Fast Medicine (IRE)Cameron NobleP W Chapple-Hyam£28623/1
16th Jun  Chelmsford City7:23  Jumaira Bay (FR)Jack MitchellR Varian£6210100/30
16th Jun  Chelmsford City7:53  Montather (IRE)Jack MitchellR Varian£1026013/8F
16th Jun  Chelmsford City8:53  Aramis Grey (IRE)Callum ShepherdRae Guest£28624/1
15th Jun  Ascot2:30  Palace PierL DettoriJ & T Gosden£2268402/7F
15th Jun  Ascot6:10  AmtiyazHollie DoyleJ & T Gosden£3350133/1
15th Jun  Beverley5:30  Uncs (IRE)Mark CrehanG Boughey£432011/2
15th Jun  Brighton6:50  Sir Oliver (IRE)Stefano CherchiC A Dwyer£28626/4F
15th Jun  Thirsk1:05  NajatJack MitchellS & E Crisford£32895/2F