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Name Sir Mark Prescott
Location Newmarket
Contact No. tel: 01638 662117
Address Heath House, Newmarket,
Suffolk, CB8 8DU
Sir Mark remains one of the most highly regarded members of the horse racing industry.

His meticulous, scientific approach to training has given him high profile successes at Group 1 level with horses like Pivotal, Hooray, Alborada, Albanova, Confidential Lady and Marsha and he is considered a “legend” in the business for his shrewd approach to handicaps. He gained a degree of notoriety for his mastery of the racing programme by training horses to win multiple races over short periods including Masafi to win seven races in 18 days and Fall in Line to win six races in 13 days.

Sir Mark Prescott trains at the Newmarket yard, Heath House (which traces back to Tregonwell Frampton, England's first professional race horse trainer). He took over running the yard in 1970 on the retirement of Jack Waugh, to whom Sir Mark was assistant. Sir Mark is well known and hugely respected as a patient trainer, whose horses are given time and not rushed. Sir Mark is also a famously skilled 'placer' of horses, choosing horse's races very carefully. He formerly had a decades-long association with veteran jockey George Duffield - the pair shared probably the sport's longest and strongest jockey/trainer alliance. Since George Duffield's retirement, Sir Mark has largely used riders Seb Sanders, Stevie Donohoe and Rosie Jessop. Luke Morris has also been used more recently.

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